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HSS 19

Real and Fake Young Master End

Liang Huihuang has always attached great importance to Liang Yanghong’s education. He naturally cannot tolerate Tang Qing leading Liang Yanghong astray. Therefore, after receiving the e-mail sent to him by the system, he carefully investigated and determined the authenticity of the information in the e-mail. Without hesitation, Tang Qing was sent to the police station with the charges of burglary.

Tang Qing was already accused of stealing important commercial secrets. In addition, he attacked the police and fled before and was punished for several crimes. He won’t get out for a few years.

Liang Yanghong had a quarrel with Liang Huihuang for this. Liang Huihuang’s attitude did not soften because of Liang Yanghong’s temper. On the second day, Liang Huihuang pulled a few strings and forcefully sent Liang Yanghong to the army.

At the same time, Zhao Jun was also sent to the police station by Qi Xiao, and Zhao Jun was sentenced to seven years in prison for kidnapping and illegally armed with a gun. However, Qi Xiao did not let Zhao Jun go. He bought the cell with Zhao Jun and asked them to take good care of Zhao Jun.

Obviously, the three days of Zhao Jun’s experience under Gao Yan did not let Qi Xiao’s anger dissipate.

Every time he thinks of his baby passing by death, Qi Xiao can’t wait to kill Zhao Jun.

However, Zhao Jun’s life in prison is more miserable than his death. With Qi Xiao’s special care, he must have lived well in prison for these years. After he comes out, he will almost be a useless person.

Because of the fall of the Zhao Group, Father Lu has been very busy recently, almost treating the company as his home. He spent more than a month eating, drinking and sleeping in the company.

Mother Lu couldn’t get into the affairs of Father Lu’s company, so she could only study the recipes every day, trying to take good care of Father Lu’s daily life. At the same time, she closed one eye toward Bai Chen’s act of running to Qi Xiao everyday.

It was already two months after father Lu was completely free, and only then did he spare his hands to deal with the family doctor.

The family doctor had served the Lu family for many years, and had a certain relationship with the Lu family. It stands to reason that he should not betray the Lu family, but he was secretly lured by Zhao Jun’s people to indulge in gambling and owed a huge sum of money, in order to pay back the money and got rid of those vicious debt collectors, he had to agree to Zhao Jun’s fraudulent paternity test report.

Perhaps he felt guilty and consciously sorry for the Lu family. Within a few days after Tang Qing entered the Lu family, he voluntarily proposed to resign and took Zhao Jun’s payment to him and stayed away from City A.

It took a while for father Lu to find the family doctor who was hiding in a remote area.

The family doctor did not do well after leaving City A. He took the payment and did not pay the gambling debt immediately. Instead, he chose to run directly. On the way, he couldn’t control himself and entered the gambling den again. Not only lost all the money in his hands, but also owed a huge amount of money. Now two groups of debt collectors are looking for him everywhere.

Father Lu didn’t do anything to the family doctor, but directly handed him over to two groups of debt collectors.

After doing these things, father Lu directly sued the hospital that gave them the paternity test. For those involved in this matter, father Lu and mother Lu have no plans to let any of them go.

Spring goes and autumn comes, and three years later, Bai Chen has graduated from F University.

After completing Lu Songyuan’s wish, Bai Chen did not immediately return to the system space to absorb the pure white soul energy that belonged to Lu Songyuan, but chose to stay in this world.

“Yuanyuan, my little prince, really beautiful.” Mother Lu looked at Bai Chen who walked out of the fitting room, her eyes bright.

Bai Chen is wearing a small white suit, his black hair is fixed in place with a hairspray, with a light makeup on his face, which makes his exquisite and beautiful appearance even more eye-catching. It looks like a prince walking out from a fairy tale.

Mother Lu couldn’t help her young maiden heart from overflowing.

