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Online Great God's Useless Hands Little Baby 4

Bai Chen’s possessiveness is no worse than his lover. Even in his bones, he has a deep paranoia for his lover.

Bai Chen thought, since he can’t find his lover now, then first set up a relationship in the game. His lover is always so good, even if it’s just an online game, certainly it still can’t hide his lover’s light. He wants to put his label on his lover as quickly as possible.

Yuhua Feixian: I am waiting for you at Yuelao Temple.

Anything is trivial compared to his lover. Bai Chen immediately gave up the idea of playing a battle match. He wants to go to Yuelao Temple with his lover to establish their relationship.

Bai Chen first agreed to Lu Yuan’s friend request, then opened the map and found the location of the post.

Obviously, in reality he won’t get lost but in the game, Bai Chen couldn’t memorize the direction so he always needed to rely on the map to get around.

Lu Yuan’s heart was pounding. Looking at the two messages sent by Bai Chen in succession, he quickly replies.

Linyuan Xianyu: Baby, don’t move. I’ll pick you up to go to Yuelao Temple.

Too quick. He accidentally typed out the nickname buried in his heart and even sent it out. Lu Yuan looked at the words sent by him in a hurry, he was a little apprehensive.

Will his baby find him too abrupt and too frivolous? He was so shy, will he be scared away by him?

Lu Yuan’s brow furrowed, thinking about how to save some of his impression points.

Geng Yuhuai and Pan Jianbin stood beside Lu Yuan, like two guardians. They looked at the words sent by Lu Yuan, hehehe, they laugh slyly.

“Baby yo~”

“I didn’t expect you to be such a boss~”

“You’re a mensao1a person who appears to be shy, quiet, innocent, or humble but in fact unexpectedly thoughtful, fun, and experienced, etc.; someone who outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside, I’m dying.”

The two sang together and took the opportunity to bury Lu Yuan. At the same time, the fire of gossip was burning in their heart.

Such a boss is really rare to see.

At this moment, Lu Yuan’s heart is full of his baby, so where do he have time to pay attention to the two people showing off around him.

Linyuan Xianyu: I couldn’t help myself. If you don’t want this title, I can call you Xiaoyu.

Lu Yuan said cautiously. In fact, he wanted to call him baby in his heart but he told himself that it was still a long way to go. But there will surely be a day when he can call this person this title.

Bai Chen wrinkled his nose.

Yuhua Feixian: Like. I want you to call me baby.

Lu Yuan looked at this line of words repeatedly, as if he could see the flowers appearing. In the booing of Geng Yuhuai and Pan Jianbin, he has a big smile on his face with a sweet and soft atmosphere around him.

Geng Yuhuai and Pan Jianbin couldn’t help but shudder when they saw it.

So tender.

But they are also envious.

Linyuan Xianyu: Okay, baby.

Linyuan Xianyu: Baby, stand there and wait for me. I’ll come and pick you up right away.

Bai Chen sends the coordinates to Lu Yuan. Then put his hands on the table and hold his cheeks, just staring at the laptop screen with a sweet smile on his face.


Bai Chen smiles softly, his pair of eyes full of happiness is very cute.

Lu Yuan’s speed was very fast.

Bai Chen didn’t wait long before he saw a handsome man wearing a black robe with a lightning bolt on his forehead riding a horse. The horse with no trace of miscellaneous hair on its body came and stopped by his side.

Player Linyuan Xianyu invites you to ride together, yes or no?

Bai Chen agreed without any hesitation.

The woman in red on the screen shyly handed her beautiful white wrist to the man in black. The man in black used a little force to pull her, the body of the woman in red immediately flew into the air, then the man in black tightly held her waist and put her in front of him.

Linyuan Xianyu: Baby, transaction.

Bai Chen was stunned for a moment before moving the mouse to accept the transaction invitation.

There is a white fluttering outfit and a set of intricate and gorgeous red wedding dresses on the trading frame, as well as a white hosta.

Bai Chen has Su Yu’s memory so he naturally knows what these are.

