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HSS 23

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 4

During the meal Bai Chen and Duan Qin ate sweetly, the pink bubbles kept popping, and Zheng Xuanhao almost doubted his life.

After eating, Bai Chen turned his head to Duan Qin naturally, raising his head and pouting.

Duan Qin took the paper towel and gently wiped off the oil stains around Bai Chen’s mouth.

Such a gentle expression, it is different from the indifferent image of the past, Zheng Xuanhao looked at him and thought that Duan Qin must be possessed by a lonely ghost.

There is also AYan. Although his AYan usually has a gentle smile, he is actually very indifferent deep in his bones. How could he be so soft, so sweet, and so delicate.

The more Zheng Xuanhao thinks about it, the more he feels that today is very mysterious. It seems that after AYan cried and pounced on Duan Qin, something quietly went bad.

He endured it, but could not hold back, “AQin, AYan, you guys…”

“We are together.” Duan Qin interrupted Zheng Xuanhao’s words, looked at Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran seriously, and solemnly announced to them: “Yanyan and I are now boyfriends.”

“Huh?” Zheng Xuanhao felt a moment of difficulty processing.

Duan Qin seemed to feel that boyfriend could not fully express his relationship with Bai Chen and reflected his closeness with Bai Chen, so he held Bai Chen’s hand, clasped his fingers, and printed a kiss on the back of Bai Chen’s hand: “Yanyan is now my boyfriend, my person, and will be another master of the Duan family in the future.”

Bai Chen’s eyes are bright. He likes Duan Qin’s confession very much. He has his eyes bent, and his whole body exudes a joyful air, pouting his mouth and ‘muah1’ on Duan Qin lips, declaring his ownership:. “you are mine, always will be”

“Um” Duan Qin lowered his head, touched Bai Chen’s lips, committing himself to Bai Chen forever.


He didn’t know if he was frightened by the two people’s words or the intimate relationship between the two, Zheng Xuanhao hand shook, and the chopsticks he held fell onto the table with a crisp sound.

He stared at them incredulously, for a moment he was at a loss for words.

It was not only Zheng Xuanhao who was shocked, but also Tan Yiran, who had already speculated before.

He did not expect that Duan Qin and Bai Chen still had plans to get married in the future.

He was a little worried about the future of the two friends.

Although same-sex marriage is legal in Country Z, there has never been a case in their families before. The thought of the older generation is not so easy to change, not to mention Duan Qin is the only heir of the Duan family.

Duan Qin’s status determines that his future partner can only be a female.

But no matter what, he must support his friend’s decision, and this matter is related to the happiness of the two friends.

Seeing Duan Qin’s serious look and the sweet smile on Bai Chen’s face, Tan Yiran put away the thoughts in his heart and smiled: “Wish you two well.”

Duan Qin looked at Tan Yiran and said seriously: “Thank you.”

“You, you guys…”

Zheng Xuanhao, who finally recovered, was about to speak, but Tan Yiran on the side picked up a scallop and stuffed it directly into his mouth: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Zheng Xuanhao took the scallop angrily and stared angrily at Tan Yiran: “Am I that kind of person?”

Tan Yiran ignored Zheng Xuanhao. He looked at Duan Qin and Bai Chen and said seriously: “If you need help, you can find me.”

Duan Qin nodded and accepted Tan Yiran’s kindness.

Zhen Xuanhao on the side, who was ignored, also eagerly said: “I can help too.”


When leaving the booth, Bai Chen and Duan Qin’s interlock hands were still tightly tangled together.

Bai Chen walked beside Duan Qin, smiling sweetly, with a sweet and shiny air all over his body.


“Be careful!”

Duan Qin hugged Bai Chen, his long leg kick out, and the basin that flew towards them suddenly whirled and flew back.

The water splashed all over the ground.

“Are you all right?” Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran, who were walking behind them, stepped forward worriedly.

Bai Chen shook his head at them from Duan Qin’s arms, and then turned his eyes to the perpetrator.

Xuan Lingling fell to the ground in embarrassment, getting wet all over her body.

She was wearing a white waitress’s uniform. Because of the water, the white uniform became transparent, faintly revealing the spring light2 inside. The wet clothes were tightly attached to her body, revealing her exquisite figure.

Because of panic, her long, curly and thick eyelashes flew up and down, and the drops of water on the eyelashes slipped down with the movement of the eyelashes, together with her petite face that show a little fear but still beautiful, it was like a crying beauty, people couldn’t help but feel pity.

Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran, who followed Bai Chen’s gaze, frowned at the same time.

“Ah.” Xuan Lingling screamed suddenly, her cheeks reddened with her hands around her chest, covering the exposed spring light.

