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Online Great God's Useless Hands Little Baby 3

Saying it like that makes it sound like Bai Chen and Ao Jiangshan have something with each other.

Bai Chen glanced at Guo Jiawen lightly

Guo Jianwen felt a little guilty when Bai Chen looked at him like this, as if the other part knew what was on his mind and could see through himself.

He turned his head, guilty, avoiding Bai Chen’s gazes.

Zhao Zhenyu, a carefree person on a daily basis, also felt that Guo Jiawen’s words were a bit wrong. It’s like he’s talking about a couple breaking up.

He looked at Guo Jiawen strangely but he didn’t think much about it: “Um?”

He scratched his head, “divorce, it’s good to divorce. Although it is only a relationship in the game, it still feels strange for two men to get married.” Especially Ao Jiangshan’s attitude towards old fourth, it made him feel like something was off.

Li Botao on the side looked at the computer screen and said: “old fourth, didn’t you and Ao Jiangshan make an agreement in the beginning? How could it look different now? He is still shouting in the world to get you. Ao Jiangshan’s attitude is wrong!”

“Did you not make it clear in the beginning?” Guo Jiawen said in a low voice.

The dorm suddenly quieted down, several pairs of eyes all fell on Bai Chen.

Bai Chen calmly took the clothes out of the clothes, “he didn’t believe me. He always treated me like a girl. I thought it was wrong, so I cut the red thread.”

“So that’s it. I always wonder, you are a man, why does he call you Xianxian every time.” Zhao Zhenyu suddenly realized: “It’s good to break it, it will avoid confusion later too. That’s all I can tell you, old fourth.”

Several people said a few more words then Bai Chen took his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Zhao Zhenyu also dismissed the idea of calling Bai Chen to play. After all, after clarifying his identity as a man, his brother was still being pursued as a woman for no reason. If they keep entangling, everyone will just feel embarrassed, and the other party is still an affectionate character in their own world. He may face a bloody storm as soon as he enters the game, it must be quite annoying.

On the other end, Lu Yuan came out of the bathroom, he first glanced at the laptop. The game has been updated. He pulled out the chair and sat down, then he double-clicked the icon of “World of Swordsman”.

Soft ancient music flows out.

Pan Jianbin heard the familiar music, quickly put down the novel in his hand and poked his head out of the bed with surprise: “Boss, are you playing World of Swordsman?”

Lu Yuan sat on the chair, typing on the keyboard with both hands to enter the account that has not been used for a long time, “Um.”

“What? What?” Geng Yuhuai, who was sitting behind Lu Yuan, vaguely heard the familiar words and quickly took off his earphones. He turn around and look, seeing this, he suddenly became excited: “Boss, are you going to return to my magnificent demon sect?”

Lu Yuan looked back, with a smile on his face, “no, I am chasing my wife.”

Geng Yuhuai and Pan Jianbin were taken aback. Immediately, the two of them showed a look of gossip with a wretched smile. Pan Jianbin even threw away the novel in his hand and climbed out of bed, “Wife? Boss, is the iron tree actually blooming1the iron tree blooms is an idiom talking about a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence? Introduce us.”

Lu Yuan smiled mysteriously, “Wait until I caught them.”

At this point, the game interface has been loaded. A majestic and bottomless cliff slowly appeared on Lu Yuan’s laptop screen. On the edge of the cliff, a man in black robe stood alone with his big black robe getting blown by the cliff wind, with some background music.

Lu Yuan turned around and skillfully opened the friend column. He clicks on search and enters the name that he has remembered for an afternoon.

“No. I’m going back to the game too, I was bored lately. Of course, the most important thing is to meet the legendary future sister-in-law.” Pan Jianbin was very curious. He immediately turns on the laptop and clicks the icon of the game that has been idle for a year to update it.

The happiest one is Geng Yuhuai, he clapped his hands excitedly: “Come, come, I will team up with you guys. When you guys are not here, I feel so lonely playing by myself. Right. The game has changed a lot now, I’m telling you. Let’s wait for Ye An to come back and tell him to come play together again. Now, the four rulers of the Demon Path are going to gather again.”

— — —

After Bai Chen takes a shower, he suppresses his longing for his lover and takes a seat again. He was ready to go to the training camp to practice his skill.

Su Yu’s wish is to find out who is behind the slander and rumors about him, and prevent all the tragedies from happening. And the origin of everything is in the game. If he wants to find the person behind the scene who slandered and spread the rumors, Bai Chen can only continue to play this game to find out who is malicious toward him.

Thinking about this, Bai Chen inadvertently glanced at Guo Jiawen, who was sitting behind him earnestly playing games.

At this time, the three people in the dorms are teaming up to play large-scale dungeons. Therefore, when Bai Chen went online, no one teamed up with him immediately.

Oh, that’s not right.

Bai Chen looked at the team invitation on the screen.

Ao Jiangshan invites you to join the team, yes or no?

Bai Chen nodded expressionlessly, then pulled out the friend column and added Ao Jiangshan to the blacklist.

This man is so annoying.

If it wasn’t for Bai Chen’s gaming skill that made it impossible, Bai Chen would rub Ao Jiangshan on the ground directly.

This is because this man is so annoying.

Bai Chen watched Ao Jiangshan swipe the world channel again. His eyes turned cold and blocked the world channel.

The training camps are not that difficult. Generally, newbies will be familiar with skills in the training camp when they just enter the game. They generally practice their skill set.

