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HSS 32

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 13

Father Jing was stunned.

Then he was a little angry.

Not only did he hurt his son, but now he still makes such an unreasonable request?

Father Jing became more and more sure that Bai Chen was here to find trouble today.

Those who come to participate in this charity auction today are either rich or precious. Blocking the entire venue will not only cause them panic, but also their dissatisfaction.

This is imprisoning their personal freedom, it is a disrespectful behavior, even if they will participate in the auction here at night.

Yan Lu and Zheng Xuanhao on the side were also stunned, not understanding why Bai Chen made such a request.

Father Jing held back his anger and looked at Yan Lu: “Young master Yan does not care about your younger brother?”

Yan Lu know that his younger brother was not an unreasonable person, but on this occasion, he made such a somewhat rude request inexplicably, they really do need to give the Jing family an explanation

Yan Lu looked at Bai Chen, and saw that Bai Chen and Duan Qin were calm and not humiliated, and he knew it immediately. A perfect arc was formed at the corner of his mouth: “My brother never makes trouble unreasonably, why not listen to my brother’s reason for the request?”

Duan Qin handed the champagne in his hand to the assistant who rushed over. He raised his head to look at Father Jing, and said: “Master Jing, why don’t you listen to it?”

Duan Qin believed that Bai Chen had his reasons from beginning to end. Just like the glass of champagne in the assistant’s hand.

When Father Jing heard Duan Qin and Yan Lu say this, he felt a little aggrieved, and he sneered in his heart, “Then, young master Yan, tell me what it was for?”

He wanted to see what was the reason for them to put down his Jing family face.

Bai Chen didn’t speak, but directly stepped forward. Under mother Jing’s horrified gaze, he took out something from Jing Xiu’s body, turned sideways, and hid from the eyes of most people in the venue, and handed it to father Jing hands.

Father Jing was stunned and looked down. His pupils suddenly shrank slightly, and then he squeezed the things in his hands, so that the curious onlookers could not see what it was that was in his hands.

At this time, father Jing’s dissatisfaction and anger towards Bai Chen have dissipated. He has a calm and serious face. He looks at Yan Lu and Duan Qin: “we’ll talk later.”

Then he gestured to Jing Cheng, and whispered to him: “Contact the security team to block the venue, search inside and outside the venue again, re-check for potential safety hazards, and immediately detain them as soon as someone wants to go out, and soothe the emotions of all the guests at the scene.”

Jing Cheng was a little unclear, but still nodded.

After saying that, father Jing asked the two of them to turn around and walk back with Jing Xiu and Xuan Lingling, who tried to reduce their sense of existence.

Bai Chen and others also followed.

Only a group of unknown onlookers remained.

On the road, Jing Xiu and Xuan Lingling kept yelling, but they were knocked out by the impatient Bai Chen. Mother Jing was shocked and wanted to get angry, but father Jing stopped her.

There was a spacious conference hall at the back of the venue. Father Jing led the crowd into it and closed the door.

“Little young master Yan, what’s going on?” Father Jing went directly to the subject and asked straightforwardly.

He spread out the hand he had been holding tightly, revealing a black object inside.

Yan Lu and the others, who were still confused just now, looked at the things in Father Jing’s hand and their complexions suddenly changed, and they all looked at Bai Chen together.

It was a thumb-sized controller with a red button on it. All the people present except mother Jing knew something about what father Jing was holding.

That is a bomb switch.

Bai Chen looked up at Jing Xiu, who was being supported by mother Jing: “That, you’ll have to ask him.”

“How, how come?” father Jing paled.

Mother Jing on the side felt wrong, and she subconsciously grasped Jing Xiu’s hand.

“He is controlled by someone.” Bai Chen said blankly.

Just now, the system collected mother Xuan data.

When mother Xuan was young, she was a student at Ya’er Institution of Psychology, the most prestigious college in the country. Mother Xuan has a very high talent in psychology, and she obtained the highest degree in psychology in just a few years, she was then accepted by the International Institute of Psychology.

During the years at the Institute of Psychology, mother Xuan was obsessed with research on human psychology, but later she was discovered in time by the people of the Institute of Psychology because she tried to use psychology to control the thoughts of others, so she was sent back to the country.

The Institute of Psychology was worried that mother Xuan would use her ability to do illegal things, so they deliberately communicated with the leaders of country Z. Eventually, the leaders of country Z sent people to monitor mother Xuan until mother Xuan got married, monitoring for five years confirmed that mother Xuan did not have anti-social personality, and so the country removed the surveillance on mother Xuan.

Father Jing was puzzled, and just about to ask, when the phone in his pocket rang.

Father Jing took it out and saw that it was his son Jing Cheng.

“Dad, we found a bomb under the auction stage.” Jing Cheng’s voice on the phone was a little flustered, “Now the bomb has been activated, and it will explode in twenty minutes.”

“Dad, what should I do?”

Father Jing’s face tightened, and he said in a deep voice: “First arrange an escape route. Contacted the bomb disposal bureau to come here as soon as possible. I will come now. You will calm the guests’ emotions first.”

“Dad, those guests under the stage don’t know yet.”

“Don’t disclose it yet , I’ll come over now.” Father Jing hung up the phone with a bad expression.

“What’s the matter?” Zheng Xuanhao was the first to ask, since father Jing answered the phone without evading the crowd.

