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HSS 28

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 9

It really snowed on Christmas Day.

The fluttering snow adds a romantic sense to Christmas filled with sweet love.

After finishing the last class on friday, Bai Chen couldn’t wait to take Duan Qin and ran back to the villa, making Zheng Xuanhao who was still clearing his desk sighed.

It’s so good to fall in love.

Bai Chen and Duan Qin, who had returned to the small villa, went back to their rooms to take a shower and change clothes.

The clothes were selected by Bai Chen after letting the system spy on Duan Qin’s clothes. A long windbreaker with a sweater inside. The whole person looks tall and well-shaped, with the original handsome face.

Bai Chen dressed up seriously, and styled his hair in the mirror according to the popular hairstyle model searched by the system.

Bai Chen: [System, would AQin like me like this?]

Bai Chen has looked forward to the date for a long time, it was his and Duan Qin first holiday in this world, it is also the first official date.

Thinking of the gift he prepared for Duan Qin, Bai Chen’s eyes were bright.

The system sincerely praises as always: [The little master is so beautiful!]

Bai Chen bends his eyes and feels happy.

Qi Xiao said that he looks good in every way. Now that he is so serious about dressing up, he must look better.


The door of the room was opened.

Bai Chen turned around and saw Duan Qin who walked into the room with long legs.

Duan Qin also wore a long windbreaker like him, with thick low-neck sweaters inside, a black scarf loosely around his neck, a handsome face, and a cold eyebrow. The whole body exudes the hormones that make Bai Chen intoxicated.

Bai Chen’s eyes lit up, and he walked over to hold Duan Qin’s hand.

He looked at Duan Qin’s clothes similar to his own, and his heart was sweet.

Couple outfit!

In the last world, Qi Xiao liked to wear the same style of clothes as him. Duan Qin must be happy too.

Duan Qin naturally hugged the coming Bai Chen into his arms, touched Bai Chen’s forehead, and then lowered his head to check Bai Chen’s clothes.

At this sight, he frowned.

“Why do you wear so little?” Duan Qin hugged Bai Chen and walked to the closet, opened the closet, inspected the clothes in the closet, and took out a thick white down jacket from it. “It’s cold today. Wear a thicker one, okay?”

Duan Qin has had enough heat since he was a child, so he wears less than ordinary people in winter, but Bai Chen is different from him. What he wears is too little for Bai Chen.

He will get cold easily.

Bai Chen looked down at his clothes, and then at Duan Qin’s. His head shook slightly. He wanted to wear a couple’s outfit with Duan Qin.

Duan Qin directly took off Bai Chen’s windbreaker.

Bai Chen grabbed his clothes aggrievedly, “But I want to wear the same clothes as you, I’m not cold.”

Duan Qin’s heart softened, he lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s lips, and then put his hands at Bai Chen’s cold neck.

He coaxed helplessly: “Baby, be good, put it on, otherwise I will feel distressed by the cold, wait for the next time, when the weather is warmer, we will wear the same again, okay?”

Hearing Duan Qin will feel distressed, Bai Chen Immediately nods obediently.

Duan Qin did not immediately put Bai Chen’s down jacket on, but found another piece of thermal underwear for Bai Chen to wear, and then put Bai Chen’s down jacket on, then found a scarf for Bai Chen to wear.

He checked again, and then found gloves and a mask in Bai Chen’s room to put on Bai Chen. He was only satisfied until Bai Chen was wrapped tightly.

Bai Chen looked at him in the mirror, Duan Qin wrapped him in many layers making him so round, like a white leather ball, half of his face was hidden in a scarf and mask, let alone handsome, he couldn’t see what he looked like.

Bai Chen stretched his hand to pull Duan Qin’s clothes, slightly wrong: “AQin, I don’t look good like this.”

Duan Qin hugged Bai Chen, stretched out his hand to take off Bai Chen’s mask, and bowed his head to peck on Bai Chen’s lips. After a while, “It looks good, I like everything, baby.”

Bai Chen suddenly became happy again.

As long as AQin likes it.

The two went downstairs holding hands. Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran had already returned to the villa at this time, and were looking through the takeaway order to discuss what to eat for dinner tonight.

The weather was too cold, and the two of them were too lazy to go to the restaurant again, so they simply ordered take out.

Seeing Bai Chen and Duan Qin coming down, Zheng Xuanhao laughed at the appearance of a big white bear Bai Chen. Bai Chen and Duan Qin ignored Zheng Xuanhao’s laugh, and greeted Tan Yiran on the side, and then bowed their heads and put on their shoes.

Seeing that the two were about to go out, Zheng Xuanhao quickly threw down the takeaway order, jumped up from the sofa, and ran over quickly. With Duan Qin’s cold eyes, he mysteriously pulled Bai Chen to a side corner.

Bai Chen looked at Zheng Xuanhao with some doubts.

Zheng Xuanhao chuckled, a bit wretched. He mysteriously took out a small box in his pocket, and put it on Bai Chen’s hand, then patted the back of Bai Chen’s hand earnestly: “Brothers can only help till here, Merry Christmas.”

