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HSS 27

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 8

The sound of a needle drop could be heard.

Everyone’s eyes widened and looked at Xuan Lingling on the ground, who was kicked and knocked unconscious by Bai Chen, but Bai Chen looked on with a cold expression like a god. They only felt that today was like an illusion.

They’re about to drop their jaw, okay?

First, Xuan Lingling insulted Duan Qin loudly, threatening to compare her test scores with Duan Qin.

They won’t talk about this, after all, there are too many point differences.

Who is Duan Qin? He is the only heir designated by the head of the Duan family, one of the four great families, and the students in their class are also the top young masters, and the teachers responsible for teaching are the most talented in all fields.

Xuan Lingling is just an ordinary civilian student. Even if she enters Huafu Elite Academy, the courses she learns are just a bit more advanced than those outside of the academy. Compared with the education of Duan Qin’s class, one is like heaven and the other is earth.

Threatening to compare test scores is nothing more than a joke in the eyes of people like them.

After all, they are not in the same field at all.

Then there was Bai Chen’s sudden kick.

This kick is what really shocked them.

Even Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran who stood behind Bai Chen and Duan Qin were shocked.

Of the four of them, any one of them could beat others. The only one that was impossible was Bai Chen, because on weekdays, the original owner was kind to others.

But thinking about it, it can be explained.

After all, his boyfriend was insulted in front of everyone and Xuan Lingling tried to seduce Duan Qin before!

Yes, Bai Chen and Duan Qin have been sticky and sweet on campus these days, those that don’t want to know about their relationships even know.

It’s just that everyone came to a tacit understanding.

Thinking about it this way, Bai Chen’s kick was absolutely fine, and it was also quite relieving!

Even clay figures will also have tempers!

Everyone’s eyes kept changing.

Zheng Xuanhao came back to his senses, his eyes lit up, he was excited and about to speak, but his mouth was covered by Tan Yiran on the side in time.

Tan Yiran motioned him to look at Bai Chen.

He looked at Bai Chen’s small face, killing intent surging all over his body.

A little scary!

Zheng Xuanhao couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

Duan Qin took Bai Chen in his arms, patted Bai Chen’s back comfortably, and then looked at Tan Yiran.

Receiving Duan Qin’s sign, Tan Yiran dragged Zheng Xuanhao, walked out of the classroom, and evacuated the surrounding crowd. By the way, he asked two male classmates to carry Xuan Lingling to the infirmary, and then left with Zheng Xuanhao, who was a little puzzled.

After a while, only Duan Qin and Bai Chen remained in the corridor once full of people.

“Baby.” Duan Qin lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s lips, and then directly picked up Bai Chen like a child, walked into the classroom, randomly found a place to sit down, put Bai Chen on his lap, and put one hand on Bai Chen’s waist, protecting him.

“Are you unhappy?” Duan Qin held Bai Chen’s face and looked at Bai Chen’s small face with a little distress.

A dark light flashed across Duan Qin’s eyes, Xuan Lingling shouldn’t stay anymore.

She has seriously affected his baby’s mood.

“AQin, I want to kill her!” Bai Chen made no secret of his intention to kill Xuan Lingling. He grabbed Duan Qin’s hand and said seriously: “She scolds you, I won’t allow it.”

Duan Qin belongs to him. He is the best in the world, Xuan Lingling shouldn’t apply those dirty words to Duan Qin.

And Xuan Lingling is still trying to seduce Duan Qin.

Duan Qin is Bai Chen’s only inverse scale.

No one can touch it.

“Okay.” Duan Qin’s expression remained unchanged, spoiling to the extreme, as if it was not a human life they are talking about, “As long as baby wants, I will help baby complete it.”

“AQin.” Bai Chen hugged Duan Qin, buried himself in Duan Qin’s neck, greedily taking in Duan Qin’s scent.

His AQin always makes him feel satisfied and at ease.

He really likes AQin so much.

