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HSS 31

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 12

“AYan, you are here too? Why didn’t you tell me.” Zheng Xuanhao held a large plate of snacks, patted Bai Chen’s shoulder with surprise and some complaints, then sat down beside Bai Chen.

Bai Chen: [System, check what in the paper bag Xuan Lingling is holding, and what did Yang Xiaojuan asked Jing Xiu to prepare.]

System: [Okay, little master.]

Bai Chen is very worried about what mother Xuan planned to do, it reminded him of the method Xuan Lingling desperately try to draw Duan Qin attention.

He frowned, he couldn’t help the hostility that rose from the bottom of his heart..

The picture broadcast by the system is still playing, but in the picture, mother Xuan is unusually quiet. She sits on the edge of the bed, her fingers gripping the bed sheet tightly, her face is expressionless, doesn’t know what she is thinking, but there is madness in her eyes.


Zheng Xuanhao took a bite of the fruit, seeing Bai Chen frowned, with cold aura oozing off his whole body. He didn’t know what he was thinking, so he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Bai Chen regained his senses, looking away from mother Xuan’s image, and turn to looked at Zheng Xuanhao.

He shook his head: “It’s nothing.”

Zheng Xuanhao was very carefree, but he was especially sensitive to other people’s emotions. He wanted to ask Bai Chen again, because Bai Chen’s appearance really didn’t seem to be okay at all, and he always felt that he would suddenly go violent.

Zheng Xuanhao just opened his mouth, and suddenly he saw Bai Chen’s eyes lit up, his frowning brows stretched out, and the storm that had just been brewing under his eyes seemed to dissipate in an instant.

With a bright smile on Bai Chen’s face, he quickly got up from his seat and ran to the entrance of the venue.

Zheng Xuanhao was taken aback and looked towards the entrance subconsciously. He saw Duan Qin wearing a black high end suit with two assistants behind him. They also carry a domineering aura and enter the venue imposingly, attracting the attention of a crowd.

So cool and handsome!

Zheng Xuanhao was a little jealous and had a bit of a toothache again.

Because he saw Bai Chen rushing towards Duan Qin.

As it turns out, the bad mood of my friend just now is because of lovesickness?

Zheng Xuanhao is in a complicated mood.

Bai Chen happily threw himself directly on Duan Qin’s body. He originally wanted to hug Duan Qin directly, but when he thought that this was the auction venue, he suppressed the desire in his heart, stretched out his hand, and held Duan Qin hand tightly, intertwined with Duan Qin’s five fingers.

Duan Qin subconsciously stretched out his hand to hug Bai Chen at the moment Bai Chen rushed over, but when he didn’t felt the warmth of the person in his arms but the softness of his hands, he suddenly regained his senses, his eyes filled with joy and gentleness, making his cold face soften.

Duan Qin raised his hand and touched Bai Chen’s head, and then gently scratched Bai Chen’s nose. His movements were gentle and indulgent, stunning the two assistants who followed him, and the group of onlookers around them

“Little villain, you lied to me, huh?” Duan Qin raised his eyebrows, the slightly high syllables at the end were soft and sexy.

“I want to surprise you.” Bai Chen bent his eyebrows and looked at Duan Qin’s face faintly: “AQin, are you happy? And I miss you so much.”

Duan Qin’s heart is soft, his eyebrows becoming softer and softer.

Seeing that the pink love on the two of them would fill the entire venue, Zheng Xuanhao couldn’t sit still.

He got up and quickly ran to Bai Chen and Duan Qin. Give Duan Qin a brotherly hug in a friendly way, then reach out his hand and punch Duan Qin on the shoulder: “AQin, I haven’t seen you for more than ten days. ”

Zheng Xuanhao’s body blocked most of the gaze in the venue, especially Yan Lu. He just saw Yan Lu look at Bai Chen and Duan Qin with a suspicious and thoughtful gaze.

Zheng Xuanhao hugged Duan Qin for a while and let go. Next to them, Bai Chen quietly looked at him, that gaze made him feel a little guilty and scared. He touched his nose and said, “Let’s go sit there, standing here will block others’ way.”

He winked at Bai Chen and Duan Qin, motioning them to pay close attention to the occasion.

Duan Qin nodded, turned his head and gave a few words to the two assistants behind him, and led Bai Chen to follow Zheng Xuanhao.

Zheng Xuanhao just sat back in his previous position, but as soon as he raised his head, he saw Duan Qin and Bai Chen still holding hands tightly. He took a breath and quietly glanced at Yan Lu who was not far away. He was nervous: “You two be a bit low-key. Brother Yan has been watching you all the time.”

