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HSS 17

Real and Fake Young Master 17

The two had a lot of fun, and finally the grape was eaten by the two.

Bai Chen dropped the phone, leaned forward, took the plate containing the grapes into his arms, stretched out his index finger to carefully pick on each grape, then picked out the roundest and largest grape.

Qi Xiao encircled Bai Chen’s waist and leaned his head on Bai Chen’s shoulder.

The jade-like fingers moved on the purple-black grapes, and soon they peeled off the grape’s coat.

“Xiao, you eat.” Bai Chen turned his head and looked at Qi Xiao with bright eyes, and handed the full grape to Qi Xiao’s lips.

Qi Xiao didn’t take it. He squeezed Bai Chen’s fleshy palms, and said with a smile: “Baby just robbed me of my grapes, why are you so good to me now?”

“This is a reward. ”

“Reward?” Qi Xiao raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Bai Chen nodded earnestly, “Because Xiao helped dad.”

The system said that although his relationship with Qi Xiao now doesn’t need to pay attention to knowledge and gratitude, proper rewards are still needed.

Bai Chen didn’t know what to reward, but he liked the grapes Qi Xiao fed him, so he would also feed Qi Xiao grapes.

Qi Xiao was a little surprised, “Baby knows that?”

“Yeah.” Bai Chen nodded.

The energy of the system has not recovered much. It is not easy to collect evidence from the Zhao Group. In the past month or so, the system has only collected half of it, and this half is not enough to defeat Zhao so quickly.

In addition, the Bureau of Commence action was unexpectedly fast this time.

Sure enough, Bai Chen asked the system to check before finding out the driving force behind the scenes.

It was Qi Xiao who filled in the most important evidence about the Zhao Group, and it was also Qi Xiao who used his relationship to get the Bureau of Commerce to intervene quickly.

The Zhao Group was defeated so quickly.

Qi Xiao touched Bai Chen’s head, and didn’t ask how Bai Chen knew, he opened his mouth and held the grape in his mouth.

The warm touch on his fingers made Bai Chen’s ears red, but he stubbornly did not take his fingers back.

Qi Xiao smiled and swallowed the sweet grapes in his mouth, stretched out his long hand, and pulled out a wet tissue from the short table next to him, holding Bai Chen’s hand, slowly helping Bai Chen wipe off the water stains on his fingers.

Bai Chen sat in Qi Xiao’s arms obediently, letting Qi Xiao do it.

Qi Xiao didn’t ask the reason, and Bai Chen couldn’t talk about the system because it was an existence outside of this world. Once exposed, he and the system will be expelled from this world. He can’t talk about it if he doesn’t want to leave Qi Xiao.

But he also didn’t want to deceive Qi Xiao.

After Qi Xiao wiped off all Bai Chen’s ten fingers, he leaned over and attached his lips to Bai Chen’s ears.

“Baby, a grape is not enough as a reward.”

A warm breath poured into his ears domineeringly, and Bai Chen shrank his neck. “What do you want, Xiao?”

“Baby, how about you be my reward?” Qi Xiao whispered.

Bai Chen blinked, a little puzzled: “But I was Xiao.”

“Baby, you are really a baby.” Qi Xiao gave a low laugh, picked up Bai Chen who was still puzzled, and walked upstairs.
The Zhao group fell quickly. Because of some illegal operations, father Zhao was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and all the Zhao family’s property was confiscated.

On the day when the verdict came down, mother Zhao could not accept the blow and fainted at the door of the court. Zhao Jun stood upright on the spot in a daze, not knowing how to react.

In such a short time, he changed from an ambitious man of the heaven to a poor boy who can be bullied by everyone.

Money, status, everything he once had was ruthlessly stripped away at this moment, leaving only his unfulfilled ambitions.

He smiled miserably, picked up the fainted mother Zhao and walked away slowly under the pointing gazes of everyone.
Bai Chen was sitting by the window in the dessert shop opposite the school with his bag on his back. He held his mobile phone and played the game seriously, drinking fruit juice and eating dessert from time to time, and waiting comfortably for Gao Yan’s arrival.

Before class was over, Qi Xiao sent a message telling him that he could not pick him up in person because he had something to do today, and asked him to wait for Gao Yan to pick him up at the dessert shop.

Although Bai Chen was a little lost and couldn’t see Qi Xiao right away, he still listened to Qi Xiao obediently and went to the dessert shop to wait for Gao Yan.

System: [Little master, Tang Qing has nowhere to go so he went to find Liang Yanghong, and is now hidden by Liang Yanghong in a villa in the suburbs.]

The original owner Lu Songyuan’s wish was to save the lives of the Lu Group and his family, expose the conspiracy of Tang Qing and Zhao Jun, defeat the Zhao Group, and let Tang Qing and Zhao’s family get their due retribution.

Now Bai Chen is almost done, only Tang Qing who has escaped is left.

In the end, Liang Yanghong still fell in love with Tang Qing like in the information. According to the information, he took part in the car accident between mother Lu and Lu Songyuan for Tang Qing, and this time he did not hesitate to take risks to hide Tang Qing.

Bai Chen used a spoon to dig out a piece of cake with strawberry cream, put it in his mouth, the delicate cream melted in his mouth, and the sweet taste satisfied his taste buds. Bai Chen couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

He likes Qi Xiao and these delicious food the most in the world.

Every time he eats these delicious foods, he has a pleasant feeling.

But he still likes Qi Xiao the most.

