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Real and Fake Young Master 3

Both arms of Liang Yanghong were broken by Bai Chen. After the class teacher asked the class monitor to take a few male classmates to send Liang Yanghong to the hospital, he took the silent Bai Chen to the teacher’s office.

The beating can be big or small, not to mention that Bai Chen broke both of his arms. When the counselor heard about it, he angrily asked Bai Chen to go to the side to write a review, and he called Mother Lu to come to the school. To resolve this matter, Liang Yanghong’s father was also notified.

Bai Chen: [How do you write the review paper?]

System: [Little master, waits for a while.]

Bai Chen took the pen and wrote for a while, the system found a touching thousand-characters review paper for Bai Chen to copy.

“Yuanyuan, are you okay?” Hearing that Bai Chen was fighting at school, mother Lu hurried out of the house. When she saw Bai Chen, she hugged Bai Chen to check up and down, for fear that Bai Chen would break a little skin.

Bai Chen looked at the worried mother Lu and then at the review paper he had just copied and planned to give to the counselor, and silently put down the review paper, “Mom, I’m fine.”

“Who is going to beat you?” Hearing Bai Chen said it was okay, mother Lu habitually protects the calf.

The counselor who closed the office door on the side heard mother Lu words. He was a little frustrated and speechless. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. After entertaining mother Lu to sit down, he told mother Lu what the teacher said, again.

“It must be classmate Liang who provoked first.” Mother Lu retorted without thinking, “My family Yuanyuan is so well-behaved, and has never had a fight since childhood. This time it must be because of the other party.”

“You!” The counselor felt that he had some poor communication with Mother Lu, who was protecting the calf. “No matter what the reason, student Lu beat someone, it was wrong for him to beat people, let alone break both of student Liang’s arms. Now student Liang is still in the hospital.”

“Should I let my family Yuanyuan be bullied?” Mother Lu finished.

The counselor feels that he has a bit of liver pain. He has seen a calf caregiver but has never seen a parent who cares like this in the school.

‘Dong dong’

The door of the office was knocked, and the counselor felt for a moment that he was rescued.

He walked over and opened the door, and there was a tall, middle-aged man who was slightly fat standing outside.

“Hi teacher, I am Liang Yanghong’s father Liang Huihuang.”

The counselor hurriedly welcomed him in after hearing the words.

Liang Huihuang saw Mother Lu sitting on a chair holding Bai Chen’s hand at a glance. He walked over and said, “Hello, Mrs. Lu, I am Liang Huihuang from Dongliang Real Estate.”

Although mother Lu didn’t care about the company, she still has some understanding of things in the market. Naturally, she heard of Dongliang Real Estate that has sprung up in recent years.

Liang Huihuang is just an outburst of wealth1 for those in the upper-class circle, but he has the means and minds, and he is a very good man. It will be a matter of time before he squeezes into the upper-class circle of City A.

Mother Lu still appreciates people like Liang Huihuang.

Mother Lu stood up and shook hands with Liang Huihuang.

“Can Teacher Zheng tell me about Yanghong’s fight?” Liang Huihuang didn’t take the opportunity to get close to mother Lu, but turned around and asked about the fight.

So the counselor said the matter again.

After listening to it, Liang Huihuang frowned slightly, and looked at Bai Chen, who had been quiet on the side. “Student Lu, can I ask you, why did you fight Yanghong?”

Although Mother Lu was very protective of Bai Chen when she came here, and believed that Bai Chen was not at fault, but she was still very curious about Bai Chen’s fight. After all, although her son was a little proud in her memory, he has never beaten anyone.

Bai Chen: [Liang Huihuang seems to be different from Liang Yanghong.]

System: [Yes, little master, if it weren’t for Liang Yanghong, with Liang Huihuang’s ability, his company would grow sooner or later.]

Bai Chen tilted his head, remembering the data collected by the system before.

Because Liang Yanghong liked Lu Qing, he intervened in the car accident between mother Lu and the original owner. Father Lu, who had lost his son and wife, was very angry. Naturally, he wanted to thoroughly investigate the matter and avenge his wife and children.

In order to clarify their relationship, and at the same time to devour Liang Huihuang’s growing real estate company, Zhao Jun and Lu Qing blamed the car accident on Liang Yanghong and Dongliang Real Estate behind him.

The angry father Lu began to target Dongliang Real Estate and sent Liang Yanghong to prison.

While trying his best to rescue the only son in prison, while also fighting against the oppression of the Lu group and the suppression of the Zhao group secretly, Liang Huihuang can be said to be exhausted.

In the end, not only did Liang Yanghong not get out, even the Dongliang Real Estate fell under the joint blow of Lu and Zhao, and became the possession of the Zhao Group.

At the time, father Lu only thought that the Zhao family was helping him, so he didn’t think much about this matter. Instead, when the Zhao family finally bought Dongliang Real Estate, he also helped.

Liang Huihuang, who did not have Dongliang Real Estate, did not leave City A in embarrassment. Instead, he started to start a business from scratch for his son in prison. In the end, although he did not create another Dongliang Real Estate, he still had a small family business. He used the money from the new business to manage Liang Yanghong’s relationship in prison, so that Liang Yanghong could live in prison more comfortably.

This is a very nice person.

Bai Chen thought that maybe he could start with Liang Huihuang and cut off the relationship between Liang Yanghong and Lu Qing, and at the same time, let Liang Yanghong not trouble him again in the future.