He became more and more greedy, he became more and more inseparable from AQin.

The system hurried to stop this conversation.

System: [Little master, Xuan Lingling cannot die, otherwise we will be expelled from the world.]

Bai Chen, who is still in a fit of anger: [She scolded AQin!]

The system is helpless: [But little master, once we are expelled, you will never see Duan Qin again.]

Bai Chen’s heart tightened, at last although he felt wronged, he compromised: [I know.]

Xuan Lingling’s life is not comparable to Duan Qin.

The system saw that Bai Chen was depressed. Its little owner had never been wronged like this before, but now it has insufficient energy and can only succumb in front of the world’s consciousness.

It try to comfort Bai Chen as much as possible: [Little master, when we fulfill Yan Yan’s wish, you can do whatever you want to Xuan Lingling.]

Bai Chen’s mood is still not high.

Bai Chen rubbed Duan Qin’s neck and whispered softly: “Don’t kill her.”

Although his voice was soft, Duan Qin still heard the grievance and unhappiness in Bai Chen’s voice.

“Okay.” Duan Qin didn’t ask why, his instinct told him not to ask.

Anyway, he can do whatever his baby wants, he will never let his baby be wronged.


Duan Qin’s eyes turned dark, Xuan Lingling made his baby unhappy, and some price still had to be paid.

Bai Chen straightened up, touched Duan Qin’s lips with his lips, and licked it with the tip of his tongue.

“AQin, kiss me.” Bai Chen said coquettishly. “If you kiss me, I will be happy.”

Duan Qin’s heart is sweet and sour.

His baby.

He leaned forward and kissed Bai Chen.

The kiss was not intense, Duan Qin hugged Bai Chen and kissed gently and lingeringly. After more than ten minutes, he let go of Bai Chen.

Bai Chen’s eyes were bright, as he said, as long as Duan Qin kissed him, he would be happy.

His eyebrow bent, he put the negative emotions about Xuan Lingling behind him, and happily held Duan Qin, obsequious and sticky: “AQin, I like you the most.”

Duan Qin couldn’t help his mouth from curling up.


The next day, Xuan Lingling disappeared from the campus without a sound.

Bai Chen watched the news from the system and happily rolled on the bed.

It was his AQin who told the school to expel Xuan Lingling.

Without this school as a medium, Xuan Lingling would never have a chance to appear in front of Duan Qin.

Yan Yan’s wish is also considered fulfilled.

System: [Little Master, Yan Yan’s wish has not been fulfilled.]

Bai Chen is a little puzzled.

System: [The information of Xuan Lingling has been collected, the young master can check it out.]

Bai Chen’s finger clicked in the void, and a large piece of text suddenly appeared in front of Bai Chen’s eyes.

It turns out that Xuan Lingling’s identity is not so simple.

There were not only four great families in Z country, but five, in addition to Duan, Yan, Zheng, and Tan. There was also the Xuan family.

It’s just that the Xuan family’s ambitions were too great, and they gradually became dissatisfied with being side by side with the other four, wanting to be the only family.

Their swelling ambitions gradually led them on a path of no return. They began to reach out to drugs, using drugs to convert money and control people’s hearts.

By the time the four found out, the Xuan family’s drug business had penetrated half of the country.

In that battle, the four united families eventually knocked Xuan family from the altar. Because of the Xuan family’s huge drug chain, many people in the country were harmed. Xuan family’s master and all the Xuan family members involved in this matter were sentenced to death.

Xuan Lingling was still in her mother’s womb at that time because her mother didn’t know what the Xuan family had done so she was not sentenced, but at the same time because her mother’s were involved with the Xuan family. All the family properties were confiscated, Xuan Lingling’s mother disappeared from the eyes of everyone without a trace.

Could it be that Xuan Lingling approached Duan Qin not for the sake of prosperity, but for revenge?

That’s why the bomb was hidden and detonated at the wedding?