After speaking, he smiled like a thief and left.

Bai Chen looked at the small box in his hand and stretched out his hand to open it.

There are a few neatly placed fruity condoms and a tube of lubricating oil.

Bai Chen was stunned for a moment, as if he had forgotten to prepare these things.

He put the box into the pocket of the down jacket and walked to the door.

Duan Qin was waiting for him there.

Seeing Bai Chen coming, Duan Qin didn’t ask him what Zheng Xuanhao said to him, but squatted down and took Bai Chen’s shoes and put them on for Bai Chen.

Bai Chen smiled and obediently followed Duan Qin’s movements, the whole body exuded the scent of happiness.

Zheng Xuanhao happened to look at them, his body shivered, and then developed a little envy and a little lonely melancholy.

Although the next day was the weekend, it was too late today, so Duan Qin did not arrange the place too far, but drove directly back to the capital city.

He had already booked a restaurant, and it was a bit late. Duan Qin was afraid that Bai Chen was hungry, so he took Bai Chen to the restaurant directly.

Because of the holiday, even the high-end restaurant is overcrowded at this time.

The waiter confirmed Duan Qin’s appointment, and took Bai Chen and Duan Qin to the private room.

This restaurant is a medicated diet restaurant. Although it does all kinds of medicinal diets, the taste wasn’t affected by medicine at all. On the contrary, it is great. In addition, it has the effect of maintaining health, and there are also disciples of a famous chinese medicine family taking turns taking customer pulses every day and formulating tailor-made health-care packages, so the wealthy people in the capital generally love to come here to eat.

Even if it is not a holiday, a good location here needs to be booked in advance.

Outside, Bai Chen and Duan Qin had no scruples at all. They held hands and followed the waiter intimately.

On a table not far from them, Xuan Lingling was sitting opposite a young man that looked like a ruffian.

When Bai Chen and Duan Qin walked by, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the two silhouettes, Xuan Lingling let out a faint cry.

She stared at the intimate backs of Bai Chen and Duan Qin with gleaming eyes, and there was a glimmer of light in her eyes.

“Lingling?” The young man saw Xuan Lingling distracted, and followed Xuan Lingling’s gaze in confusion.

At this time, Bai Chen and Duan Qin had just turned the corner, and the young man happened to see nothing.

“What are you looking at?” the young man asked.

Xuan Lingling retracted her gaze and smiled at the young man with a shy smile, “I just saw my former classmates.”

“Oh.” The young man responded, and he gave Xuan Lingling a soft look. Somewhat frivolous and arrogant, “Since you are with me, don’t think about your former classmates. I don’t want to hear you get entangled with any man again, or I will lose face.”

Xuan Lingling’s face paled, and the hand holding the spoon tightened.

“Of course, as long as you are my girlfriend and satisfy me, I won’t treat you badly. After all, your face and body are good.” The young man smiled.

Xuan Lingling was annoyed, and her expression almost couldn’t be maintained. After a while she barely smiled, “why see, I am your girlfriend now.”

The young man smiled, quite satisfied with Xuan Lingling’s attitude, and added food to Xuan Lingling dish.

Xuan Lingling lowered her gaze to cover the gloom in her eyes.

Since she was expelled from school, let alone approaching Duan Qin, it has been difficult to approach the young masters of ordinary wealthy families.

Since she was a child, she has listened to her mother telling about the grand occasions of their Xuan family. Although her mother often said that as she looked grimly and wanted Xuan Lingling to avenge her father, but Xuan Lingling didn’t take it seriously.

On the contrary, because of her mother’s influence, Xuan Lingling has longed for the life of a wealthy family since she was a child. In her dreams, she wanted to be a wealthy wife and lead a generous life, instead of squeezing with her mother in a dilapidated rental house, eating cheap food, wearing a dozen pieces of coarse cloth, and even tangle for a long time every time she going to buy a stationery.

She studied hard, so she could get to go to a better school and get closer to the rich.

Sure enough, her hard work paid off, and she was admitted as a student of Huafu Elite Academy. You must know that the school is the gathering place for young people from wealthy families all over the country.

When Xuan Lingling was planning to find a boyfriend from a rich family, her mother also approached her and asked her to approach the young masters of the four great families.

Since she was a child, Xuan Lingling heard her mother talk about these families as she grew up, so she naturally yearned for it. When she heard her mother’s words, Xuan Lingling was moved.

After entering the academy, she was struggling with who to choose, she heard that Duan Qin was the only heir designated by the Duan family, so Xuan Lingling set her sights on Duan Qin.

The future madame of the Duan family is more eye-catching and enviable than other identities.

It’s just that she ran out of means, not only did she fail to achieve her goal, she was also expelled from the school.

Xuan Lingling raised her eyes and glanced at the opposite man, filled with resentment towards Bai Chen and Duan Qin.

If they hadn’t used their power to expel her, she wouldn’t have nowhere to go, and her mother would not beat her madly because of this.

When Xuan Lingling got home, she was locked up by her mother, and occasionally she would beat and scold her when she got crazy. Cursing her about being useless, she couldn’t even hook up with a man, how could she avenge her father.

