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HSS 16

Real and Fake Young Master 16

When Bai Chen woke up, it was already dark.

He was the only one on the empty bed. He stretched out his hand and touched it, and it was cold.

Qi Xiao is not here.

Bai Chen wanted to get up to look for Qi Xiao. He moved and wanted to get up, but found that his body was weak, especially around his waist.

His mouth slumped, a little aggrieved.

The next second, the dim yellow light on the bedside turned on, and Bai Chen turned his head to look, and saw Qi Xiao standing by the bed.

Bai Chen’s grievances turned into joy in an instant.

He was in a happy mood and looked at Qi Xiao with shining eyes, he reached out for a hug.

Qi Xiao amusedly stretched out his hand to hug Bai Chen, and gently massaged Bai Chen’s waist with one hand to relieve his discomfort.

“Baby, are you hungry?”

Bai Chen felt his stomach and nodded.

Qi Xiao lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Bai Chen’s forehead. He usually hugged Bai Chen like holding a child. He picked up the coat on the side and put it over Bai Chen’s shirt, and took another pair of thick pajamas for Bai Chen to put on, “Hey, let’s go to dinner first, and I’ll massage it for you after eating.”

As long as he is with Qi Xiao, Bai Chen is naturally happy to do anything.

After being fed a meal carefully by Qi Xiao, Bai Chen looked at the starry sky outside the house and pointed out with some joy, “Xiao, let’s go see the stars.”

Qi Xiao naturally agreed, and he ordered the housekeeper to put a recliner on the yard. He reached out to hug Bai Chen to help him up, but Bai Chen refused.

Bai Chen stepped on the ground with a twisted posture, reached out and grabbed Qi Xiao’s palm with his fingers clasped together. He raised his head and blink his eyes: “I want to walk with Xiao hand in hand.”

Although Qi Xiao was a little worried about Bai Chen’s body, looking at Bai Chen bright expectant eyes, he still compromised.

He bent over and picked up Bai Chen and put it on the chair, “Yes, but you have to put on your shoes first. The ground is cold.”

Bai Chen shook his feet, Qi Xiao put a thin cotton socks on for him, his eyebrows and eyes curled.

He watched Qi Xiao come back quickly with a pair of cotton shoes, squatted down and put them on his feet personally, then got up and took the towel handed over by the housekeeper and wiped his hands.

Seeing Qi Xiao grabbing his hand, one big and one small hand clasped tightly together, Bai Chen’s heart was like a firework.

The sky tonight is very beautiful, the stars twinkling, dotted the dark night sky.

With small steps, Bai Chen and Qi Xiao slowly stepped on the soft grass. They looked up at the starry sky and looked at each other from time to time. They were surrounded by the sweetness of pink love.

This is the first time Qi Xiao has watched the starry sky seriously. The beauty of the starry sky is beyond his imagination, but in his heart it is still not as good as the person beside him.

Bai Chen smiled sweetly. He watched Qi Xiao walking by his side and carefully guarding him, then there was a momentary haze in his eyes, as if he had experienced this scene before.

“Baby? What’s the matter?” Qi Xiao noticed Bai Chen’s distraction.

The feeling of deja vu suddenly broke, Bai Chen blinked and looked at Qi Xiao with some doubts.

“Tired?” Qi Xiao’s wide warm palm covered Bai Chen’s head. “Let’s go back and rest.”

Bai Chen nodded and stretched out his hands.

Qi Xiao smiled and hugged Bai Chen and walked into the house.

Bai Chen still didn’t go home that night. He made a call and reported to mother Lu, and then shook his legs and waited for Qi Xiao to wipe his face.

The next day was Monday, and Qi Xiao personally sent Bai Chen to class.

Bai Chen was still sticking to Qi Xiao as before. If he hadn’t borrowed Lu Songyuan’s body and has to maintain Lu Songyuan’s basic life, Bai Chen would have become a pendant and hung on Qi Xiao’s body directly. Wherever Qi Xiao goes, he also goes.

It wasn’t until the car turned and disappeared that Bai Chen, who was still sticky, instantly transformed into the cold and proud appearance like usual.

Since the last old Ji birthday banquet, Bai Chen walked on campus and no one pointed at him anymore, and even those classmates who had alienated him before became more diligent toward him.

But Bai Chen always ignores those people on campus, as long as they doesn’t bother him.

The teacher on the podium quickly talked about the main points while drawing various data graphs on the blackboard, and Bai Chen bowed his head and took notes seriously.

System: [Little Master, Tang Qing has started.]

Not long after old Ji ‘s birthday banquet, Grandpa Lu “requested” Tang Qing to enter the Lu Group to study. Father Lu arranged for Tang Qing as a manager and asked the secretary around him to personally tutor him. The meaning is obvious.

