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Online Great God's Useless Hands Little Baby 1

T/N: the useless hand mean something like a clumsy/weak hand, or in gaming, noob lol


A coquettish female voice came from the computer.

Bai Chen retracted his hand on the keyboard, his expressionless face wrinkled slightly. A certain someone looked at the computer with dissatisfaction, it was dead. The woman in red was lying miserably on the ground.

“Old fourth, you are in a bad state today, this is the third time.” the boy sitting behind Bai Chen couldn’t help turning his head, looking at Bai Chen with a hint of complaint in his tone, “the score was lost again.”

Bai Chen stretched out his hand to close the laptop directly, covering up the game interface inside the laptop. He replied coldly: “fight by yourself today.”

After all that, Bai Chen ignored the boys and got up directly with his laptop in hand and walked out of the dorm.

System: [little master, don’t give up, you’ll get better after a few more games.]

Bai Chen’s hand holding the laptop tightened, a pair of thin pink lips pursed slightly: [Um.]

The moment the dorm door closed, Bai Chen clearly heard a disdainful voice from inside: “hey, what a drag.”

It was the boy’s voice just now.

Bai Chen’s expression did not change, just leave the dorm.

System: [Little master, where are we going?]

Bai Chen: [Library.]

The system does not understand: [Aren’t we going to continue playing the game?]

Bai Chen: [play. It’s quiet there.] He can study slowly.

The game that Bai Chen just played is an ancient martial arts 3D large-scale online game “World of Swordsman” that has been very popular in this world in the past two years. There are seven different martial arts in the game with beautiful game scenes, a wide variety of gameplay and cool gaming skills. People can’t help but want to buy the beautiful clothes…

When Bai Chen crossed into this body, the original owner was teaming up with the boy just now to play a two-player battle. Bai Chen received the information about this body in a hurry and just continued what the original owner had not done – play the two-player match.

It just that Bai Chen found out, he doesn’t seem to have the skills to play online games. In just five minutes, he had knelt three times, the score that the original owner had brushed up dropped again.

Bai Chen, who has traveled across multiple worlds had never encountered setbacks, was a little unwilling.

So he planned to go to the library to upgrade his skill of playing games by himself.

And the boy who just teamed with Bai Chen was Guo Jiawen, one of the original owner’s college roommates.

The original owner, Su Yu, studied at B University, a well-known national University. He’s a sophomore student majoring in Computer Science. Su Yu has good grades and likes to play games. After coming to the university, he communicated with the three roommates in the same dorm and found that everyone is alike. So the four of them formed a team to play “World of Swordsman”, roaming the Jianghu together in this game.

The four people join different sects in the game. Su Yu has a soft personality so though he likes to play games, he wasn’t obsessed with which martial arts to play. The dorm was lacking a healer, he played a healer at the suggestion of his roommate.

The healer in “World of Swordsman” is a sect called Liuli. The embarrassing thing is that Liuli Sect only accepts female disciples. So Su Yu reluctantly became a shemale in “World of Swordsman”.

However, the customs of Liuli Sect are very beautiful. In addition, the women’s fashion on this game is diverse and beautiful, so it lets Su Yu of the good-looks club 1people who attach great importance to a person’s appearance have fun.

Su Yu’s living expenses are a lot. His family’s economy is above average but his parents love their youngest son very much so they gave him more monthly expenses. His brother has also been working for several years and is now a manager in one of the top 100 companies with a salary of 100,000. For his beloved younger brother, he was also afraid of wronging him so for every month he would transfer money to his card. Therefore, Su Yu hands were quite generous. In addition, he occasionally picks up some small program orders on the internet to do and makes some money. So Su Yu is very willing to spend money in the game to dress up his healer character brightly.

It was a very beautiful female character. In addition, Su Yu’s gaming skills are good, so he was quite popular in the game. He was often approached by male characters who wanted to form a relationship.

Su Yu came out successfully at home when he was in high school. Although he really wanted to find a boyfriend, he didn’t want to deceive other people’s feelings in the game, so everyone who approached him for love, he always told them his real gender.

It’s just that Su Yu’s character in the game is also very soft so almost no one believes him. Everyone thought that this was a beautiful female player who was not looking for love in the game.

