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HSS chapter 2

Real and Fake Young Master 2

This is a young man who knows how to please adults.

It’s just that the people who are pleased don’t seem to be too happy.

Bai Chen looked down at Father Lu, who still maintained a dignified face on the dining table, and Mother Lu, who was not smiling.

“Yuanyuan, come over for breakfast, today I cooked your favorite preserved egg porridge.” Mother Lu found that Bai Chen was standing at the top of the stairs. The smile that had just floated on the surface immediately reached the bottom of her eyes, and she kindly greeted Bai Chen. .

The smile on Mother Lu’s face made Bai Chen’s heart involuntarily warm, and he subconsciously wanted to show a bright smile to Mother Lu.

Mother Lu looked at Bai Chen, who was still standing on the stairs with no expression, and was a little confused, “Yuanyuan, what’s the matter?”

Bai Chen shook his head: “Mom, I’m fine.”

System: [Little Master, it’s okay, let’s take it slow.]

Bai Chen: [system, downloads all human facial expression samples.]

System: [Okay, little master.]

Mother Lu put the porridge bowl in front of Bai Chen, “the heat is just right, drink slowly.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Bai Chen stared at the fragrant and charming porridge in the bowl for a while, he hesitated for a moment before picking up the spoon, scooped a spoonful of porridge and put it in his mouth. The delicious food gives his mouth a good feeling, which causes Bai Chen’s calm heart to ripple.

System: [Little Master, how does it taste?]

Bai Chen: [It’s amazing.]

Lu Qing on the side saw that Bai Chen’s mother and son were deeply affectionate, there was a trace of darkness in his eyes, his palm under the table clenched unconsciously, then he immediately reveal a bright smile, with some expectations and some uneasiness to Bai Chen and said “Brother, can I go to school with you today?”

Lu Songyuan and Lu Qing both studied at F in City A, but their majors are different. Because F University is only half an hour’s drive from Lu family, Both of them chose to study during the day, and only take a lunch break in the school dormitory at noon.

Since Lu Qing joined the Lu family, he has already invited Lu Songyuan to go to school with him several times. Lu Songyuan doesn’t like Lu Qing, so naturally he would not wronged himself by agreeing to go with Lu Qing.

Every time Lu Songyuan refused Lu Qing’s request to cultivate friendship, Lu Qing would show a pitiful look of grievance and loss, and win the sympathy of mother Lu, father Lu, and even the housekeeper and nanny, and let them comfort him.

This time too, when Mother Lu heard Lu Qing’s words, she reflexively looked at Bai Chen.

Mother Lu’s expression is a bit complicated. She hopes that Bai Chen can get along well with Lu Qing, but because of her preference for Bai Chen, mother Lu doesn’t want Bai Chen to wrong himself.

Mother Lu knew in her heart how much the son she raised didn’t like the biological son who suddenly appeared in front of him.

In fact, it is not that mother Lu is partial to Bai Chen, but that she can’t feel close to Lu Qing, but no matter how many times, the maternity test has clearly told her that Lu Qing is her biological son.

“Okay.” Bai Chen said lightly while drinking the porridge.

The original owner, Lu Songyuan, didn’t like Lu Qing, but in Bai Chen’s eyes, Lu Qing was no different from others. Whether he went to school together or not, it made no difference to him.

Thinking that he would be rejected as always, Lu Qing was about to show an aggrieved expression but turned into astonishment. Fortunately, he reacted quickly. Before everyone notices it, it becomes joy. He bent his eyebrows and said happily, “Brother, did you accept me? I’m so happy.”

Bai Chen drank the porridge slowly and ignored it.

Mother Lu next to them looked at her two sons, and she was relieved. Even father Lu, who had been silent, looked at Bai Chen’s with a relieved look in his eyes.

Sitting in the car, Lu Qing seemed very excited and was chatting with Bai Chen.

“Elder brother, I’m really happy to be able to go to school with you today.” Lu Qing’s eyes flashed with moist luster, and his eyebrows were curled. “Since I went home, I feel really happy every day. Mom and Dad are nice. They order the kitchen to cook the dishes I love every day, buy clothes for me, decorate the room, and so many other things. Even now, brother, you have accepted me. I am so happy, since I was a child till now, this is my happiest day.”

Lu Qing raised his hand to wipe the crystal tears that overflowed from the corner of his eyes, “I am so happy now.”

Bai Chen leaned back in the chair lazily and closed his eyes and rested. He turned a deaf ear to what Lu Qing said.

Lu Qing’s little tricks were of no use to Bai Chen. He is not the original owner, Lu Songyuan. He will not be jealous of Lu Qing because of mother Lu and father Lu’s love. .

Lu Qing gritted his teeth bitterly when he saw that Bai Chen had no reaction at all.

Along the way, Lu Qing talked to himself and tried to secretly provoke Bai Chen’s anger, but Bai Chen remained unmoved, and finally Lu Qing could only shut his mouth in resentment.

