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HSS 18

Real and Fake Young Master 18

Bai Chen closed his eyes and fell weakly on the back seat of the car.

The weakness he felt in his body and the inability to move with the sudden accident made Bai Chen a little irritated.

Obviously, he will see Xiao in a while, and have dinner with Xiao.


The system saw Bai Chen’s violent mood swings, and try to calmed Bai Chen a little nervously: [Little master endured it, the medicinal properties will be solved in a while.]

Bai Chen felt wronged: [I have an appointment with Xiao, why is he more annoying than Tang Qing.]

The last time Tang Qing only stopped Bai Chen for a while, this time Zhao Jun directly kidnapped Bai Chen. After being kidnapped, the time Bai Chen and Qi Xiao spent together was greatly reduced. Naturally, he would be unhappy.

The system blamed itself a little bit: [It’s all my fault, I should have scan Zhao Jun’s belongings.]

It is because of the lack of energy in the system, in addition, the system didn’t absorb much energy after coming to this world. Therefore, it has always been using the bare minimum to save its energy, he didn’t expect to be planted this time.

While condemning itself inwardly, it also reflecting on itself.

[It’s not your fault.] Bai Chen corrected the system very seriously, [It was the fault of the bad guy, when I can move, I will beat him up. ]

The system is his best friend, how could it be wrong.

And the system ran out of energy because it had to save him.

Bai Chen was suddenly stunned, why did his godhead break?

Why can’t he remember it at all?

Suddenly, dense pain swept across his head.

[Little master, the effect of the medicine will be solved in five minutes.]

The system’s loud voice suddenly called Bai Chen back to reality, and the tingling pain from the previous second suddenly disappeared.

Bai Chen was stunned for a moment in doubt, and then immediately became happy.

The system looked at Bai Chen as he was back to usual, and his tense heart relaxed.

Five minutes passed quickly.

Bai Chen squeezed his fists and felt the strength returning to his body. He suddenly jumped from the back seat and rushed towards Zhao Jun who was driving.

Bai Chen: [Stop the car.]

Zhao Jun did not think Bai Chen would wake up so fast, he was obviously under a lot of dose, the man that sells the drug told him that even the strongest cattle won’t wake up in a day.

What Zhao Jun did not expect was that Bai Chen would act on him so madly in the car.

The incident was so sudden that Zhao Jun was pressed against the car door by Bai Chen before he could resist, and a fist as heavy as a cat slammed down on him, causing him to exhale in pain.

What frightened him even more was that the car lost control.

The steering wheel turned back and forth because of the movements of the two of them.

“Stop it.” Zhao Jun looked at the twisted scene out of the car window from the corner of his eyes. The handsome face was distorted into a terrible look because of fear. He frantically struggled to get rid of Bai Chen, and stretched out a hand to control the steering wheel, but he was at a disadvantage, he was firmly suppressed by Bai Chen, and he couldn’t do anything at all.

Seeing the car leave the road and rush towards the guardrail, Zhao Jun couldn’t help shouting: “Xiao Yuan, stop now, I don’t want to die!”

“Xiao Yuan, you are still so young, you can’t die with a scumbag like me. It’s not worth it.” Facing the fear of death, Zhao Jun’s voice rose a few degrees, screaming and begging Bai Chen: “Please, I don’t want to die.”

Bai Chen turned a deaf ear to Zhao Jun’s plea, still waving his fist indifferently, hitting Zhao Jun’s face with a punch.
When Qi Xiao rushed over with someone, he happened to see Zhao Jun’s car swaying awkwardly. His expression changed and he instantly guessed the change.

Seeing that the car was about to rush towards the guardrail, Qi Xiao immediately picked up the walkie-talkie with a heavy voice and quickly ordered: “Stop the car at any cost.”

As Qi Xiao’s words fell, several black cars rushed towards Zhao Jun’s car. The black car drove away.

Qi Xiao opened his eyes and dared not blink, his baby was in the car in front.

His palm holding the walkie-talkie trembled violently.

Qi Xiao, who has never believed in gods and buddha, only believes in himself, for the first time sincerely prayed to them to bless his baby.

The road that was quickly cleared out, at this time, a dozen black cars were chasing each other, all of them quickly chasing after the car in front that was rushing toward the guardrail.


Sharp brakes sounded one after another, Qi Xiao opened the door, his footsteps quickened, completely lost his previous calmness, with long legs and using the fastest speed in his life, he quickly rushed to the stopped car.
The system just controlled the car to stop. The dozens of cars and those sturdy men who suddenly appeared outside the car window made Bai Chen blink a little unclear.

System: [Little Master, Master Qi is here.]

Bai Chen, whose eyes were full of indifference and determination just now suddenly opened, the fierce aura from his body dissipated instantly and became a soft waxy appearance in front of Qi Xiao, [is it Xiao? ]

He threw down the unresponsive Zhao Jun who was beaten by him, crossed the seat, opened the back seat door, and jumped out of the car.

“Xiao.” Looking at Qi Xiao who hurried to his side, Bai Chen waved his hand happily and quickly ran towards Qi Xiao.

