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HSS 13

Real and Fake Young Master 13

Old Ji’s birthday banquet will be two days later, and the upper class circle of City A also became lively.

On the same day, Qi Xiao asked Gao Yan to send a tailor-made suit to Bai Chen.

The tailored-made white suit worn by Bai Chen set off his exquisite face as bright as the moon. The curve of the waist is slightly tight to make Bai Chen’s slender waist even more prominent, and his legs look straight and long under the suit trousers. At first glance, Bai Chen is like a little prince walking out of a fairy tale. Noble and elegant, it makes people admire and dare not approach, people can only look up from a distance.

System: [Little Master, you are so good-looking.]

Bai Chen looked at the indifferent eyes in the mirror and slowly warmed up, proudly saying: [It was from him, of course, it will look good ah.]

The system saw that Bai Chen became more and more bright, and he was relieved: [It’s great that the little master is like this now.]

[Huh?] Bai Chen was puzzled.

The system hastily changed the topic: [Little master, you will meet his elders tonight, are you ready for it?]

Bai Chen, thinking about the past two days, the system made him familiar with the ‘daughter-in-law meet the parents code,’ and nodded his head.

The system breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yuanyuan?” There was a knock on the door, and Mother Lu’s voice came. “Can mom come in?”


Mother Lu pushed the door in, and she saw Bai Chen in front of the full-length mirror at a glance, a stunned light flashed in her eyes, she walked over and looked at Bai Chen carefully from top to bottom, with pride in her eyes: “As expected of my son, you looks like a little prince in this suit.”

“No, no.” Mother Lu immediately correct, “My family Yuanyuan was originally a little prince.”

“Mom looks good today, too.” Bai Chen said.

Today, Mother Lu wore a very classical cheongsam. The exquisite curves were all revealed under the outline of the cheongsam. Her long hair was curled up, and the delicate and elegant makeup revealed all the advantages of her face. The whole person looks a few years younger, beautiful and gentle.

Mother Lu covered her mouth and chuckled, “mother is very careful.”

Mother Lu held Bai Chen’s hand closely, and the two went downstairs together. At this time, Father Lu and Tang Qing, who had just been discharged from the hospital, had finished dressing and were waiting in the lobby.

Tang Qing looked at Bai Chen’s high-profile suit, and a light of jealousy flashed in his eyes.

Covering the emotions that shouldn’t exist in his eyes, Tang Qing showed a smile and exaggeratedly praised: “Today’s mother and brother are just like the queen and prince in fairy tales, so beautiful.”

His eyes were shining and his tone was sincere.

Mother Lu smiled, her eyes lowered and filled with disgust.

When she raised her head, there was already a gentle smile in her eyes: “Xiao Qing’s mouth is so sweet, mother likes it.” Seeing mother Lu’s attitude is gentle and intimate, Tang Qing’s heart rises with a piece of joy.

During the three days in the hospital, Tang Qing was in panic, fearing that he would lose everything he has now. It was not until Zhao Jun sent the news that the maternity test had been successfully replaced again, that he could muster the courage to leave the hospital.

Sure enough, when he returned to the Lu family, his status remained the same, even one step closer than before.

He inquired about it. It turned out that when he was hospitalized, father Lu worked overtime because of the company, and mother Lu didn’t go to the hospital to visit him because she was worried. Even Bai Chen, who was suddenly hospitalized in a bizarre manner.

This news made Tang Qing’s heart greatly relieved, and now that father Lu and mother Lu took him to attend the birthday banquet of the old man, it made Tang Qing more convinced that his identity had not been exposed.

The car drove slowly on the road, and half an hour later, it stopped in front of Ji’s mansion.

The doorman checked the invitation card and led Bai Chen into the hall.

The Ji’s family is very large, decorated with an antique style, and has the style of a classical literati. The cultural atmosphere is very strong, and people will know that this is a scholar family at a glance.

The 80th birthday of old Ji is very traditional, and there are 80 Eight Immortals tables1 directly in the hall and the courtyard.

The servants and waiters wore uniforms and hurriedly shuttled through the hall.

There is still an hour or so before the banquet start. At this time, most of the people have arrived early and greeted each other politely. However, most people looked upstairs from time to time, not knowing whether they wanted to see the old man or the legend, Qi Xiao, the master of the Qi family in China.

Someone in the crowd saw the four of Bai Chen, and walked over enthusiastically to greet mother Lu and father Lu, and finally praised Bai Chen and Tang Qing who were standing beside them.

If there is a first one to come over to greet, there is a second one. In City A, the Lu Group and Zhao Group are steadily located in the business district like two big mountains. Don’t know how many rich people want to get close to them.

In a short while, the surroundings of the four became lively.

“Songyuan, you are here.”

Bai Chen was struggling to deal with the warm greetings from all parties. Suddenly, he was slapped on the shoulder. He turned to look and saw Ji Wenxuan winking at him.

Bai Chen looked behind Ji Wenxuan subconsciously, Qi Xiao was not there.

A touch of loss flashed in his eyes, and the arc of his mouth bent slightly.

He thought he would see Qi Xiao as soon as he arrived at Ji’s house, but Bai Chen was stopped here for a long time and still didn’t see Qi Xiao.

Bai Chen’s heart is a little depressed.

The system said that this is the expression of unhappiness.

Ji Wenxuan’s ability to observe words and color is first-rate, so how could he fail to see Bai Chen’s emotional changes?

He laughed inwardly, his cousin is really clingy, and it’s no wonder that cousin King Yama is like a different person when he meets him, he really wants to have such a clingy and sweet girlfriend. So cute.

