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Real and Fake Young Master 8

Next month, Lu’s Group will have a new product launch conference. Lu’s senior management attaches great importance to this. At that time, Lu’s senior staff will be there, and various figures in the upper circle of City A will also be invited, as well as popular stars and reporters to create momentum for the new products.

Zhao Jun came here this time for this new product launch.

In the name of his father, he reminded father Lu that Lu Qing’s identity should be disclosed at this press conference, so that Lu Qing’s status will be correct.

Under Zhao Jun’s ingenious words, father Lu agreed with Zhao Jun’s suggestion in order to make up for the 20-year-lost ‘biological son’, Lu Qing.

Because of this incident, the original owner was almost excluded from the circle, coupled with Lu Qing and Zhao Jun’s secret calculations against the original owner, the original owner finally made up his mind to leave the Lu family resolutely regardless of mother Lu’s retention, giving Lu Qing a chance.

It was also because of this incident that the system caused Bai Chen to come back and stop it.

He can’t stay with Qi Xiao, Bai Chen doesn’t have a good face towards the two instigators, Zhao Jun and Lu Qing.

“Young master Ji?” Zhao Jun looked at Ji Wenxuan next to Bai Chen in surprise, and then enthusiastically walked over to say hello, “I didn’t expect young master Ji and Xiao Yuan to have such a good relationship. Not only did he stay with Xiao Yuan for the night, but also sent Xiao Yuan back today.”

The Ji’s family is a scholar family. They does not involve politics or business. They looks innocent and low-key, but in City A, everyone has to sells the Ji’s thin noodles.1

Not only because Ji’s family has a wide network, with students all over business and the government, but also because they rely on the Qi family behind them.

The Qi family is a century-old family, and the Qi family sits on half of the country and has an international reputation. It ranks among the top ten groups in the world. It an existence stomping on the global economy.

Thirty years ago, old Ji ‘s most beloved daughter, Ji Man, was taken by his student, the Qi family’s master. She married into the Qi family despite Ji’s opposition, and became the madame of the Qi family. At the same time, it also built a strong bridge between the Ji family and the Qi family.

It’s just that beauty is so ill-fated, and Ji Man has been frail since she was a child. Even if she married into the Qi family and was spoiled by the Qi family master, she couldn’t survive the arrangement of fate’s, shortly after giving birth to Qi Xiao she passed away.

Patriarch Qi was downcast for a while, and later devoted all his energy to cultivating Qi Xiao. When Qi Xiao was twenty-five years old, he resolutely abdicated and retreated behind the scenes.

And in a few days, it will be old Ji’s 80th birthday. It is rumored that Qi Xiao, the head of the Qi family, who doesn’t see the tail of the dragon, will appear at Old Ji’s birthday banquet. This big tree, even if they can’t catch up with the Qi family, it’s worth it to catch up with Ji’s family, but the Ji family has always kept a low profile. Even on this birthday, he only invited his old friends and students to come, completely leaving outsiders with no opportunity.

Therefore, since he met Ji Wenxuan, Zhao Jun has been so enthusiastic.

If he could enter the birthday banquet of Elder Ji through Ji Wenxuan, it would undoubtedly be an affirmation of his strength to the Zhao family. With this thought, Zhao Jun is even more enthusiastic towards Ji Wenxuan.

Lu Qing followed Zhao Jun. Although he didn’t know who Ji Wenxuan was, looking at Zhao Jun’s attitude, Ji Wenxuan was obviously no ordinary person. His eyes flickered, and innocently said: “Brother has never mentioned you before. It turns out that you are a friend of my brother. My brother can have one more friend. I am really happy for my brother.”

Bai Chen ignored these two people. Go straight around them and walk into the house without blinking.

“Really?” how could Ji Wenxuan not tell that Lu Qing was putting eye drops on him2. He left a sentence with a smile, and then raised his heel to follow Bai Chen.

Behind him, Zhao Jun lowered his face. He glared at Lu Qing and warned: “Put away your cleverness, Ji Wenxuan is not from the Lu family. He isn’t so foolish to be fooled by you.”

Lu Qing’s face turned pale.

The Lu’s house was very quiet, the butler and servant were not here at this time, and only Mother Lu and Father Lu were left in the hall.

Neither of them looked very good. Mother Lu was sitting on the sofa, around her eyes were a little red, while Father Lu was sitting aside and smoking a cigarette with a sad expression.

“Mom, Dad, I’m back.” Bai Chen changed his shoes, took out a pair of brand new indoor shoes from the shoe cabinet and handed them to Ji Wenxuan.

Ji Wenxuan happily took the shoes from the future cousin and put them on, and greeted father Lu and mother Lu: “Hello, uncle and auntie, I’m Ji Wenxuan, Songyuan’s friend, excuse me.”

Mother Lu and father Lu didn’t expect that Bai Chen would come home suddenly at this moment, and hurriedly put away the bad look on their face in surprise, showing a smile that seemed to be happy.

It’s just that no matter how well they cover up, the sadness between their brows still betrays them.

Mother Lu came over and said gently to Ji Wenxuan, “Yuanyuan troubled you last night.”

Ji Wenxuan waved his hand with a smile, “It should be, if it weren’t for me to let Songyuan drink with me, Songyuan would not be drunk and unconscious.”

Mother Lu reached out angrily and pointed her hand on Bai Chen’s forehead: “you don’t know how to drink, but you still want to drink. Fortunately, you’re with Wenxuan this time. Still not thanking Wenxuan?”

Mother Lu has also heard about Ji’s family. Although she has never heard of this friend Ji Wenxuan from her son in the past, mother Lu can still trust Ji Wenxuan’s character.