Bai Chen bent his eyes and swallowed the cake: [Collect Tang Qing’s information and send a copy to Liang Huihuang.]

System: [Okay, little master.]

The system quickly compiled a piece of information, connected to the Internet with energy, and sent the information to Liang Huihuang’s mailbox.

The system that had done all this turned its eyes to its little master, and smiled comfortingly.

Sure enough, the little master still likes the desserts of the mortal world the most.

The little master has never changed.

The system thought about his life when he was just born, and then looked at the increasingly prestigious Bai Chen, the system sighed in relief.

This time, this disaster might not actually be a disaster for the little master.

Especially the man who can affect the mood of the little master.

The cake was only a small piece, so Bai Chen finished eating quickly. He licked the corners of his mouth with some regret, restraining the urge of wanting another piece.

He promised Qi Xiao that he would only eat a small piece of cake, and he would save his stomach to go back to have dinner with Qi Xiao.

Thinking of Qi Xiao, Bai Chen’s regret for not being able to eat cake gradually disappeared.

He lowered his head and refocused his attention on the puzzle game in his hand.

A shadow struck, Bai Chen put down his phone and turned his head, he glanced at the person who came, and then looked away indifferently.

The person here is not Gao Yan.

When Zhao Jun saw that Bai Chen treated him completely like a stranger, his hand clench tightly behind his back. He restrained the violent emotions in his heart and showed a friendly smile at Bai Chen, “Xiao Yuan, can we talk?”

Bai Chen ignored him.

He and Zhao Jun have nothing to talk about, and he doesn’t want to talk to Zhao Jun.

Seeing Bai Chen still ignoring him, Zhao Jun moved, cheekily squeezed to Bai Chen’s side and sat down, “Xiao Yuan, listen to me, I am confused for a while to do this kind of thing, I didn’t want to hurt you, Xiao Yuan, you have always been my dearest brother in my heart.”

Bai Chen stood up dissatisfied and looked at Zhao Jun who was repentant and crying, begging for forgiveness.

The scent of Zhao Jun disgusted him.

Hypocritical, violent, and vicious.

“Get out of the way.” Bai Chen said coldly.

Zhao Jun was taken aback. He stretched out his hand to grab Bai Chen’s wrist, but Bai Chen avoided him. He lowered his head to cover the viciousness in his eyes, “Xiao Yuan, forgive me, okay?”

Being stuck on the table by Zhao Jun, Bai Chen was a little displeased, “Get out of the way.”

The harsh voice was like a sharp blade inserted into Zhao Jun’s heart. He looked up anxiously and saw the cold light flashing in Bai Chen’s eyes, as if to say if he won’t leave then Bai Chen will do it himself.

Zhao Jun realized that the person in front of him was no longer a follower behind him, nor will he show weakness because of his sentence, or just forgive his mistake unconditionally.

Zhao Jun’s nails plunged deeply into the palm of his hand, and the pale bloodshot eyes slowly oozed out.

They all look down on me now! Just because I have no money or status!

His hand slowly reached into the pocket of his coat where Bai Chen couldn’t see it.

System: [Little master, be careful!]

Lu Songyuan’s body in the end is not Bai Chen’s body, even if Bai Chen react fast, but Lu Songyuan physical reaction can not keep up, let alone Zhao Jun practiced martial arts with a personal trainer since he was still a child, his strength is higher than Lu Songyuan.

Bai Chen’s eyes drooped weaker and weaker, and finally fell softly on the seat.

Zhao Jun quickly took Bai Chen into his hands.

Their actions here are not small. Although there are not many customers in the dessert shop, there are still a dozen customers.

Seeing that someone was kidnapped, the customers came around immediately, not letting Zhao Jun go.

Zhao Jun looked at the people walking towards him, gave a sneer, took a gun from his clothes, and shot it at the electric light on the ceiling.


The electric lamp exploded, small glass shards fell to the ground, making a rattling noise, and the bright light in the store suddenly became dimmed.

“Get out!” Zhao Jun swept the crowd with the gun, “Everyone leave!”

The few people who had just tried to save slowly retreated under the threat of their lives, and Zhao Jun took the opportunity to take Bai Chen out of the dessert shop, he got into a shiny black car parked outside the shop.

A customer saw the license plate number of Zhao Jun’s car, and quickly pressed 110 to call the police.

Gao Yan just stopped the car, but before he got out of the car, he saw Bai Chen being clamped by Zhao Jun into the car not far from him.

There was a thud in his heart, and he immediately stepped on the accelerator to follow up, and at the same time quickly picked up the mobile phone on the side to dial Qi Xiao’s private number.

As soon as the phone was connected, Gao Yan immediately said: “Sir, the young master has been kidnapped!”

“Who is it?” A cold and dangerous voice came from the phone, and Gao Yan shuddered for no reason.

“It’s Zhao Jun.” Gao Yan has a good memory. Even though he has only seen Zhao Jun side, with his strong memory and analysis ability, he recognized Zhao Jun in an instant.

“Follow up, don’t rush, keep the phone on, and report the situation at any time.”

“Yes, sir.”

Gao Yan followed for a while, and found that he seemed to be exposed. The car that Zhao Jun drove not long after he followed him, just drove into a crowded place, with the intention of throwing him off.

“Sir, he found me.” Gao Yan reported the situation to Qi Xiao.

“Don’t care, keep following.”

Gao Yan concentrated on following Zhao Jun’s car, vaguely hearing Qi Xiao quickly giving orders on the phone.

T/N: bad move, trashy Jun. Bad move.

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