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Online Great God's Useless Hands Little Baby 2

Lu Yuan walked uncontrollably towards the person who was strongly attracted to him.

He appeared to be sleeping?

The closer he is, the faster Lu Yuan’s heart beats. A thrill of finding the treasure of his life appeared, happiness and contentment gradually filled his heart, his heart pounded.

While these strong feelings came up, Lu Yuan also slowly saw half of his face.

Lu Yuan couldn’t help but stop, even his breathing subconsciously eased up. However, his eyes were fixed tightly and greedily on the sleeping man.

He slept so deeply, seemingly tired?

Lu Yuan thought.

The phone’s ringtone suddenly sounded breaking the peace on this side.

Lu Yuan clearly saw that face wrinkled slightly, he seemed to be dissatisfied with someone disturbing his sleep.

He hurriedly took out his phone from his pocket, he didn’t even look at the caller ID before hanging up the call as fast as he could in his life.

The frowning brows of the person sleeping on the table gradually relaxed as the music stopped.

Lu Yuan looked at him and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily he didn’t wake up.

Lu Yuan lowered his head and planned to turn off the ringtone of his mobile phone but the phone rang again. It was the senior in his department.

He frowned slightly and picked up the call.

“Okay, I’ll come there.” After listening to the other end of the phone, Lu Yuan said, then hung up the phone neatly.

He looked up again at the person who was sleeping on the table. He just watched him for a few more seconds before lifting his feet and left with some reluctance.

His right foot was just lifted, Lu yuan suddenly stopped again. He turned to the sleeping man, then he stood beside him and leaned in slightly.

Lu Yuan’s black eyes looked at the computer screen on the table seriously.

Inside the screen is the picture of “World of Swordsman”, Lu Yuan recognized it at a glance. He looked at the woman in red who stood in the middle of the crowd and lowered her head to stroke her hair from time to time.

“Telecommunications district 1 – Firmament.” Lu Yuan looked at the small lines in the upper left corner that were almost easy to ignore. He whispered softly, then cast his eyes back on the head of the woman in red, “Yuhua Feixian.”

He slowly raised the corners of his lips, with a small smile, he looked down again at the deep sleeper, and whispered softly: “goodbye, mine…”


The last two words rolled in his throat, he swallowed it down gently.

Bai Chen frowned, struggling to wake up from his deep sleep. His eyes froze, somewhat suspiciously, he turned his head and looked behind him.

There’s no one behind him, there’s only one or two classmates passing through rows of bookshelves not far behind him.

Bai Chen looked back in disappointment and raised his hand to cover his heart.

The familiar palpitating feeling just now still lingers in his heart.

Bai Chen wrinkled his small nose, that’s right, it’s him.

He raised his head again and searched carefully in the empty library with only a few people.


Bai Chen lowered his eyes, covering the loss in his eyes.

The first few worlds, he will always appear by his side not long after, but this time…

Bai Chen looked at the sunset outside the window and pouted aggrievedly. The day is almost over.

Bai Chen: [System, why hasn’t he shown up yet?]

The system hesitates, it wants to say that the other party has already appeared but he leaves again, the system is afraid that if it says so, its little master will be annoyed and unhappy because he missed him because he was sleeping previously. But saying that he did not appear yet, its little master will be equally sad and aggrieved.

The system is tangled, which one will make its little master less unhappy?

Not waiting for the system to be tangled up more, Bai Chen cheered himself up: [It must be that I haven’t gone to enough places yet. If I go out more, I will definitely be able to meet him.]

Saying that, Bai Chen got up and packed his things and planned to leave the library.

When his finger touches the laptop, Bai Chen stops again, then moves the mouse and clicks on the blinking information sign.

Bai Chen clicks on it.

Ao Jiangshan: Xianxian, I’m here.

Ao Jiangshan: Xianxian, what are you doing?

Ao Jiangshan: Xianxian, are you there? Did you leave for something?

Ao Jiangshan: Xianxian, I’ll wait for you to come back and team up to do missions together.


At this time, Su Yu had just established a relationship with Ao Jiangshan not too long ago. The point in time now is when Ao Jiangshan was active and Su Yu was somewhat passively accepting.

Bai Chen looked at the dialog box on the screen, his eyes were cold.

The name Xianxian, Su Yu has refused it several times. He even told Ao Jiangshan to directly call him Xiaoyu but Ao Jiangshan rejected Su Yu on the ground that he wanted a unique name. Ignoring Su Yu’s awkwardness and faint embarrassment, he was all happy by himself.

In Su Yu’s view, the name Xianxian is similar to that of a girl but Ao Jiangshan clearly knew that he was a boy but he still calls him that, it makes him feel awkward every time he looks at these two words, but he couldn’t stop Ao Jiangshan from doing things his own way. Unable to stop, Su Yu could only try to make himself ignore this title every time.

