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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Even though the news is about him, he is still reluctant to leave the world without him. Yan Xue Xiao closed his eyes, revealing his emotions.

Shen Chi lowered his head to prepare to be blamed, but what he heard was the gentle voice of the man, so soft that his eyes were faintly red.

“This is the hand of a champion.” Yan Xue Xiao looked at him and said, “Can you never cut it again?”

The person is hurting for himself, as if the forgotten corner of his heart has been made up. The young man hummed softly, “Never again.”

Suddenly, his wrist was lifted and the cold kiss suddenly fell on the healing wounds.The place seemed to be shivering all over the body like electricity and his legs were almost soft.

Suddenly the phone rang and he hurriedly answered the call, “I heard Teacher Wang said that you and your brother are back to the border town. You two come to my house for dinner, and Auntie will make you sweet and sour fish.”

Hearing the last sentence, Shen Chi silently swallowed his resignation, hung up the phone and sat in the car with Yan Xue Xiao and Ah Pei.

After he got out of the car, he remembered that he had forgotten to buy a gift. The bank card had three thousand yuan and he was thinking about what gift to buy.

When he looked down at the phone, Yan Xue Xiao prepared a gift in advance and handed it to him. He does not need to worry about it.

He walked upstairs with a gift, Zhuang’s mother wore an apron and opened the door to receive the gift: “I knew you would bring a gift with you when you eat, I won’t ask you to come.”

The young man pursed his lips: “My brother bought it .”

“I didn’t thank your brother very well.” Mother Zhuang poured him juice from the grocery store, “I remember you love this brand of juice the most. It’s your brother who introduced the provincial capital teacher to Zhuang Zhou so he did not fail the university.”

“The words are heavy.”

Yan Xue Xiao took the juice.

Shen Chi remembered the doctor’s advice and changed his brother’s ice juice to warm water.

“It might be a little hot.”

Yan Xue Xiao tasted the warm water.

“It’s not hot.”

The boy breathed a sigh of relief and finished his juice.

Working in the kitchen, Zhuang’s mother is looking forward to this scene. Shen Chi is a good boy, silently staying with people around him. How can anyone talk nonsense in an interview?

It’s easy for young people to forget their suffering. Instead of being timid, they become bright.

At the dining table Zhuang Mama filled Shen Chi’s big bowl with rice.

“Grow up and eat more, are you used to Yancheng now?”

Dad Zhuang said, “How could he not get used to it when he grew up in Yancheng? In addition, Yancheng is the capital city with a lot of things and even Zhuang Zhou stays happily there. After eating, I will decorate the special products of Border Town.”

Yan Xue Xiao carefully picked up the fish and gave it to the boy.

Shen Chi is used to eating like this.

After the two left, Dad Zhuang cleaned up the dining table and said, “‌Shen Chi‌’s elder brother is polite ‌, but the two brothers don’t look alike at all and they don’t get along like brothers. I can’t tell you specifically.” (e/n: dad zhuang gaydar is working properly XD)

“Yes, it’s okay as long as he is nice to Shen Chi.”

Zhuang mama put the washed bowls in the cupboard. Shen Chi’s adoptive parents and biological parents did not love him. He was lonely. Even if they had no blood ties, the man’s eyes were gentle and he could not deceive others.


After dinner, it was late at night. Zhuang’s couple sent the bacon and pickled vegetables into the trunk. Shi Liang’s mom also heard the news and brought oranges. Because the space of the trunk was not large, so it was tightly packed.

The young man looked down at a trunk full of special products. When he first came to the border town, he had no hope for the future. He just wanted to escape this remote and backward city.

But after knowing Yan Xue Xiao, he felt very lucky. Being lucky because of Yan Xue Xiao, he was dragged out of the dead branches and had a bright world.

He got into the car. Yan Xue Xiao wore thin gold-rimmed glasses to reply to the email.

When the teenager remembered that he had not finished training today, he definitely couldn’t go back to Yancheng tonight. He gathered his furry head and asked, “Can I use your computer?”

“Playing in the car won’t work.”

It’s not surprising that Ah Pei heard the rejection. He knew Yan Xue Xiao’s computer kept important information, as if he wouldn’t show the fragile back.

