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HSS 12

Real and Fake Young Master 12

Mother Lu saw this scene when she opened the door of the ward.

She was glad that her son finally woke up, but she was in a mixed mood when she saw the two embracing each other.

Mother Lu lowered her eyes, raised her hand and knocked on the door to remind the two of them who were embracing each other.

Bai Chen was still held by Qi Xiao, so he could only raise his head, and when he saw that it was Mother Lu, he obediently called out: “Mom.”

Qi Xiao also move from Bai Chen’s neck at this time, released Bai Chen, and greet mother Lu: “Auntie, hello.”

Mother Lu was in a complicated mood, but she still showed a smile. She nodded to Qi Xiao, walked to the bed, put the thermos barrel on her hand on the bedside table, and raised her hand, touching the top of Bai Chen’s hair: “You can really sleep, you sleep for two days, you scares mom to death.”

“Two days of sleep?” No impression.

“Yes, just like a little lazy pig.” Seeing that Bai Chen couldn’t remember, Mother Lu didn’t mention anything about that night again. She checked on Bai Chen’s forehead and turned to open the thermos and took out the clean bowls and chopsticks, and poured out the porridge inside.

Mother Lu brought this porridge for Qi Xiao, she saw clearly in the past two days, how deeply the man in front of her cared about Bai Chen. She didn’t know where Qi Xiao got the news about Bai Chen entering the hospital in the middle of the night, remembering the scene of him rushing over, Mother Lu sighed from the bottom of her heart.

That night, the Qi Xiao in mother Lu’s eyes would never be forgotten. That kind of fear and panic that seemed to have lost the whole world in his eyes made mother Lu very clear that this man loved her son to the bones and blood.

Fortunately, it was only a false alarm. Bai Chen suddenly fell asleep then because he was too tired. However, for the past two days, Qi Xiao stayed awake for Bai Chen, and haven’t taken a step outside of the ward. A good person was tossed into a haggard appearance.

It was for her son. Mother Lu couldn’t bear it, so she thought about taking care of him a bit, so she took charge of Qi Xiao’s food in the past two days.

Seeing this, Qi Xiao sent back the housekeeper in the villa.

Sleeping for two days, Bai Chen now has a mortal body, and he is really hungry. He sucked his nose and smelled the smell of porridge spilling in the air, and finally held back his hunger.

He grabbed Qi Xiao’s palm, and looked at Qi Xiao’s appearance, Bai Chen couldn’t help but feel pain in his heart.

Bai Chen: [System, what happened to Xiao?]

The system returned quickly: [Little Master, he has been looking after you endlessly for the past two days.]

Bai Chen pursed his lips: [Why did I suddenly sleep for two days.]

He was a little puzzled: [I remember I was taking a shower.]

The system is still self-blame, but in order to prevent the little master from remembering what happened that night, he pretended to be nonchalant: [Maybe the little master’s godhead is too weak, little master, we have to fulfill the wish for Lu Songyuan soon.]

“What’s wrong?” Qi Xiao, who had been paying attention to Bai Chen, immediately noticed the changes in Bai Chen’s mood.

Bai Chen shook his head, fingers on Qi Xiao’s palm, looking at Qi Xiao’s bloodshot eyes a little sad, “You, don’t do this in the future, I’ll be fine.”

Qi Xiao touched Bai Chen’s head “It’s ugly?”

“Yeah.” Bai Chen nodded, then grabbed Qi Xiao’s palm and placed it on his heart, “and it’s uncomfortable.”

Qi Xiao heard this, and smiled with the gloomy face these days. He clasped Bai Chen’s hand with his backhand, and followed Bai Chen’s act to press Bai Chen’s hand to his heart. “Baby, don’t worry, it will let me rest only if you are well.”

Bai Chen thought for a while, “Then I will be well and won’t sleep for so long.”

“Baby is so good .” Qi Xiao grabbed Bai Chen’s hand, peck his lips.

Mother Lu was silent as she listened.

There was a lot of porridge. After the two of them drank, Mother Lu and Qi Xiao took Bai Chen for an examination. The examination showed that Bai Chen was in good health. Only then did the two of them go through the discharge procedures and take Bai Chen home with peace of mind.

When Bai Chen walked out of the ward, he found two bodyguards standing at the door. Seeing that Qi Xiao and mother Lu didn’t care, he didn’t ask more, and followed them obediently.

Gao Yan received a notice as early as Bai Chen went to check his body. He waited at the entrance of the hospital early. After sending the three people to Lu’s house, he was left alone.

This time, Qi Xiao entered the Lu family villa directly.

Mother Lu didn’t say much, she just packed up some things and went to the Lu Group. Father Lu has been working overtime in the company for the past two days and has not come back. Mother Lu is a little worried.

Bai Chen took Qi Xiao back to his room directly, and pushed Qi Xiao down on the bed: “You go to bed soon.” Mortals are weak and have to sleep every day.

