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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi’s head rubbed against his suit and was firmly held in his arms when he was about to let go. A gentle voice came from the top of his head, “You have been wronged.”

‌It was like he read his heart and the corner of his eyes started to turn red.

Shen Chi, conscious that he was in a bad mode, afraid of getting his suit wet. He broke out of Yan Xue Xiao’s arms, got in the car, lowered his head and opened Weibo.

‌ Him not speaking out is not because he still has expectations for those people. It is only because the training is the most important for teams that have just entered the PCL.

‌He posted the transfer records page by page on Weibo.

[Shen Chi] After repaying the Shen family’s 150,000 support, the remaining 650,000 will be paid off within two years, and the 600,000 will be collected

The comments below exploded ‌.

【Cuttlefish Ball】I can see my fist is hard. !

【Shacha sauce】The money transferred is small and round. The cub transfers all the money he earns. The game bonus is a little bit. Keep it. I really feel sorry for the cub.

【Brown sugar ice powder】Shen Chi’s aunt is still forcing to take money, and giving away the money he has saved up so hard, without half a word of gratitude

【Similu】It is clear that he will give money in an interview and said he will give 600,000 yuan. The heat cannot be allowed to sink and the rubbish can make the Shen family go bankrupt!


In the shabby living room of Ji’s house, the cry of the baby resounded. Teacher Wang left after Ji’s dad fumbled for the use of Weibo, watching the topic on the hot search without saying a word.

“I only accepted the interview for the interview fee.” Aunt Ji defended herself.

“I think that things will make everyone know.”

It was the first time that she saw Dad Ji’s serious expression, and suppressed her panic, “I told the truth in my interview. You treat Shen Chi as your son and he won’t even pay for your dad’s medical expenses. Isn’t this a white-eyed wolf?”

Dad Ji did not have the time to speak, Ji Ma, who has always been gentle said, “Enough.”

Aunt Ji was frightened by Mother Ji. Mother Ji didn’t dare to speak loudly when she saw her, but Mother Ji’s face in front of her was cold and stern, “The Shen family has given 600,000 yuan and they have to pay back the Shen family money every month.”

“It should have been us.”

Mother Ji thought of Shen Chi, who had just arrived in the border town and she radiated kindness to the people, but she was reasonable, she even gave the child a penny, and asked if the food was good or not. Isn’t it warm?

Dad Ji looked at the screen with a complicated complexion, “The 10,000 was saved by the child’s hard work, so we have to pay it back.”

“You want to pay it back.” Aunt Ji clarified the relationship.

Father Ji heard the shameless words: “You want to pay it back, but if you didn’t look through the child’s suitcase, it would be impossible to move out alone.”

“I just turned and it looked like I stole.” Aunt Ji put on a posture of not making money, “I knew I would not turn it over.”

It’s just that she didn’t think about it. This time Dad Ji drove her out of the room directly, and even the money for the ticket to return to her hometown was left to her.

Aunt Ji was outside in the cold wind. So cold that her neck was shrunk in her coat, counting the scattered money in the bag, angrily carrying the broken flower bag, turned and walked towards the station.

While she was walking by the roadside, a truck suddenly stopped on the road. The workers opened the cargo and started unloading, carrying boxes one by one carefully.

Aunt Ji thought about what goods are so precious, she couldn’t help but stop curiously. Suddenly, a box accidentally fell on the ground, revealing that it was a wild ginseng with full roots.

Aunt Ji‌I have read many books and understand that it is good for having a baby. Going back to give her a man to make up for her, she might still have a son.

She once wanted the workers to pick up the box and leave, she looked down the deserted road, her shrewd eyes turned around quickly, and she felt greedy and cheap, and conveniently touched a box from the cargo compartment and hid it in her arms

Aunt Ji walked a few steps, and her hand was pinched by the worker who got off the driver’s seat, and he yelled in her ear: “Stealing!”

