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HSS 21

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 2


Bai Chen looked at the person who was riding on the dark horse not far away, a person with a handsome and indifferent appearance, his eyes turned red in an instant. He murmured, pursed his mouth and rushed over under Zheng Xuanhao’s surprised eyes.

Duan Qin stood coldly and dismounted. He just stepped on the ground and was able to stand firmly when there was a sudden momentum behind him. Before he could react, a body attached to his back, and then a pair of arms were tightly wrapped around his waist.

He subconsciously pulled the hand wrapped around his waist and threw the person behind him away. However, when he just touched the hand on his waist, a fierce emotion suddenly arose in his heart. What was even more strange was that he actually wanted to hold the owner of these hands tightly in his arms.

Duan Qin’s movements stopped.

There is a voice in his mind screaming frantically: It’s him! It’s him!

Duan Qin frowned tightly.

“AYan?” Tan Yiran just got off the horse to talk to Duan Qin, and saw Duan Qin being hugged from behind. From the figure, it was his good friend Yan Yan. Duan Qin, who was hugged, his face frown indifferently.

He didn’t understand the situation, and looked at Duan Qin questioningly.

No one resolved his doubts, whether it was Duan Qin or Bai Chen who was hugging Duan Qin.

Bai Chen doesn’t notice anyone at this moment.

At this moment, there was only this man, who was hugged tightly by him, in his heart.

He moved, still hugging Duan Qin waist, and moved to the front of Duan Qin, raised his head and looked at Duan Qin with red eyes.

Aggrieved and pitiful.

But there were strange surprises in those bright misty eyes.

As if he saw the light in life.

Duan Qin’s heart suddenly tightened, it was painful.

His brows became more tangled, he didn’t understand what’s going on with him. This kind of emotion was strange and strong, he had never experienced it before.

He clearly wanted to pull the person away from him, but he was reluctant to let go too.

And he still feels distressed.

He wanted to wipe the tears from the red eyes of the person in his arms, and wanted to tell him, don’t cry.

“I thought it would be a long, long time before I could see you.” Bai Chen cried and laughed and buried himself in Duan Qin’s arms. He was so happy. He thought it would take a long, long time before he could see Qi Xiao again, but didn’t expect to see him here.

Although he looked different from the last world, Bai Chen knew that he was Xiao, the auras on their bodies were exactly the same.

Bai Chen tilted his head and habitually rubbed Duan Qin’s shoulders, with a sense of coquettishness.

Obviously he was only just sleeping for a while, but he missed Qi Xiao so much.

Duan Qin’s body froze in an instant, he didn’t know how to react with his hands on his side.

Tan Yiran on the side was shocked.

Duan Qin has never allowed others to get close to him. Even their friends who grew up together have always been in control. But now, not only has AYan, who has always been gentle and caring, hugs Duan Qin, even Duan Qin didn’t push him away too.

Something is wrong, something is wrong.

And if he didn’t read it wrong or heard it wrong, just now AYan was acting like a baby to Duan Qin, right?

He suppressed the shock and thoughts in his heart. Just as he about to speak, he saw Duan Qin picking up the person and putting him on the horse, then turned around and rode the horse quickly away from his sight.

“Why did they go?” Zheng Xuanhao ran over and stared at the back of the horse running away, “Then, how can we compete?”

He looked to the side at Tan Yiran, who seemed to be in a trance.

Tan Yiran put away his thoughts, grabbed Zheng Xuanhao’s shoulders, and led him to the rest area, “What happened to AYan just now?”

Zheng Xuanhao was also dumbfounded. He frowned, “I don’t know, it was fine, then AYan suddenly cried.”

“Cry?” Tan Yiran touched his chin. Just now Bai Chen was holding Duan Qin, so he didn’t get to look at Bai Chen’s face.

“Yeah.” Zheng Xuanhao was a little worried when it came to this. “Yiran, what happened to AYan?” He scratched his head and was puzzled. He hadn’t seen his friend cry since he grew up.

Something must have happened to his friend.

Zheng Xuanhao thought about it seriously, the more he thought the more he couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled Tan Yiran back to the racecourse to follow.

Tan Yiran stood still. He pulled Zheng Xuanhao back, “We’ll know when AQin and AYan come back.”