Duan Qin arranged for Bai Chen to sit down properly, but the hands held by the two were still not released. He turned his head and looked at Yan Lu, facing Yan Lu, he nodded, the two greeted silently.

After Yan Lu greeted Duan Qin, he withdrew his gaze on them and smiled again to talk to the person beside him.

“No, Yan Yan and I were together, there is nothing to hide.” Duan Qin sat beside Bai Chen.

Zheng Xuanhao’s eyes widened in shock: “Aren’t you afraid that uncle will beat the mandarin ducks1 when he knows?”

Duan Qin was still calm and collected, his eyes softly looking toward Bai chen, deep in love: “No, I will resolve it.”

Duan Qin never tried to hide his relationship with Bai Chen from the beginning even at school. How could he let his baby be wronged?

He wants to give his baby a lifetime of happiness.

As for his father, he has a way to convince him.

He hoped that his baby could kiss and hug him openly, instead of eagerly longing for it as before, forbearing and restraining himself.

Zheng Xuanhao was stuffed with dog food again, he sat heartbroken, and stuffed a large mouthful of fruit into his mouth, compressing his rising and falling heart.

However, Zheng Xuanhao didn’t doubt what Duan Qin said. Duan Qin’s abilities were put out there, if he said that he could solve it, he would solve it.

Zheng Xuanhao quickly finished the fruit on the plate and soothed his little heart. When he looked up, he saw the two people who were very intimate with each other. He suddenly felt that he was superfluous here. He picked up the plate, say something to Bai Chen and Duan Qin, then he consciously left and went to play by himself.

Bai Chen heard Duan Qin’s words in his ears, with joy in his heart, compared with the restraint and patience before, he even hoped that he could be intimate with Duan Qin all the time.

He looked straight at Duan Qin. These days, he is always relying on video calls to solve his lovesickness. When he sees Duan Qin in person, Bai Chen can’t move his eyes away.

But what he wanted more was to plunge into Duan Qin’s arms and take in Duan Qin’s scent.

Bai Chen held Duan Qin’s hand and leaned forward. He no longer worries like before. He buried his head in Duan Qin’s arms and greedily breathed in the scent that made him obsessed: “AQin, let’s change place, okay.” He raised his head and looked at Duan Qin with shining eyes: “I want to kiss you.”

Duan Qin’s eyes darkened instantly, he lowered his head, and his warm lips touched Bai Chen’s face: “Baby, I miss you too.”

Not far away, Yan Lu watched this scene, his pupils shrinking slightly.

Duan Qin got up, holding Bai Chen’s hand, ignoring the strange gaze looking at them, and the two walked to the back of the venue.

Suddenly Bai Chen’s footsteps stopped, his expression of joy suddenly sank, and a dangerous aura exuded from his whole body.

System: [Little master, that package is a medicinal powder called aphrodisiac.]

It turns out that being Madam Duan meant this!

They even wanted to mess with his AQin.

Duan Qin keenly noticed that Bai Chen’s mood was not right. He stopped, half-holding Bai Chen, lowered his head worriedly, his forehead touched Bai Chen’s forehead: “Baby, what’s the matter?”

Bai Chen did not speak. His eyes looked dangerously at the two people who were approaching them.

“Duan Qin, it’s been a long time.” Jing Xiu walked towards them with the exquisitely dressed Xuan Lingling, and beckoned to the waiter who was not far away with the drink.

The waiter came over with a drink.

Jing Xiu let go of Xuan Lingling, took two glasses of champagne, handed one of them to Duan Qin, “Have a drink?”

Duan Qin frowned, he was worried about Bai Chen at the moment, and had no mind to deal with Jing Xiu, and…

Duan Qin narrowed his eyes and looked at Xuan Lingling, who was smiling quietly. He always felt that the sudden emotion outburst of his baby was related to Xuan Lingling.

He stretched out his hand to take the champagne that Jing Xiu handed over, intending to deal with it first, then comfort Bai Chen.

Duan Qin’s fingers had just touched the glass containing champagne, and suddenly a slender white hand stretched out next to him, grabbing the glass in Jing Xiu’s hand.

Jing Xiu was stunned for a moment, a panic flashed in his eyes, Xuan Lingling was also staring nervously at the cup in Bai Chen’s hand.

Jing Xiu smiled and said jokingly: “Yan Yan would like to have a drink too? But this is the wine I gave Duan Qin specially. When Duan Qin and I finish drinking this glass, let’s go to the side and have a nice drink, how about it?”

Bai Chen was holding the glass, his fingers slid gently across the foot of the cup, he stared at Jing Xiu blankly, without saying a word.

Jing Xiu swallowed nervously when Bai Chen looked at him, his heart pounding.