At the same time, her scream attracted all the eyes from her surroundings, suddenly Xuan Lingling and Bai Chen became the focus of everyone attention

“I’m sorry.” Xuan Lingling bit her pink lips and softly looked at Duan Qin, with her soaked clothes she felt a little cold, and her body trembled uncontrollably.

People feel pity at the sight.

Tan Yiran’s brow furrowed deeper, and he looked at Duan Qin and Bai Chen in his arms.

Duan Qin hugged Bai Chen. After confirming that Bai Chen was not frightened, he didn’t even glance at Xuan Lingling, and walked to the counter with Bai Chen.

“Hey!” Xuan Lingling’s voice sounded from behind, “I have already apologized, how can you go without an apology?”

Bai Chen stopped and looked at Xuan Lingling coldly, “Why should we apologize?”

As if frightened by the coldness in Bai Chen’s eyes, Xuan Lingling shuddered, but she did not shrink back, gritted her teeth and stubbornly stretched out her fingers to Duan Qin: “He kicked the basin and soaked my whole body. Shouldn’t you apologize?”

Feeling Bai Chen’s upset, Duan Qin gently touched the top of Bai Chen’s hair, and took a step forward, pressuring Xuan Lingling with an indifferent and frightening aura, “It’s you who threw the basin over here.”

“Yeah, I was not careful, but I apologized already.” Xuan Lingling confidently said, “Now it’s your turn to apologize.”

Duan Qin looked at Xuan Lingling coldly, he didn’t want to talk with the unreasonable Xuan Lingling, he was about to leave again with Bai Chen.

Seeing that they were about to leave, Xuan Lingling stood up from the ground angrily, and ran to Duan Qin’s face, stretching out her arms to stop them.

“I want you to apologize.” Xuan Lingling’s face flushed and looked up at Duan Qin with big eyes, who was a head taller than her. “If you don’t apologize then you can’t leave, are rich people so great that they don’t apologize for doing something wrong?”

Bai Chen stepped forward and reached out to cover Duan Qin’s eyes, very overbearing: “Don’t look! Don’t talk to her!”

Duan Qin suddenly closed his eyes obediently and stopped speaking.

“You!” Xuan Lingling stared at Bai Chen incredulously, “How can you do this? Classmate Yan, I thought you were a good person.”

Bai Chen ignored Xuan Lingling, he put down his hand and looked at Duan Qin closing his eyes satisfied before turning his gaze to Xuan Lingling.

“The rich are great.” Bai Chen looked at her coldly, then turned his eyes to the manager who rushed over, with dissatisfaction in his eyes: “This is the quality of the waiter here?”

The manager broke out in a cold sweat, frightened. This small restaurant manager couldn’t afford to offend the four people here. Even at this Huafu Elite Academy, no one dare to offend them.

He couldn’t help cursing Xuan Lingling secretly in his heart.

The manager walked quickly in front of Bai Chen and the other: “Master Yan, you’re right, I’m sorry, the restaurant is negligent here, our side will deal with it immediately, this meal is considered our compensation to you.”

The manager took out a gold card from his pocket and handed it to Bai Chen, “A little apologies, please accept it.”

“No.” Bai Chen exuded a cold air, “I hope the next time I come, this thing won’t happen again.”

The manager whose gold card was rejected just now, relaxed again. He nodded and bowed: “Definitely, certainly.”

Xuan Lingling, who was ignored at the side, angrily said: ” What do you mean?”

The manager can’t wait to fire Xuan Lingling. He said coldly: “You have been fired.”

Xuan Lingling’s eyes widened, her eyes filled with disbelief, “They are the one who in the wrong, why fire me?”

The manager was too lazy to communicate with Xuan Lingling and waved directly to let the waiter on the side drive Xuan Lingling out.

“You wicked wealthy people, you…um.” The loud cursing was muffled by the clever waiter.

The manager wiped the cold sweat on his head, uneasy: “Master Yan…”

“Go down.”

The manager breathed a sigh of relief.

After the manager left, Bai Chen stood on tiptoe and kissed Duan Qin’s lips. The indifferent air on his body disappeared immediately, “AQin, you can open your eyes.”

1: kiss sound (LOL singledog don’t know how a kiss supposed to sound like)

2: spring light (chunguang), a lustful(?) seductive scene.


SingleDog theater:

Zheng Xuanhao: what a mysterious day today is…

Tan Yiran: *stuff food into Xuanhao mouth*

Singledog: *silently eat dog food from Bai and Duan* Ji Wenxuan seem like he will get along well with this guy….

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  1. Avatar Somenonameshit says:

    They’re in the wrong? Bitch, what do u expect Duan Qi to do? Watch his expensive(more expensive than ur life, than most luxuries) baby get drenched? Maybe if it’s an idiot like u, they would want to be wet 🙄.

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