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Real and Fake Young Master 7

“Yes.” Qi Xiao’s calm tone instantly made Bai Chen feel relieved.

Because of the task, Bai Chen could only ask Qi Xiao to send him home under the urging of the system. For this reason, he almost stuck to Qi Xiao’s body all morning, and he had to hold Qi Xiao wherever he went.

Ji Wenxuan, who had rushed to the villa early in the morning to see his future cousin, almost lost his teeth after eating dog food.

When Bai Chen was sent home, Ji Wenxuan decisively abandoned his car, daringly ignored his cousin’s cold face and squeezed into the passenger seat, and then quietly became a wooden man.

In the back seat, Bai Chen sat on Qi Xiao’s lap, curled up in Qi Xiao’s arms, with drooping eyebrows, as if to say I am very upset, you come to comfort me.

In Qi Xiao’s eyes, it was lovely and distressed.

“Baby, would you like to go to Grandpa’s house with me?” Qi Xiao looked at the sorrowful person in his arms, his heart ached, and he was reluctant to separate from Bai Chen, wishing to take a rope to tie Bai Chen to his side all the time, so he can take him wherever he goes, and he can see him wherever he goes.

It was obvious that the two had met for only a day, but he could no longer let him go. The empty heart of the past was filled with Bai Chen, and even the blood and bones were engraved with Bai Chen’s name.

See the parents so soon! Cousin is indeed cousin! ! !

Bai Chen’s two small paws firmly grasped the front of Qi Xiao’s clothes, and when he heard the words, a shining beam of light burst into his eyes, but it dimmed again after a while.

Bai Chen shook his head slightly, “I, I’d better go home.”

His tone was full of dismay.

Qi Xiao’s eyes darkened a bit, how could he not tell that Bai Chen was hiding something from him, thinking about the information he saw last night, Qi Xiao’s heart suddenly became hostile, but his face was very good.

Qi Xiao took the box prepared by the housekeeper and handed it to Bai Chen.

The box is carefully selected by the housekeeper. The pink and white box is tied with a pink ribbon, which is cleverly tied into a beautiful bow, and a little perfume is specially sprayed on it, which is full of girly aura and sweet taste of love.

Bai Chen looked up suspiciously.

Qi Xiao lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s forehead with his lips, “Open it and take a look.”

Bai Chen took Qi Xiao’s hand to open the bow and then opened the lid, revealing a white touch-screen mobile phone inside.

The white mobile phone is very familiar. Bai Chen thought for a while, remembering that in the morning, Qi Xiao had held it in his hand for a long time.

“Do you like it?” Qi Xiao held Bai Chen, put one hand across Bai Chen’s armpit, held the phone in his other palm, and skillfully opened the screen, “This phone is the same as the one I use. This is called a couple phone.”

A bright smile suddenly appeared on Bai Chen’s small face.

Ji Wenxuan in the front seat shuddered, the old man’s romantic relationship was a little scary! ! !

“This is my number, baby, whether you miss me or want me, you can call me, and I will be there anytime.” Qi Xiao opened the address book, and there was only his phone number in it, save as husband.

He looked at Bai Chen frankly, and was not guilty at all because of this name.

Being able to keep in touch with Qi Xiao even after he was separated made the smile on Bai Chen’s face deeper. He reached out and took the phone in Qi Xiao’s hand and touched it lovingly.

Bai Chen’s behavior made Qi Xiao’s heart seem to be filled with honey, and a smile filled his eyes.

Holding Bai Chen this way, Qi Xiao introduced Bai Chen’s mobile phone functions one by one.

“This is WeChat. We can type chat here, as well as voice and video.” Qi Xiao only uses his mobile phone to make calls on weekdays. Those softwares are barely touched. He heard from the butler that young people like to use this chat software. He specially asked the butler to prepare a WeChat information, and after familiarizing it, he registered a WeChat account for himself with his mobile phone number, and then personally registered a WeChat account for Bai Chen.

As such, the two people only have each other in their WeChat accounts.

WeChat has to be introduced meticulously, nowadays which young people don’t know how to play WeChat! Ji Wenxuan sat in front of his cousin who was madly talking about love, simply naive! What a mother-in-law!

The distance was short, but the car drove to the gate of Lu’s house.

Bai Chen’s mobile phone in hand, he wrapped his arm around Qi Xiao’s neck and he was unwilling to get out of the car.

Qi Xiao was also reluctant in his heart. He rubbed the top of Bai Chen’s hair, and finally had to say: “Hey, go back and remember to contact me with your mobile phone.”

Bai Chen nodded, still having no intention of getting out of the car, his eyes looked straight. Looking at Qi Xiao, it seemed that he couldn’t see enough.

System: [Little master, don’t be willful.]

Bai Chen bowed his head, with his fingers he pulled Qi Xiao’s hand, with a low voice, upset, “Then, I get off?”