“Uncle Lu, Aunt Lu, good evening.” Ji Wenxuan greeted them warmly.

Mother Lu and father Lu had a good impression of Ji Wenxuan, and immediately greeted him with a smile.

After a few words of politeness with father Lu and mother Lu, Ji Wenxuan entered the topic, “I haven’t seen Songyuan for a few days. Uncle and aunt, please don’t mind if I borrow Songyuan for a while.”

“Why? Of course.” Mother Lu smiled. She looked at Bai Chen and said: “Have fun with Wenxuan.” Then she said to Ji Wenxuan: “Trouble Wenxuan to take care of Yuanyuan.”

“Okay” Ji Wenxuan responded with a grin, and beckoned to call the butler, “Uncle Zhong, Uncle Lu and Aunt Lu are our distinguished guests. Be sure to treat them well.”

“Okay, young master.”

“Then I’ll take Songyuan to play. See you soon, uncle and aunt.” Ji Wenxuan pulled Bai Chen around the crowd and walked upstairs.

Upstairs is the host’s domain, and all those that can go up are close people. Everyone looked at the backs of Ji Wenxuan and Bai Chen, and re-evaluated the weight of the “adopted son” of the Lu family in their hearts.

No one saw that Tang Qing’s drooping face covered in shadow was full of jealousy and resentment.

When the two disappeared at the corner of the stairs, mother Lu and father Lu surroundings became more lively, and even the Zhao family’s father and son who came to Ji’s house a step late were treated coldly.

Father Zhao and Zhao Jun walked through the crowd, they soon understood the ins and outs in a while. While surprised, they greeted mother and father Lu with a constant expression on their faces.

The intimate attitude makes it impossible to see that they are the people who planned the Lu family’s misfortune.

Father Lu and Mother Lu looked at each other and greeted them enthusiastically.

On the third floor, Ji Wenxuan brought Bai Chen to a door, teasing in his eyes: “Cousin, this is my cousin’s room, cousin will only send you till here, you can go in by yourself.”

Bai Chen nodded and moved, hurriedly reached out and pushed the door.

He missed Qi Xiao. Although they met yesterday, Bai Chen still missed him.

Before the palm of his hand touched the door, the door suddenly opened, and a strong arm stretched out from the door, pulling Bai Chen into the room in the blink of an eye.

With a ‘bang’, the door slammed heavily.

Ji Wenxuan looked at the closed door and then at the empty corridor, curled his lips, and let out a long sigh, planning to go to his grandfather to report on the military situation.

In the room.

Bai Chen was pressed against the wall by Qi Xiao, one of Qi Xiao’s long legs bent and domineeringly squeezed into Bai Chen’s legs, with both hands propped on both sides of Bai Chen’s head, looking down at him as he was trapped. Bai Chen’s eyes were affectionate and dark.

The hot breath sprayed on Bai Chen’s white and tender neck, aroused a knot, causing Bai Chen to shake involuntarily.

“Baby, I miss you.” The hoarse voice poured into Bai Chen’s ears.

Bai Chen’s ears moved and turned pink. He blinked, reached out and hugged Qi Xiao’s waist, raised his head to look at Qi Xiao, and honestly expressed his miss to Qi Xiao, “I miss you too.”

“Ah.” Qi Xiao laughed, bowed his head and kissed Bai Chen’s clear eyes, then bent over and hugged Bai Chen like a child.

Bai Chen obediently let Qi Xiao hold him, moved his hands up, and embraced Qi Xiao’s neck. His eyes were full of joy. After learning the movements of Qi Xiao just now, he bowed his head and kissed Qi Xiao’s eyes.

The smile in Qi Xiao’s eyes was even more obvious, and he directly hugged Bai Chen and walked to the bed to sit down, letting Bai Chen sit on his lap.

Bai Chen still bends his eyebrows, looking at Qi Xiao happily without blinking.

It seems that as long as he looks at him like this, it is the happiest thing in the world.

Qi Xiao’s heart turned hot seeing him like that. He restrained the flames burning in his body and looked at Bai Chen’s body.

Bai Chen suit were handed over to the designer by Qi Xiao, who personally measured Bai Chen’s body. As early as the second day after they met, Qi Xiao asked his queen designer to start making it, which is exactly the same as the suit he wore tonight. The style is a couple outfit he specially prepared for the two of them.

At the first glance of Bai Chen, Qi Xiao was ready to take Bai Chen to attend his grandfather’s birthday banquet.

“Baby looks good in this suit.” Qi Xiao said in a soft voice, and unconsciously tightened the hand holding Bai Chen’s waist, his eyes were forced to suppress the fiery desire, “I really want to put it on for my baby.”

“Okay.” Bai Chen sat on Qi Xiao’s lap and spread his hands, with longing and expectation in his eyes: “I also want Xiao to put it on me personally.”

The suit was tailored by Qi Xiao for him and Qi Xiao also personally put it on for him, Bai Chen thought that and the sweetness in his eyes increased.

He hopes to be more intimate with Qi Xiao.

1: a square table, with a bench for two people on each side

T/N: let’s hope Xiaoxiao don’t do anything to Chenchen, it suppose to be the gramps birthday banquet!!!

Singledog theater:

Ji Wenxuan: want a clingy girlfriend like Yuanyuan…

Singledog101: do something to attract any system to take you to QT, with so many worlds, you have a high chance…unless you’re fate to be a single dog ╮(╯_╰)╭

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