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HSS 10

Real and Fake Young Master 10

Bai Chen didn’t get to feel wronged for too long. His Godhead is now weak so he fell asleep shortly after chatting with Qi Xiao on his cell phone, but he was still wronged in his heart, even his mouth was still slumped when he fell asleep.

System: [Little master is still like this, it hasn’t changed at all.]

The system murmured to itself and controlled the quilt to covered Bai Chen.

Bai Chen still slept until night before waking up. He got up from the bed in a daze, stretched out his little hand, and subconsciously grabbed the phone next to the pillow, and opened his sleepy eyes to look at the chat with Qi Xiao.

Qi Xiao left a message for him half an hour ago, and was waiting for him outside Lu’s villa at this time.

The confusion that Bai Chen had from just woken up disappeared, he quickly changed his clothes, ran downstairs joyfully and talked to mother Lu and father Lu, and then ran out.

As soon as he arrived in the yard, Bai Chen was stopped by Tang Qing.

Tang Qing was aggrieved and wanted to cry but didn’t cry, “Brother, can we talk?”

He was blocked from meeting with Qi Xiao. Although it was only a short while, Bai Chen was not happy.

He couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose in dissatisfaction, ignoring Tang Qing indifferently, and directly raised his foot to bypass Tang Qing and continue walking outside.

But Tang Qing didn’t let go, he turned and stopped in front of Bai Chen, “Brother, where did I not do well enough, if you hate me then forget it but why deny my identity? Do you know how long I have longed for a home?”

Tang Qing cried with deep affection, while secretly observing Bai Chen’s expression.

But except for Qi Xiao, Bai Chen looked blank and indifferent in front of everyone. Tang Qing looked at it for a long while and didn’t see anything, on the contrary, his heart became even more flustered.

After Bai Chen threw a bomb in the afternoon, he directly forced Tang Qing to explode. At that time, he was in a panic and wanted to deny his plastic surgery, but plastic surgery can be seen with a little dabbling, so he panicked and said a lame excuse.

Although father Lu and mother Lu didn’t say anything, Tang Qing keenly felt that the Lu family’s attitude towards him had undergone a subtle change.

After that, Zhao Jun warned him and told him not to make any claims. During this period of time, he will settled in the Lu family and he was not allowed to do anything, before he left in a hurry.

But Tang Qing was still uneasy and couldn’t help but want to come to Bai Chen to take a breather, to know how much Bai Chen knew.

Bai Chen eagerly wanted to see Qi Xiao, but Tang Qing didn’t let go, which made Bai Chen, who had always been indifferent to everything except Qi Xiao and the system, couldn’t help but birth a violent anger from his heart..

The system keenly sensed the changes in its own little master, and worried: [Little master?]

Bai Chen: [He is even more annoying than Liang Yanghong.]

Then the system saw that Bai Chen moved. The poor Tang Qing, who was crying just now, his body was lifted from the ground and flew more than two meters in mid-air before landing severely. There was a dull sound and there was no more movement. .

Bai Chen didn’t even look at him, and directly lifted his foot out of the villa indifferently.

The butler who was passing by looked at this scene and opened his mouth in shock. It took a long time before he came back to his senses. He hurriedly called the servant to bring the unconscious Tang Qing into the house, and called the hospital again.

He faltered and told father Lu and mother Lu what he had just seen. He thought the two would be angry with Bai Chen, but he didn’t expect that they just nodded coldly and asked him to send Tang Qing to the hospital.

The young master, who he had taken care of since he was a child, was not punished. The butler was of course happy. At the same time, he was also aware of the change in father Lu and mother Lu attitude towards Tang Qing.

With an indifferent face and an unhappy atmosphere, Bai Chen suddenly raised a smile when he saw Qi Xiao who was standing outside the car on the corner, his eyebrows curled, and the steps under his feet accelerated involuntarily, and rushed into Qi Xiao’s arms.

Qi Xiao hugged the person amusedly, raised his large palm and touched Bai Chen’s head, softly speaking, “Slow down, I won’t run.”

Bai Chen raised his head, his eyes like a starry sky clearly reflected Qi Xiao’s figure, “But I miss you very much.”

The words of course made Qi Xiao’s eyes full of smiles, and even his heart was soft. It’s a mess, just like exploding thousands of fireworks.

The two were sitting in the car, and the driver drove in silence.

It is not Gao Yan who is driving today, but an ordinary-looking man.

The black, low-key car slowly drove out of the villa area in the dark.

Bai Chen didn’t ask Qi Xiao where he was taking him. He was happily stuck in Qi Xiao’s arms, with his arms around Qi Xiao’s neck, his eyes staring at Qi Xiao’s face shining brightly. “Can I bite your mouth?”

Qi Xiao couldn’t refuse and didn’t want to refuse the frank request.

It’s a little fairy who seduces people without knowing it.

Qi Xiao chuckled, his low voice with a hint of sexiness and dullness: “Baby, what I said, as long as you want it, you can.”

