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HSS Chapter 1

Real and Fake Young Master 1

The boy has short, soft and slightly curly chestnut hair, and under his straight eyebrows are long and curly eyelashes. With the blink of an eye, they look like the wings of a butterfly fluttering. The black eyes are clear and translucent, and the nose is like a fine jade stand. The pink and shiny lips are like beautiful jelly, as if you can taste the overflow of delicious nourishment with one bite.

The porcelain-white skin can be broken by a blow, it’s like the finest mutton white jade, revealing a hazy color under the shining of the incandescent lamp.

This is a young man who was particularly favored by the Creator.

Even though the soul has changed in his body at this moment, the pride that overflowed all over his body is still engraved on his body, which cannot be ignored.

Bai Chen looked at the boy in the mirror, bowed his head expressionlessly, and took apart the toiletries that the servant had just prepared.

Bai Chen: [Information.]

System: [Yes, little master.]

System: [Beep! The system energy is insufficient, please wait for ten minutes.]

Bai Chen was injured, causing his godhead to be unstable. When the godhead was about to disappear, the system sensed that the young master was in danger so the system pulled him into its system space. The system used its energy and the special nature of the space to finally stabilize Bai Chen’s weak godhead. His godhead is stable, but it is only stable. If they want to restore the godhead to its original state, with the energy possessed by the system, it will not be possible even after tens of thousands of years.

But the system is the most advanced system in the three thousand worlds. In addition, it has accompanied Bai Chen for a long time. It is the most knowledgeable system in the entire three thousand worlds. Although the system cannot directly restore Bai Chen’s godhead, it has a way to cure Bai Chen with the help of external force.

The godhead is also a soul. The best way to cultivate a soul is by a soul, but the soul used to cultivate the soul cannot be taken by force. Otherwise, once the evil force on the soul is absorbed by Bai Chen, it will only accelerate the disintegration and disappearance of Bai Chen’s godhead. So Bai Chen has to fulfill the wishes of those souls in the three thousand worlds with deep-seated obsessions, and let those souls voluntarily give most of their pure white soul power for Bai Chen to absorb, which is the best treatment method.

And those souls can still reincarnate after giving up most of their pure white soul power. This is a mutually beneficial method that will not cause chaos for the three thousand world order.

So for the little master, the system used a small amount of energy to lock a soul with obsession in the three thousand worlds, traded with the other party, and then used the remaining energy to break through the barriers of the world, bringing the weak Bai Chen into the world of the soul and enter their body.

‘Huala1,’ Bai Chen opened the door of the closets and randomly selected a set of clothes.

System: [Beep! The world data has been imported, please check it, little master.]

Bai Chen paused, then continued to dress. After dressing up, he walked to the sofa with his bare feet and sat down on the sofa, a finger tapped a few times in the void.

This is a very ordinary world.

The original name is Lu Songyuan, the prince of the Lu Group in City A.

The Lu Group is a century-old group, and its status in City A is one of the best. Therefore, Lu Songyuan from a young age was a little prince who was favored graciously. In addition, father Lu and mother Lu had only one son, so the whole family naturally pampered him tightly.

Being held by everyone and spoiled by the family, it stands to reason that it is easy to grow crooked, but Lu Songyuan has not developed the bad habit of a silkpants2, except for being a little more proud and a little bad tempered.

Following this life trajectory, Lu Songyuan’s life should be very happy. When he was old enough to inherit the family’s group, he would marry a virtuous and gentle wife, give birth to a few big fat kids, and live a lifetime of happiness. But at the age of twenty, all the trajectories of his life were completely reversed by an accident.

Mother Lu has an older sister, Xia Shiyang. In the early years, when mother Lu hadn’t married father Lu, Xia Shiyang stole an important document from father Xia’s company because of a man, and even used her identity and position to transfer the working capital in father Xia’s company. Then she quietly left City A with the man, who had never been seen from beginning to end, so the Xia family couldn’t find anyone.

As a result, Xia’s company was in distress and was on the verge of bankruptcy, but it was his own daughter. Even if he was heartbroken, father Xia didn’t call the police. The newspaper only says that Xia Shiyang broke away from the family.

Later, because of mother Lu, father Lu’s company helped father Xia to keep father Xia’s company alive, but at the same time, mother Lu hated her sister. After marrying father Lu, even if her mother occasionally shed tears because she missed her sister, she never thought of using father Lu’s power to find Xia Shiyang. She hated her sister, and at the same time she didn’t want to see her sister again.

But when Lu Songyuan was twenty years old, Xia Shiyang’s son came to the Lu family.

Xia Shiyang’s son was named Tang Qing, he was the same age as Lu Songyuan, and the two of them were seven or eight points alike.

Tang Qing cried in her arms after meeting mother Lu, saying that he was Lu’s son, and that Xia Shiyang secretly exchanged her child with Lu’s because of jealousy.

Mother Lu didn’t believe it at first, even if Tang Qing looked like Lu Songyuan with seven or eight points alike, even if Tang Qing had the shadow of mother Lu and father Lu.

But Tang Qing kept crying about how hard he had been in the past 20 years. He kept crying about how much he missed his biological mother. He kept grinding his mother to verify. Finally, under grandpa Lu’s decision, he called a family doctor to do a paternity test for Tang Qing. At the same time, a sample was taken to the largest hospital in City A for testing.

The results of the last two tests confirmed Tang Qing’s words that he was indeed the son of mother Lu and father Lu.

