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Film Emperor's Little Wife 8

When Bai Chen opened his eyes, he saw a strange white ceiling. He blinked and subconsciously looked for Jian Li’s figure, nothing.

He was the only one in this empty room.

Bai Chen sat up from the bed with some confusion and looked at the strange room. His nose twitches, there is a slight smell of disinfectant.

Bai Chen: [System, why am I in the hospital? Where is ALi?]

The system carefully observed Bai Chen’s expression, and it asked tentatively: [Little master, don’t you remember?]

Bai Chen tilted his head, doubtful: [I remember that ALi and I were in the computer store.]

The system saw that Bai Chen really didn’t remember, and immediately let go of the worried heart: [Little master, just now your godhead suddenly became unstable and you passed out. It was Jian Li who sent you to the hospital for an examination, he going to get the result now.]

Bai Chen didn’t doubt the system words, he lifted the quilt, got out of bed and put shoes on: [Then, how long have I been unconscious?]

Bai Chen wanted to find Jian Li, he suddenly fainted, Jian Li must be very worried about him, he wanted to hurry up to see Jian Li, let Jian Li be assured.

The system has checked that there is no problem with Bai Chen’s body, and his godhead is also very stable, so it didn’t stop Bai Chen: [Two hours.]

Bai Chen nodded, expressing that he knew, he took the cell phone on the bedside table, dialed Jian Li’s number, and walked out. Just as he walked to the door, Bai Chen heard the cell phone ringing outside the door, as well as the familiar sound of footsteps. Bai Chen’s eyes lit up, quickly opened the door, and threw himself into the arms of a tall figure outside the door.

When Bai Chen plunged into Jian Li’s arms, Jian Li recognized Bai Chen immediately. He held Bai Chen’s waist tightly with his hands, his hands were still trembling slightly because of fear.

Bai Chen felt the fear in Jian Li’s heart. He stood on tiptoe and touched Jian Li’s lips: “ALi, I’m fine.”

Jian Li took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He buried his head in Bai Chen shoulder, took a deep breath, and whispered in a low voice, “Baby.”

The result has come out, because the system has quietly done some tricks, the result of the hospital examination show that Bai Chen fainted due to low blood sugar.

Jian Li was still a little worried, and wanted to take Bai Chen to do some more detailed examinations, but Bai Chen refused. Bai Chen didn’t like the smell of hospital disinfection, and he had a problem with his godhead, so even if he was checked, they wouldn’t detect anything.

However, Jian Li still insisted. He was unexpectedly tough when it came to Bai Chen’s health, Bai Chen could only pout his mouth and be obedient.

Jian Li seems to know someone in the hospital. After he made a phone call, someone came to take them for an examination, within an hour, those cumbersome large and small examinations were over, and so he only had to wait for the examination result the next day.

When they went back, Xiao Zhou drove the car. When Bai Chen was undergoing those inspections, Jian Li called Xiao Zhou over.

While driving the car, Xiao Zhou couldn’t help but look at the rearview mirror at the two people in the backseat who were getting along sweetly.

He watched Bai Chen sitting on Jian Li’s lap, sticky. Even if they didn’t say a word, the car was still filled with a sweet aura.

Bai Chen shook his leg, leaning on Jian Li’s chest and swiping Weibo under the guidance of the system.

The system says that if he want to become a qualified first-line traffic star, mastering Weibo is an indispensable skill.

The topic of the top spot in the hot search today has changed again.

#JianLiRunsAwayWithHisMysteriousGirlfriend# This topic has beaten the morning topic about Jian Li’s announcing his love affairs, which rose to the top of the list.

Compared with the comments made by various ghosts and snakes in the morning, the comments under this hot search are much more moderate and interesting. Of course, Bai Chen did not know that this was the result of Liu Fang and the studio being busy, those bad comments were either crushed by the navy under the abyss or banned.

Looking at those comments, Bai Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes, pouting his mouth, and exuding a chill from all over his body.

Xiao Zhou, who was driving, trembled.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jian Li noticed that Bai Chen was in a bad mood, stopped playing with Bai Chen’s finger, and asked with concern.

Bai Chen raised his mobile phone and pointed at the screen to Jian Li, he was very upset: “Only I can call you that!!!”

Jian Li looked at the screen suspiciously and understand what was going on at a glance, his heart was exceptionally sweet because of Bai Chen’s possessiveness.

Jian Li deliberately said: “What did they call me?”

“Husband.” Bai Chen exhaled, this is his title, Jian Li belongs to him, but many people on Weibo call Jian Li like that, he has never played Weibo, he doesn’t know what to do to stop them from calling Jian Li like that.

Bai Chen could only take his mobile phone and ask the system to register a Weibo account for him, he angrily and awkwardly replying to every comment saying their husband is Jian Li.

[ALi is my husband, you can’t call ALi like that, I’m going to be angry.]

Jian Li’s heart trembled when Bai Chen called him husband, he almost couldn’t control himself, he lowered his head and took a bite on Bai Chen’s angry face, this calmed himself down.