The white outfit is called flying cloud skirt and flying feather robe, they are a couple outfit. It is a customized limited-edition couple outfit given by the game company in the recharge event a year ago. Only the first player in each district can get it. In order to ensure their uniqueness and stimulate players to actively spend, the game company promised not to put these set of clothes on the shelves in the future.

So this couple’s outfit became the only one in each district.

Su Yu is a face-con, he will collect good-looking clothes. He occasionally browsed fashion posts, so when he saw this set of beautiful and immortal outfits, he couldn’t forget it. As a result, Bai Chen immediately recognized it as soon as he saw it.

But from what Bai Chen remembered, in Su Yu’s unforgettable fashion introduction, this outfit is in the pocket of the first local tyrant, the god of war.

Bai Chen blinked then just clicked to accept the transaction.

The big red wedding dress is the most expensive wedding dress in the shop. It was worth 1888 yuan, as for that white hosta, Bai Chen glanced at the attributes, it should be made by AYuan himself.

Bai Chen smiled sweetly with his eyebrow bent. He moved the mouse to put the wedding dress on, then equipped the white hosta.

The woman in the game is wearing a red wedding dress, bowing her head slightly with pink cheeks. The little bird leaned on the man in black robe2The little bird relying on people, idiom talking about their cute and helpless appearance dependent on other.

Looking at the game screen, Lu Yuan couldn’t help but feel a little excited. Obviously it’s just a game but it still made him very excited.

He clicked the mouse, also put on the red wedding outfit.

Bai Chen looked at the two, man and woman, in red on the horse, the sweetness in his eyes is even more prominent. Even the loss of not being able to see him just now seems to have dissipated a little because of this.

Yuhua Feixian: AYuan, you are so good-looking.

Even if it’s just a game character, Bai Chen still wants to praise.

Linyuan Xianyu: Baby, you look good too.

Lu Yuan, who was sitting in front of his laptop, let out a low laugh.

Linyuan Xianyu: Baby, sit down. Let’s go to Yuelao Temple now.

The black horse hoof rose, with a pair of beautiful woman and man on its backs, it quickly galloped away.

“Quick. I’m going to Yuelao Temple to witness the boss leaving the single ceremony!” Geng Yuhuai shouted and ran back to his spot, controlling the game characters to rush to Yuelao Temper.

If he doesn’t go now, when the marriage announcement comes out, he won’t be able to squeeze into Yuelao Temple!

Pan Jianbin also wanted to go with his character to watch in person but his game hasn’t been updated yet…

He glanced at Lu Yuan’s game screen, he shuddered. He raised his foot and walked towards Geng Yuhuai’s position. Lu Yuan’s atmosphere there is not suitable for him, a single dog, to watch.

Bai Chen let Lu Yuan lead him through the place, then they came to the very festive Yuelao Temple decorated with lanterns and beautiful color.

Linyuan Xianyu: Baby, let’s talk to Yuelao together.

Bai Chen controlled the characters to walk in front of Yuelao, and click on conversation.

Yuelao: A fate match across a thousand miles is drawn by a thread. The red thread will bind you together forever, Yuhua Feixian congratulations on finding a good man. Do you want to tie the red thread of marriage between you and hero Linyuan Xianyu? From then on, your two hearts will beat as one and grow old together.

Bai Chen clicked yes.

The next second, a red line flew out of Yuelao’s land and slowly fell on Bai Chen and Lu Yuan game characters. The two ends of the red line are tied to their pinky fingers then disappear.

When the red line disappeared, the marriage news of the two appeared in the World Channel and stayed at the top for a minute.

World Channel.

System information: Congratulations to Linyuan Xianyu and Yuhua Feixian for their happy marriage. From now on, they will accompany each other through the Jianghu and create good stories3something like a legend that was spread far and wide in the Jianghu.

This is the setting of the world of swordsmen marriage system since marriage is expensive in the game. In order to allow players to experience the beauty of marriage better, all married players’ announcement messages will be pinned to the top of the World Channel for one minute to accept congratulations from all players.

