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HSS 24

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 5

“AQin, you can open your eyes.”

They were still in the hall at this time, and the eyes of the people around them were gathered on them. The scene of Bai Chen kissing Duan Qin suddenly made the people around them take in a cold breath.

They all opened their eyes wide in shock, couldn’t believe that the two young masters from two of the four great families were actually together.

This is simply shocking news! ! !

Tan Yiran sighed in his heart, his two friends were too high-profile.

But he is not worried, these people won’t dare to spread it outside.

Bai Chen didn’t care about the gazes of those people, he looked at Duan Qin nervously.

I wonder if AQin is going to be angry?

Does he think he is too domineering and unreasonable?

But he just didn’t want his AQin to get taken advantage of by Xuan Lingling.

Even if he only glanced at Xuan Lingling and said a word to her, he didn’t like it.

AQin belongs to him.


A dim light flashed through Bai Chen’s eyes. Xuan Lingling planned to attract Duan Qin’s attention this time. When he was out of the private room, the system detected that Xuan Lingling was waiting at the corner they must pass.

Duan Qin, who was ordered by Bai Chen to close his eyes and don’t talk, not only did not have any anger which Bai Chen’s worried about, but because of Bai Chen’s possessiveness, there was a sweet flavor in his heart.

But when he thought about Bai Chen seeing Xuan Lingling’s half-covered body, Duan Qin couldn’t help feeling hostile, wishing to make Xuan Lingling disappear immediately.

When Xuan Lingling flew over to frighten Bai Chen, Duan Qin wanted the manager to deal with Xuan Lingling, but now Bai Chen has done it.

Duan Qin’s heart turned hostile, she had better not appear in front of his baby again in the future, otherwise…

Duan Qin opened his eyes, and his cold stern eyes suddenly gave birth to infinite tenderness when it touched Bai Chen. He looked at Bai Chen and noticed the anxiety and stubbornness in Bai Chen’s eyes. He instantly understood Bai Chen’s thought, he felt a little distressed.

He leaned over and pressed his lips on Bai Chen’s eyes, and whispered to Bai Chen: “Baby, I’m very happy.”

He is glad that his baby is so possessive of him.

Because he has the same thought.

The emotions in Bai Chen’s eyes dissipated in an instant. He bent his eyebrows and gave Duan Qin a sweet smile, “AQin, you’re spoiling me like this.”

He couldn’t help getting more and more excessive.

Duan Qin seemed to have a smile on his face that seemed to be frozen all year round, “Baby, this is my goal.”

When he met him, countless flowers with bright colors bloomed in his life, which was only black and white for many years.

He is willing to pour all his tenderness, all his sweet words, and all his love on his baby.

Thousands of spoils are only for him.


It wasn’t just the crowd watching this time, even Tan Yiran and Zheng Xuanhao couldn’t help but widened their eyes.

As they grew up together, they had never seen Duan Qin’s iceberg face change, and now he is smiling.

The two were shocked but also happy for their friends.

Duan Qin hugged Bai Chen, touched Bai Chen’s head with his broad palm, and his icy gaze swept around.

Suddenly, those onlookers turned their heads tremblingly.

Duan Qin retracted his gaze and walked out of the restaurant with Bai Chen in his arms.


Xuan Lingling, who was kicked out of the restaurant, was also kicked out of the food street, and returned to the dormitory in an agitated manner.

She thought about the scene where she was being pointed out by everyone when she was dragged out of the restaurant in the food street. She felt uneasy and furious, and threw all the books on the desk to the ground.

Xuan Lingling’s chest rise and fall heavily, staring at a point in the air with a fierce look in her eyes, and gritted her teeth for a long while: “Yan Yan…”

For more than half a semester, Xuan Lingling has been trying her best to cause trouble for Duan Qin for his attention, but Duan Qin, like oil and salt, doesn’t mix. No matter how bright she is at school, or her presence around him, Duan Qin still doesn’t notice her, let alone a sentence, even a look in the eyes Duan Qin has never spared her..