Men always yearn for girls who are beautiful, good-natured and clean. So even after Su Yu told them his real gender, those male players who didn’t believe him still continued to pursue him in the game with perseverance. Su Yu was a little embarrassed.

And his roommate thought it was funny. Often when Su Yu clarifies his gender, they will muddy the water2Make trouble, it makes the people in the game believe more that he is actually a beautiful girl in reality.

At the end, Su Yu was too lazy to explain. For those who come to him for love, he either ignores or simply rejects them.

Up to here, his game environment was still calm, just occasionally doing missions and teaming up with his roommates to score points in a battle match. He also regularly participate in the offensive and defensive battles of the two camps from the lower sect of the righteous and the evil sect.

Until one day the leader of the Wulin3Martial arts Alliance found him and said he wanted to form a relationship with him.

The Wulin Alliance and the Demon Sect are the two opposing camps in “World of Swordsman”. The leader of the alliance and the leader of the demon sect are respectively held by the person who ranks first in their respective camps. The rankings will be re-estimated and refreshed every three months. If their ranking is brushed down, the leader will be replaced.

Ao Jiangshan has been the leader of the Wulin Alliance for a year in a row. In “World of Swordsman”, he was ranked first in popularity. Coupled with the first-year player meeting, his photo was leaked, he was a tall and handsome young man, and looking at how he was dressed, it is obvious that he is a rich second generation.

A rich and handsome man, he played well and was generous, a handsome guy who is willing to spend money, girls who want to find him for relationship can almost fill the map of “World of Swordsman”, but he went to find Su Yu.

Su Yu subconsciously refused.

Ao Jiangshan said that he believed Su Yu’s words so looking for him to form a relationship is just to put an end to those who follow them one after another. Both situations are exactly the same, and also male, after establishing a relationship, it doesn’t matter if they still play however they want.

Su Yu thought about it, those players who come to him everyday to confess are really annoying, so he believed what Ao Jiangshan said. He established a love relationship with Ao Jiangshan.

After establishing their relationship, Su Yu originally wanted to play his own way according to the agreement. But Ao Jiangshan frequently comes to him to do missions together, fight battles, go to dungeon or other things, his attitude is rather ambiguous.

Su Yu wondered several times but Ao Jiangshan always used to be so vague with his friends. Su Yu also didn’t believe that just playing a game, he would meet someone in the same path, so he believed in Ao Jiangshan. He communicates and plays with Ao Jiangshan without any pressure, on the contrary, he feels very relaxed. So the team of the two was fixed.

Ao Jiangshan is very good to Su Yu, gradually, Su Yu was a little moved. The first thing he does online every day is to play games and find Ao Jiangshan to form a team. After holding on for a long time, he was about to confess but Ao Jiangshan confessed before him.

Su Yu was very excited and happily accepted Ao Jiangshan’s confession. He and Ao Jiangshan became a pair of lovers, the relationship between the two also became sweet and greasy after the confession.

But one day, rumors about him being a shemale suddenly reappeared in the game forum. Not only that, his photos were also picked up and posted on the forum. Everyone called him a liar, cheat feelings and cheat equipment. Even though Su Yu clearly stated his gender many times before but everyone seems to have forgotten these things in unison. They ban together in the game to crusade him angrily, as if he did an unforgivable thing.

And what made Su Yu collapse was, Ao Jiangshan also came to question his gender.

Su Yu didn’t understand, he clearly said he was a man, it’s just that those people themselves don’t want to believe him. Ao Jiangshan said that he came to find him to establish a relationship because he knew he was a man, only then did he promise to establish a relationship with Ao Jiangshan. It was after that when Ao Jiangshan is good to him that he was tempted and believe that Ao Jiangshan was also gay, that’s why he accept Ao Jiangshan’s confession.

But all the people in this meeting, including Ao Jiangshan, crusade against him.

But it’s not over yet, he doesn’t know who posted that post from the game to the school’s forum.

So some people in the school started pointing at him, they even called him gay and disgusting in public. He was also called to talk by the school leaders because of this incident, warning him to not pass it on.

