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HSS 26

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 7

Finally, Bai Chen was refreshed, but Duan Qin’s body was on fire.

His reason is on the verge of collapsing, Duan Qin promptly retreated from the delicious lips that had infinite appeal to him.

He panted heavily and hugged Bai Chen in his arms, his hot lips touched Bai Chen’s eyes, refusing Bai Chen’s hand that wanted to help him, and strode into the bathroom.

The rushing sound of water came through the bathroom door, to Bai Chen’s ears..

Bai Chen raised his hand and stroked the somewhat torn and red lips, stared at the closed bathroom door in a daze, and blinked, his eyes a little misty.

Because of the fierce kiss just now, Bai Chen’s eyes were reddened with tears in his eyes. Coupled with the red, swollen, split and moist lips, it looks very attractive.

It’s like a bright flower just in full bloom waiting to be picked, ignorant and beautiful.

Gradually, a trace of grievance and incomprehension appeared in those misty eyes. Bai Chen sat on the edge of the bed with drooping eyebrows, unconsciously picking up the sheets with his fingers, and staring blankly at the closed bathroom door.

Bai Chen: [System, AQin wants it very much, so why did he refuse?]

In the last world, he often did it with Qi Xiao, and Qi Xiao was very happy and excited every time.

But Duan Qin ran to the bathroom to take a shower.

Bai Chen blinked and felt aggrieved. He wanted to be intimate with Duan Qin.

This question is a bit high-level for the system.

Although the system understands seven emotions and six desires, human nature is complicated, so it cannot understand everyone’s thoughts.

However, it still analyzes specific issues in detail: [Little Master, there are only forty-five minutes before your class time. According to the data from the previous world, time is not enough.]

Although in the last world the system often gets stuffed into the small black room because of this incident, the flow of time can also be felt in the small black room.

Bai Chen’s mood is still a little depressed: [I just wanted to help AQin.]

But Duan Qin refused even if he wanted to do it.

Does AQin dislike it?

Bai Chen became a little nervous.


Before the system could answer, the bathroom door opened, Duan Qin, wearing a bathrobe, walked with long legs out of the bathroom.

At a glance, he saw Bai Chen who was in a low mood.

Duan Qin walked over, rubbed Bai Chen’s hair, and whispered: “What’s the matter?”

Bai Chen sat on the bed and looked up at Duan Qin, with some grievances and depression in his clear eyes: “AQin, you don’t want to be intimate with me?”

Duan Qin’s breathing suddenly stagnated.

His baby is too good at teasing, the flame he just pressed down seems to suddenly burn again.

Duan Qin took a deep breath, his thoughts moving quickly, and soon figured out Bai Chen’s reason.

He hugged Bai Chen and said in a dark voice: “I want to, how can I have no intention to do it with baby?”

Bai Chen was firmly wrapped around Duan Qin’s waist, pouting his mouth.

Duan Qin leaned close to kiss Bai Chen’s mouth, “I’m just afraid of hurting you.”

Bai Chen immediately became happy, and he proactively kissed Duan Qin, “I’m not afraid, I like AQin, I want to get close to AQin. I also like to be close to AQin.”

Duan Qin only felt that the baby in his arms was a little fairy who seduced him all the time.

The two were intimate in the room for a while, then Duan Qin went back to the room and changed his clothes after pressing down the flames, then brought Bai Chen downstairs.

Zheng Xuanhao sat at the dining table, when the two people saw them, they greeted them and told them to come over quickly.

Tan Yiran’s eyes are sharp and good, he can see the abnormality of Bai Chen’s lips and the marks on the upper part of his neck at a glance. He turned his head away with a natural attitude.

Zheng Xuanhao, who was on the side, realized that there was something wrong with Bai Chen after a while. He laughed, and winked at Bai Chen and Duan Qin.

Uncle Zhong brought a lot of breakfast, and the four big and small people ate a lot in the end.

After breakfast, the four said goodbye to uncle Zhong and left the villa and walked to the teaching building.

The four of them chose the same major and course at the beginning, so the shadow of them walking together in groups can often be seen on campus.

Today is no exception, the four of them are still the focus of everyone’s gaze along the way.

However, the eyes of everyone today are more shocked and curious than in the past.

Bai Chen held Duan Qin’s hand tightly, a little unhappy.

His AQin is so good. In addition to Xuan Lingling, there are many girls in this school who are coveting his AQin.

“Baby, I’m yours.”

A low, magnetic, charming voice came from his ears, and a bright smile suddenly appeared on Bai Chen’s face.

Duan Qin clearly heard the sound of gasping from around, and his sharp eyes swept around.

Suddenly those who passed by and looked at them bowed their heads consciously.

After the four of Bai Chen walked away, only then did those people pat their little heart that was scared by Duan Qin and couldn’t breathe.

“Classmate Duan’s expression just now was really terrifying. I almost forgot to breathe.”

“Yes, yes, but classmate Yan smiled so nicely today.”

“Yeah, that smile is absolutely terrifying, I almost can’t walk anymore.”

“Have you seen Classmate Duan and Classmate Yan hand held?”

The atmosphere that had just become active suddenly fell silent.

Several people glanced at each other, and finally closed their mouths and hurried to the teaching building.


Bai Chen sat next to Duan Qin, holding a pen in one hand, taking notes seriously, and reaching under the desk with the other quietly, touching Duan Qin’s palm secretly.

When the fingers touched Duan Qin’s palm, they were immediately pinched, and then firmly wrapped.