Bai Chen’s face suddenly bursts into thousands of stars, shining. It makes Qi Xiao want to hide him, hiding him in a place where only he can see.

Bai Chen thought of his previous memory, blinked his long and thick eyelashes, closed his eyes, and raised his head and pouted his mouth.

The thick black eyelashes quivered in anticipation, like a pair of butterfly wings, charming and dazzling.

For twenty years, Qi Xiao, who has seen all kinds of beauties, suddenly forgot to react.

Not waiting for Qi Xiao’s actions, Bai Chen opened his eyes a little unhappy, and rushed to Qi Xiao’s mouth, opening his mouth and biting Qi Xiao’s lips.

The slight pain on the lips and the smell of rust awakened Qi Xiao. Seeing the unhappiness in Bai Chen’s eyes, Qi Xiao raised his hand and stroked Bai Chen’s back.

Bai Chen didn’t bite for too long, he quickly withdrew from Qi Xiao’s lips, and then turned his head away from Qi Xiao.

He originally wanted to get off Qi Xiao’s lap directly, but it was so comfortable to sit, he couldn’t bear it.

Qi Xiao helplessly stretched out his hand and turned Bai Chen’s head back to face him, lowering his forehead against Bai Chen’s forehead, “Why are you angry?”

“You said it’s okay to bite the mouth.” Bai Chen’s mouth slumped, and his aggrieved little nose wrinkled, “You didn’t bite me just now.”

Qi Xiao was a little funny in his heart, but Bai Chen’s grievances and sad expression poked his heart deeply. He bowed his head in distress and touched Bai Chen’s mouth with his lips, “Bite, Yes, it’s just that baby is so charming, I was stunned for a while.”

“Really?” Bai Chen blinked. Qi Xiao was complimenting him for his good looks. All the grievances just disappeared, and he became happy again.

He stared at Qi Xiao’s lower lip, bitten by him, and his face collapsed again, “Then, then you bite me back.”

Bai Chen raised his head and closed his eyes nervously.

What a lovely baby, Qi Xiao smiled and squeezed Bai Chen’s nose, “Okay, I bite back.”

His lips touched, and there was no unexpected pain, but Qi Xiao took the opportunity to break into Bai Chen’s mouth. He plunder the sweetness of his mouth, Bai Chen was confused by the aggressive invasion, forgetting east, west, north and south.

In the soft, soothing and faint high-end restaurant, Bai Chen blinked in confusion as he looked at the large piece of meat on the plate in front of him.

A palm with distinct and strong knuckles stretched out, took the plate in front of Bai Chen, and replaced it with a cut steak.

“Taste it.” Qi Xiao took the fork, forked a small piece of cut steak, and placed it on Bai Chen’s lips.

For this date, and for Bai Chen to have a perfect memory of his first date, Qi Xiao spent almost all of his afternoon on Wandu guide.

The Wandu guide said that the first date should be in a romantic western restaurant, the best location is by the window, so Qi Xiao asked Gao Yan to cover the entire floor of the best western restaurant in City A, just for his service.

“It’s delicious.” Bai Chen bent his eyebrows and learned Qi Xiao’s movements to fork a small steak and handed it to Qi Xiao, looking at Qi Xiao expectantly.

Qi Xiao smiled and swallowed the food that his little baby had personally fed him, and finally licked his lower lip: “The food the baby feeds is so delicious.”

“Really?” Bai Chen’s eyes lit up.

Then he got up from the seat in front of Qi Xiao’s smiling eyes, walked around the table with the plate in front of him, and squeezed to Qi Xiao’s side to sit down, seriously forked a small steak, and handed it to Qi Xiao’s lips again.

Qi Xiao opened his mouth and bit down.

Bai Chen handed the fork to Qi Xiao, and said seriously: “I want it too.”

He said, opening his mouth.

Qi Xiao only felt that every second of being with his own baby was so happy.

The two had been feeding each other for dinner, and the sweetness of the food almost blinded the waiter.

The date does not end here. Qi Xiao keeps in mind Wandu’s dating strategy and presents 99 red roses to Bai Chen at the end of the dinner.

Although Bai Chen didn’t know why Qi Xiao sent him flowers, as long as Qi Xiao sent him flowers, it was enough to make him happy for a long time.

After that, Qi Xiao took Bai Chen to a private theater.

According to the guide, it is best to take your loved one to watch a horror film when dating. The effect is comparable to an aphrodisiac and can quickly accelerate the relationship between the two.

In the spacious and dark hall, Qi Xiao and Bai Chen were sitting in the couple’s position. There were horrible scenes on the screen, but their minds were obviously not in the movie.

Qi Xiao looked at his baby sticking to his arms, thinking about those raiders comments on Wandu, a bit funny and proud. His baby is different, he will get into his arms even if he is not afraid.

Cute, wants to hide him in his pocket.

T/N: pity sir waiter….ಠ◡ಠ

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