Hugging the rushing baby tightly in his arms, Qi Xiao’s heart that had just been hanging on the edge of the knife was finally put down, but then his heart raised again.

He held Bai Chen’s shoulder, and carefully checked it up and down: “Baby, are you hurt?”

If it weren’t for being outside at this moment and surrounded by subordinates, Qi Xiao could hardly wait to take off Bai Chen’s clothes to inspect him.

“No.” Bai Chen bent his eyes, his small face filled with joy when he saw Qi Xiao, he held Qi Xiao’s waist, stick to Qi Xiao’s body: “I miss you so much. ”

Looking at Bai Chen’s vitality, and not being affected by the kidnapping at all, Qi Xiao’s trembling palm finally stabilized.

He firmly clasped Bai Chen in his arms, his tone was of elation after the incident: “Baby, fortunately you are fine, fortunately you are fine.” Otherwise, he doesn’t know what he will do.

Bai Chen noticed that Qi Xiao’s emotions were not right. He jumped onto Qi Xiao’s body, tightly entangled Qi Xiao with his limbs, and learned the way Qi Xiao coaxed him before, with his lips lightly touching Qi Xiao’s forehead: “Xiao, I’m not afraid, I’m okay.”

Qi Xiao closed his eyes, feeling the breath of Bai Chen’s body, and solemnly said after a long while: “Baby, don’t take risks by yourself next time, remember to wait for me.”

God knows when he watched the car rush to the guardrail, his heart almost stopped beating.

“No, there is no next time, baby.” Qi Xiao quickly denied his previous words, “Baby, this kind of thing won’t happen in the future.”

Gao Yan asked his men to drag Zhao Jun out of the car and detain him. He bared his teeth while looking at the scary fist marks on Zhao Jun’s face.

He couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Bai Chen, who was held tightly in Qi Xiao arms, feeling that his previous perception had been strongly impacted.

He thought it was just a cuscuta flower1 that would cling to others even when he walked, but he didn’t expect it to turn out to be a cruel piranha. This injury, it looked so painful.

When Gao Yan felt that the time was about right, they brought Zhao Jun to Qi Xiao’s face, “Sir, the person is here.”

Qi Xiao hugged Bai Chen and looked at Zhao Jun coldly. Emitting killing intent, Gao Yan, who was standing beside him, couldn’t stop shrinking, trying to reduce his sense of existence.

Such a gentleman is terrifying.

Zhao Jun, who originally wanted to ask for mercy, was suddenly strangled by Qi Xiao’s glance, unable to make a sound.

He was weak to the ground in two battles.

“Take good hospitality and hand it over in three days.” With a harsh voice knocking on Zhao Jun’s fearful heart, Qi Xiao hugged Bai Chen, turned and walked into the car.

Gao Yan looked at Zhao Jun until Qi Xiao’s car disappeared.

The next second he showed an expression of disgust, and waved to the person pressing Zhao Jun: “Take it away.”

After a while, the road became empty again, leaving only a pool of suspicious yellow liquid.

Shortly afterwards, the empty driveway resumed the scene of vehicular traffic.
Qi Xiao’s actions last night were extremely fierce. Bai Chen was tossed back and forth several times. Even though Bai Chen cried softly and begged for mercy, Qi Xiao did not stop his movements until the sky was bright, Qi Xiao then hugged Bai Chen and fell asleep.

Bai Chen was wrapped in a quilt to cover the dense traces on his body, grieved and turned around and didn’t want to associate with Qi Xiao.

Qi Xiao knew that he was wrong. He was really scared yesterday and couldn’t help but want to prove Bai Chen’s existence over and over again, to prove that his baby is still in his arms.

He gently massaged Bai Chen’s waist with one hand to relieve Bai Chen’s discomfort, and softly coaxed Bai Chen.

Bai Chen had no choice but to make amends with Qi Xiao.

He likes Qi Xiao so much.

Enduring the soreness of his body, he turned around with difficulty, pouting his mouth aggrievedly, and stretched out his hand to Qi Xiao.

Qi Xiao quickly wrapped the person in his arms with the quilt, and lowered his head to touch Bai Chen’s forehead: “Baby, I’m sorry.”

“You can’t do this next time, I feel so uncomfortable on my body.” Bai Chen wrinkled his nose and breathed. The scent on Qi Xiao’s body and the scent that aroused his obsession made him squint his eyes comfortably.

Although he also likes to be with Qi Xiao, his body can’t take it at all.

Bai Chen stayed in Qi Xiao’s villa for three days before returning to Lu’s house.

And because the matter of his kidnapping by Zhao Jun was resolved quickly, Qi Xiao blocked the news again, so mother Lu and father Lu didn’t know at all.

System: [Little Master, Tang Qing was sent to prison by Liang Huihuang.]

1: Cuscuta dodder is a parasitic plants


SingleDog theater:

Bai Chen with Qi Xiao

Gao Yan: parasite flower

Bai Chen with trashy Jun

Gao Yan: piranha

Ji Wenxuan with Gao Yan

SingleDog: two single dogs….

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