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HSS 33

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 14

A woman with disheveled hair was escorted in by the security guard honestly, with a weird smile on her face, crazy laughter continued to flow from her mouth.

She is Xuan Lingling’s mother.

“You all deserve to die, you all deserve to die.” She murmured, repeating the sentence.

“Yang Xiaojuan?” Father Jing stared in shock, and asked the security guard who came in with mother Xuan: “What’s going on?”

“Sir, she wanted to run out. We saw that she was suspicious so we caught her.” Said the security guard.

“Yang Xiaojuan, why are you here?” Father Jing also knew mother Xuan when he was young, and the relationship between the two was pretty good. Later, when mother Xuan disappeared, Father Jing also had been looking for her for a while.

But now, seeing Mother Xuan suddenly in this place, Father Jing is surprised.

Mother Xuan seemed to have not heard father Jing questioning. She cast her eyes on the bomb and saw the red number stuck on the bomb, with an unbelief look on her face. She struggled to get rid of the security.

“How come? How come? I obviously set everything up. It shouldn’t go wrong, how is everyone okay? Why are you still alive?”

Mother Xuan yelled incoherently, “Why are you still alive?”

Father Jing was stunned.

After a while, his eyes widened: “It’s you?”

“Why are you still not dead, why are you not dead, not dead yet?” mother Xuan continued to repeat this sentence, she looked like a crazy person.

When Bai Chen saw mother Xuan, a dark light flashed in his eyes. He let go of the hand that was hugging Duan Qin’s waist and walked to mother Xuan. Amidst everyone’s shocked eyes, he suddenly shot and grabbed mother Xuan’s neck.

Her neck was held tightly, it was difficult to breathe. Mother Xuan opened her mouth and said, er, er, she couldn’t utter a complete word anymore.

The two security guards holding mother Xuan were stunned.

“Yan Yan!”


Yan Lu and Zheng Xuanhao spoke together, obviously shocked by Bai Chen’s sudden movement.

Father Jing came back to his senses and shouted: “Let go of her.”

Bai Chen’s face was calm, his eyes were cold and unwavering, but his appearance only made father Jing feel even more terrifying. This kind of arrogance is powerful, it is the indifference of not putting anything in his eyes, as if in the next second, Bai Chen would kill mother Xuan without any hesitation.

Father Jing is not a saint, he will not feel pity for mother Xuan who planted a bomb in order to cause him and the people in this whole venue to die, even if her relationship with him was good before.

But father Jing couldn’t just let mother Xuan die like this, nor could he let mother Xuan die in this place at Bai Chen’s hands. He still had many questions that were not clear.

For example, how did mother Xuan get into this venue, why did she want to kill them, where did her bomb come from, and how did she avoid everyone’s eyes and put the bomb secretly under this platform, and why is the bomb controller on his son, Jing Xiu, body?

Also, what does Bai Chen’s statement that his son was controlled mean?

Bai Chen looked back and gave father Jing a blank expression.

Father Jing took a step back subconsciously.

The expression in Bai Chen’s eyes showed no emotion, but it made father Jing feel scared inexplicably.

“Yanyan, stop it.” Yan Lu shouted nervously.

He was really afraid that Bai Chen would choke mother Xuan to death in a rage. This was murder. Yan Lu didn’t want his brother’s hand to be stained.

Yan Lu ran to Bai Chen’s side, trying to pull back Bai Chen’s hand that had grabbed mother Xuan, but Bai Chen avoided him.

Zheng Xuanhao also looked at Bai Chen nervously.

The only people present who remained calm were Bai Chen and Duan Qin.

Duan Qin calmly walked to Bai Chen’s side: “Baby, you don’t need to do it yourself if you want to kill her.”

“AQin doesn’t like it?” Bai Chen raised his head, his gaze clear.

Duan Qin shook his head: “Baby, killing her will dirty your hands.”

Duan Qin knew that Bai Chen was really going to kill mother Xuan. Duan Qin didn’t care about mother Xuan’s life. What Duan Qin cares about is that this matter was started by Bai Chen.

As Duan Qin said, he didn’t want Bai Chen to get his hands dirty because of this. If his baby has any needs, he can do it.

Bai Chen tilted his head and bent his eyes in the next second: “Okay, I listen to AQin, and won’t kill her.”

His A Qin doesn’t want him to kill people himself, so he won’t kill.

Everyone present was relieved upon hearing this.


The next second, Bai Chen suddenly used his hands grabbing mother Xuan’s neck, and smashed mother Xuan to the ground.

The sudden severe pain caused mother Xuan to groan.

Duan Qin stepped forward, took Bai Chen into his arms, and gently touched his head.

“If you have anything to ask, please ask quickly.” Duan Qin looked at Bai Chen with a gentle gaze, but his tone was indeed extremely cold to the people.

Father Jing and others seem to wake up from a dream.

Yan Lu glanced at the two people embracing with a complicated expression, then turned around and interrogated mother Xuan with father Jing.

At first, mother Xuan’s mouth was very tight, she just kept saying crazily that she wanted them to die, and other things, no matter what father Jing and Yan Lu asked, mother Xuan didn’t answer.

Later, father Jing saw that mother Xuan’s mentality was a little abnormal, even extreme. Father Jing who knew mother Xuan had an idea, so he used the Xuan’s family and mother Xuan natal family, the Yang family, to stimulate her and induce mother Xuan to tell the truth, only then did she crazily tell everything.

It turned out that mother Xuan made a two-handed plan this time.

Her goal has always been the four great families, so when Xuan Lingling entered Huafu Elite Academy, mother Xuan wanted Xuan Lingling to seduce Duan Qin.