Bai Chen obediently thanked Ji Wenxuan, and Ji Wenxuan waved his hands repeatedly dismissing it.

This is his cousin, his family, besides, he didn’t do anything.

Mother Lu turned her side and greeted Ji Wenxuan, “Look at me, stay here, Wenxuan quickly come in, Auntie will go to the kitchen to get you some food.”

Ji Wenxuan obediently thanked her, and then walked to the sofa with Bai Chen and greet father Lu.

Father Lu nodded and looked at Bai Chen with concern: “Do you feel uncomfortable after drinking?”

Bai Chen shook his head, “I’m fine.”

Father Lu saw that Bai Chen’s face was indeed fine, so he relaxed and talked with Ji Wenxuan. “Yuanyuan disturbed you last night.” Although Mother Lu had been polite just now, he couldn’t help but express as the head of the family.

Ji Wenxuan smiled very politely. Just when he was about to answer, he saw Zhao Jun and Lu Qing coming in from the corner of his eye. He rolled his eyes, “that’s it, my grandfather likes Songyuan very much, and he specially invited Songyuan to participate in his eighty birthday.”

Although father Lu and mother Lu are very fond of his cousin, the cousin is not a child of the Lu family, and it can be seen from the meeting just now that the Lu family’s biological son, who has just been recognized, is very hostile to the cousin. How could his cousin be bullied by others? He had to support his cousin’s status. Besides, he didn’t lie. He told his grandfather about his cousin last night. Grandpa was very curious about his cousin and said he wanted to see him.

Ji Wenxuan’s words shocked everyone present except Bai Chen.

That’s old Ji’s birthday banquet! ! !

Father Lu waited a long while, and finally said: “How embarrassing it is, Songyuan is still young, and I am afraid it will cause trouble to old Ji.” Father Lu didn’t try to shrink it off, but was really worried, can anyone go to old Ji’s birthday banquet? The identity of the people who go there is not ordinary. If my son accidentally offends someone or causes trouble, it isn’t good to be targeted.

“Why? Besides, I’m still there, uncle don’t worry.” Ji Wenxuan grabbed Bai Chen’s shoulder and patted his chest to assure.

Father Lu was still wanting to say something to refuse. Mother Lu, who came back with fruit and food, suddenly said, “Thank you, Wenxuan. Then I will trouble you to take care of Yuanyuan.”

Mother Lu thought clearly. Lu Qing is right. The identity of the Lu family’s biological son will eventually be announced, but it will inevitably cause damage to Bai Chen after the announcement, but if the Ji family supports Bai Chen, no one will dare to say anything in front of Bai Chen in the future.

Ji Wenxuan responded with a smile.

At the entrance, Zhao Jun and Lu Qing, who had just learned of Ji Wenxuan’s identity, looked ugly and complicated, but they were both face-changers, and soon returned to their original form, walking in with a smile to greet them.

“Aren’t you going out to play for the weekend?” Mother Lu set the food down, with some doubt.

“My brother is back, thinking about the rare family being together recently, so I came back.” Lu Qing said obediently, his eyes full of happiness for the family.

Zhao Jun on the side greeted Ji Wenxuan, “young master Ji.”

Ji Wenxuan nodded coldly, turned his head and smiled to look at Father Lu and Mother Lu, “Songyuan has been safely sent back, uncle and aunt, I have something to do so I will leave first.”

Mother Lu was enthusiastic about making him stay, “Sit for a little longer, it’s rare to come to the house.”

“No, thank you auntie.” Ji Wenxuan hug Bai Chen, blinked at him, “See you in a few days.”

After Ji Wenxuan left, the hall that was still lively just now suddenly became quiet.

Bai Chen was sitting on the sofa, eating fruit leisurely.

In the end, Zhao Jun couldn’t help himself, and sat down beside Bai Chen, “Xiao Yuan, why didn’t I hear about you knowing young master Ji?”

Bai Chen glanced lightly at him and moved aside, “We just met.”

The indifferent attitude made Zhao Jun a little embarrassed.

But who is Zhao Jun? He smiled lightly, looking like a good brother next door, “I don’t see you come to me these days. Every time I hear Xiaoqing say that you always run out, I am also worried about you making bad friends, now it’s young master Ji, and I’m relieved.”

“Yes, yes.” Lu Qing interrupted, unwillingly to be left out, “Brother Jun is very worried about you, brother.”

Bai Chen continued to gnaw on the apple without expression on his face, as if he didn’t hear it.

Lu Qing gritted his teeth unwillingly.

Zhao Jun saw that, he was afraid of Lu Qing showing bad things, so he knocked on Lu Qing hurriedly. He smiled and said to father Lu and mother Lu, who was on the side: “Since Xiaoyuan is back, then that matter can be decided.”

Mother Lu and father Lu complexion suddenly became difficult to look at, and their gaze towards Bai Chen was guilty, pampered, and at a loss.

Bai Chen bit down the last bite of the apple, threw the core into the trash can, and looked at father Lu and mother Lu: “mom and dad, what’s the matter?”

The two hesitated and didn’t know how to speak.

“It was, Uncle and Auntie are going to introduce Xiaoqing at the press conference next month.” Zhao Jun thought the bad guys had already become the bad guys, so he said clearly in one breath to avoid changes later, “they’re afraid you don’t agree, so they want to ask your opinion.”

Bai Chen looked straight at Lu Qing.

Facing Bai Chen’s gaze, Lu Qing didn’t know why he suddenly felt guilty and lowered his head in silence.

“Xiaoyuan…” Zhao Jun thought that Bai Chen disagreed, and was about to persuade him, but was interrupted by Bai Chen when he was talking.

“I agree.”

1: to give them face

2: pretend

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