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Real and Fake Young Master 9

At the corner of the Lu house.

Seeing the black car still staying in the same place, a wry smile came up at the corner of Ji Wenxuan mouth. When he walked into the car, he patted his cheek and returned to the serious appearance. He also looked at his reflection in the car window and saw that there was no problem, open the door of the passenger seat and get in the car.

Without waiting for the people in the car to speak, Ji Wenxuan himself explained everything after entering the Lu house, and at the end he also attached his own thoughts: “Cousin’s parents are pretty good, it actually the biological son. In other words, the outsider is against cousin, and that Zhao Jun, who grew up with cousin also had a close relationship with that biological son. It didn’t feel right to look at it.”

He shook his head: “I heard about the relationship between my cousin and Zhao Jun before. Before the two of them wore a pair of trousers, but now Zhao Jun obviously has the wrong attitude. Hey, is it because my cousin is the adopted son without having the chance to inherit the Lu family in the future.”

Ji Wenxuan was talking and no one was paying attention to him. On the contrary, the air in the car was a little cold, making him want to tremble. He rubbed his arms and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Qi Xiao.

Qi Xiao was sitting in the back seat with a dark complexion, his eyes dull, and a dangerous aura exuded all over his body.

Ji Wenxuan trembled and didn’t dare to look again. He turned around and tangledly recalled what he had just said. What make his cousin so angry?

“Check Zhao Jun thoroughly.” The harsh voice echoed in the car with a dangerous air.

“Yes, sir.” Gao Yan took his orders.

Looking at the atmosphere, Ji Wenxuan silently mourned for Zhao Jun for a second.


Lu Family.

“I agree.”

The cold voice stunned everyone.

Lu Qing looked up, his eyes filled with incredulous and full of joy. He was ready to be rejected, but he didn’t expect the other party to just agree to it, which made him a little surprised by the smooth progress..

Even Zhao Jun, who was sitting on the side, couldn’t help but feel a little overjoyed.

Mother Lu and father Lu looked at the expressionless Bai Chen with complex expressions, and their eyes were full of pity.

Lu Qing stood up happily, tears filled his eyes because of Bai Chen’s affirmation: “Thank you, brother, thank you for being able to…” accept me.

“But.” Bai Chen left the sofa and stood up, holding a wet towel and carefully wiping his palms and finger joints, looking serious, “Whether he is from the Lu family remains to be discussed.”

Lu Qing’s unfinished words suddenly got stuck in his throat. He couldn’t spit it out anymore, and the expression of joy on his face just became distorted.

He looked at Bai Chen’s clear eyes that seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts, and he couldn’t stop the panic.

Does he know?

How did he know?

Lu Qing was anxious, he turned his head to look at Zhao Jun subconsciously.

Zhao Jun has not been in charge of the Zhao Group at this time. Although he has some scheming, courage and ambition, he is still much more tender than he will be in the future.

The panic on his face flashed, then he calmed down and looked at Bai Chen reproachfully, “Xiao Yuan, Xiao Qing is your younger brother, and both uncles and aunts have done paternity tests. You can’t say that just because you don’t like Xiao Qing, you can’t accept that he is the child of uncle and aunt, just like this wishful thinking to deny his identity, you have occupied Xiao Qing’s identity for twenty years, and enjoy the life Xiao Qing should enjoy for twenty years, you should return it to him now ”

Lu Qing also reacted at this time. He looked at Bai Chen pitifully, with a grieved face: “Brother,”

Bai Chen wanted to go back to the room and contact Qi Xiao with his mobile phone, so he didn’t want to hear Lu Qing pretending to be pitiful, he saw Lu Qing’s pitiful face, and for the first time he felt unhappy.

He interrupted Lu Qing’s words directly, and said unceremoniously: “Paternity test? Who can prove that this thing is true? Just relying on his plastic face?”

Bai Chen dropped a bomb with no expression on his face. Throwing the wet wipes in the hand into the trash can, turning around and saying to Mother Lu and Father Lu: “Mom and Dad, I’m tired, so I will go back to my room and rest.”

After all, regardless of everyone, he went upstairs, leaving four people with different thoughts.

In the room, Bai Chen changed from the indifference he had just been downstairs, and rolled himself in the bed, staring at the white mobile phone in his hand with eyes shining brightly.

Yuanyuan Baby: Qi Xiao, I miss you.


The sound of WeChat messages suddenly sounded in the black quiet car, Ji Wenxuan curiously turned around to see his 10,000-years-old iceberg-faced cousin staring at the phone with a look of spring, fingers dancing on the phone.

Ji Wenxuan trembled, the power of love is terrifying! ! !

Baby’s husband: Call me Xiao, and I miss you too.

Seeing the reply, Bai Chen’s face naturally showed a sweet smile. He held up his mobile phone and rolled on the bed like a child, and then stretched out his tender white fingers to type.

