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Film Emperor's Little Wife 4

During dinner, Jian Li introduced Bai Chen to Liu Fang and the other, the three of them seeing that Bai Chen was young, they called him Keke.

Xiao Zhou watched the video on Weibo hot search, and then looked up at Bai Chen. The more he looked, the more he felt that the person in the video who threw Jiang Meng wearing the black and glamorous costume was Bai Chen.

Xiao Zhou raised his phone and played the video to Bai Chen: “Keke, is it really you?”

Bai Chen glanced at the repeated short videos on the phone and nodded calmly.

Xiao Zhou frowned slightly. The situation on Weibo against Bai Chen was not very good. The following were all foul language insulting Bai Chen, and based on Xiao Zhou’s years of experience in the entertainment industry, Xiao Zhou could judge that a large part of the video hot video search is the navy guiding public opinion.

Based on Xiao Zhou’s understanding of the entertainment industry, and the gossip from Jiang Meng’s team style he heard from his other assistant friends, Xiao Zhou determined that the navy under these hot searches was 100% operated by Jiang Meng’s team. They obviously wanted to use this video to hype Jiang Meng because of the recent decline in Jiang Meng popularity.

The angle from which Liu Fang and the driver sat could not see the video on Xiao Zhou’s phone. The two curiously took out their phones and logged into Weibo.

“Let me see.” Jian Li put down the chopsticks in his hand and looked at the phone in Xiao Zhou’s hand.

Xiao Zhou heard that and passed the phone over.

Jian Li first clicked on the video and watched it again, and then clicked to see the comments.

The full screen either accuses and insults Bai Chen or feels distressed for Jiang Meng. Jian Li holds the phone tightly in his palm, his eyes gloomy.

Xiao Zhou was a little scared when he saw Jian Li like this. He swallowed his saliva and cautiously said: “Brother Jian, do you want me to ask the navy to comment?”

Liu Fang frowned when he heard the words, but he didn’t say anything.

Jian Li didn’t answer, he went back to the video and watched it again, his face darkened like water.

“Baby, did she hurt you?” Jian Li has been in the entertainment industry for eight years. Although he has not used some of the entertainment industry’s methods, it does not mean that he doesn’t know about it.

Jiang Meng’s whip-lashing against Bai Chen, although it seems to be a fake action used during shooting, and did not use any force, but it is impossible to hide it from an expert. From the angle of the whip, they can see how far the whip will fall, it can be seen that Jiang Meng used her strength at that moment. Although it was not enough to harm someone, but it was enough to make Bai Chen’s face disfigured for a few days and couldn’t see people because of the pain.

Bai Chen shook his head: “She couldn’t hurt me.”

Having said that, Jian Li carefully checked Bai Chen’s face and his palm that caught the whip, he was relieved that there were no injuries.

Liu Fang heard the information hidden in the conversation between the two.

“Keke, did Jiang Meng hit you first?”

The driver and Xiao Zhou were taken aback for a moment, then turned their eyes to Bai Chen.

Jian Li snorted coldly: “This video also deceives those on the internet.” He handed the phone back to Xiao Zhou, and said: “Buy some naval forces to fight back. You can go to Qianshi for video action analysis.”

Qianshi is most famous for referring to the martial arts in the circle, currently working for Xinghui Entertainment, where Jian Li works. As the cash cow and signature of Xinghui Entertainment and the largest shareholder of the company, it is not difficult for Jian Li to make them come forward.

Xiao Zhou’s heart shuddered, and he secretly said: Brother Jian is angry, he wants to settle Jiang Meng.

He quickly ate the rest of the rice in the bowl, and started contacting Jian Li’s dedicated public relations team with his mobile phone.

When Liu Fang heard Jian Li’s statement, his frowned brows loosened. He didn’t mind Jian Li’s coming out for Bai Chen, but if Bai Chen’s were the first to move, and they ask the navy to stop and press the comment will only make the situation worse, it will only increase the enthusiasm for Jain Meng beating incident, allowing Jiang Meng to get more sympathy, and at the same time making passers-by feel bad toward Bai Chen, the gain is not worth the loss.