As soon as the announcement appeared, the world channel, which had gradually calmed down, exploded again.

Waving fish: Yuhua Feixian got married in less than half a day after abandoning great god Ao Jiangshan?!!! What kind of melon is this?

Azure river is not azure: Shit, what kind of operation is this. Ao Jiangshan worked so hard for a day to call Yuhua Feixian on the world channel, and this is the result?

Little little sunflower: A certain woman’s ability to seduce people is indeed not little. After abandoning the great god, she immediately found her second spring. Poor great god.

Sour Sour Sweet Sweet: Ao Jiangshan, don’t be sad. There are many beauties in the game, I can be with you.

:wait!!! I have no problem with my eyes!!! Is that really Linyuan Xianyu? Linyuan Xianyu without any punctuation?

Silk Pants: Shit, no punctuation! Not a typo! It’s really Linyuan Xianyu ah ah ah ah! Finally in my lifetime!!!

Xiao Liyu: I’ve been staring at that name for half a minute. Linyuan Xianyu is back!!! Ah, my idol. Yuelao Temple, Yuelao Temple!!!


YeYeYe Warm: Newcomer Xiaobai4novice; greenhorn asked curiously, who is Linyuan Xianyu? Why are so many people so excited?

Hero Geng: Congratulations to boss on his wedding. Congratulations to boss for returning to the game! By the way, I wish my demon sect to unify under Cang Qiong in advance!


Standing in front of Yuelao Temple, Geng Yuhuai was super excited and honked the horn over and over again in the world channel. Looking at the questions in the world and the glorious deeds of Linyuan Xianyu excitedly popularized, he puffed his chest out and trembled.

That’s his boss.

Lu Yuan started playing ‘World of Swordsmen’ when it was still in its public beta phase. He has money and great skill so he soon reaches full level. He was the first batch of full-level players in this game.

After leveling up, in order to play more exciting and comfortable, Lu Yuan went to create a help center. Then he created the first sect in the area, he didn’t bother to pick a name so he directly took the name of the district, Cang Qiong, as the sect name. Cang Qiong sect is now the biggest sect in the Demon Path right now!

After Lu Yuan became the sect leader, he often led sect members to play in dungeons, fight to help, and occupy the many places from the offensive and defensive battles.

At that time, many dungeon clearance strategies were from Lu Yuan’s hands. Not only that, Lu Yuan has also occupied the top of the comprehensive strength list all year round. The Wulin Alliance leader was pressed to second place with no turn over at all. During the offensive and defensive battles, he also led a group of demon players to crush the righteous players.

At that time, beside the base camp of Wulin Alliance, the entire map was all red. At a glance, it was the symbol of the demon path. The small place occupied by the Wulin Alliance looked pitiful and funny surrounded by red.

At that time, the players of Demon Path were very smug when they went out.

Later, when Lu Yuan was a sophomore, he started to get busy. In addition, he has no passion for playing games, so he simply quit the game and focused on real life. Because of Lu Yuan’s reason for leaving the game, the brothers who followed Lu Yuan at that time also gradually left the game one after another. Only Geng Yuhuai and some old people were still hanging around in the game.

It is because Lu Yuan and these brothers left the game that the righteous path has a chance to rise up from then on. The demon path, who lacked some capable soldiers, began to be pressed and beaten by the righteous path. Up to now, the righteous and demon are equally divided.

It can be said, Linyuan Xianyu is a super god-level player of that generation.

Because of the name Linyuan Xianyu, many old players, who only played games silently, were blown up. For a time, the previous information discussing Bai Chen was swiped down and never seen again.

As for Yuelao Temple, it has become so crowded and stuck not long after the marriage announcement was released. It was very lively with people coming and going.

  • 1
    a person who appears to be shy, quiet, innocent, or humble but in fact unexpectedly thoughtful, fun, and experienced, etc.; someone who outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside
  • 2
    The little bird relying on people, idiom talking about their cute and helpless appearance dependent on other
  • 3
    something like a legend that was spread far and wide
  • 4
    novice; greenhorn
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