Qi Xiao hugged Bai Chen’s waist, and the two fell together on the soft bed. He lowered his head and kissed Bai Chen’s forehead. Because he hadn’t rested for two days, his voice was hoarse and tired: “Baby, stay with me?”

Bai Chen nodded, stretched out his hand to cover Qi Xiao’s eyes, the voice did not have the soft and waxy sound of sticking to Qi Xiao like usual, but a strong voice, “You go to bed soon.”

Qi Xiao laughed, and his chest rose and fell with the laughter, driving Bai Chen, who was lying on his chest, to move.

“Listen to my baby.” After saying that, Qi Xiao pulled the quilt over the two of them, closing his eyes and quickly falling asleep.

After feeling Qi Xiao asleep, Bai Chen retracted his palm. He looked at Qi Xiao’s sleeping face idiotically, buried his head in Qi Xiao’s chest, and listened to Qi Xiao’s strong heartbeat, revealing a smile with a touch of sweetness.

Unconsciously, Bai Chen gradually fell asleep with this sweetness.

Warm sunlight fell on the two of them through the glass, giving them a layer of gold light.

The house is warm and calm, but the outside world is turbulent.

Two days before old Ji’s birthday, the Ji family suddenly issued birthday invitations to all the wealthy families in City A. All the top rankings in the circle were invited. This made everyone speculate about the reasons, and they also prepare the outfits and gifts for the birthday banquet, and strive to make no mistakes at this birthday banquet to catch the Ji family. Of course, it would be even better if they can take this opportunity to catch the Qi family.

For this reason, some giants began to compete secretly.

Among them, Zhao Jun is the most excited.

Ever since Bai Chen said those words, Zhao Jun has been in a state of anxiety, especially after Tang Qing was beaten into the hospital by Bai Chen, father and mother Lu’s attitude made him feel flustered.

In the past two days, he has been acting cautiously for fear of showing his feet. After learning that Bai Chen had also been in the hospital, he even wanted to try the attitude of the Lu family through the opportunity of visiting, but every time he wanted to enter the ward, he was stopped by the bodyguards outside Bai Chen’s ward, letting him pass the door but not entering.

He even asked Tang Qing, who was in the hospital, to go out to visit, but he still couldn’t get in. Even for these two days, he and Tang Qing hadn’t seen father and mother Lu.

For Tang Qing who was hospitalized, they never showed up after seeing it symbolically on the first day.

He even wanted to block them at the door of Bai Chen’s ward, but every time he will be escorted away by bodyguards, he even went to the hospital to complain.

All this made Zhao Jun uneasy.

And now that Ji’s family sent an invitation, although there are a number of giants in City A, it still excites Zhao Jun, who has been frustrated in the past few days.

As long as there is a chance to catch up with the Ji family or the Qi family, what does the Lu family count as?

Zhao Jun excitedly held the invitation in his hand, secretly gearing up.

The office of the chairman of Lu’s Group.

Father Lu looked at the two documents in his hands and his face grew darker and heavier, as if a storm had accumulated in his eyes.

Mother Lu put down the clothes in her hand and walked to father Lu’s side, “What’s wrong?”

Father Lu held his fist to control his anger, and handed the two documents to his wife.

Mother Lu took it suspiciously, and her face was hard to look at after.

After a while, Mother Lu threw the document on the table, “They dare!”

She gritted her teeth, wishing to devour their flesh and blood.

Mother Lu looked at the two documents in her hand, “Where did the other one come from?”

“Someone sent it to the company yesterday. I have been busy for these two days and I haven’t had time to read it.” Father Lu took a cigarette. “The maternity test report was handed over with this document.”

One of the two documents was the maternity test that mother Lu ‘secretly’ sent to the small hospital.

It’s just that although she did the maternity test of her, Bai Chen, and Tang Qing, it was only in name, there were two copies of her and father Lu’s hair in it. Now one of the results shows that she and Tang Qing are in a mother-child relationship. One denies the mother-child relationship between her and Bai Chen.1

The other one was sent by Gao Yan to the company for father Lu after Qi Xiao’s investigation was conducted.

This document records in detail the life of Tang Qing and the conspiracy of the Zhao family.

The two maternity test reports in hand were clear enough to make father Lu and mother Lu realize that they were caught in a carefully planned conspiracy, but they had guessed that only Zhao Jun was involved in this matter. Qi Xiao’s document clearly told them that in addition to Zhao Jun, the Zhao family also intervened.

This made father Lu and mother Lu, who had been close to the Zhao family even more angry.

Father Lu squeezed the cigarette, his eyes surged.

“Old Lu, we must not be soft this time.” Mother Lu squinted her eyes, her always gentle eyes filled with fierceness.

Dare to do something to her son and snatch everything that belongs to her son, she will not let them go.

1: basically mother Lu and father Lu just send their hair ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

T/N: What a twist, mother Lu and father Lu are actually parent and child HAHAHAHA

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