Although the Lu’s Group’s new product launch conference was postponed for some reasons, Tang Qing’s identity was not disclosed for the time being, but joining the Lu’s Group as a manager, this result has surprised Tang Qing and Zhao Jun.

For more than a month, Tang Qing has been in the Lu family like a fish in the water1. Although he has not been exposed to many secrets for the time being, he has almost understood the operating structure of the Lu family.

Of course, these are all false impressions that father Lu created for Tang Qing.

The purpose is to fish.

During this period of more than a month, father Lu not only blinded Tang Qing and Zhao Jun, but also acquired several small companies in private, and secretly caused trouble for Zhao Jun company that intends to seize Lu Group business.

Coupled with Qi Xiao’s secret help, Zhao Jun has been very embarrassed for more than a month.

Just a few days ago, there were serious errors in several cases in Zhao Jun’s company, and there was a big gap in funds. He had to ask the Zhao family for help and use Zhao Group’s funds to make up for the holes in his company.

After solving the company’s financial problems, Zhao Jun set his sights on the Lu Group.

His company is currently having a big case that is in competition with the Lu Group. If it can win, then his company can not only make up for the previous losses, but also make it to a higher level. At the same time, if the Lu Group can’t afford this fat meat, it can also cause some losses to the Lu Group.

So Zhao Jun asked Tang Qing to find a way to steal the Lu Group’s plan on this case.

Bai Chen: [Hmm.]

Father Lu has long anticipated this and prepared, Bai Chen didn’t need to worry at all, Bai Chen only needed to maintain the original good life.

A few days later, father Lu took advantage of the business case stolen by Tang Qing and successfully brought Zhao Jun down, and successfully reached a cooperation with major international companies to expand the Lu Group to overseas markets.

At the same time, father Lu launched an attack on Zhao Jun’s company and sent a video and several documents to the public security and sued Tang Qing.

At this time, Zhao Jun and Tang Qing discovered that their conspiracy had long been exposed, and Tang Qing fled during the arrest.

In just a few days, the thriving company supported by the Zhao Group and developed by Zhao Jun fell into hell in an instant. Serious flaws occurred throughout the company. Many partners announced the termination of cooperation and demanded compensation. Many internal senior management did not hesitate to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages to switch jobs from the company.

In just a few days, Zhao Jun’s company became an empty shelf and owed huge debts. Even with the backing of the Zhao Group, his company would not be able to come back to life.

Reluctantly, Zhao Jun could only declare bankruptcy and returned to the Zhao clan in a desperate manner.

However, Father Lu’s actions did not stop, and immediately declared war on the Zhao Group.

Because of the Zhao Group involvement with Zhao Jun, it is now difficult to take out their funds. The Lu Group’s are undoubtedly finding trouble with the Zhao Group.

Father Zhao lost his temper at home, so he cheekily dialed father Lu’s phone.

Father Lu answered the phone calmly, listening to Father Zhao’s explanation on the phone, shifting all the guilt to Zhao Jun, and bringing up the friendship over the years, he could not help but sneered, “Old Zhao, we have been together for so many years. Of course, I won’t wrong you.”

Father Zhao was overjoyed. Just as he was about to speak, Father Lu said again: “I have a document here. Old Zhao, please take a good look and then talk about it.”

Father Zhao was hung up. Soon, father Lu sent an email, which was exactly the information that Qi Xiao investigated at the time.

Father Zhao’s face turned pale, and he gritted his teeth viciously, “Since you, Lu clan, is going to fight, then so be it I am not afraid, the Zhao clan is not so easy to bully.”

Both sides will just take damage.

Father Zhao didn’t get to wait until the day when both lost, he was taken away by the Bureau of Commerce for investigation the next day.

The Zhao Group can develop into a company as big as it is today. There must be something unclean inside the company. Bai Chen asked the system to investigate and submit the information to the relevant departments.

However, in a few days, newspapers reported various negative news about the Zhao Group’s tax evasion and production of substandard products.

Suddenly, the shares of the Zhao Group fell crazily. In order to preserve the value of the shares in the company, the small shareholders in the company dumped their shares one after another. Father Lu took the opportunity to buy many shares at a low price.

Qi Xiao fed the peeled grape to Bai Chen mouth, who was seriously playing Snake in his arms.

The sweet taste made Bai Chen bend his eyes happily, but the movements of his hands still did not stop, still earnestly instructing the greedy snake to swallow the food that appeared in every place.

Qi Xiao narrowed his eyes with dissatisfaction. His always clingy baby now has only this broken game in his eyes.

He peeled a grape again, placed the peeled grape next to Bai Chen’s mouth, and withdrew his hand the moment Bai Chen opened his mouth.

The movement of Bai Chen’s hand stopped, and he turned to look at Qi Xiao.

“Baby, take it yourself if you want to eat.” Qi Xiao smiled slyly and put the grapes in his mouth.

1: use to describe someone that did well in a situation, making it seem like they were meant to belong there

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