According to the data, Liang Yanghong had a high frequency of finding trouble with the original owner, and the degree of annoyance was no different from that of flies.

Bai Chen happened to be someone who hated trouble.

“He laughed at me as an adopted child, kicked my desk and chair, and stepped on my books.” Bai Chen opened a pair of clear eyes and calmly stated the facts.

When Mother Lu heard the words, her face suddenly sank, and at the same time she felt a slight pain in her heart. Her son, who has been beloved for 20 years, has been suffering from these rumors outside these days?

She looked at Bai Chen’s expressionless face and calm eyes, feeling extremely uncomfortable in her heart.

Her son has suffered so much that he will hold everything to the bottom of his heart, and he hasn’t shown it at all.

Mother Lu’s hand holding the bag suddenly tightened, and the corners of her eyes were slightly red from the pain in her heart.

Liang Huihuang has naturally heard about the recent affairs of the Lu family. Seeing mother Lu’s ugly face, he suddenly felt a little angry at Liang Yanghong’s stupidity. Even though Bai Chen is now only the adopted son of the Lu family, his 20-year nurturing sentiment is not fake.

And this is the private matter of the Lu family, no matter what, outsiders like them can’t say anything, let alone Liang Yanghong still taunts the person in front of it.

Liang Huihuang suddenly felt that Liang Yanghong deserved this beating.

Impetuousness, arrogance, those are the most taboos in the markets. Liang Huihuang feels that it is necessary to educate Liang Yanghong and manage him well, otherwise, the outcome of Dongliang Real Estate being handed over to Liang Yanghong can be imagined.

In the end, Liang Huihuang replaced Liang Yanghong and apologized to Mother Lu and Bai Chen, and said that after Liang Yanghong was discharged from the hospital, he would come to the door to apologize personally.

Liang Huihuang’s attitude was good and sincere. Even though Lu’s mother was extremely uncomfortable because of Bai Chen’s words, she still accepted Liang Huihuang’s apology and said that Liang Yanghong’s medical expenses and other compensation will be paid by the Lu family.

Liang Huihuang wanted to refuse compensation, but Lu’s mother insisted, and Liang Huihuang had to accept it in the end.

When the counselor on the side saw the two reconciliation, naturally, there would be no more to say.

Mother Lu pulled Bai Chen out of the teaching building with a bad expression.

Bai Chen obediently and quietly let mother Lu pull him, and when he saw mother Lu take him to the school gate, he had to stop her: “Mom, where are we going?”

“Yuanyuan, let’s go home.” Mother Lu looked at her quiet son and forced a far-fetched ugly smile.

Bai Chen wanted to live on the path of the original owner, while going to school, fulfilling the wishes for the original owner, but looking at the appearance of mother Lu, suddenly he couldn’t say anything to refused, “Okay, but mother needs to wait for me, I will get my school bag.”

Bai Chen’s school bag was still in the classroom. Under mother Lu’s gaze, he ran involuntarily and quickly took the school bag back.

Along the way, the car was very quiet, but Bai Chen still keenly heard the uncontrollable sobbing of mother Lu.

Back at Lu’s house, mother Lu took Bai Chen directly upstairs and entered Bai Chen’s room under the surprised eyes of the housekeeper and nanny.

As soon as the door was closed, before Bai Chen sat down, mother Lu suddenly hugged Bai Chen and cried.

The low sobbing sound and the slightly wet shoulders suddenly made Bai Chen’s heart a little uncomfortable.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him.

“Yuanyuan, will you go abroad with mom?” After a long while, mother Lu finally let go of Bai Chen, holding Bai Chen’s hands, her moist eyes full of firmness and relaxation.

“Why?” Bai Chen wondered, there was no such thing as going abroad in the information.

Hearing that mother Lu felt uncomfortable again, tears overflowed uncontrollably at the corners of her eyes.

She looked at Bai Chen’s calm face and doubtful eyes, and a gentle smile curled up at the corner of her mouth, “Yuanyuan, mother doesn’t want you to be wronged.”

Mother Lu had already thought about it along the way.

Although Lu Qing is her biological son, she doesn’t feel close to Lu Qing at all. On the contrary, she can’t stand Bai Chen’s grievance a little bit. When she thinks of her son, who has been spoiled for 20 years, is being treated by others because of his identity. Mother Lu’s heart felt as if it was torn apart, it hurts.

The Lu family’s own son can’t live outside. Although father Lu also loves Bai Chen, he pays more attention to the Lu family’s blood, and she can’t give up Bai Chen. In that case, it is better to let her take Bai Chen to live abroad.

It can be regarded as a family with both ends, no one will be uncomfortable or hurt.

She will take good care of her son abroad and will not let him suffer any more grievances.

At the same time, mother Lu also thought about creating a career for her son after she went abroad. Bai Chen has no chance to inherit the Lu family. She wanted to work harder to start her own business, so that even if she gets old in the future, the Lu family will be inherited by Lu Qing, and Bai Chen can still live a chic and wanton life.

Thinking that Bai Chen could live more wanton and not wronged abroad, mother Lu’s mind about going abroad became more determined.

“Mom, I don’t want to go abroad.”

1: get rich quick

T/N: Mother Lu has officially enter my top 10 best parent in novel ( •́ω•̩̥̀ )

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