So under grandpa Lu’s decision, Tang Qing entered the Lu family and changed his name to Lu Qing. As a result, the position of Lu Songyuan, who was originally spoiled by the Lu family, has become embarrassing.

Lu Songyuan had been favored by the Lu family for twenty years. Although it was proved that he was not their child, they were reluctant to abandon him, so the Lu family still kept him.

Even if he is not a child of the Lu family, mother Lu still treats Lu Songyuan as before, even better than Lu Qing, mother Lu treats Lu Songyuan better.

Because mother Lu always felt that Lu Songyuan was her biological son, she even secretly took the hair of the two for the maternity test, but the result was a little disappointing, but she still did not change her attitude.

It’s just that Lu Songyuan’s life has changed because of Lu Qing. Lu Songyuan has a good friend, Zhao Jun. The Zhao family is a century-old family like the Lu family. The two are two great buddhas entrenched in City A, and they are friends.

After Lu Qing came to the Lu family, Lu Songyuan gradually discovered that his friend and Lu Qing’s friendship was getting better and better, and he even criticized Lu Songyuan many times for Lu Qing. Just because Lu Songyuan was too proud, he didn’t give Lu Qing a good face at home.

Lu Songyuan was so proud that he was naturally too lazy to argue. He didn’t give Lu Qing a good face, but Lu Qing was not a good person either. Usually at home, he always pretends to be pitiful, talking and doing things faintly aimed at Lu Songyuan, so that his friends and family around Lu Songyuan gradually have opinions and even alienate him.

But for the sake of mother Lu, Lu Songyuan has been holding back without saying anything. Finally, Lu Songyuan left the Lu family angrily under Lu Qing’s design. One day, when mother Lu went to find him, both of them died under the wheels of the truck.

After his death, Lu Songyuan’s soul escaped from his body, and it was precisely because of this that after his death, Lu Songyuan understood the truth of the matter, and then his soul blackened, and the huge grievances caused him to circulate in the world without reincarnation.

It turns out that Lu Qing was not the child of mother Lu and father Lu at all. The reason why he looked similar to mother Lu and father Lu was because he had undergone plastic surgery. The family doctor and the hospital were both bought by Lu Qing to give false results. Even the inspection samples that mother Lu secretly sent out after were replaced with Lu Qing’s hair halfway through, only to be tested again and again, all showed that Lu Songyuan was not mother Lu and father Lu child.

And the master behind all this support for Lu Qing is his friend Zhao Jun who grew up with him.

Zhao Jun is very ambitious and wants to develop the Zhao Group into the first group in City A. Originally, the industries of the Zhao Group and the Lu Group seldom overlap, but because of Zhao Jun’s ambition, his hand extended to the industry of the Lu Group. Therefore, the Lu family became Zhao Jun’s stumbling block, in order to bring down the Lu group, Zhao Jun and Lu Qing, who wanted money, decided to collude, and Lu Qing infiltrated into the Lu family.

After mother Lu and Lu Songyuan’s death, father Lu was in grief and his health was so bad that he let Lu Qing enter the Lu Group. This gave Lu Qing the opportunity to reveal many of Lu’s secrets to Zhao Jun. Even more foolproof, Lu Qing and Zhao Jun gave father Lu and grandpa Lu chronic poison.

Under the conspiracy of the two, the Lu family was worse off day by day, showing signs of decadence. Seeing that the group was about to die, father Lu went to find his friend, the Zhao’s family for help, but learned that the black hand behind all this was the Zhao family. Father Lu entered the hospital in a fit of anger, and grandpa Lu also entered the hospital because of the blows one by one.

But the frantic Lu Qing didn’t let father Lu and grandpa Lu off. He told all the truth in front of their beds, and the Lu family father and son who had been eroded by the poison lost their breath and died.

After the death of father Lu and grandpa Lu, Lu Qing joined the Lu family as the heir of the Lu family and became the head of the Lu family. He sold the Lu family to Zhao Jun at a low price. At the same time, he married Zhao Jun and became the mistress of the Zhao family.

It’s a real trick to trade the civet cat for the prince.3

Bai Chen leaned on the soft sofa and reached out to button his shirt: [What is Lu Songyuan’s wish?]

System: [Save the lives of the Lu Group and his family, expose the conspiracy of Lu Qing and Zhao Jun, defeat the Zhao Group, and let Lu Qing and the Zhao family get their due retribution.]

Bai Chen: [I know.]

Bai Chen stood up, sorted out the clothes on his body, out of the bedroom and went downstairs.

At this time, Lu Qing had entered the Lu family and became the young master of the Lu family.

Bai Chen stood on the stairs and looked in the direction of the dining room. Lu Qing was sitting at the table and eating breakfast, while smiling brightly, he said something to father Lu and mother Lu, he looked good and sunny.

1: the sound of the door opening
2: rich and hedonistic son
3: The story is about an emperor without an heir so he announces whoever gave birth to a son will be the empress and the boy will be the crown prince. A consort gave birth to a son but another consort was jealous and so switched the newborn son for a civet cat. The consort was sent to Leng Gong (a place where ancient chinese emperors sent their unwanted consort and children to stay). The jealous consort soon gave birth to a son and became the empress while the son became the crown prince but he later passed away from disease. The emperor decided to select a child from his younger brother, which happened to be the prince that got switched with the civet cat. (U can find the full story from or just search up the civet cat for crown prince)

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