But the one here is now Bai Chen and he doesn’t have such a good temper as Su Yu.

Another update appears.

Ao Jiangshan: Xianxian? Haven’t you come back yet? I just went to play by the abyss dungeon with the people in the sect. I luckily found an eighth grade stone, didn’t you want to upgrade your equipment recently? I’ll give it to you in a while.

Bai Chen stopped the thought of leaving the library, he plan to solve this annoying person in front of him first.

He raised his hand to type.

Yuhua Feixian: Don’t call me Xianxian again.

Yuhua Feixian: and come to Breaking Heart Pavilion, we will break the red thread.

In “World of Swordsman”, Yuelao Temple is the place where the relationship is established and the red thread is tied so that the lovers can be married. The Breaking Heart Pavilion is the place where the red thread is severed and the marriage is divorced.

Ao Jiangshan didn’t seem to expect Bai Chen to suddenly say this, there was no reply for a while.

Bai Chen is not in a hurry, he slowly types.

Yuhua Feixian: I’m waiting for you in Breaking Heart Pavilion.

He sends that out then controls the characters somewhat jerky movement while opening the minimap and going to the direction of the station.

Breaking Heart Pavilion is not on Bai Chen’s current map so Bai Chen found an inn, paid a tael of silver, rode in a carriage, and let the driver take him to his destination.

After crossing a map, there was a message from Ao Jiangshan.

Ao Jiangshan: Xianxian. No, Xiaoyu, you don’t like me calling you Xianxian? Then I will change it. I will only call you Xiaoyu from now on, let’s not get divorced, okay?

Ao Jiangshan: Xiaoyu, I was wrong, forgive me.

Ao Jiangshan: Xiaoyu, pitiful.jpg

Bai Chen frowned, looking at the word divorce, he felt a little disgusted.

He doesn’t like to have any intimacy with anyone other than his lover, even if it was just only in name in the game.

The carriage stopped, the driver lifted the curtain and told Bai Chen that he had reached his destination.

Bai Chen controlled the woman in red to get off the carriage, open the minimap again, and find the location of Breaking Heart Pavilion.

Soon, Bai Chen came to Breaking Heart Pavilion.

Yuhua Feixian: I have arrived.

Ao Jiangshan replied very quickly this time.

Ao Jiangshan: Xiaoyu, I was really wrong, don’t get divorced.

Ao Jiangshan: If divorced, there will be a lot of people to harass me, didn’t we make an agreement? We’ll be each other’s shields.

Bai Chen’s heart was a little impatient.

Yuhua Feixian: If you don’t come then I’ll cut the red thread myself.

Breaking Heart Pavilion allowed the red thread to be cut by one person, it’s just that it’s easier and cleaner for two people because they need to pay two taels first so it is very difficult for one person.

If one unilaterally cuts the red thread, they need to pass a five-people dungeon. The red thread can be disconnected successfully only after they successful clear it. And this red thread also won’t be disconnected immediately, it will take a week to completely disconnect. At that time, the relationship between the two parties will disappear from the game system.

This setting has been complained about by countless players but the official blog of “World of Swordsman” explained, this is done in order to make sure people won’t make the wrong decision on the spur of the moment. After all, the cost of marriage in the game is high, the most common wedding costs 188 RMB.

Bai Chen directly used the loudspeaker inside the package to call people in the world chat.

Yuhua Feixian: Paid recruitment of four people to pass Broken Heart Pavilion dungeon. One thousand gold coins per person.

In the game, ten gold coins are equal to one RMB. Bai Chen’s price is high to find someone to pass Breaking Heart Pavilion medium-difficulty dungeon. In the past, someone paid a thousand gold coins to find people to go to the dungeon, but that’s paid by the whole team.

Such a high commission, coupled with the name Yuhua Feixian and the popularity of Ao Jiangshan, the world chat suddenly exploded.

World Channel.

My quack hasn’t come back yet: Shit, the goddess is going to divorce the god? What did I miss?

The first sword: The dungeon of Breaking Heart Pavilion? Unilateral divorce? That is to say, the god does not agree?

:Seeing Yuhua Feixian at the door of Breaking Heart Pavilion, great god Ao Jiangshan is still nowhere to be seen but I just saw that he just finished playing the abyss dungeon and came out.

Mojie Feipeng: Yuhua Feixian, team with me.

Xiao Xiannu: Is it because the great god and Biluo Qingcheng are too close so Yuhua Feixian is not happy and wants to divorce?

Sit in rows: I feel like there’s melon. Waiting.

Miao Xingren: One thousand gold coins!!! Yuhua Feixian is generous. Yuhua Feixian, quickly teamed with me!!!

Easy to turn the Galaxy: Does anyone have a team to go and watch? Where is the tour group?

