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HSS 22

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 3

“Duan Qin, let’s be together.”

“Duan Qin, I like you.”

Bai Chen touched Duan Qin’s warm lips again and again, and looked at Duan Qin warmly with his eyes expectant.

This is his Xiao, he wants to be with him, he wants to be hugged by Xiao like the previous world, and get along closely with Xiao all the time.

He knew that Duan Qin must be the same as him.

Because Duan Qin is his Qi Xiao.

Bai Chen’s words and his movements were like flames, instantly burning Duan Qin.

His heart was beating quickly, the joy in his heart and the desire that had just been suppressed flowed like a tide, drowning him.

At the same time, he felt it was only natural that the person in his arms should have liked him, and it could only be him.

Duan Qin’s palm on Bai Chen’s waist tightened slightly, and his fingers rubbed against Bai Chen’s chin slightly hard, opening Bai Chen’s lips.

A small and lovely tongue appeared from the slightly parted lips. Duan Qin’s eyes gradually darkened as he looked at the seductive scene in front of him.

“Duan Qin, can you kiss me?” Bai Chen leaned back slightly, pouting his mouth, his moist eyes filled with longing for Duan Qin, his long and curly eyelashes flew up and down, he closed his eyes, and tightened his hands on Duan Qin’s neck, “I want you to kiss me.”

Duan Qin’s eyes suddenly became as dark as the sea, his eyes were densely covered with thunder, like a whirlwind on the sea, fierce and violent.

The surrounding scenery all faded in an instant, and the sound dissipated. Only the person in front of him remained in the world. He could only see this person and hear his voice.

“Okay.” He heard his own voice.

The lips touched, warm and lingering.

Duan Qin only felt that this kiss, this person, is what he has waited for a long time.

His arms were tightly clasped on Bai Chen’s waist, as if he was about to press Bai Chen into his body and melt him into his blood.

He opened a pair of gloomy eyes, looking as he kissed Bai Chen fiercely, exchanging breath and saliva with each other.

The blood in his body is surging, his heartbeat is beating differently from the previous beating frequency.

Duan Qin felt that he came ‘alive’ at this moment because of the person in his arms.

This kiss lasted for a long time. Duan Qin reluctantly withdrew from Bai Chen’s lips when Bai Chen could not breathe. His arms were still tightly clasped on Bai Chen’s waist, and his deep eyes looked at Bai Chen’s blurred and moist eyes, he seemed to see through Bai Chen’s eyes into his heart.

“You are mine.” He announced domineeringly.

Bai Chen exudes a happy aura. He likes Duan Qin’s kisses and Duan Qin’s domineering declaration. He panted slightly and looked at Duan Qin with joy, repeating Duan Qin’s words with certainty: “Duan Qin, I am yours.”

“You are mine too.” Bai Chen made his own declaration. In this matter, he is no less domineering than Duan Qin.

Duan Qin belongs to him, he can only be his.

Bai Chen repeated this in his heart, very domineering and stubborn.

He thought of the feelings between Duan Qin and Xuan Lingling in the information, and a sharp look flashes in his eyes.

Bai Chen: [System, I want to kill Xuan Lingling.]

The system quickly persuaded: [Little master calm down.]

Bai Chen: [She is coveting Duan Qin, and Duan Qin is mine.]

He won’t allow others to make contact with Duan Qin, he will get infected by the scent of others.

That way, he will go crazy.

Duan Qin belongs to him! Belong to him! Belong to him!

The system watched Bai Chen grow up, how could it not understand Bai Chen. Whether it’s Qi Xiao from the last world or Duan Qin from this world, they are all the reverse scale in Bai Chen’s heart.

His little master has always been stubborn and intolerant about this matter.

The system memory run quickly to appease Bai Chen’s violent temper: [Little Master, he is yours, he will not be robbed, he will always be yours, I promise you.]

Bai Chen calmed down under the reassurance of the system, but he still did not give up the idea: [I am going to kill Xuan Lingling.]

Only the dead can’t covet Duan Qin.

Even if Duan Qin doesn’t like Xuan Lingling, he can’t stand someone coveting him.

System: [Xuan Lingling has not reached the death requirement. Yan Yan still does not want her to die. Once we kill Xuan Lingling, the mission will fail. Not only that, we will even anger Yan Yan’s soul. He will drive us away.]