When he arrived at F University, Bai Chen got out of the car and didn’t even look at Lu Qing behind him. According to the information given by the system, he walked to the teaching building where the original owner was studying.

Lu Qing stood on the spot, looking at Bai Chen’s haughty back, clenching his fists, bowing his head under the eyes of the surrounding students.

The original owner studied economics and management, and his classmates were almost all from the rich family in City A.

In the past, the original owner was the most dazzling presence in the class. It is not an exaggeration to say that the stars are holding the moon1, but since Lu Qing entered the Lu family, classmates and friends have lost their enthusiasm and alienated him.

Bai Chen walked into the classroom with his bag on his back. The heated classroom that was still chatting the previous second was suddenly quiet for a second. Then everyone turned their heads, pretending not to see him, and continued with the previous topic.

Bai Chen ignored the crowd, walked directly through the crowd, tables and chairs, and sat down in an empty position by the window.

“Who do I say? It turned out to be Master Lu.” A tall young man with a scorn, swayed to Bai Chen’s side, stepped on Bai Chen’s desk and chair, and laughed badly, “Oh, sorry, I forgot, Master Lu is no longer Master Lu, but just an adopted son.”

The noisy classroom just became quiet again because of the young man’s words.

Bai Chen glanced at the young man expressionlessly, then looked down at the young man’s feet on the desk and chair.

System: [Little Master, this is Lu Songyuan’s mortal enemy Liang Yanghong.]

Liang Yanghong is the son of a boss of a real estate company. In A City, although the Liang family is rich, but it can only be regarded as an upstart, hovering outside the circle of the upper class, not allowed to enter.

Liang Yanghong was also favored by Liang’s father since he was young. He wanted the stars and wouldn’t give the moon. He was very domineering. After father Liang learned that Liang Yanghong and Lu Songyuan were in the same class, he wanted Liang Yanghong to have a good relationship with Lu Songyuan. Liang Yanghong was arrogant. Why would he willingly listen to the words of father Liang? On the contrary, he was not pleased to see Lu Songyuan because of father Liang’s advice, he opposed Lu Songyuan.

After Lu Qing returned to the Lu family and Lu Songyuan’s adopted son’s identity was exposed, Liang Yanghong looked for trouble with Lu Songyuan everywhere.

In the data, Liang Yanghong fell in love with the sunny and kind Lu Qing in the later period. For Lu Qing, he intervened in the car accident between Lu Songyuan and mother Lu.

Liang Yanghong kicked away the table in front of Bai Chen. The textbook that was just put on the table fell to the ground because of Liang Yanghong’s actions. Liang Yanghong stepped on the textbook with one foot. “I said, what economic management is an adopted son like you studying, do you still expect to inherit the Lu Group in the future?”

Liang Yanghong laughed.

Some of the classmates who have been paying attention to the situation here, some laughed like Liang Yanghong gleefully, without covering up, while others turned their heads and pretended they did not hear anything.

In the past, these classmates who were trying to please the original owner and the original owner hung out and played together. At this moment, no one stood up and said a word for Bai Chen.

Bai Chen retracted his gaze to stare at Liang Yanghong’s foot on his textbook.

Bai Chen: [He is very annoying and dirty my book]

System: [Little master, don’t wrong yourself.]

So the triumphant Liang Yanghong saw Bai chen, who had remained silent, suddenly stood up, he continued to taunt a few more words, to see Bai Chen hold out his hand.


The crisp sound of broken bones is especially loud in a quiet classroom.

Liang Yanghong was sweating profusely, holding the arm of his right hand that was broken by Bai Chen, and he still couldn’t react to Bai Chen’s sudden move.

He raised his head and cast his eyes to Bai Chen sullenly, “You dare.”

The students on the side looked at Bai Chen in disbelief, seemingly unable to believe that Bai Chen, who was a little smaller than Liang Yanghong, was so cruel. With just one hand, Liang Yanghong, who was half a head taller than him, broke off his arm.

“I want you to look good2.” Although Liang Yanghong’s right arm hurts, fighting is a common practice for him in the end, after a while the pain slows down, raising his intact left hand and about to beat Bai Chen.

Bai Chen’s expression remained unchanged, and he lifted his foot and kicked towards Liang Yanghong’s underside while moving his body.


Liang Yanghong’s intact left arm followed in the footsteps of his right hand, and at the same time, because of the unstable standing, he fell face first to the ground.

The classroom became quieter, except for Liang Yanghong’s painful inhalation.

The ‘ding ling ling’ bell rang during class.

They didn’t know who yelled at the class, the surrounding students returned to their seats one after another.

“What’s the matter?” The teacher who walked into the classroom saw Bai Chen and Liang Yanghong who were lying beside him and breathing in pain and the messy tables and chairs around them.

1: all the stars cup themselves around the moon; a group around a revered leader

2: wanting to beat the guy up

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