Yuanyuan Baby: I want to hug and bite1 the mouth.

After sending this sentence, Bai Chen blushed inexplicably.

He stretched out his hand and stroked his warm cheeks, his eyes were full of doubts: [System, what’s wrong with me?]

System: [Little Master, you are shy.]

Bai Chen blinked, puzzled and said: [shy?]


WeChat sounded, Bai Chen looked at the phone screen eagerly without any doubt.

Baby’s husband: Okay, come pick up the baby at night.

Baby’s husband: [Picture·jpg]

Bai Chen delightedly clicked on the picture sent by Qi Xiao and enlarged it. On it was a handsome face with profound facial features like the one carved by the world’s best sculptor. It was Qi Xiao standing outside the car, the warm sun shining on his face, softening his aura, with the deep black eyes full of pampering love.

Bai Chen couldn’t help but remember the intimate behavior between him and Qi Xiao in the car before. He moved over, pursed his lips, and gently touched the photo. Finally, he frowned in dissatisfaction.

There is no smell, and there is no familiar scent that makes him relieved.

Outside Ji’s house, Ji Wenxuan led Qi Xiao into the house. After two steps, he suddenly found that the person behind him was not following. He turned his head and saw that Qi Xiao was taking a selfie with his mobile phone.

The corner of Ji Wenxuan’s mouth twitched and dropped a bit.

How could he suddenly feel that his cousin, who has always been a wise and martial artist known as the King of Yama, is suddenly developing in the direction of a second generation young man with mental disability.

Terrifying! Terrifying!

Ji Wenxuan trembled, his spirit was scared and shocked by Qi Xiao.

“Let’s go.” Qi Xiao calmly put away the phone, walked over Ji Wenxuan with long legs, and walked into the house.
In the study room of the Lu family Villa.

Mother Lu and father Lu have heavy faces.

“I believe in Yuanyuan.” Mother Lu frowned. “I know the child that I gave birth to, Yuanyuan is my child, and Yuanyuan is also like us, and more like me. Xia Shiyang and I have grown up together. Even if there’s similarity, and he might be a little like Xia Shiyang, but he can never be Xia Shiyang’s child. According to Xia Shiyang’s temperament, if Yuanyuan is really her child, she won’t wait until now.”

The more Mother Lu thought about Bai Chen’s words, the more she doubted Lu Qing’s identity in her heart.

Father Lu squeezed the cigarette in his hand, and the light in his eyes disappeared. He was naturally not stupid to be in charge of a huge Lu family group.

He believed Lu Qing before, no, it was Tang Qing, because of the two paternity tests and his face that looked similar to him and his wife, but…

Father Lu just thought about the Tang Qing in the hall just now after hearing his son’s words. With a guilty and flustered expression on his face, as well as the explanation of the plastic surgery, he closed his eyes and concealed the sharp look in his eyes.

You have to repair your appearance because your appearance is ruined by a fight?

Father Lu gave a sneer. As early as after Tang Qing entered Lu’s family, he investigated Tang Qing’s deeds from childhood due to guilt. If such a big disfigurement was true, it should appear in the information, but the information did not mention it. .

He closed his eyes, thinking that the photos on the profile were also not true.

Want to confuse the blood of their Lu family?

With the abilities of Tang Qing and Xia Shiyang, it is absolutely impossible to arrange all of this, so who is behind this? Who has this ability?

Unexpectedly, father Lu thought of Zhao Jun’s eager attitude towards Tang Qing’s publicizing his identity in the Lu family.

“Fangfang, you secretly find a small hospital for another test.” Father Lu called Mother Lu’s nickname, “Make two copies this time, using our hair.”
In the room, the system is broadcasting everything in the study live.

System: [Little Master, you are really amazing.]

Bai Chen: [Just planted a seed of doubt, sooner or later they will find out the truth with father Lu shrewdness.] Besides, Tang Qing and Zhao Jun were too tender at this time, and they panicked after only a word.

The original owners Lu Songyuan and Lu Family end up like that because they believe too much about Tang Qing’s face and those paternity test reports. No one has ever doubted Tang Qing’s identity.

Bai Chen lay on the bed with two thin white legs dangling, while paddling the phone, with a sweet smile in his eyes, he didn’t care at all about the content broadcast by the system.

Suddenly he put down his phone and got up, his eyes were bright and expectant: [System, I want to watch Xiao.]

The screen broadcast by the system suddenly stops and then disappears.

Its voice is a bit wronged and lost: [Little Master, I’m sorry, I don’t have enough energy, so I can only broadcast pictures within 100 meters.]

Bai Chen happy facial features suddenly dropped, pout aggrievedly.

I really want to see Xiao, hug and bite my mouth with Xiao.

1: the raw use Yao so I will leave it as bite lol

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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