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Film Emperor's Little Wife 9

[Keke, marry me!]

[Howl, my ears are going to be pregnant.]

[Keke, Keke, sing a few more songs today, I will give you all my little garland.]

‘Great handsome figure’ give ten little garlands for ‘Luo Keke’

‘Great handsome figure’ give ten little garlands for ‘Luo Keke’

‘Little Fairy’ give eleven roses for ‘Luo Keke’

To the fans who yelled on the live screen, Bai Chen had no reaction at all. He still strummed the guitar in his hand with an expressionless face, his slender and white fingers danced on the guitar, his full pink lips opened and closed, letting out a graceful singing voice.

Even though Bai Chen has no expression on his face, and has not interacted with the fans other than singing, this still can’t stop the fans’ excitement and love for him. In the eyes of these fans, Bai Chen who can compose, sing and has the beauty of most female stars, is a fairy standing on the top of a snow-capped mountain, so a cold posture is normal.

The songs that Bai Chen sang in the live broadcast are all written by him. After Jian Li finished shooting the commercial, Bai Chen followed Jian Li to an ancient city in the border town. Jian Li will be filming in this ancient city for three months.

Under the scorching heat, Bai Chen wanted to follow Jian Li every day and learn music-related knowledge by the way, but Jian Li saw that the temperature in the ancient city reached more than 40 degrees, although the results of the last physical examination came out showing that Bai Chen’s body has no other problems except for low blood sugar, but Jian Li was still afraid that Bai Chen would get hot, so he let Bai Chen stay in the hotel, and only allowed Bai Chen to visit the work site in the evening when the weather cooled down, he also asked Xiao Zhou to watch Bai Chen, don’t let him run around during the day.

So Bai Chen could only stay in the hotel during the day to receive the system tutoring. In the evening, his whole heart flew to Jian Li’s body, he couldn’t wait to run with Xiao Zhou to the crew.

For more than two months, although Bai Chen only used the day time to study, he himself is a god and his godhead is high. Although the godhead is broken, his learning ability is still stronger than that of mortals, plus in the first two worlds, Bai Chen has also learned a little, and with the assistance of the system, by now, Bai Chen has been able to compose songs alone.

Bai Chen has now started live broadcasting for a week. At the beginning, Bai Chen completely depended on his face to suck fans. Later, more and more people fell under his voice. From the tens of thousands of viewers in the live broadcast room to millions of people now, all but in just a short period of one week, this rate of increase in fans has made a group of anchors gritted their teeth in jealousy.

During this week, some entertainment companies noticed Bai Chen’s potential and wanted to sign Bai Chen, but Bai Chen rejected them one by one. According to the system, those entertainment companies are relatively small companies, they want to sign Bai Chen is nothing more than taking a fancy to Bai Chen’s current popularity, once Bai Chen agreed to sign, what followed was countless commercial performances, until Bai Chen’s final popularity was drained, while some of the larger companies were still on the sidelines.

For these things, Bai Chens, he obeyed the system’s suggestions.

Fans on the screen are constantly scrolling through gifts just to listen to Bai Chen sing one more song, but Bai Chen is still the same as before, only planning to sing five songs before turning off the live broadcast.

Suddenly, cool special effects exploded on the screen of the live broadcast room, big characters with golden light occupied half of the screen, directly suppressing the announcements of the previous gifts.

‘Mr. Jian’ builds an imperial garden for ‘Luo Keke’

‘Mr. Jian’ builds an imperial garden for Luo Keke’

‘Mr. Jian’ builds an imperial garden for ‘Luo Keke’

This news is continuously swiped on the barrage for ten consecutive times, bombing fans in the entire live broadcast room.

When Bai Chen saw these special effect fonts, his expressionless face slowly softened, a light smile appeared on his face, the cold and indifferent eyes became tender and sweet.

Fans who were originally boiled by the barrage gift exploded even more after seeing the smile on Bai Chen’s face.

[Ahhhhh, the local tyrants show up]

[Why the goddess smiles as soon as the local tyrant appears, ahhhh, I want the goddess to smile hard]

[I knew that the local tyrants would definitely appear today, and I knew that when the local tyrants appeared, Keke’s smile would make the world fade away. Don’t ask me how I knew, the vicissitudes of life light up cigarettes. jpg]

[After reading the words from upstairs, my brain has completed a hundred thousand words story.]

Every time Bai Chen broadcasts live, Jian Li will appear in the live broadcast room to swiped gifts, or swiped the most expensive imperial garden. An imperial garden is worth 10,000 yuan, and every time Jian Li appeared to swiped gifts, Bai Chen, who was cold in front of the fans, would show a sweet smile, the fans would be fascinated by him.

At the beginning, the fans thought that Bai Chen smiled happily because someone give the most expensive gift. In order to make Bai Chen smile a few more times, some local fans in the live broadcast room gave Bai Chen the imperial garden. Bai Chen said thank you, but didn’t give a smile, there was no extra expression.

Over time, fans also know that Bai Chen smiles not because of those gifts, but because of the person who gives the gifts.

Therefore, fans who know the truth, in addition to seizing the time to take a screenshot of Bai Chen’s rare smile every time Jian Li appeared, they also used both hands and feet to tease, and by the way, to the new fans in the live broadcast room, they will tell them about Bai Chen and Jian Li earth-shattering love between the two people, it can be said that they are very busy.

Mr. Jian: Come on, baby! love you muah~

Jian Li seems to be very busy. After he sent this sentence on the screen with a loud speaker, his account disappeared from the live broadcast room.

As Jian Li disappeared, the smile on Bai Chen’s face gradually dissipated, and he returned to the coldness he had before.