Little little sunflower: ah, someone finally knew that she was not worthy of the great god and quickly went for a divorce. Go away, get out of here quickly.

Yuji: I want to say, everyone looked at Ao Jiangshan’s face, that’s why they call Yuhua Feixian a goddess. Compared to this ‘goddess’ who has not even dared to show her face so far, the true beauty of Biluo Qingcheng is worthy of being with Ao Jiangshan. She is a talented woman, nothing more than that.

Very long ah: don’t say that, although sister Biluo likes the great god, but after the great god and Yuhua Feixian got married, she kept her distance from the great god. Their own divorce, don’t get sister Biluo involved.

Iron Fan Princess1the fan here mean stir, like stirring trouble lol: The white lotus came out again. Just at the entrance of the abyss dungeon, I saw a certain woman sticking to Ao Jiangshan’s side. Who is so disgusting to echo one after another and give a certain woman an affectionate but not regretful white lotus persona?

One branch plum: oh my god, Breaking Heart Pavilion is too crowded to move. Great god has not yet appeared but Yuhua Feixian is going to enter the dungeon.


Ao Jiangshan: Xiaoyu, I was wrong, don’t get divorced, okay? Please forgive me.

Ao Jiangshan suddenly appeared strongly in the world channel that was about to quarrel.

Ao Jiangshan: Xiaoyu, don’t be impulsive. I already come in a carriage, don’t enter the dungeon yet, team up with me, okay? We have something to talk about, you wait for me, okay?

Medical system of the country: Great God!!! Front row group photo!!!

Sit in rows: the other party appears. Excited. Bench and seed are ready.

Because of the appearance of Ao Jiangshan, the already lively World Channel is even more lively. The speed of news is so fast that people can hardly see what the world channel is saying. Fortunately, Ao Jiangshan uses the kind of local tyrant speakers that cost ten yuan each so his words can be pinned at the top of the World Channel so no one misses it.

Bai Chen also saw what Ao Jiangshan said on the World Channel. He did not intend to have too much entanglement with Ao Jiangshan, he just glanced at it lightly and then looked away without paying much attention. Then he uses the mouse to click on a few people in the private chat channel to form a team.

In half a minute, Bai Chen formed a team of five.

Wind fragmentary love song: goddess, great god is calling you in the world, why don’t you reply? Great god is so affectionate, why do you want to divorce? What else are you not satisfied with?

When Bai Chen was talking to the dungeon NPC, such a sentence suddenly appeared in the quiet team.

Bai Chen looked at that sentence, closed the dialog with the NPC with a blank face, moved the mouse over the team, kicked that man out of the team, then quickly opened a private chat channel and added another person.

Yuhua Feixian: Kick you out if you talk too much.

After the team was set, Bai Chen quickly sent this sentence to the team channel. He waited two minutes, making sure that there are no more talkative people in the team this time, then clicked on the NPC dialogue again and entered the dungeon.

There are three small bosses and one big boss in Breaking Heart dungeon. Because he clearly knows that his skill is not good, when forming the team, Bai Chen specially only has one healer in the team.

So when they entered the dungeon and during the whole process, Bai Chen controlled the characters to stand far away and watch the four teammates fight the boss there.

Although the four teammates had some doubt about Bai Chen’s inaction, they thought that Bai Chen was reluctant to divorce so he let them fight by themselves. So to be in line with the employer’s greatest principle, they all fought silently. Fortunately, this dungeon is not difficult, the skill of the four people also belongs to the upper middle class and their equipment was not bad either so there was no other problem along the way.

When they reach the last big boss, one of the players couldn’t help but ask.

The horse is hard to chase: goddess, are we still going to fight?

The other three looked at this sentence and stooped in tacit understanding.

Bai Chen was a little puzzled but still type the answer.

Yuhua Feixian: fight.

The four struggle with the big boss for nearly ten minutes before overthrowing it. Bai Chen stepped forward and ordered the four people to come get their own commission transaction from him, then he picked up the quest items dropped by the big boss, then they left the dungeon and disbanded the team quickly.

Once the dungeon was cleared, Bai Chen saw a [husband of Yuhua Feixian] title standing out from a man in white not far from him.

It’s Ao Jiangshan.

When Ao Jiangshan saw him come out, he immediately quickly walked in front of him.

At the same time, Bai Chen’s dialogue message symbol flashes continuously.

Bai Chen looked at the title on the top of Ao Jiangshan, he frowned slightly with cold eyes. He ignored the message prompts and Ao Jiangshan in front of him and went directly to the NPC.

[It takes a hundred years to stay in a boat together, and it takes a thousand years of cultivation to sleep on the same bed. This lady is determined to give up this relationship?]

Bai Chen simply confirmed it.

System information: the heroine Yuhua Feixian has applied to cut the red thread with Ao Jiangshan. If the heroine has not changed her mind within seven days, the red thread will be completely disconnected, please consider carefully, and cherish your fate.