“Can I play after I get off ?”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyelids: “Yes.”

Ah Pei did not expect him to agree, but later he realized that he(YXX) was afraid that the teenager playing games in the car would hurt his eyes. He wanted him to be spoiled.

The vehicle drove slowly on a narrow road. After returning to the house, he turned on the computer and put on the headphones to enter the training ground and finished his daily training.

He was slightly surprised by the millions of people in the live broadcast room, but the newspaper interview made him popular.

“At last.”

“Throw dried fish for Cub”

“Is the former ‌‌ a new fan, I’ll remind you that the kitten Live is going to close down and he will not be paid. Please scan the QR code for rewards.”

“Want to give money for the cub”

When teenagers look at the screen barrage, the network will amplify people’s malice and goodwill. He held the mouse tightly and solemnly said, “I will finish paying the money.”

The Spring Tournament will begin in March next year, the period from the end of the Autumn Tournament to the beginning of the Spring Tournament can be said to be a cup competition. All platforms will host prize money cup competitions.

TTL signed up for the Silver Fox Cup next week. The championship rewards are a full 800,000 and the prize pool is rushing to the major league competitions.

The teenager didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Even today’s holiday, he will continue to train. After training, he will start qualifying.


“When you first come into contact with games, can I ask what I should pay attention to?”

“Just call 666 and it’s over ‌”

Shen Chi did not deliberately play in the rank game, TTL did not report that the training match will match the qualifying, unknowingly the fourth row was promoted to the master.

Considering that the new fans don’t understand the game, he didn’t start following in the team, and followed the team to jump down at the altar, collecting materials and introducing the rules of the game.

Someone shot cold shots under the altar, and the two teams were in a mess. He commented on his teammates ‌Operation,”The marksmanship is too bad.”

“You’re going to be hated if you say that, cub.”

”There is no team voice”

“The level of the master round is not bad. It’s not easy for the opponent to move quickly behind the cover and get a hit.”

However, in the next second, the boy shot and killed the enemy, shuttled through the forest, easily reversing the chaos and the battle and his expression did not fluctuate in the slightest.

“Team friendliness seems a bit bad”

“It’s cub’s marksmanship.”

“I suspect that the whole league can’t find a young one like him. Let him boast about his marksmanship.”

By the side of the altar ‌ the battle just ended, when Shen Chi‌’s phone rang. He stood up and looked at the phone on the sofa. He asked Yan Xue Xiao, “You can watch the game for a while.”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

The young man walked to the terrace and tightened his lips. Mother Ji’s voice came from the phone. After hearing the words, he just said, “No need.”

When Shen Chi came back from turning off his phone, he saw the man was sitting in front of the computer holding the mouse and the screen ‌ flashed across the screen.

“Come back soon, cub”

“Daughter-in-law cannot have made into bronze at this level”

“Insulting the bronze”

“Cub, tell me how you are playing”

The young man sat next to him and looked at the screen, ‌Yan Xue Xiao hadn’t shot the enemy accurately, ‌ he could be called a master of outlining the body.

His face was not red and his heart was not beating. “It was very good.”

“The double standard is distressing”

“Baby, blink if you were kidnapped”

“Difficult, can’t you see that the cub has a pink color filter?”

“I really want to know who my daughter-in-law is”

He was noncommittal about the barrage, and took the mouse to continue playing the game, but when Yan Xue Xiao’s cold kiss fell on the back of his neck, his breathing was completely unstable and the game was subconsciously started.

Yan Xue Xiao leaned forward and pressed forward and he was completely pressed to the old desk.

Yan Xue Xiao used to give him lessons here, the desk was piled with thick textbooks. Yan Xue Xiao confined him to the desk and kissed him, intimately separated only by layers of clothing.

He lifted up his neck and endured more and more intense kisses, giving out repressed gasps. Looking at those dark and clear eyes, he felt that his body was strange. .

Yan Xue Xiao is completely oblivious of the cubs feeling at the moment. The teenager inevitably curled up and reacted obviously, blushing and yelled, “Teacher Yan.”

“Help me.”

TL: YXX Trust SC with his computer containing secret files.

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