Duan Qin rode his horse all the way to a remote place with Bai Chen.

He looked at the person in his arms with complicated eyes.

The person in his arms had moist eyes, his black and clear eyes were filled with his figure, joy beyond words, and his hands were tightly wrapped around his waist.

As if he is his world.

Duan Qin was shocked by his sudden thought.

“Xiao, why don’t you hug me?” Bai Chen pouted aggrievedly, and took the initiative to put Duan Qin’s hand on his waist. After doing all this, a bright smile rose on his face. Clinging to Duan Qin’s neck, he rubbed Duan Qin’s cheek affectionately, “It’s nice to see you.”

“Who is he?” Duan Qin grabbed Bai Chen’s chin with a cold face, he didn’t know where did the anger from his heart come from, but listening to the name Bai Chen spit out, he couldn’t control himself.

Obviously the person in his arms was his best friend a moment ago, and their relationship was only friends, but this time, he felt like he was caught by an evil spirit. He wanted to hug his friend, and be the only person in his friend eyes. He likes to be intimate with his friend and let him act like a baby to him, even.

Duan Qin’s eyes gradually darkened as he looked at Bai Chen’s pink lips.

He wants to kiss him.

Imprisoned him in his arms, blended into his blood, kissed him fiercely, and took him fiercely, so that all of his body was stained with his own scent.

Let him be his only, he can’t live without him anymore.

The idea was fierce and strong like it was only natural.

“It’s…” You.

Bai Chen’s words got stuck in his throat.

The system is stopping him.

System: [Little Master, you cannot reveal that you are not Yan Yan, otherwise we will be driven out by the world consciousness.]

Bai Chen: [But he is Xiao.]

System doubt: [Little master, how do you know?]

Bai Chen buried himself in Duan Qin arms, taking a deep breath of Duan Qin scent: [because he is Xiao ah, the same aura as his, I can feel it.]

The system is silent.

Bai Chen shared his joy with the system: [It turns out that Xiao didn’t lie to me. He said that he would come to me. He really came.]

His eyes are shining: [System, I like Xiao the most.]

The system did not speak.

Bai Chen thought the system was upset: [System, I also like you very much.]

The system is a little helpless, [System also likes little master very much.]

Bai Chen was happy again in an instant.

The system is still a little worried: [Little Master, even if Duan Qin is really master Qi of the previous world, you can’t expose it. Remember, little master, you are Yan Yan now, and he is Duan Qin.]

Bai Chen was a little wronged, obviously he was Xiao.

But he knows that the system does it for his own good, and the system is right.

Bai Chen nodded: [I see, don’t worry.]

The system relaxes.

“Who is he?” Seeing that Bai Chen didn’t speak, the anger in Duan Qin’s heart rose higher and higher, his heart was sour and angry, his mind turned into a beast that only followed his instinct, he wanted to find the person whom Bai Chen called by that name, find him and make him disappear forever and ever.

“Talk.” Duan Qin’s eyes burned with anger, and the power in his hand unconsciously increased. “Who is that Xiao from your mouth?”

“Hurt.” Bai Chen cried out, his face wrinkled.

Duan Qin felt a pain in his heart and quickly withdrew his hand, but he still looked at Bai Chen, stubbornly waiting for Bai Chen’s answer.

The person in his arms can only be his.

This voice echoed in Duan Qin’s mind with obsession, over and over again.

Duan Qin just used his strength just now, Bai Chen only felt that his chin was about to be crushed, and tears overflowed from the corner of his eyes. He looked up pitifully, lifted his chin, and held Duan Qin’s hand with one hand. The hand that had just squeezed his chin was placed back on his chin, and his soft voice was coquettish: “Duan Qin, touch it, it hurts.”

The anger in Duan Qin’s chest was half extinguished by Bai Chen like this, he looked at Bai Chen’s red chin, a little annoyed that he had just lost control, he moved his hand, the fingertips with some cocoons swept across Bai Chen’s delicate chin.

Bai Chen suddenly bent his eyes happily.

He hugged Duan Qin’s neck, pursed his lips, raised his body, and kissed Duan Qin’s warm lips under Duan Qin’s surprised eyes.

“Duan Qin, let’s be together.”

T/N: my bl heart is shipping Tan Yiran and Zheng Xuanhao! (; ̄ー ̄川

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