Bai Chen is still fighting with fans on the Internet who are calling Jian Li’s their husband. In the past, Jian Li would give him a bite and he will react back with a kiss, but Bai Chen didn’t react at all. He was extra serious, defending the title that belongs to him alone, if it weren’t on the virtual network, the system felt that his little master would have drag all those people calling Jian Li husband out to teach them a lesson until they shut up obediently.

Jian Li’s fans are also very interesting. They found that Bai Chen seriously left a message under every comment calling Jian Li’s husband, saying that they called Jian Li’s husband and he was going to get angry. The devil side of the fan surfaced and lined up to replied to Bai Chen, calling out Jian Li as their husband.

Unhappy, Bai Chen almost squeezed the phone in his hand.

Jian Li watched the whole process. Seeing that Bai Chen was really angry, he reached out and took the phone from Bai Chen’s hand, kissed Bai Chen’s lips, and comforted: “Husband here.”

Jian Li posted on his own Weibo, he searched for the Weibo account that Bai Chen just registered and clicked on the following, added special attention to it, and then like Xiao Zhou’s bad premonition, he posted today’s third Weibo.

Jian Li v: Official notice: from now on, only my baby, ALi’s baby, can call me husband

The Weibo account, ALi’s baby, is the new account that Bai Chen just used to reply to Jian Li’s fans.

Jian Li’s Weibo was just posted, the excitement on Weibo was blown up and exploded once again. In just a few minutes, Jian Li’s comments have exceeded 10,000, even Bai Chen account that the system has just helped to register, has been flooded with a lot of traffic. Fans have grown steadily, in a short period of time, the number of fans broke through to 100,000.

[Brother Jian, send a high quality photo of your abdominal muscles, I’ll be obedient]

[Brother Jian is too ruthless, I have lost the opportunity to own your body, and now I can’t even call you, wuwuwu.]

[It turns out that this is Brother Jian’s girlfriend. I just thought it was a little fan who loves Brother Jian, so I couldn’t help but bully it.]

[Sister-in-law looks cute and crazy when she leaves a message seriously. I want a girlfriend like this too. Of course, if brother Jian is willing to be my boyfriend, I will give up my sister-in-law.]

Because Jian Li’s image is relatively high and solemn on weekdays, when he posted this Weibo, many fans who were habitually called Jian Li husband changed their words one after another. Of course, fans also deliberately still called Jian Li husband, but most of them are led by fans trying to sink it into the sea1.

However, most of the fans still yelled that Jian Li, who had fallen in love, had changed his style of painting. Don’t spread dog food like money, it almost choked them to death.

Another fan posted the following remarks:

[Actually, brother Jian’s love relationship is pretty good, suddenly he became more grounded. Even the tall grass Weibo has been updated three times consecutively today. If this continues, brother Jian might one day post selfies and photos of his abdominal muscles. Of course, I personally think that brother Jian will post Weibo content about sister-in-law, just like the hands holding in the morning, and breakfast photos. Compared with before, it’s not an exaggeration to say that we fly up, at least Brother Jian finally sent a hand photo for us to lick, and let us know what brother Jian had eaten in the morning. The same breakfast is no longer a dream, thanks to sister-in-law, us fans no longer stand alone.]

For this statement, fans have agreed and praised it.

As the fans said, Jian Li’s Weibo often has tall grass, and occasionally only sends advertisements to promote new dramas. Apart from these, he has never posted anything else, even the studio maintains Jian Li’s style. The photos sent are either from events or from TV series and movies, there is no breath of life at all. Fans can only repeat the movies and TV series filmed by Jian Li day after day and advertisements to solve their hunger.

If it weren’t for Jian Li’s good acting skills and handsome appearance, he would not be able to keep this group of fans waiting to be fed.

Jian Li, who posted on Weibo, didn’t care about the fans’ comments, he handed the phone back to Bai Chen.

Bai Chen looked at Jian Li’s latest Weibo, and the anger that had appeared suddenly disappeared. He didn’t return to comments anymore, and he hugged Jian Li happily.

Jian Li coaxed Bai Chen to be happy, but the studio was bleak.

Liu Fang’s group finally managed to control the development of Weibo. As a result, after Jian Li’s Weibo was posted, they just got a little free yet they suddenly got busy because they had to work overtime. Liu Fang almost couldn’t help making a call to Jian Li, tell him stop, but he is just a part-time worker, and he can’t say anything about it.

After a day of ‘carnival’ on Weibo, the next day Jian Li took Bai Chen and a few staff members on a plane to the coastal city.

1. Sinking the ship, destroying the couple

T/N: Hmmm….should I pity the hungry fan or those overtime worker? (´ε`;)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Why do people care about artists’ lives, sigh… They’re the same as everyone, with good or bad judgement at times, just much more disposable income then the average person, which frankly can get to their heads…

  2. Avatar Ririo says:

    Thank you for the new chapter, keep up the enthusiasm for translating the chapter.

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