Su Yu almost lived in a nightmare after that. After being warned, Ao Jiangshan also brought a girl to his school and humiliated him in public. He was also slapped twice by the girl.

Because of Ao Jiangshan and that girl’s behavior, the rumor that Su Yu pretended to be a girl to deceive people’s feelings was confirmed in the school. Su Yu was sprayed almost everywhere he went, even when he went to the cafeteria to eat, someone would deliberately pour food on him. And his roommates started to stay away from him as if he were a plague.

His life is not the worst yet because it only gets worse. The matter of him cheating feeling to form a relationship knocked Su Yu to the ground and made him almost unable to get up, then before long, a paper he won a prize six months ago was also reported for plagiarism. There is also conclusive evidence that he plagiarized so he was expelled from the university. Su Yu was thrown into hell all of a sudden.

In just one month, Su Yu fell from heaven. Fortunately, his family believed him so Su Yu didn’t think of suicide.

When Su Yu left school, it was Su Yu’s brother and his parents who came to pick him up. They encouraged Su Yu and embraced Su Yu, making Su Yu, who was almost surrounded by darkness, see the dawn and make him feel the happiness of life again. It’s just that happiness is short-lived, on the way home, the family of four suffered a serious serial car accident, they all died in the car accident.

— —- — —

Bai Chen sat in the quiet library and carefully browsed the instructions in the game. He has recovered some of his divine power now so he can remember things faster. Not long after, he remembered all of those instructions in his mind and digested all of them.

Full of confidence, Bai Chen turned off the sound of the laptop, reopened the game, called some strangers in the world with a trumpet, then spent money to hire opponents to queue up and play a two-players match with him.

It’s just that, not long after, Bai Chen’s expressionless face became more and more serious. A pair of beautiful thin lips also pursed tighter and tighter.

It still isn’t five minutes and the woman in red on the game interface knelt down three times in a row.

Bai Chen looked down at his beautiful hands with long slender fingers, there was an annoyed look in his eyes.

He clearly remembered the time when the skill was activated and the matching effect but his fingers were not obedient at all. It’s not the wrong skill, it’s just that the skill is activated late, so it is a serious error in the positioning. As a result, he did not increase his blood and condition in time. The two of them and their teammates were almost pressed to the ground by the opponent.

His teammates were also a little embarrassed.

It’s very windy: Is the goddess in a bad state today? It’s okay, we can fight slowly, don’t be in a hurry.

Goddess is the nickname most people call Su Yu in the game.

Bai Chen pursed his lips and looked at his teammate, then raised his hand to type.

Yuhua Feixian: no, let’s stop for today.

Bai Chen sent that out then ordered the other party about the deal. He gave them the gold coins negotiated before to the other party, then simply disbanded the team.

The system consoled: [Little master, we only played a few times today, this level is already pretty good. You lasted almost a minute in each game.]

Although in that minute, it was because the teammates were strong enough to keep the two alive, but in the system’s eyes, its little master is also very powerful. It just checked online, and there are a lot of people who have been beaten in second in this game, and its little master persisted for nearly a minute.

The system that blindly thinks that its little master is very powerful automatically ignores those enemies encountered by those that were beaten in second, there either a large difference in level or a large difference in equipment. And Su Yu is not only high level but he was also well equipped and also a healer…

After listening to the system, Bai Chen also thinks it makes sense. His confidence comes back a little, so he controls the characters to go to the training camp again, he plans to train in the training camp first then he will find people to team up to play the battle match.

Play, play, Bai Chen was a little sleepy. He rubbed his sore eyes that had been facing the laptop for a long time. He covered his mouth and yawned, pushed the laptop to the middle of the table and just lay down on the table and fell asleep.

When Lu Yuan came down from the third floor of the library and planned to go to the second floor to get a reference book, he look at the long table by the window, he just saw a black head and couldn’t see anything else but it made his heart beat violently involuntarily.

T/N: I will leave some of the username as pinyin while translating the other sillier one, just want to give everyone a heads up on why some weren’t translated.

  • 1
    people who attach great importance to a person’s appearance
  • 2
    Make trouble
  • 3
    Martial arts
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