“I’m not stealing.” Aunt Ji was proficient at fishing in troubled waters, “I think a box fell on the ground to help you pick it up. Is there any evidence that I stole?”

There are only two people present, so her words are particularly straightforward. In addition, she is accustomed to being domineering in Ji’s house, which is quite reasonable and straightforward.

How can Aunt Ji think that the worker actually took out a surveillance camera from the top of the cargo compartment: “Leave it at the police station.”

Aunt Ji’s face was pale in fright, regretting her greed. She had never been to the police station in her life, and if she entered the station, she would definitely be divorced.


Ah Pei told Yan Xue Xiao by phone: “Will it be bad for Aunt Ji to enter the detention center?”

After all, Aunt Ji is also Shen Chi’s aunt. He thought it would be a threat at most, so he thought about sending it to the detention center directly.

Yan Xuexiao said lightly: “Save her from being tossed.”

Ah Pei squeezed the phone and said yes respectfully, and vaguely heard Yan Xue Xiao telling a story to coax Shen Chi to sleep, his tone of voice was different and incredibly gentle.

On the other side, Mrs. Shen’s banquet continued.

Although there were problems with the company’s cash flow, Mrs. Shen ends up dressing up. She wore a dark, high-definition dress and enjoyed the feeling of being the focus of the banquet.

When the trouble is over, she will continue to lead Ji Shu for communication. For Mrs. Shen, the child is another decoration on her body, which compliments her for teaching a child well.

She led the obedient Ji Shu away before climbing: “This is my son Xiao Shu, and He Sinian is still an alumnus.”

Mrs. Lin just smiled profoundly: “Not a serious alumnus.”

Mrs. Shen choked, and Ji Shu beside him felt a strong embarrassment. This reminded me of online comments. Everyone was saying that Shen Chi was better than him, even Mrs. Lin, who had never seen him before, is saying so.

‌ Finally he had the courage to raise his head, and the whispers of the people around him could be heard clearly.

“If the assistant forgot to give it, she should have been the one to give itl.”

“I think I feel distressed about the child’s records. He eats frugally and pays back money every month. Fortunately, he strived to be admitted to Yan University. She boasted all day that her son could go to a good school. It is better to send him to study abroad after the college entrance examination.”

“If you die, you have to suffer the crime alive. It’s hard for her to pretend to have everything, and she is probably regretting her death.”

Ji Shu bowed his head timidly, and shrank himself in the shadow.

Mrs. Shen also heard, she pressed down the doubts in her heart and opened her mobile phone, and found that Shen Chi had made a Weibo post.

The Shen Chi in her memory would not contradict her, even if he was thrown at the train station, he was reticent. Such an unsparing Shen Chi suddenly became strange.

Starting with Mrs. Lin, the guests said their farewells. Mrs. Shen understood that she had been squeezed out by the upper circle. She was unwilling to fail in business for many years, and squeezed the glass firmly.

She said to Ji Shu: “One day we will not flatter anyone.”

As soon as the news of the construction of a new area in the northern suburds comes out, their stock will become hot, and there are so many people seeking cooperation, and they may even climb the Yan family.

While Mrs. Shen is thinking.

She placed down the wine glass she had finished drinking, and the tired father Shen walked in at a heavy pace, with a thick melancholy on his face.

“How is it?”

Mrs. Shen suddenly had a bad premonition.

“I borrowed money to obtain the Northern site.” Father Shen’s eyes were hollow to despair. “Only after reading the news did I know that the new district is not in the northern suburbs at all.”

Mrs. Shen trembed in her voice: “Bankruptcy?”

Father Shen shook his head.

Mrs. Shen’s luxurious appearance is restored to calm. If it is only bankruptcy, there is still a chance to start all over again, but the next sentence followed by father Shen is: “Bankruptcy will not pay off the debts owed.”

She can no longer maintain her peace.

TL: They are finally bankrupt.

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