Bai Chen shook his head, denying his guess.

No matter how well Xuan Lingling hides it, when she looks at Duan Qin, she can’t hide her greed and yearning for their circle, and there is no hatred in her eyes.

Unless all of these feelings are pretend.

However, the system did not detect any maliciousness towards Duan Qin on Xuan Lingling’s body.

Bai Chen frowned and rolled on the bed.

So complicated.

He decided to put this matter aside.

Anyway, Xuan Lingling didn’t move, there was very little he could do.

But he can’t just not do anything.

Bai Chen sat up from the bed, let the system look for a top private detective company, and let them be responsible for monitoring Xuan Lingling.

After finishing all this, Bai Chen crawled out of the tight quilt, planning to see Duan Qin.

Today, Duan Qin’s father, master Duan, is here, and the two are discussing things in the study. Master Duan is here, so Bai Chen reluctantly returns to the room even if he wants to stick to Duan Qin again.

As soon as he stepped on the soft carpet that had been laid, Bai Chen withdrew his feet again.

The weather is getting colder and colder these days, even if the ground is covered with a thick carpet, Duan Qin will not let him step on the ground barefoot.

Bai Chen thought sweetly about Duan Qin’s words, consciously took a pair of thick socks and put them on, and then put on cotton shoes and walked to the study.

The door of the study was closed tightly, it was impossible to see the inside. Because of the good sound insulation, Bai Chen couldn’t hear anything. He only knew that there was someone inside from the small space on the ground.

Bai Chen was a little lost without seeing Duan Qin.

He was lying on the railing, his fingers poking at the railing.

Bai Chen: [System, I want to see AQin.]

It was just an hour apart, and the two were still in the same villa, but he still missed him.

The system releases energy to rebroadcast the study scene for Bai Chen.

Duan Qin and master Duan were discussing business matters in the study. Bai Chen was not interested in this aspect. He automatically shielded the words of master Duan and only focused on Duan Qin.

Zheng Xuanhao, who returned to the room with the fruit, saw Bai Chen lying on the railing not far away, staring at a point in the air foolishly.

He walked over a little strangely, used a fork to fork a piece of cut dragon fruit and handed it to Bai Chen: “AYan, what are you doing here?”

Bai Chen returned to his senses, took the fruit, and stared at the entrance of the study.

Zheng Xuanhao trembled. He always felt that his friend had completely changed since he fell in love.

It’s sticky.

But also so sweet.

Zheng Xuanhao couldn’t help but think of the relationship between Bai Chen and Duan Qin these days, and suddenly he felt lonely as an older single man.

He picked up an apple and bit it down, suddenly wanting to fall in love.

Zheng Xuanhao hit Bai Chen with his arm, like a gossiping thief: “AYan, what are you and AQin’s plans for Christmas? I heard that it will snow that day, the first snow of this winter.”

“Christmas? “Bai Chen blinked, “Is it close?”

In the last world, when he and Qi Xiao were together, they would spend time together sweetly on every holiday, especially Qi Xiao, every time there is a holiday about couples, he will be particularly well prepared, especially romantic, although the end result is often that Bai Chen can’t get up from bed the next day.

Now in a different world, Bai Chen hasn’t pay attention to the days of this world.

Bai Chen suddenly turned distressed thinking of the sweet smile on Qi Xiao’s face.

He hasn’t prepared a gift yet.

“Gosh, I know everything as a single dog.” Zheng Xuanhao pretended to exaggerate and said: “Christmas will be next friday, there are only a few days left, brother.”

“By the way, AYan, what gifts have you prepared for AQin?” Zheng Xuanhao was particularly curious.

Don’t ask him why he is curious, single dogs are like this.

Bai Chen shook his head in confusion.

Zheng Xuanhao’s eyes lit up suddenly, bright and a bit wretched. He chuckled twice, leaned in Bai Chen’s ear, and suggested in a low voice: “Why don’t AYan give yourself to AQin? I see AQin hold back every day, it’s very hard.”

