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HSS 29

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 10

Bai Chen knelt on one knee and looked up at Duan Qin, his eyes gleaming.

He was a little excited about Duan Qin’s reaction, but also a little nervous, and also a little proud.

He didn’t understand much in the last world, Qi Xiao proposed to him early, although because of father Lu, the two did not hold the wedding until he graduated.

But Bai Chen still remembered that when Qi Xiao knelt down to him and promised a life together forever, he was happy.

Bai Chen wanted to make Duan Qin happy, and also wanted to put his own exclusive mark on Duan Qin’s body, so he suddenly thought of proposing at Christmas without no one telling him.

This is a gift he gave to Duan Qin and himself.

Duan Qin looked at Bai Chen deeply, and suddenly the corners of his lips slowly curled up, and his entire face became incredibly soft because of this movement.

He stretched out his hand and held it in front of Bai Chen: “Baby, I agree.”

Bai Chen is happy, recalling the actions he had reviewed countless times before, took out the ring in the brocade box, and put carefully and solemnly on Duan Qin’s finger.

At the moment when the ring was put on, Duan Qin suddenly applied force in his hand, and Bai Chen, who was still kneeling on the ground, was pulled up by Duan Qin and into his arms.

Bai Chen bent his eyebrows and was very happy to embrace Duan Qin quietly.

The brilliant fireworks outside the tower are still blooming, showing their short and beautiful moments.

Suddenly Bai Chen felt something cold on his fingers. He raised his hand suspiciously and saw that a ring was buckled on his finger. The style was similar to the one that Bai Chen just put on Duan Qin, with small inlaid delicate diamond pieces around it.

“Baby, are you willing to marry me then?” Duan Qin kisses the back of Bai Chen’s hand.

“I am willing, I am willing.”

It turned out that Duan Qin had the same idea as him, Bai Chen’s heart turned sweet.

Finally, the box sent by Zheng Xuanhao came in handy.

Although Duan Qin was very restrained at the beginning because he was worried that it was Bai Chen first time, but he couldn’t bear Bai Chen’s fiery entanglement, coupled with Duan Qin’s passionate age, finally, he couldn’t restrain himself anymore and pick up Bai Chen, the two of them hugged each other until dawn in the hotel room before they decided to go to sleep.

The consequence of excessive indulgence is that Bai Chen lay down in bed for two days before getting up.

But this obviously did not affect Bai Chen’s good mood at all.

When going back to class on Monday, Zheng Xuanhao, a gossiping man, immediately ran to Bai Chen to inquire about the progress. As soon as he got close to Bai Chen, the topic of gossip only just started, but Duan Qin unceremoniously took him aside. .

Zheng Xuanhao grumbled dissatisfiedly and was silenced by Duan Qin’s cold eyes.

“Really overbearing.” Zheng Xuanhao whispered, and walked to Tan Yiran’s side, but his eyes kept curiously looking at Bai Chen’s body.

“Watch where you’re going, what can you see wearing such thick clothes in winter?” Tan Yiran pulled Zheng Xuanhao over and told him to avoid stepping on the unswept snow on the side of the road, and said helplessly.

“Aren’t you curious about the development of their date this time?” Zheng Xuanhao stared at Tan Yiran with wide eyes.

“Not curious.” Tan Yiran’s face was indifferent.

Zheng Xuanhao was heartbroken, but his acting is good, “You don’t care about your brother’s happiness at all, how can you be so indifferent like AQin!”

“I’m just not as gossipy and bored as you.” Tan Yiran ruthlessly exposed Zheng Xuanhao nature, not waiting for Zheng Xuanhao to react, he walked into the teaching building quickly, and left Zheng Xuanhao behind him.

Zheng Xuanhao stood alone in the bleak wind and looked sadly at the back of his three good brothers.

Life, so lonely!

Time flies quickly, and in a blink of an eye, winter vacation arrives.

Even if Bai Chen can’t bear it anymore, this winter vacation he can’t stick to Duan Qin’s side all the time like in school.

Bai Chen, who returned to Yan’s house, spent the entire winter vacation with mother Yan’s love like a spring breeze. Duan Qin is not as good. As the heir of the Duan family, Duan Qin was recruited to the company by master Duan as soon as the winter vacation arrived. Today, Duan Qin went abroad for two consecutive business trips.

Counting the entire winter vacation, Duan Qin only stayed in the capital for less than a day. The last time Bai Chen saw Duan Qin was at the airport.

That time Duan Qin had just returned from a business trip abroad, and the person hadn’t even warmed up in the country yet, father Duan called again and gave him a business trip project.

The two only hurriedly got in touch with each other at the airport, and Duan Qin stepped on the plane again.

Every day Bai Chen could only rely on his mobile phone to communicate with Duan Qin intermittently, and occasionally the two would video chat when Duan Qin had free time, so as to fill up the day of lovesickness.

Bai Chen lay on the sofa in the living room, raising his hand to rub the ring around his neck.

On Christmas Day, he and Duan Qin both prepared a pair of engagement rings. On the second day after they proposed to each other, Duan Qin asked him to prepare two chains and hang the rings on their necks.


The sound of the cell phone message came.

Bai Chen grabbed the phone quickly and opened the message with bright eyes.

When he saw that the sender was not Duan Qin, Bai Chen eyelashes hung down lost, but then he looked at the message seriously.

The content of the text message was about Xuan Lingling, which was sent by the private detective hired by Bai Chen before.

There is only a short sentence above: Xuan Lingling brought the young master of the Jing family, Jing Xiu, to meet with mother Xuan.

Bai Chen looked at the content above, and his intuition felt that something was wrong.