System: [Little Master, let’s take it slowly and don’t worry, Duan Qin will only be yours.]

To be driven away from the body means to leave this world, not able to see Duan Qin again.

This is not the result Bai Chen wants.

He suppressed the murderous aura in his heart and let out an unhappy “en”.

“What are you thinking about?” Duan Qin squinted dangerously. They had just confessed, and the baby in his arms was distracted. What was he thinking? Or who was he thinking of?

That Xiao?

Duan Qin was jealous.

Bai Chen came back to his senses. He held Duan Qin’s face and bit his lip fiercely, “You are not allowed to like others.”

According to the information, Duan Qin liked Xuan Lingling.

This is what he minds.

Although Bai Chen knew that the Duan Qin in the information was not the current Duan Qin, and his Duan Qin would not like others, he still minded.

He is stingy.


Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran waited in the rest area for more than an hour. Seeing that class was over, they couldn’t help but worry.

“They came back.” Zheng Xuanhao looked at the two people on the racecourse, riding toward this side, and excitedly pulled Tan Yiran over.

Duan Qin turned over coolly, jumped off the horse, then stretched out his hand, gently and carefully held Bai Chen down the horse, and placed him on the ground.

Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran, who ran over, looked at this scene and felt strange in their hearts, but hey didn’t think about it carefully, and ran to Bai Chen’s side.

“AYan, are you okay?” Zheng Xuanhao thought about Bai Chen’s red eyes and was a little worried. Suddenly he exclaimed and pointed to Bai Chen’s lips. “AYan, what happened to your lips?”

Bai Chen blinked suspiciously, raising his hand to stroke his lips.

Only halfway through, his hand was suddenly grabbed by Duan Qin. With a move of Duan Qin’s wrist, Bai Chen suddenly fell into Duan Qin’s arms.

Zheng Xuanhao was stunned, and then was speechless in shock.

Duan Qin took the initiative to hug others! ! ! ! ! !

“Get out, class is over, let’s go back.” Duan Qin said lightly, and walked outside the racecourse with Bai Chen.

Zheng Xuanhao was dumbfounded, and was still in shock as Duan Qin took the initiative to hug Bai Chen.

Duan Qin has always been intolerant of people’s touch! ! !

Tan Yiran on the side looked thoughtfully at the backs of Duan Qin and Bai Chen.

If he had read correctly, the redness and swelling on Bai Chen’s lips was caused by kissing, and…

Tan Yiran’s eyes flashed.

Duan Qin’s lips are split.

Did he discover an incredible secret?

Tan Yiran was shocked, touched his chin calmly on the surface, and held Zheng Xuanhao, who was stunned, and walked out of the racecourse following behind Bai Chen and the others.

The riding and shooting class was the last class of the day. The four of them changed back to their normal clothes in the locker room and walked to a seafood restaurant together.

Although there is a cafeteria in Huafu Elite Academy, most students don’t like to go to the cafeteria, which is usually the place where ordinary students go, although the chefs in the cafeteria are also skilled.

In order to take care of the lives of their students, the school deliberately opened up a food street in the academy. Every restaurant inside invited chefs with the best cooking skills in cuisine, which fully satisfied the students’ desire.

Xuan Lingling often works in this food street.

The four of them had made an appointment before and had a seafood dinner in the evening.

After Duan Qin took the menu, he naturally ordered a few dishes, Bai Chen sat aside, his eyes brightened.

What Duan Qin ordered are all his favorites..

After Duan Qin finished ordering, Zheng Xuanhao took the menu unceremoniously and ordered a few more dishes until Tan Yiran withdrew the menu from him, and Zheng Xuanhao closed his mouth regretfully.

He likes the process of ordering food the most, but every time Tan Yiran will stop him.

Really not a good brother.

After waiting for the dishes to come, Zheng Xuanhao, who was still regretting that he didn’t get to have fun ordering, eyes almost fell.

What did he see! ! !

He rubbed his eyes vigorously, the always cruel Duan Qin was actually waiting for Bai Chen to eat! ! !

Look at how skillfully the shrimp is peeled, and how carefully the fish is picked! ! !

Zheng Xuanhao was in a trance after eating a meal, only Tan Yiran eyes on the side flashed from time to time.

His two friends are really together!

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