Father Jing asked his secretary to stay here and looked at Jing Xiu and Xuan Lingling, as he walked outside and said: “The bomb has been activated, and it will explode in twenty minutes.”

Everyone’s complexion changed and they followed father Jing out one after another behind him.

Mother Jing was also terrified when she heard the words. She hesitated for a while to keep up with father Jing but also worried about her son. Finally, after hesitating for a long time, she stayed in the conference room.

Bai Chen walked at the end. He gently held Duan Qin’s hand and looked up at Duan Qin with clear eyes: “AQin, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Duan Qin’s heart was heavy because of the bomb but because of Bai Chen’s words, it suddenly disappeared.

He lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s lips, “Okay, baby, my life is in your hand.”

The auction stage is a temporary stage, underneath is a shelf made of steel bars, and the bomb is placed on the steel shelf.

Bai Chen and the others entered from the back of the auction stage without disturbing anyone. Inside, Jing Cheng was standing with a few security guards from the security team, looking at the things tangled on the shelf with a heavy expression.

Seeing Father Jing, Jing Cheng walked over immediately: “Dad, what should we do, the people from the bomb disposal bureau may not be here in time. Should we evacuate the guests at the scene first? There are still 17 minutes before it is too late.”

Father Jing stared at the bomb on the shelf, his heart heavy.

This time the Jing family finally won the opportunity to cooperate with the government. Who would have thought that there would be such a big trouble. If the bomb was not discovered in time, once it exploded, everyone in the venue couldn’t escape…

These people are either rich or important. Once everything happens, it will undoubtedly be a huge shock for the country, and their Jing family will become sinners through the ages.

This charity auction is very important. The Jing family can’t mess up, but the Jing family can’t bet on the lives of everyone in the venue either. He can’t afford to bet. He stared at the bomb and finally said, “Let the security team organize the guests to evacuate from the safe passage.”

“Not good, time has sped up.” Suddenly a security guard shouted.

Everyone looked at it, the time on the bomb was still moving steadily just now suddenly sped up. According to this time, the bomb would explode in less than two minutes, and all of them had no time to evacuate.

“What, what to do?” Zheng Xuanhao stood beside Yan Lu and looked at Duan Qin aside in a loss.

Duan Qin had a calm temper, and Zheng Xuanhao subconsciously searched for the person he believed to be the most reliable.

But even if Duan Qin is so good, he hasn’t learned how to dismantle bombs.

Silence and fear suddenly spread in this space at once.

“I will dismantle it!” Bai Chen’s calm voice sounded.

Everyone turned their eyes to Bai Chen.

“This is not a joke.” Father Jing retorted subconsciously, Bai Chen is just a student, so how can he dismantle the bomb? Once the dismantling goes wrong, all the people here will die.

“You will die anyway, why don’t you believe me and gamble once?” Bai Chen calmly said: “There are still one minute and twenty seconds left.”

Father Jing was stunned,

“I believe in Yan Yan.” Duan Qin said, “Let him do it.”

Father Jing still hesitated.

Bai Chen ignored father Jing. If Duan Qin were not here today, he would not care what happened to this bomb here.

Bai Chen kissed Duan Qin’s lips, “AQin, wait for me.” After that, he walked directly to the bomb.

System: [Little master, just cut off the red lines.]

Bai Chen: [okay.]

“You.” Seeing Bai Chen in action, father Jing wanted to stop Bai Chen, but Duan Qin stepped forward, and stood in front of them.

His face was cold: “Trust him.”

Father Jing and the others were stunned. Duan Qin’s self-confidence was too strong, and it made them involuntarily want to believe his words, and follow him to trust Bai Chen to be able to dismantle the time bomb.

“AYan can do it.” Zheng Xuanhao stood beside Duan Qin, believing that his friend would not be fooling around.

Yan Lu also believed in his younger brother. The most important thing was that they didn’t have time to discuss this matter. Instead of just sitting and waiting for death, it was better to let Bai Chen give it a try.

Father Jing was silent for a while, then nodded tacitly.

“Dad.” Jing Cheng said anxiously.

“Trust him.” Father Jing looked at Bai Chen, who had picked up the scissors with a calm look, and he suddenly calmed down.

Maybe he should believe this boy.

The scissors that Bai Chen held cut the short red lines under the nervous gaze of everyone, and the time on the bomb suddenly stopped moving at thirty-seven seconds.

Everyone hold their breath.

One second

Two seconds

Three seconds

There still no movement.

“It succeeded! It succeeded!” Zheng Xuanhao cheered and jumped up.

At the same time, Yan Lu, father Jing and the others all breathed a sigh of relief.

Duan Qin walked to Bai Chen’s side and pressed a kiss on Bai Chen’s forehead: “Baby is awesome.”

Bai Chen, who was praised by Duan Qin, changed his indifferent attitude and a bright smile raised on his face. He buried his head in Duan Qin’s arms, sweet and sticky.

He took in Duan Qin’s scent, then raised his head and looked into Duan Qin’s eyes seriously: “I said I would protect you.”

Duan Qin was taken aback, then laughed lowly.

He was really happy.

His baby.

“Master Jing, we caught a suspicious woman.” Just when everyone was happy because they were free from the threat to their life, several security guards from the security team walked in with a woman.

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