Ao Jiangshan also received a system message at the same time.

A young man far away in an apartment looked at the system message, gritted his teeth, he hammered the table like an angry wolf.

He cursed in a low voice then put his hands back on the keyboard to type.

The message has just been sent, he saw the woman in red in front of the NPC suddenly disappear. Then a message appears in the message box in the lower left corner: Your friend Yuhua Feixian is offline.

Ao Jiangshan looked up, the title that was just on his head had become [husband of xxxx].

After successfully breaking the red thread, Bai Chen finally felt better. He logged out of the game account and closed the laptop and left the library.

He’s going to go out for a walk, maybe he will meet the person he wants to meet.

Not long after Bai Chen left the library, Lu Yuan hurried back to the library second floor.

He panted, looking at the empty space in front of the window, he sighed.

It’s still too late, I don’t know which department he is in and what his name is.

Lu Yuan thought about the game interface he saw before and smiled again. Fortunately, he could still find him.

As if thinking of something pleasant, Lu Yuan laughed softly. He glanced again at the place where Bai Chen had just sat, then turned around and left.

Bai Chen walked in the huge university for a long time but never met the man who made his heart throb. Seeing that the sky is getting dark, Bai Chen became more and more aggrieved.

The system is distressed: [Little master, you can’t find him today, we’ll find him tomorrow. He must be looking for you too. It’s so late now, let’s go eat dinner then go back and have a good rest, okay?]

Originally, the system had seen Lu Yuan so it knew what the other person looked like, it could use its energy to investigate Lu Yuan’s identity but the energy of the system lost its effect as soon as it encountered Lu Yuan. Even if the system hacked into the school archives, it still can’t find him.

Therefore, the system didn’t tell Bai Chen that Lu Yuan had appeared and left before. He must be more sad so it is better not knowing it in the first place.

Bai Chen lowered his head holding a laptop bag, sitting pitifully on the stone bench beside him.

His feet are sore.

The system notices Bai Chen’s state and immediately uses its energy to soothe the discomfort on Bai Chen’s feet, then patiently coaxes Bai Chen to go to the cafeteria for dinner.

The cafeteria of B University is very big, it’s time for dinner now, so it was very lively with people coming and going.

Bai Chen shuttles through the crowd. He clumsily imitated the people around him then found an empty table to sit down and eat.

The taste of the food in the cafeteria is naturally inferior to the delicacies from the mountains and seas that he has eaten in the past but Bai Chen also used to eat dry food with the soldiers on the battlefield in the previous world, therefore, it is not uncomfortable at all to accept the food in the cafeteria.

He ate quickly and left the cafeteria, which made him feel a little uncomfortable. Under the persuasion of the system, Bai Chen gave up the idea of continuing to wander outside and returned to the dormitory.

Once he enter the dorm, someone immediately greeted Bai Chen.

Zhao Zhenyu moved his eyes away from the game interface, looking at Bai Chen at the door: “Old fourth, where have you been in the afternoon? You didn’t even bring your cell phone. I want to ask you to bring dinner.”

Li Botao also said: “Fortunately, old third was just about to go out and bring it to us.”

The third one is Guo Jiawen. The second and eldest are Zhao Zhenyu and Li Botao respectively.

Guo Jiawen smiled at Zhao Zhenyu and Li Botao: “It just happened that a friend asked me to go out too.” He said and looked at Bai Chen: “Old fourth should have come back after eating.”

His attitude is cordial, not at all showing the hostility that manifested in the afternoon.

Bai Chen also didn’t care about the changes in Guo Jiawen’s attitude, he nodded, carried his laptop to his place and put it away. He opens the closet on the side and gets his clothes ready for a shower.

Zhao Zhenyu saw Bai Chen’s actions and immediately called: “Old fourth, taking a shower so early? Don’t. We just need a healer and output here. You and Ao Jiangshan come to make up the number, just to let us also touch the light of the great god.”

Zhao Zhenyu is a dungeon and fighting expert so he generally doesn’t care about the gossip in the World Channel. In addition, he and Li Botao came back late. When playing the game, Bai Chen had already cut the red thread with Ao Jiangshan, neither of them turned on the World Channel so they don’t know yet.

Bai Chen hasn’t spoken yet, Guo Jiawen on the side quickly said: “Boss, you’re touching the kettle that is not boiling2to talk about something that should not be mentioned; someone is bringing up a sensitive subject. Fourth just divorced Ao Jiangshan in the afternoon. There is still a lively discussion in the World Channel. You don’t follow gossip so don’t poke Fourth’s wound.”

  • 1
    the fan here mean stir, like stirring trouble lol
  • 2
    to talk about something that should not be mentioned; someone is bringing up a sensitive subject
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