Although Bai Chen is acting in the group now but with Jian Li as his backing, he is sure to be popular in the future. Then there is this thing. In the future, after Bai Chen becomes popular, Jiang Meng’s studio will surely bring up the old things and to get hype.

But now things are not like what hot search said, Bai Chen is with Jian Li now, so of course he can’t be bullied in vain, he must fight back and teach the other party a lesson.

He has to say that the people around Jian Li are as good at protecting as him.

Jian Li suppressed his anger toward Jiang Meng in his heart, stretched out his hand to embrace Bai Chen beside him, with strong arms, he picked up Bai Chen onto his lap and sat there.

He looked down at Bai Chen’s soft and tender face, raising his hand and rubbing the top of Bai Chen’s hair: “Baby, husband help you to get revenge.”

Bai Chen didn’t take Jian Meng seriously, he didn’t want to get angry because of Jiang Meng, but watching Jian Li get angry because he was almost hit, and then took the initiative to kiss him and hug him, Bai Chen couldn’t help being in full bloom. He lifted his body and put his arms around Jian Li’s neck, touching Jian Li’s lips, giving him a heavy kiss on his lips.

In a good mood.

After finally finishing dinner at the abusing dog table, the heavy rain outside gradually stopped.

Xiao Zhou has contacted the team to deal with Bai Chen’s affairs. After he cleaned up the dining table and kitchen, he left the villa with Liu Fang and the driver.

The food Xiao Zhou cooked tasted much better than what Bai Chen ate at noon. Bai Chen inevitably ate a bit more and his belly became swollen.

He sat with a round belly, sitting in Jian Li’s arms, leaning comfortably on Jian Li’s thick and warm chest, watching the movie starring Jian Li on the TV.

ALi is so handsome!

Bai Chen was watching the film, but Jian Li was watching Bai Chen.

He gently rubbed Bai Chen’s belly with one hand to help Bai Chen digest, he held Bai Chen’s waist with the other hand to make Bai Chen sit more comfortable. His deep eyes were full of pampering and gentleness.

Jian Li never thought that one day he would fall in love with someone, and he recognized him at a glance too, as if his cleanliness over the years was just waiting for the arrival of the person in his arms.

Jian Li lowered his head slightly, put his chin on Bai Chen’s shoulder, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and smiled very softly.

Bai Chen watched the two movies enthusiastically. He wanted to watch it again, but Jian Li turned the TV off.

“Baby, it’s late, it’s time to go to bed.” Jian Li picked up Bai Chen and walked upstairs.

Bai Chen pursed his lips slightly, not wanting to sleep, he hasn’t watched all the movies played by Jian Li yet.

“Hey, husband will watch with baby tomorrow. Today, baby will have to accompany husband to bed first. Your husband is sleepy.” Jian Li opened his mouth and yawned.

Bai Chen’s thoughts from the movie Jian Li starred immediately returned to Jian Li . He held Jian Li, his clear eyes full of worry for Jian Li: “ALi is sleepy, let’s go to bed.”

“Baby is really good.” Jian Li saw Bai Chen’s reaction, his heart was soft and sweet, it was a feeling of happiness, he lowered his head and took a bite on Bai Chen’s mouth.

Carrying Bai Chen back to the room, Jian Li went downstairs to warm a glass of milk for Bai Chen. He asked Bai Chen to drink it up, and then went into the bathroom with the change of clothes.

Bai Chen was wrapped in the blanket, he watched until Jian Li closed the bathroom door and he lowered his eyes and started drinking milk in small sips.

An excited voice came from the system: [Little master, little master, Jiang Meng is now being scolded very badly on the Internet.]

Bai Chen stopped drinking milk.

The system continues to announce the online news excitedly: [Someone posted an analysis of Jiang Meng’s whip movement, and now the navy hired by Jian Li Studio has pushed it to the top spot in the hot search, plus some good people pointed out to testify that the public opinion had been completely controlled by the navy and pour water on the little master side. Some of the people who used to scold the little master on the Internet have now turned back to scolding Jiang Meng, and only some of Jiang Meng’s fans are still struggling to white wash her.]

System: [Little master, I also posted a long Weibo just now, and simulated an animated video of Jiang Meng swinging the whip to hit little master. Now it has been topped by hot searches. Humph, who let her bully the little master, now everyone will knows her true face.]