Duan Qin is the next heir to the Duan family. After he becomes the head of the Duan family, important figures from the four great families will definitely come to attend his wedding. Then she will be able to do some tricks at Xuan Lingling’s wedding, she can kill all the people from the four great families in one fell swoop to get revenge for the Xuan family.

But Xuan Lingling was useless. Not only did she can’t make Duan Qin fall in love with her, she was also expelled from the academy. After learning about the charity auction, mother Xuan used Xuan Lingling, controlling both Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu.

Originally, mother Xuan planned to let Xuan Lingling and Duan Qin do something good tonight, and it is best to let Xuan Lingling conceive the child, in this way, Xuan Lingling will be more important and be the madam of the Duan family. Using the money from Jing Xiu, she bought the medicine that made it easy for Xuan Lingling to conceive a child, to make sure nothing went wrong.

But Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu failed.

Mother Xuan was angry and started the second plan, preparing to blow up the venue.

After mother Xuan controlled Jing Xiu, she used Jing Xiu’s network to obtain the bomb, and it was also mother Xuan who controlled Jing Xiu to place it there.

Although the master of the four great families did not come, it made mother Xuan a little regretful, but all their heirs came, just let them lose their heirs. Although mother Xuan was a little unsatisfied, she couldn’t reach the people of the four great families. It is the greatest revenge she can do for the time being.

Mother Xuan believes that as long as she is alive, she will always have the opportunity to let all those from the four major families, who harmed her husband and her natal family, be buried with her relatives.

Mother Xuan wanted to wait for Jing Xiu to press the bomb’s controller after she left the venue with Xuan Lingling, but she didn’t expect that Jing Xiu and Xuan Lingling would be caught.

So mother Xuan, who had kept one hand, left the other controller in her hand and did it herself.

Mother Xuan set a time to leave, but she was caught by the security guards, mother Xuan simply didn’t stop, she destroyed the controller directly and sped up the bomb explosion.

She wants people in this entire venue to die.

After knowing the ins and outs, father Jing was silent for a long while, and finally waved to the security guards and told them to take mother Xuan away. After the auction was over, they would hand her over to the police station.

“Wait.” Bai Chen said suddenly.

Father Jing’s heart shook for fear that Bai Chen would still want to do it. He looked at Bai Chen warily: “Young master Yan, this matter can be handled by the police. It will not be so good to get involved personally.”

“I said, I won’t kill her.” Bai Chen said lightly.

He reached out to Duan Qin’s assistant.

The assistant was taken aback for a moment, his face a little strange.

Duan Qin and Bai Chen are connected with each other. He knows what Bai Chen is going to do when he sees Bai Chen’s movements. He hugs Bai Chen and whispers: “You don’t need to do it, baby.”

After that, Duan Qin turned his gaze to the glass. He motioned to the assistant to hold the champagne glass carefully: “Go, give it to her to drink it.”

Father Jing didn’t know, so he asked: “What is this?”

Duan Qin said lightly, “Just let her drink what she gave to me.”

Everyone was silent.

After listening to mother Xuan, they all knew what was added in the glass of champagne.

The assistant was holding the wine glass, and under mother Xuan resistance, he forcibly poured the entire glass of champagne into mother Xuan’s mouth.

After a while, mother Xuan became hot and started groaning, wanting to take off her clothes.

Father Jing hated getting spicy eyes1 and waved for them to drag mother Xuan away.

The platform suddenly regained silence.

Father Jing suddenly walked towards Bai Chen: “What happened tonight has wronged young master Yan, it is no wonder that young master Yan did it. Also, the Jing family thank you this time. If young master Yan needs anything in the future, as long as the Jing family can do it, just say it.”

If Bai Chen hadn’t found the bomb and dismantled it at the last minute, all of them would be dead now.

Bai Chen not only saved the lives of all of them, but also saved the Jing family at the same time.

Father Jing felt that they were not enough to repay him, but he said this because he knew that the Yan family, including Bai Chen, would not ask too much.

Bai Chen held Duan Qin’s waist, leaned against Duan Qin’s arms, and nodded indifferently.

Because they called the bomb disposal bureau before and alarmed the government, although this will be fine, there are still a lot of follow-ups father Jing has to handle. So after father Jing expressed his apologies and gratitude, he took Jing Cheng and the security guards of the security team and hurried away.

Yan Lu glanced at the two close friends, thought of what had just happened, and left with a sigh in his heart.

Zheng Xuanhao was frightened. Although he wanted to find someone to talk to and vent the emotions in his heart, he glanced at Bai Chen and Duan Qin who didn’t say anything and didn’t say that they were leaving. He always felt that he shouldn’t bother them.

After everyone went out, only Bai Chen and Duan Qin were left hugging each other quietly under the simple stage.

After a while, Bai Chen raised his head and looked into Duan Qin’s eyes with clear eyes: “AQin, we haven’t kissed yet.”

“I want to kiss you.”

Bai Chen pursed his mouth actively because of mother Xuan business, the intimacy between him and Duan Qin was delayed for a while, this action was not only anxious, but also very eager.

Duan Qin embraced Bai Chen with a gentle smile in his eyes. He lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s pink lips: “Okay, baby.”

His lips touched, their lips and teeth blended, simple and quiet. The stage was gradually filled with a warm and sweet atmosphere.

1: Spicy eyes, similar to the saying my eyes bleed (damaging/hurting) from seeing something they don’t want to see.

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  1. Avatar Reign says:

    Bai Chen is so op. Literally smacking the villain and almost killing her. Thank you for the chapter.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Finally caught up & had to jump ships to do so, lol. This was an action movie takedown, lol. Our MC is missing a few screws, good thing he is obedient to his hubby.

  3. Avatar Oldvine says:

    The fuck. Krazy, man, krazy. There’s no typical cunning mc at all. He straight up became brutal, lmao.

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