[The relationship between the goddess and Mr. Jian, are they real lovers? ah, no, goddess, am I going to face failure before I start working hard?]

[Definitely not. Seeing that Keke looks like she just grew up, Keke’s clothes look either rich or expensive. How could her family let such a cute and beautiful daughter fall in love early, so Mr. Jian must be Keke’s family, it must be.]

[By the way, have you noticed, Keke room layout is a bit familiar.]

[Definitely familiar, but didn’t I say, she’s stayed in a hotel these months, and the hotel layout is almost the same.]

[Not that kind of familiar, but I can’t remember, I always think this information is very important…..]
Ignoring the fans’ wild guesses, after Bai Chen sang today’s last song, the live broadcast was close ruthlessly ignoring the fans’ every effort to stop.

System: [Little master, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room today exceeded the 6 million mark, an increase of nearly one million compared to yesterday.]

Bai Chen nodded and went to the bathroom and began removing the makeup.

In order to have a better live broadcast effect, the system asked Bai Chen to put on some light makeup. Bai Chen is not familiar with makeup, so every time Jian Li will asks his exclusive makeup artist to come over to apply makeup for Bai Chen.

After all the makeup on his face was removed, Bai Chen’s face relaxed slightly.

Bai Chen is not disgusted with wearing women’s clothing. He even learned about women’s clothes on the internet, just to make himself look better, so that Jian Li will praise him. But for cosmetics, Bai Chen didn’t like it. There was a layer of things on his face, even though it was very light and thin, Bai Chen still felt uncomfortable.

So every time the live broadcast was over, the first thing Bai Chen did was wash his face and remove makeup in the bathroom.

Bai Chen and Jian Li lived in a hotel suite. There was a living room outside, Xiao Zhou sat on the sofa in the living room, watching Bai Chen’s live broadcast with his mobile phone. After Bai Chen got off the live broadcast, Xiao Zhou turned off his mobile phone and waited for a while. After confirming that Bai Chen had finished removing his makeup, he walked over and knocked on Bai Chen’s door.

“Keke,” the door opened, Xiao Zhou saw Bai Chen standing behind the door, he had just washed his face, Bai Chen’s long hair was tied directly behind his head, the strands of hair on the forehead were wet and stuck together, “You put on some sunscreen, and we’ll go to the crew to find brother Jian.”

Bai Chen’s eyes brightened when he heard this. It was two o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was very fierce. Usually at this time, Bai Chen wanted to go out to see Jian Li on the set after the live broadcast, but Jian Li would not allow him.

And for Xiao Zhou to let him go to the set now, mean Jian Li must have let him go.

Jian Li went to the site to start a day of filming just after five o’clock in the morning. In order not to wake Bai Chen, Jian Li always gets up lightly, and Bai Chen always sleeps deeply next to Jian Li, as a result, Bai Chen still sleeps soundly every time Jian Li gets up.

When Bai Chen woke up and didn’t see Jian Li, don’t mention how much he missed Jian Li. When Xiao Zhou said that he could go to the crew, Bai Chen’s eyes were bright and about to shine.

Xiao Zhou felt that Bai Chen’s was so cute being so sticky to Jian Li. He held back the smile at the corner of his mouth and pushed Bai Chen with his glowing eyes into the room, and followed Jian Li’s instructions to find sunscreen and let Bai Chen apply it. He took out the sunscreen clothes and hat from the suitcase on the side and put on Bai Chen. Seeing Bai Chen’s tightly armed appearance, Xiao Zhou nodded in satisfaction, and then took out two ice packs from the refrigerator in the living room, and put it into the bag inside Bai Chen protecting clothes.

It was certain that Bai Chen would not be exposed to the sun’s heat for the time being, Xiao Zhou led Bai Chen to the set.

The set is not far from the hotel, but in order to prevent Bai Chen from being exposed, Xiao Zhou drove over.

When Bai Chen arrived on the set, Jian Li was shooting a fight scene. Wielding the swords, with his prominence, he looked extraordinarily gentle, coupled with Jian Li’s handsome face that pierced the heaven, the girls around the set almost screamed while holding their hearts.

Although knowing that those little girls’ love for Jian Li is just a fan’s love of idols, Bai Chen still doesn’t like the gaze they look at Jian Li.

Bai Chen pursed his mouth unconsciously, endured the unhappiness in his heart, and under the leadership of Xiao Zhou, walked to the rest area on the side.

There was a lounge chair for Jian Li to rest in the lounge area, and a big umbrella was held next to it to block the sun. Xiao Zhou asked Bai Chen to sit down, took out a small fan from under the chair and handed it to Bai Chen’s hand.

The weather is too hot, and the shooting location is in a poor conditions. The crew cannot supply electricity everywhere, even the electric fan is only available at a distance, it can’t get rid of the heat at all, so the actors and staff both have their own mini fans in their hands. Although they can’t overcome the heat, they are better than nothing.

When the two assistants who followed Jian Li’s filming saw Bai Chen’s arrival, they quickly took out the fruit drinks Jian Li had ordered them to buy and put them in Bai Chen’s hand to cool off the heat.

These fruit drinks, Jian Li directly let the assistant buy a large cart. Everyone on the set got it, so when the staff and actors on the set saw the treatment Bai Chen get, no one said anything, beside in the past two months, Bai Chen will come to visit Jian Li’s from the morning and evening, everyone is well aware of their relationship.

“Keke, brother Jian asked you to wait here first. You can eat something first, brother Jian is almost done.” An assistant said.

Bai Chen nodded, “Thank you.”

The assistant smiled, talked to Xiao Zhou, and then went around the shooting location and waited for Jian Li to act.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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