Every morning when he gets up, he will see Duan Qin dissatisfied black face. Zheng Xuanhao was shivering but also gloating at the same time.

He really worried that Duan Qin would suffocate one day.

He was kind enough to worry about the sexual happiness of his two friends while he was single.

Simply touching as country Z single group.

The more Zheng Xuanhao thinks about it, the more he thinks this idea is good.

He kept talking about his suggestions to Bai Chen. It was as though he was worried that Bai Chen would send himself out now.

Bai Chen listened carefully, and thought this idea was a good idea.

After he came into this world, he hadn’t really been intimate with Duan Qin, and he really wanted to be intimate with Duan Qin.


The door of the study room opened, and the line in the room was no longer blocked, and it spilled on Bai Chen and Zheng Xuanhao.

Bai Chen turned his head for the first time and looked at Duan Qin behind master Duan with scorching eyes.

“AYan, Xuanhao?” master Duan looked at the two people standing at the entrance of the study in confusion, “Why are you standing here?”

Zheng Xuanhaom who had just seen Bai Chen lying on the railing as if he had no bones, his voice immediately stood up straight, “Hello, Uncle Duan, AYan and I just passed by. We are discussing where to go this weekend. By the way, I want to wait for AQin to come out and ask.”

He smiled embarrassedly and tilted his head, desperately signaling with his eyes to Bai Chen.

The relationship between the two friends can’t be told to the parents yet, he has to help his friends cover.

Bai Chen retracted his gaze looking at Duan Qin, and also greeted the Duan family master.

Master Duan didn’t think much about it, but just asked them to have fun this weekend, and at the same time pay attention to safety, and don’t neglect to study, then he hurried away.

Master Duan is in charge of a large family, and he manages everything. Today, he is still on a business trip and passing through the small town, so he decided to come to the school to see Duan Qin. By the way, he came to test Duan Qin.

After seeing master Duan left, Zheng Xuanhao also took the fruit and went back to the room to play games.

Duan Qin walked over, held Bai Chen’s slightly cold hands, frowned, “How long have you waited here?”

Bai Chen leaned into Duan Qin’s arms, and the familiar scent made him infatuated. “It wasn’t that long.”

Duan Qin didn’t believe Bai Chen’s words, the hand in his palm was as cold as ice.

He glanced at Bai Chen’s feet again and was very satisfied. This time he finally knew that he had to wear socks and shoes before he came out.

Duan Qin lowered his head slightly, his lips touched Bai Chen’s somewhat cool forehead, and said helplessly: “Baby is not obedient.”

Before, he was afraid that Bai Chen would miss him, so he asked Bai Chen to be in the room. Stay inside obediently and waited for him to go back, but he still ran out to wait for him.

He bent down and pick up Bai Chen.

After returning to the room, Duan Qin put Bai Chen down, turned to the bathroom and took a hot towel to wipe Bai Chen’s face and hands.

After wiping, Bai Chen, who was wrapped in the quilt, stared at the busy Duan Qin with a scorching gaze.

After a long while.

“AQin, let’s go out and play next friday. We will be alone.”

Duan Qin was taken aback, thinking of his schedule marked in the calendar, with a smile on his face.

He leaned forward and hugged Bai Chen wrapped in the quilt into his arms, as if he was holding a big baby. He lowered his head and pecked on Bai Chen’s lips, “Okay, we will spend Christmas alone.”

This was originally what he had planned, to take Bai Chen out.

Bai Chen smiled happily, got out of the bed with both hands and hugged Duan Qin.

His AQin knew all about it.

Same as Qi Xiao.


Singledog theater:

Zheng Xuanhao: As a single dog that worry about my friends sexual happiness, I must make everyone so proud

Singledog: hur hur…..I wonder how many single dog planning to drown you for giving your friend ideas to throw dog food….

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