And the young man in front of her had pursued Xuan Lingling when she was in school. The young man’s name was Jing Xiu. The Jing family is also one of the best in the capital, but Jing Xiu has an older brother who was determined to be the heir when he was born. Under such circumstances, Jing Xiu gradually became more hedonistic. Xuan Lingling only imagined being the mistress of the Duan family, and naturally looked down on Jing Xiu, this silk pant.

When Xuan Lingling was locked up by her mother, Jing Xiu contacted her again and wanted to pursue her. Xuan Lingling was desperate at the time, so she grabbed Jing Xiu’s straw.

It’s just that Jing Xiu’s attitude after being with her is not cherished like when he was pursuing her before, but for the sake of a generous life, Xuan Lingling endured it. She vowed that she would never return to that dilapidated rental house.

Moreover, Xuan Lingling is confident that she can control a silkpant like Jing Xiu in the future.

Suddenly seeing Duan Qin and Bai Chen, and the two have a close relationship, Xuan Lingling can’t help but have some thoughts in her heart.

In the private room, Bai Chen sat by Duan Qin’s side obediently.

System: [Little Master, Xuan Lingling is dining in the restaurant outside. She has seen little master, the energy detected from her body is malicious toward little master.]

Bai Chen: [Don’t worry about her.]

A private detective followed Xuan Lingling to monitor her every move and reported to Bai Chen daily. Bai Chen was not worried about what Xuan Lingling would do suddenly, and Xuan Lingling is now with Jing Xiu, so surely she has no guts to suddenly run over to hook up Duan Qin.

After they finished eating and leaving, Xuan Lingling would not have a chance to see Duan Qin in the future.

The incident about Xuan Lingling was just an episode. Bai Chen, who was out on a date with Duan Qin, threw Xuan Lingling behind in a blink of an eye, no brain capacity was allocated to Xuan Lingling.

The two had a sweet dinner in the private room and then left with their hands held.

After dinner, the two people did not make any special plans, but merged into the crowd, holding hands and an umbrella and strolling toward the shop on the pedestrian street next to them.

The shops on the pedestrian street are decorated with Christmas-themed decorations and play lively music.

Those who came and went were intimate lovers holding hands with each other, with happy smiles on their faces.

Bai Chen moved his fingers in Duan Qin’s pocket and couldn’t help but kiss Duan Qin’s face while standing on the street.

Duan Qin touched Bai Chen’s head, looked at the happy smile on Bai Chen’s face, and also showed a smile.

For one night, Bai Chen held Duan Qin’s hand and never separated, with a happy smile on his face. He saw a little girl selling bouquets on the roadside, learning from the last world Qi Xiao, he brought a bunch of red roses and stuffed them into Duan Qin arms.

“AQin, this is for you.” Bai Chen’s eyes were bright, as if they were filled with the entire starry sky, “These are eleven roses, and the flower language is that I love you for life.”

Bai Chen tilted his head, eyes full of his love and attachment to Duan Qin, wrinkling his nose, “But I don’t want to live forever.” He approached Duan Qin, hugged Duan Qin across the bouquet of flowers, and bit on Duan Qin’s mouth, “I want us to be together for life and age, AQin.”

The snow grew heavier and heavier, falling on the ground coldy..

A burning flame lit up in Duan Qin’s gaze listening to Bai Chen’s love confession.

He held an umbrella in one hand and held Bai Chen in the other, “Baby, remember your words.”

After that, Bai Chen took Duan Qin to play for a while. After the crowd gradually became sparse, the two people left the pedestrian street.

Bai Chen looked up at the tower that soared into the clouds and almost melted into the night, and held Duan Qin’s hand tightly.

He was a little curious, what surprise his AQin would give him.

Thinking of the gift he had prepared for AQin, Bai Chen smiled sweeter and sweeter.

This is the highest star-gazing tower in the capital, and it is also a holy place for lovers. It is already past 11 o’clock at this time. Although it is a bit late, it is also the best time for lovers to be romantic. But today, there is no one here except Bai Chen and Duan Qin.

Duan Qin used some relationship to clear the star-gazing tower near twelve o’clock.

The star-gazing tower was covered with a transparent glass on all sides and on the top of their head. Duan Qin embraced Bai Chen and walked to the glass, covering Bai Chen’s eyes with his palms, and touching Bai Chen’s forehead affectionately.

“Baby, do you like it?”

Duan Qin put down his hand, and immediately countless beautiful fireworks exploded in the sky, forming beautiful patterns in the sky.

The pattern is constantly changing, and finally turned into a few big characters, hanging in the dark sky.

“Baby, I love you!”

Duan Qin lowered his head and covered Bai Chen’s lips, the lingering and warm words of love from the sky came out between the touching lips.

Bai Chen’s heart was hot, and he enthusiastically responded to Duan Qin’s overbearing and gentle kiss.

After a long time, the two men stopped and pant.

Bai Chen suddenly let go of his hands on Duan Qin’s neck, took a step back, knelt on one knee in Duan Qin’s shocked eyes, took out a delicate box from his pocket and opened it: “AQin, let’s get married!”

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