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HSS 30

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 11

Sure enough, Duan Qin and Bai Chen talked about the Jing family Charity Auction when they were video calling at night.

“Baby, I will rush over when I get off the plane that day.” Duan Qin watched Bai Chen intently on the video. “Will baby go?”

Bai Chen lay on the bed and dangled his white legs, holding the phone with both hands, cherished. He was just about to say that he would go, but the moment he spoke, he suddenly changed his words, “There are too many people so I don’t want to go.”

Duan Qin’s expression was obviously disappointed, but he still said: “Then baby just stay at home. When the auction is over, I’ll come to find you.”

Bai Chen smiled and nodded obediently: “Okay.”

“Tomorrow I will ask someone to send you a list of the auction items. If you have anything you want, just tell me.”

“Okay.” Bai Chen stretched out his finger, tapped on the phone screen, and pointed on Duan Qin’s eyes, “AQin.”


“I miss you.”

“Baby, I miss you too.”

Two days later, Bai Chen followed his brother Yan Lu out of the house, dressed by mother Yan.

Yan Lu sat next to Bai Chen, watching Bai Chen holding his mobile phone, staring blankly. He was happy for a while, and pouted again. He looked cute and pitiful, making his hand a little itchy, wanting to pinch.

Yan Lu gave a dry cough and moved the itchy fingers, “Yanyan, are you in love?”

Yan Lu wanted to ask this question a long time ago. During winter vacation, his younger brother is always playing with his mobile phone at home every day. Every day when he got home, he saw him holding a mobile phone and seemed to be waiting for news. When the news came, there was a sweet smile on his face, when there was no news, the whole person was like a little flower that was about to wither.

At a glance, it is definitely a young man who has fallen in love.

And the degree of liking is also very deep.

“Yeah.” Bai Chen nodded seriously.

Yan Lu didn’t expect Bai Chen to admit it so simply. His mood was a bit complicated. On one hand, his brother finally had a girlfriend after so many years, and he was a little relieved, but on the other hand, there was a heartache that his brother was taken away.

His brother has grown up.

Yan Lu sorted out his mood, “When will you bring her back to see me and our parents?”

This question seemed to be difficult for Bai Chen. He stared at the phone for a long while, tilted his head and said, “I don’t know yet.”

He and Duan Qin haven’t talked about this issue yet.

Moreover, even if same-sex marriage law has been passed in this world, some people will surely still step forward to opposed them being together.

Bai Chen felt that, just let it go with the flow.

No matter what, he and Duan Qin would not be separated.

Yan Lu thought it was the other girl’s unwillingness, so he reached out and touched Bai Chen’s head, trying to comfort his brother silently.

Bai Chen turned his head subconsciously. He doesn’t like to be too intimate with people other than Duan Qin.

Yan Lu looked at the empty hand and sighed, his brother really grew up.

The charity auction held by the Jing family this time was in a venue under their banner.

When Bai Chen arrived, many people had already arrived.

Yan Lu took Bai Chen to the registry first, registered and submitted the auction items they brought this time, and then led Bai Chen into the center of the coveted venue.

Yan Lu, as the heir of the Yan family, as soon as he entered the crowd, he saw a wave of people come over with glass to greet him. Bai Chen stood aside and listened to them expressionlessly, but his eyes kept looking towards the entrance of the venue.

Although Yan Lu was talking with others, he was thinking about Bai Chen. He saw that Bai Chen was not interested in these things. After dealing with a wave of people, he took advantage of the gap and whispered to Bai Chen: “If you are bored, go there and get something to eat and sit down.”

Yan Lu pointed to the buffet area not far away.

Bai Chen nodded, then turned away without hesitation.

Standing in place, Yan Lu suddenly felt a sense of desolation, the feeling of being ruthlessly abandoned, but soon he was surrounded by a few people again, and there was no time to pay attention to this.

Bai Chen walked to the self-service area, took a plate and took a few cakes and fruits, found a place where he could see the entrance of the venue, and sat down, eating seriously, while staring at the entrance without blinking.

He wanted to be the first one to see Duan Qin, and wanted to give Duan Qin a surprise.

System: [Little master, Xuan Lingling and her mother also came in.]

Bai Chen’s hand paused.


The mobile phone text message sounded.

Bai Chen picked it up and saw that it was a message from the private investigator reporting the whereabouts of Xuan Lingling.

Bai Chen puts down his phone: [Rebroadcast the picture of Xuan Lingling.]

Xuan Lingling and the others are in the venue, not far away, there is no problem with the system broadcasting.

Xuan Lingling was sitting opposite mother Xuan with Jing Xiu at this time, and the three were in the same room.

Bai Chen keenly noticed that there was something wrong with Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu state, it a little weird.

The two of them sat obediently, like an obedient elementary school student. When mother Xuan said a word, they nodded obediently.

Bai Chen took a closer look and found that Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu had empty eyes, dull and lifeless, like a puppet without a soul and being controlled.

Before Bai Chen could understand what’s going on, he saw mother Xuan take out a package and put it into Xuan Lingling’s hand.

“If you want to be madam Duan, you have to take it tonight.”

Xuan Lingling nodded blankly.

Mother Xuan gave a grin, with a crazy look on her face. She looked at Xuan Lingling and said word by word: “Remember, if you can’t be madam Duan tonight, then everyone here, including you, will die.”

Speaking of the dead word, mother Xuan became excited, as if seeing some scene that made her happy, she laugh wildly.

For a while, she was the only one laughing frantically in the quiet room.

Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu didn’t seem to hear anything, their expressions remained unchanged, they were still dazed.

After laughing for a long time, mother Xuan finally stopped. She stretched out her hand to stroke Jing Xiu’s head and said softly: “My dear boy, are you ready for what I asked you to prepare?”

“Yes.” Jing Xiu said in a daze. .

“Good boy.”

Mother Xuan smiled with satisfaction, not the same as the crazy laugh just now. This time she laughed very softly. “Good boy, listen to my instructions in a while.”

Jing Xiu obediently nodded.

“Then, children, go out now.” Mother Xuan snapped her fingers in mid-air.

After the crisp sound, Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu who were dazed just like puppets, the two of them felt as if they had been infused with souls, and their eyes regained their spirits.

The two of them were like mother Xuan who on the aside, curled up their mouths, smiled at each other, and then got up, holding hands intimately, like a pair of intimate lovers.

Jing Xiu opened the door and walked out holding Xuan Lingling, then turned around and closed the door carefully.

Suddenly only mother Xuan was left in the room. She looked at the closed door with a weird smile on her face.

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  1. Avatar leona says:

    the mc is kinda dumb😭 you should have connected two (jing & xuan) and two (bombing in the last world) to this.

    1. Avatar leona says:

      nvm idk if hes acting dumb or just dumb now

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