Duan Qin looked at this scene and cast his gaze on the glass in Bai Chen’s hand.

His eyes were dark.

Jing Xiu and Xuan Lingling beside him became more nervous, and even their breathing became heavy.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Take it.” Just as Jing Xiu was thinking about how to persuade Bai Chen, Bai Chen suddenly handed the champagne glass in his hand to Duan Qin.

The eyes of Jing Xiu and Xuan Lingling moved with the movement of the glass until Duan Qin took the glass, the two of them breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts.

But without waiting for them to relax completely, Bai Chen suddenly shot and attacked Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu couldn’t defend himself and also couldn’t dodge. Soon Bai Chen kicked him heavily behind his knee, and he knelt to the ground uncontrollably.


His knee hit the ground hard, and Jing Xiu let out a painful wailing.

Bai Chen took the opportunity to twist Jing Xiu’s hands, kneeling on the ground, Jing Xiu was firmly restrained.

In the venue, everyone’s eyes were attracted by Jing Xiu’s painful wailing.

Xuan Lingling watched this scene helplessly, the elegant smile on her face could no longer hold, and she became flustered.

After Bai Chen got Jing Xiu under control, his dangerous eyes were cast on Xuan Lingling.

Xuan Lingling took a step back subconsciously, then lifted the skirt in horror and ran to the entrance of the venue.

Bai Chen kicked Jing Xiu’s back, Jing Xiu’s body landed on the ground, ignoring Jing Xiu’s wailing and the surprised and unidentified gazes of the people on the side. His feet touched the ground lightly and quickly ran after Xuan Lingling.

Xuan Lingling couldn’t run fast in high heels, after a while, she was caught by Bai Chen, and then screamed as Bai Chen threw her to Jing Xiu’s side with a loud noise.

There is not a trace of tender feeling for the fairer sex which makes everyone around him feel nervous.

Duan Qin was still holding the glass of champagne steadily in his hand. He stepped a little faster than usual and walked to Bai Chen’s side. He stroked Bai Chen’s cheek with one hand and bowed his head to touch Bai Chen’s ice-like face, and then continued down, gently touching Bai Chen’s lips: “Baby, don’t be angry.”

Duan Qin has roughly guessed the reason.

The glass of champagne in his hand is probably tampered with.

He squinted his eyes, gently embraced Bai Chen in his arms, and looked at the two people wailing on the ground, a terrifying storm brewing in his eyes.

“Xiao Xiu!” The movement here was so loud that father Jing, mother Jing, and Jing Xiu’s brother Jing Cheng had all noticed.

The three of them quickly ran to Jing Xiu’s side. Mother Jing felt distressed and stretched out her hand to help Jing Xiu. Jing Cheng glanced at Duan Qin and Bai Chen, the one who did it, and stood behind father Jing.

“Master Duan, little master Yan, what do you mean by this?” Father Jing asked.

No matter how powerful the four great families are, no matter how high they are, this is the home court of his Jing family. Now, Bai Chen and Duan Qin are not only causing trouble at the home court of the Jing family, but also hurting his son. Even if there were four great families standing behind the two, they still had to give him a clear explanation.

Bai Chen and Duan Qin looked at father Jing without fear.


“AYan! AQin!”

Yan Lu and Zheng Xuanhao ran over worriedly. Seeing that they were not injured, they breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Father Jing.

Not far away, Zheng Xuanhao’s elder brother Zheng Xuanyi and Tan Yifei, the heir of the Tan family who had just arrived, looked at each other and they stopped in place tacitly.

If they were to go there together at this time, it would seem to be a bit bullying.

And they also believed that since Duan Qin could let Bai Chen do something like that, the two of them would be able to solve the matter.

In the past, they would just prevent the Jing family from coming.

But the government is the main force behind today’s charity auction, and they still have to give them some face.

“I don’t know how my dog son2 offended the two young masters,” father Jing cast his gaze on Bai Chen: “Such heavy handed.”

Although father Jing did not go to see Jing Xiu’s injury, he still heard the loud noise. Both the wailing from Jing Xiu’s mouth and Jing Xiu’s pale face, he can guess how badly his son was injured.

Duan Qin shook the glass in his hand, with a dangerous and casual expression on his face: “Master Jing , we’ll talk about it later.”

Father Jing glanced at the people around him, he didn’t want to make things worse. After all, today’s charity auction is very important, there must be no discrepancies.

Fortunately, reporters who came today did not dare to make random reports.

Father Jing nodded in agreement.

“Also, the entire venue is sealed off, no one is allowed to go out.” Bai Chen who was silent on the side suddenly said.

1: separated the lovers

2: It is a self-depreciation way to refer to their child, kinda like calling themselves a dog too

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