In the video simulated by the system, various physics knowledge was applied. From the angle of Jiang Meng’s wrist swing, the trajectory of the whip, etc. calculations were made to prove that Jiang Meng did have the intention to hit Bai Chen, rather than Jiang Meng’s explanation that said that she didn’t use any strength at all, just fake moves used in acting.

The system also took a screenshot of Jiang Meng’s eyes at the time, analyzed Jiang Meng’s mental activities from a psychological perspective, and wrote a long text proving that Jiang Meng was jealous of Bai Chen’s beauty, that’s why she wanted to teach Bai Chen a lesson.

This video and photo of the system analysis was well-founded. Compared with the appraisal issued by Jian Li Studio, it convinces netizens. In addition, the system has learned various language expressions on the internet and made a super gimmick title, without the push of the navy, it was ranked second as the most popular by netizens.

The system talked vigorously, and proudly brought up the Weibo interface to show Bai Chen.

Bai Chen took a look at the comment of hot search No. 1, sure enough, Weibo was completely controlled by Jian Li’s navy. Jiang Meng’s fans and the navy she invited couldn’t fight back with Jian Li powerful navy.

Bai Chen looked at the long Weibo posted by the system again, and the hot comments were all worshipping the tech emperor.

Several well-known professors in the field of psychology and physics also gave a thumbs up to the long Weibo post of the system, which proves that the basis of the long Weibo explanation of the system is reliable.

The system lived for about as long as Bai Chen. When it was created, it was injected with the settings and survival rules of each world. Later, after experiencing two worlds with Bai Chen, the system consciously supplemented its knowledge, and now it is also a master of learning, the long Weibo sent out is naturally convincing.

Bai Chen looked at the remarks on Weibo that accused Jiang Meng of bullying him, and Bai Chen felt sweet in his heart. This is the justice that Jian Li and the system seek for him.

When Jian Li came out wrapped in a bath towel, what he saw was Bai Chen’s silly and sweet little smile holding the quilt.

He walked to the bed, leaned down and took a bite on Bai Chen’s face: “What is baby so happy about?”

Bai Chen bent his eyebrows, hugged Jian Li’s waist, and rubbed his chest contentedly: “Because of ALi .”

Jian Li’s heart suddenly became hot because of Bai Chen’s words. He took a deep breath and hugged Bai Chen.

The light went out, Bai Chen close his eyes, nestled in Jian Li’s arms, the two of them hugged each other and fell asleep quietly under the same quilt.

In the dark, the system was active on the internet in full spirit, giving Jiang Meng’s navy and fans a doubtful life.

On the other side, Jiang Meng and her agent, Sun Hongliang, looked at the situation on the Internet that was completely opposite to what they had first predicted, and looked at the situation that they could no longer recover from. They complained and blamed each other violently.

One night passed, the dark nights gradually became brighter, the summer sun always appeared very early, at half past six, the bedroom had been invaded by sunlight.

Jian Li, who usually wakes up early to exercise, rarely sleeps in bed for long.

Under the white quilt, Jian Li and Bai Chen’s bodies were entangled, sleeping with happiness and peace of mind.

Suddenly, a pleasant bell rang in the quiet bedroom, destroying the quiet atmosphere in the bedroom.

Jian Li opened his eyes, there was no sleepiness in his deep eyes. He reached out and took the phone on the bedside table and checked the display, then connected, holding Bai Chen in one hand, patted Bai Chen’s back, and coaxed Bai Chen, who was disturbed by the ringing of his cell phone, to sleep again.

“Jian Li, you and Keke are on Weibo hot search and various entertainment newspaper headlines!!!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The system is just adorable. Sometimes he can’t take action in real life, but now he can fight for his little master on the internet to his heart’s content, lol.

  2. Avatar Ririo says:

    Hello, the author of the English version of this book, I would like to ask permission, am I allowed to translate the English version posted here into Indonesian on Wattpad?

    1. singledog101 singledog101 says:

      Yes, you can. 😀

      1. Avatar Ririo says:

        Thank you very much, I am very happy with your permission. I wish you more success in the future as a translator. 🙂 :3

  3. xiaoxi xiaoxi says:

    thanks for the update. I agree with comment above… the system and Baichen are super cute.

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