“Wow, cousin.” When Ji Wenxuan came over, he happened to see this scene. He circled Bai Chen in amazement, and then winked at Bai Chen with wretched eyebrows. “Seeing such a cousin, my cousin will definitely be out of control the next moment. ”

Mother Lu gave Ji Wenxuan a silent glance.

Ji Wenxuan broke away from the shining light on Bai Chen’s body, and touched his nose with some guilty conscience.

He actually said something bad in front of his elders, his image…

Ji Wenxuan gave a dry cough, and remembered his purpose of coming: “Auntie, the auspicious hour is about to arrive, and uncle asked me to come in and call you out.”

Two years ago, thanks to the efforts of Mother Lu and Father Lu, Mother Lu became pregnant again. Now, taking advantage of this opportunity, mother Lu decided to help Bai Chen come out to father Lu.

Father Lu couldn’t accept the fact that his son was a homosexual at first. He even hurled Bai Chen out of the house angrily. Fortunately, Mother Lu dealt with him and stabilized father Lu.

Thanks to the efforts of mother Lu and Qi Xiao over the past two years, father Lu finally accepted them, but he was still a little awkward.

Mother Lu holding Bai Chen’s hands was a little sad: “You were a little baby back then, and you grew up in a blink of an eye to get a family. Mom really couldn’t bear it.”

Bai Chen reached out and hugged Mother Lu, trying to comfort her somewhat awkwardly.

Mother Lu was sad for a while, wiped away the tears overflowing from the corner of her eyes, took Bai Chen’s hand and walked out.

Outside the door, Father Lu was holding a drooling baby.

The little baby has a pair of round, black eyes, moving around in Father Lu’s arms very lively, and the two chubby hands keep moving on Father Lu’s face.

This little baby is the new member of the Lu family, named Lu Songqi.

Father Lu reluctantly grasped Lu Songqi’s tumultuous hand, and frequently turned his head to look in the direction of Bai Chen and the others. When he saw Bai Chen and the others coming out of the house, he immediately turned his head back, pretending not to care.

Mother Lu gave a chuckle, walked over, took Lu Songqi from father Lu’s arms, and held Bai Chen’s palm in one hand and placed it in father Lu’s hand.

Father Lu stiffened, but did not let go.

Bai Chen took father Lu arm all the way to the wedding venue, and then father Lu handed him to Qi Xiao, who was standing in front of the priest and waiting for him.

Under the witness of relatives, friends and the priest, the two say the marriage vow that they will never be separated from life to life.

In this life, Bai Chen was extremely spoiled by Qi Xiao, and he never felt unhappy at all.

“Baby, don’t be afraid, I will come to you soon.” Qi Xiao lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Bai Chen’s forehead.

Bai Chen’s godhead is too weak, even with the system’s energy blessing, after 20 years in this world, he still can’t support it.

Bai Chen raised his hand and stroked Qi Xiao’s face somewhat reluctantly. He wanted to be greedy for a while longer to look at Qi Xiao, but in the end he could only drop his hand weakly and close his eyes.

Qi Xiao held the silent Bai Chen in his arms motionless, with a calm expression.
“System, seal the world!”

In the pure white space, a young man with a delicate face in a white robe could only spit out these words weakly, and closed his eyes.

The flashing red light system floats beside the boy, and the red light blooms around the boy, holding the boy’s body on a pure white platform.

[Little master, you will get better soon.] The system looked at Bai Chen, who was falling asleep, with some distressed red light flashes all over its body, and then exhaled a white smoke without any hesitation, controlling the white smoke to sink into Bai Chen’s forehead.

That was from Bai Chen fulfilling Lu Songyuan’s wish, Lu Songyuan’s pure white soul power was given as the reward.

Suddenly a golden light broke into the space of the system without warning, and fell into Bai Chen’s body and the system couldn’t react.

The golden light spread, the system stared blankly, and then reacted, checking Bai Chen’s godhead.

After a while, the system murmured: [It turned out to be…]
When Bai Chen opened his eyes again, he found that he was holding a girl.


Next world: fierce Chenchen!

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