Qi Xiao nodded, his hands still on Bai Chen’s waist.

“You have to remember to answer my call.” Bai Chen raised his head and his clear eyes filled with Qi Xiao, “Also, yes, miss me.”

Qi Xiao still nodded.

“Then I really get out of the car?” Bai Chen said reluctantly, but he still didn’t move, and Qi Xiao didn’t mean to let go of Bai Chen’s waist.

The reluctant emotion was so strong, Qi Xiao sighed in his heart, let go of Bai Chen’s waist, cupped Bai Chen’s cheeks with both hands, and lowered his head to cover the matte lips he had coveted for a long time.

Bai Chen grabbed Qi Xiao’s clothes corner and suddenly widened his eyes.

Qi Xiao’s broad and thick palms covered Bai Chen’s clear eyes, and said in a low voice: “Close your eyes.”

Bai Chen blinked and closed his eyes obediently.

Curled eyelashes scratched Qi Xiao’s palm, making Qi Xiao not only his palm itch, but also his heart.

The soft touch on his lips almost made Qi Xiao unable to control the beast in his heart, but the person in his arms was so delicate and fragile, and he did not dare to use too much force. In the end, Qi Xiao had to restrain himself for Bai Chen and only stayed on his lips for a while.

Even if it was just a simple touch, even if it didn’t go deep, it still made Qi Xiao’s heart gush with inexplicable satisfaction.

Lips separated, Qi Xiao eyes darkened, rubbing Bai Chen’s lower lip with the rough thumbs, and finally let go, “Go down.”

Bai Chen looked at Qi Xiao, and suddenly hugged Qi Xiao. As Qi Xiao had just kissed him, he touched Qi Xiao’s lips with his lips. They were sentimental and magnanimous. It was very attractive in Qi Xiao’s eyes.

Under Bai Chen’s initiative, Qi Xiao didn’t control the scourge in his heart. With one hand, he squeezed Bai Chen’s chin and parted Bai Chen’s lips. His domineering tongue instantly drove straight in, and he could sweep Bai Chen’s mouth to his heart’s content.

Ji Wenxuan stared at the fragrant scene in the rearview mirror, and couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of water. Damn, my cousin is eating people! ! ! It looks like you can’t wait to swallow people! ! !

Also, this is too pretentious, there is still a single dog in this car.

No, it was two. Ji Wenxuan turned his head and Gao Yan, who was in charge of driving, stared at him.

The fierce kiss did not last long. When Bai Chen had some difficulty breathing, Qi Xiao stopped. He slowly wiped off the overflowing moisture from Bai Chen lips, and then lifted Bai Chen away from his legs. .

“I’m leaving.” Bai Chen opened the door, and his white cheeks seemed to be dyed with a hint of pink from the kiss just now, which was very attractive in Qi Xiao’s eyes.

Qi Xiao nodded and pointed to the phone in Bai Chen’s hand, “Remember to contact me.”

“Yeah.” Bai Chen stepped out of the car reluctantly, then suddenly turned around and held Qi Xiao’s hand, “Next time, can you do the same as before?”

“Like it?” Qi Xiao’s eyes filled with a smile.

“Like!” Bai Chen nodded heavily, as if he couldn’t express his liking without focusing.

“Okay.” A smile spreads across Qi Xiao’s cold and stern face all year round.

Bai Chen smiled with satisfaction and turned to walk towards the gate of Lu’s house. His brows were crooked and sweet. During this period, he turned his head to look at Qi Xiao in the car from time to time.

Qi Xiao watched his baby go to Lu’s house.

Damn it! Are young people so open now? I never thought that such a proud Lu Songyuan would look like this in front of his cousin! ! !

“Wenxuan, you go in with Yuanyuan.” The cold voice with the command completely lost the gentleness of just talking to Bai Chen.

Ji Wenxuan unconsciously straightened, putting away all the thoughts in his mind, “I’m going, cousin.”

Opening the car door, ran to Bai Chen’s side, Ji Wenxuan revealed a smile of what he believed to be the most kind under Bai Chen’s puzzled gaze, “Cousin asked me to accompany you in.”

After hearing this, Bai Chen no longer cares about Ji Wenxuan, reached out and pressed the fingerprint lock and opened the villa door.

“Xiaoyuan, are you back?” Zhao Jun stood beside Lu Qing, and the two were walking out of the house.

The honey that was still lingering in Bai Chen’s eyes dissipated instantly when he saw the two of them, and returned to the original cold appearance. Looking carefully, the black and clear eyes still contained a little coldness and unhappiness.

T/N: Wenxuan, teach me ur skill!! those skill seem pretty useful dealing with people!!! o(*v*)o

SingleDog theater:

Ji Wenxuan: there’s still a single dog in this car *turn to look at Gao Yan* make it two

SingleDog101: woof woof

Ji Wenxuan: make it three!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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