Better than anyone at studying1, cold elder sister, deliberately falling down in front of Duan Qin, seeking justice and courage around Duan Qin… and so on, the methods did not work, Xuan Lingling was silent for a few days before deciding to take up the sword, going with today’s approach.

Sure enough, Duan Qin cast his gaze on her, and even said a word to her, but all of this was destroyed by Yan Yan.

Thinking of this, Xuan Lingling kicked the chair beside her to the ground angrily, making a loud bang.

She panted, lay down on the bed, and murmured for a while: “There is still a chance…”


Bai Chen sat cross-legged on the bed.

The original owner and Duan Qin as well as Zheng Xuanhao and Tan Yiran are not only the young masters of the four great families, but they are also friends of the same age who grew up together. When they enrolled in school, the four of them agreed to live together.

Huafu Elite Academy was established in a small town near Z State Capital City, covering an area of ​​10,000 acres. Not only did the teaching conditions the best in the country, but the student accommodation was also the only one in the country. It not only had residential suites, but also built villas around the areas.

The four of them occupied a small villa in the villa area.

At this time, Zheng Xuanhao took Tan Yiran to the game room to play games, while Duan Qin was in the study room video calling with master Duan’s.

Every night, master Duan will take time to test what Duan Qin has learned, or hand over company documents to Duan Qin for processing, so as to cultivate Duan Qin’s ability to deal with affairs.

Even if Bai Chen likes to stick to Duan Qin, he knows that he shouldn’t bother him at this time.

After reluctantly parting with Duan Qin, Bai Chen returned to the room and let the system monitor Xuan Lingling.

He cares a lot about Xuan Lingling.

After more than 20 years of absorbing energy in the last world, it is no longer difficult for the system to broadcast images now, and there is no longer a limitation of distance due to lack of energy.

Bai Chen looked at Xuan Lingling on the screen, and his eyes flashed: [System, investigate all of Xuan Lingling’s past.]

System: [Little master, the other party’s past is deliberately hidden, it is difficult to obtain information, and it will take time to get it.]

Bai Chen: [Hmm.]

Bai Chen has the broadcast screen turned off and goes to the bathroom to have a bath.

After a while, he walked out of the bathroom with his bare feet in loose pajamas, water dripping from the tips of his hair.

System: [Little Master, quickly wipe your hair clean, otherwise you will have a headache.]

Bai Chen is too lazy to do it, with no other action, but a turn and roll in bed.

He grabbed the quilt, lay down on the bed, and was quiet for a while: [System, I want to see AQin.]

After a short time apart from Duan Qin, Bai Chen couldn’t stop missing Duan Qin, wanted to see Duan Qin, wanted to be held in Duan Qin arms.

In the last world, he was really spoiled by Qi Xiao. No matter where Qi Xiao went or what he was doing, he brought him with him, now that he was in this world he hadn’t seen Duan Qin in less than an hour, so he just feels wronged because he misses him.

AQin, AQin.

The system broadcasts the picture of Duan Qin in the middle of the study room to Bai Chen.

Bai Chen’s eyes lit up on the bed and suddenly sat up from the bed.

He subconsciously wanted to reach out and touch Duan Qin, but his fingers passed through the screen in the video, only touching the cold air.

Bai Chen pursed his mouth and drooped his eyebrows, listlessly.

The system is a little distressed: [Little Master, why don’t you go to the study room? ]

Bai Chen eyes lit up, followed by dimming: [It will bother AQin learning.]

The system coaxed: [Little master who knows, maybe he also wants to see little master.]

Bai Chen sitting cross-legged on the bed in thinking, and finally determinedly followed his heart’s desire.

He got out of bed and opened the door.

A tall and handsome figure outside the door was in sight.

Bai Chen’s eyes seemed to light up like thousands of stars in an instant. He jumped up and climbed onto the person’s body. His legs were tightly wrapped around the person’s waist, and his head was buried in the neck of the person, taking in the person’s scent greedily, infatuated with a peace of mind, he called out sweetly: “AQin.”

1: can’t seem to find a proper word for xueba, it mean something like the boss of studying, or straight A’s student, someone that very good at studying

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