Bai Chen practiced for more than half an hour in the training camp. He has only become proficient with a skill combination set that adds stats. To Bai Chen’s disappointment, Su Yu’s character is a healer so no harm was done. Although there are two offensive skills, the damage is minimal, like a hit and tickle.

But even so, Bai Chen didn’t plan to choose another character. It is difficult to upgrade in World of Swordsman, it will take too long to train to a high level. Bai Chen didn’t intend to waste too much time on this, his main task is to find out who is hostile toward him and focus on the game forum. Healers usually have it easy, relying on those two offensive skills, they can also grind people to death.

Out of the training camp, Bai Chen turned on the World Channel. At the same time, Ao Jiangshan was also released from his blacklist. The dark hand in the game may have a connection with Ao Jiangshan. He also needs to get information from Ao Jiangshan, after all, those are the people Su Yu has a connection with in the game.

Once the blacklist was lifted, Bai Chen’s message sign flashed continuously but he ignored it all. He clicks on the world channel and starts calling for people to form a paid team to play a two-player battle.

The points obtained in the battle can be exchanged for points, then exchange for equipment and materials from specific merchants. Although Su Yu’s healer character looks good, the equipment is only medium grade. Bai Chen wants to be stronger so it is necessary to exchange materials to upgrade his equipment.

As soon as the news was announced on the World Channel, team invitations poured in like a tide. Bai Chen clicked on the invitation list and checked the equipment information of the other party, selecting teammates.

Suddenly, Bai Chen’s gazes stopped.

Linyuan Xianyu.

Bai Chen stared blankly at the name.

Then, he accidentally agreed to form a team.

Team Channel.

Linyuan Xianyu: Xiaoyu, hello.

Lu Yuan looked at the person in the team, a pair of hands tapping on the keyboard. The message was deleted with dissatisfaction several times. Finally, after hesitating again and again, he only sent out those four words.

They just met, he should take his time. He shouldn’t scare his baby.

Lu Yuan said to himself silently in his heart.

Bai Chen covered his slightly palpitated chest. A pair of stubborn eyes stared at the team chat channel on the screen, staring at the name that struck him.

He raised his hand to type, replying faster than ever before.

Yuhua Feixian: Who are you?

Yuhua Feixian: Where are you?

Lu Yuan was stunned. Is this?

He thought again and again, then responded cautiously.

Linyuan Xianyu: You can call me AYuan, I’m on Sunset Cliff. I want to be friends with you, is it possible?

Lu Yuan did not open the World Channel so he didn’t see the recruitment news for the battle team sent by Bai Chen. He found Bai Chen from the friend search bar, therefore, he did not know the place where Bai Chen was at this moment. And Sunset Cliff is the place where he is now.

Linyuan Xianyu: I added you as a friend, may I come over to find you?

Bai Chen suddenly realized. He was playing a game now, and…

Bai Chen turned to look at the sky outside. It’s past 9 o’clock at night, it’s curfew time. Even if he wants to go out to find him now, it is impossible. And if the other party is in another city, he also have no car so he can’t go too.

Bai Chen lowered his gazes, covering up the loss and grievance from his eyes.

It has been a day in this world already, I miss him so much.

Linyuan Xianyu: Xiaoyu?

Lu Yuan saw that Bai Chen had not replied for a long time, he couldn’t help but be a little nervous. Could it be that he was too aggressive and scared the other party?

He frowned in confusion. In fact, he has restrained a lot. Otherwise, the first thing he’ll do is to ask for marriage.

Lu Yuan sighed. His baby seems a little shy, so he should take it slow, this way he won’t scare him off.

With his hands on the keyboard, he frowned, confused about what he should say in order to restore his impression so as not to be seen as aggressive. What will not scare his baby away?

However, the next second, the line of words that appeared on the screen made Lu Yuan jump up from his seat in surprise and joy. Because it was too sudden, his chair scraped on the ground with a harsh sound.

Geng Yuhuai and Pan Jianbin looked at Lu Yuan reflexively when they heard noise.

“Boss, what happened to you?” The two asked with concern.

Lu Yuan was usually calm and handled a butcher’s cleaver with ease2to do things skillfully and easily; handle things easily. Three years in the same dorm, they have never seen this reaction from Lu Yuan’s before. While concerned, they were also curious, what happened to Lu Yuan?

Lu Yuan suppressed the excitement and joy in his heart and shook his head to the two: “I’m fine.”

After he says that, he chuckles: “It seems that inviting you two to dinner won’t be too far away.”

Geng Yuhuai and Pan Jianbin looked at each other. Immediately, their gazes were filled with curiosity and excited for gossip.

“Boss, did you chase them?” The two of them winked and walked to Lu Yuan’s seat rather vulgarly. They stared at Lu Yuan’s screen tightly and curiously. “How long has it been? Let’s take a look at my sister-in-law first. Let’s see how sacred the other party is that they can take that stone heart of yours away.”

Lu Yuan calmly let them look.

He looked at the text on the screen, the corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Yuhua Feixian: Let’s get married.

T/N: the married here actually mean predestined love/ love affinity, red thread of fate lol. Since that doesn’t fit right in the sentence, and having the red thread in the game mean to get marry, so I put it as married.

  • 1
    the iron tree blooms is an idiom talking about a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence
  • 2
    to do things skillfully and easily; handle things easily
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