Bai Chen peeked at Duan Qin, who was seriously listening in class, with a sweet smile as sweet as honey on his face.

These days, he goes to class with Duan Qin every day. They would secretly hold hands under the desk, occasionally pass a note to say some sweet love words, or rush to a place where no one is after class to kiss passionately…

These are all things Bai Chen has never experienced in the last world.

Every minute and every second of getting along with Duan Qin made Bai Chen extraordinarily happy, and really cherished it.

The bell rang signaling the end of class, and the teacher quickly ended the class.

System: [Little Master, Xuan Lingling is outside the classroom.]

Bai Chen’s hands cleaning up the desk paused, his eyes looking out of the classroom turned cold.

Since that incident with the restaurant apologized, Xuan Lingling has been quiet for a few days, and Bai Chen almost forgot about her, unexpectedly, she appeared again.

Suddenly, Bai Chen remembered Xuan Lingling’s intention to seduce Duan Qin.

Not happy! Hate!

“What’s wrong?” Duan Qin noticed that something was wrong with Bai Chen.

Bai Chen didn’t conceal it, “There is an annoying person out there.”

“Who?” Zheng Xuanhao curiously stretched his head and looked outside the classroom, but he didn’t see anyone after looking for a while.

Duan Qin moved quickly to help Bai Chen pack his things, took the bags of the two of them, and walked out holding Bai Chen’s hand.

It was time for lunch after class at this time, and there were the sounds of students frolicking in the corridors.

Duan Qin had just stepped out of the classroom with Bai Chen when Xuan Lingling suddenly rushed up to stop him.

“Duan Qin, you are too much. I apologized and lost my job that day. Why didn’t you let me go?” Xuan Lingling’s clear and aggrieved voice sounded in the corridor.

Xuan Lingling really felt wronged.

Last time, she planned to use the restaurant incident to apologize to Duan Qin the next day and let Duan Qin remember her. As long as Duan Qin remembered her, she would have a way to make Duan Qin fall in love with her.

But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. She doesn’t know who spread the rumor that she had offended Duan Qin in the school. She also intended to seduce Duan Qin. There was a vivid description of what happened in the restaurant that day, and labelled pheasant1, shameless and other words on her body which caused her life to change drastically the next day.

First, her books in the classroom were mysteriously scratched, and all kinds of disgusting and scary things were stuffed into her desks. Friends who had walked with her in the past also alienated her strangely, even more so when Xuan Lingling planned to implement the plan of finding Duan Qin, she was pulled into the bathroom by a group of girls.

Xuan Lingling has never been treated this way since she was a child.

She resisted fiercely, but her resistance only drew even worse treatment from those people.

Today Xuan Lingling managed to escape the trouble of those people and ran out.

She secretly swore that she must let Duan Qin take responsibility for her, and how these people treat her now, she will return them one by one in the future.

Hearing Duan Qin’s name, many students who were going to eat suddenly stopped and cast their eyes on them.

“Get out of the way!” Bai Chen stepped forward, blocking Duan Qin’s body, intending to cover Xuan Lingling’s scorching gaze towards Duan Qin.

But Bai Chen was half a head shorter than Duan Qin, so it was impossible to hide Duan Qin behind him.

Bai Chen didn’t want to wrong Duan Qin as he did last time, making Duan Qin close his eyes and can’t talk.

He stared at Xuan Lingling coldly, it was Xuan Lingling who really should close her eyes and not talk.

Xuan Lingling thought she was hiding well, but the greedy look she gave Duan Qin could not be hidden.

For a moment, Xuan Lingling was frightened by Bai Chen’s gaze, but she quickly remembered her purpose, and went directly over Bai Chen to look at Duan Qin behind him, “Duan Qin, don’t think that you are great when you have money. Even if you reincarnate and have a good parent. Even so, you are just a trash that only bully others, a bug that lives in a stinking ditch.”

“I, Xuan Lingling, despise people like you the most!!! You only have the ability to bully girls! If you have the ability, then score more than me in the exam!” Xuan Lingling looked at Duan Qin provocatively, and finished her prepared lines in one breath, “How about it, dare to compete.”

The noisy corridor just now instantly quieted down from Xuan Lingling’s loud words.

Xuan Lingling was indignant on the outside, but she was extremely proud in her heart.

The children of these aristocratic families can’t stand humiliation and they love face the most. As long as Duan Qin accepts her competition, she will be able to create countless opportunities to get along with Duan Qin. At that time, she didn’t believe that Duan Qin wouldn’t like her.

Xuan Lingling has been extremely confident in her appearance since she was a child.


Tan Yiran, who stood behind Bai Chen and Duan Qin, suddenly laughed.

Immediately after that, there seemed to be a switch on the corridor that had been quiet for so long, after Tan Yiran, there were ridicules one after another..

Some people even laughed out loud, as if Xuan Lingling had just told a big joke.

Xuan Lingling, who was still extremely confident just now, suddenly panicked. She didn’t understand what went wrong, but she still maintained her composure, looked at Duan Qin, and waited for Duan Qin’s answer.

“How about it, do you dare.” Xuan Lingling gritted her teeth and continued to maintain her personality.


The answer to Xuan Lingling’s question was Bai Chen kicked without any hesitation.

The corridor was silent again.

1: a slang meaning prostitute

T/N: I don’t know if I should pity Xuan Lingling or not, the hole in her brain is really worrisome…..

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