Previously, the private investigators sent information saying that after Xuan Lingling escaped from the rental house with Jing Xiu’s power, she never interacted with mother Xuan again, and even more so when mother Xuan found Xuan Lingling last time. Xuan Lingling also had a big quarrel with mother Xuan, threatening to sever her mother-daughter relationship with mother Xuan. Mother Xuan went crazy and almost choked Xuan Lingling to death on the spot. If it hadn’t been for Jing Xiu, pulling away the crazy mother Xuan, something really might have happened to Xuan Lingling.

But this time, Xuan Lingling would actually go to see mother Xuan, and she also took Jing Xiu with her. What’s even more strange is that Jing Xiu, who has always had a bad attitude towards mother Xuan, and even disliked mother Xuan, was willing to go with Xuan Lingling.

Bai Chen’s sixth sense told him that there was something wrong with it, and it was related to fulfilling the original owner’s wish.

Bai Chen replied to the text message, telling the private investigator to continue to keep an eye on Xuan Lingling.

Bai Chen: [System, help me check the details of Yang Xiaojuan.]

Yang Xiaojuan is the name of Xuan Lingling’s mother.

The system quickly replied: [okay, little master.]

Actually, it is best to let the system broadcast the meeting of the three, but the distance is too far. Although the system has recovered some energy in the previous world, broadcasting from a long distance is still difficult.

“Yanyan, why don’t you go skiing with Xuanhao and the others if you are bored?” mother Yan, who was wearing a mask, saw Bai Chen staring at his cell phone in a daze, and asked with concern.

Bai Chen shook his head: “It’s cold outside, I don’t want to move.”

Zheng Xuanhao is very free. After playing games at home, day and night, for a few days during winter vacation, he will often call Bai Chen to go out to play, but everytime Bai Chen will refuse.

Zheng Xuanhao was disappointed every time, condemning Bai Chen for not being loyal to brother, but the next time he would still call Bai Chen to go out, he was full of energy.

Even Tan Yiran was overwhelmed by Zheng Xuanhao. After being dragged out by Zheng Xuanhao a few times, every time after that, Tan Yiran, like Bai Chen, refused Zheng Xuanhao mercilessly.

As for Duan Qin, knowing that Duan Qin is very busy, Zheng Xuanhao just tells Duan Qin every time he wants to, then he goes home afterwards and sends Duan Qin pictures and videos of him going out to play, showing off his chic life.

It was the same today. Zheng Xuanhao suddenly asked Bai Chen to go skiing on a whim, but Bai Chen refused as usual. After Zheng Xuanhao complained about the cold-blooded ruthlessness of Bai Chen and Tan Yiran on the phone, he brought other friends to go skiing again full of blood.

Bai Chen doesn’t like to move. When Duan Qin is not by his side, he is always extremely quiet, and sometimes he can sit for a day in a daze.

Mother Yan is very worried about this and hopes that Bai Chen will go out to play more.

However, mother Yan didn’t doubt anything about Bai Chen’s different personality from the original owner. When entering each world, the system will pass through the original owner’s soul that Bai Chen possessed, using the original owner’s soul as a medium, then use energy to interfere with the memories and feelings of people who have intersected with the original owner.

Otherwise, with Bai Chen’s character, he would be suspected of being west cowry goods1 every minute.

“By the way, the Jing family will hold a charity auction in two days. You and your brother will have a look together, and take pictures if you like them.”

Mother Yan suddenly remembered the invitation from the Jing family a few days ago. Thinking that Bai Chen is afraid of the cold, the charity auction held by the Jing family is held indoors, which is quite suitable for Bai Chen to go.

In addition, Duan, Zheng, and Tan also received invitations, and they would definitely go, especially with Zheng Xuanhao who loves to join in the fun. Zheng Xuanhao, he can also play with Bai Chen.

Thinking about it this way, mother Yan felt that it was a good idea.

Bai Chen knew about this charity auction. When he received the invitation two days ago, father Yan and Yan Lu said that it was also nearby. Bai Chen instinctively wanted to refuse, but suddenly his eyes lit up: “Will AQin go?”

Mother Yan didn’t know why Bai Chen only asked about Duan Qin alone, but after thinking about it, she said: “from what AQin’s said, he should be there.”

Putting aside their four great families, the Jing family’s position in the capital is also at the top of the city, and the charity auction held by the Jing family is linked to the government, they invited many wealthy families, intending to strengthen the wealthy family’s investment in the charity world through this charity auction, borrowing their financial resources to help more people, and these wealthy families can also promote their corporate image and culture through this charity auction.

Wealthy people always love to compete and save face. What’s more, this charity auction also invited many regular media and newspapers to promote charity, and two influential actresses and queens were also invited to help out.

The four major families do a lot of charity on weekdays. This kind of auction they can choose to go or not, but the four of them have always supported the country’s policy. This time the country intends to strengthen its efforts in charity, which they naturally want to support.

The master of the four families will only be dispatched when major events occur, otherwise usually it is attended by the juniors who are valued by the family.

The same is true for this charity auction.

Duan Qin is the future head of the Duan family, and it is most appropriate for him to go. Although Duan Qin is still on a business trip abroad, father Duan will definitely arrange for him to come back to participate in this charity auction. And the other three, without any accident, will surely let their heir go.

Their Yan family chose the original eldest brother Yan Lu, mother Yan asked Bai Chen to go, just wanting Bai Chen to go out to play more, not to stay at home all the time.

Upon hearing the affirmative answer, Bai Chen nodded immediately.

Every day, he can only see Duan Qin in the video, cannot get to hug Duan Qin, and cannot take in Duan Qin’s fascination scent with a peace of mind. Bai Chen has long been dissatisfied.

He really wants to see Duan Qin.

1: ancient people used to use cowry shells as currency, I guess in this sentence it mean something like they think he was change.

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