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HSS 14

Real and Fake Young Master 14

Qi Xiao’s breathing was stagnant, and his eyes suddenly darkened. A pair of eyes as dark as a black hole sweeping through a storm, seemingly wanting to take Bai Chen in.

“Baby, you don’t know how charming you are.” Qi Xiao whispered after a while, his sexy adam apple slid up and down.

Bai Chen blinked his clear eyes, a little unsure.

He looked at Qi Xiao questioningly.

The eyes of the person in his arms were too clear, like a just clear spring, Qi Xiao sighed in his heart: His baby still doesn’t understand anything.

Qi Xiao took a deep breath and suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

Seeing that Qi Xiao hadn’t moved, Bai Chen took off his suit and took the initiative to pass the suit to Qi Xiao, with urgency and expectation in his eyes.

The white suit that suddenly appeared in front of him made Qi Xiao stunned.

Qi Xiao laughed and took over the suit.

His baby is so cute.

The sound of clothes rubbing sounded in the room, and Bai Chen looked at the suit Qi Xiao put on him again with a smile on his face.

He leaned forward, pursed his lips, and touched Qi Xiao’s lips.

The system says that people can use kisses to express happiness and other emotions for people they like, which can appropriately increase the intimacy between the two.

He is very happy now.

Bai Chen kissed him, feeling that it was not enough, and he pursed his lips and kissed again.

The soft touch on the lips made Qi Xiao’s heart turn hot again, his efforts used to suppress it were now useless. Such a Bai Chen really made Qi Xiao’s heart stirred and itch.

He hugged Bai Chen, put his head on Bai Chen’s shoulder, and warned himself that now is not the time.

Regardless of time or place, it is not appropriate now.

Bai Chen felt Qi Xiao’s change. He hugged Qi Xiao’s neck and asked in confusion: “Xiao, what’s the matter with you?”

Qi Xiao patted Bai Chen on the back: “It’s okay, baby, just let me hold you for a while.”

Bai Chen nodded, he also likes to be held by Qi Xiao like this, and his whole body is surrounded by Qi Xiao’s scent. It made him feel very comfortable with an inexplicable peace of mind.

It seemed that this was the embrace he had been waiting for, for a long time.

Bai Chen put his head on Qi Xiao’s shoulders and his eyes narrowed with a smile.

The room was quiet for a while, and a warm atmosphere was floating in the room.

Bai Chen: [System, what happened to him?]

Bai Chen was a little worried about Qi Xiao, he always felt something was wrong with Qi Xiao, he’s a little different from the past.

The system was a bit speechless, and he didn’t know how to explain this to his little master that it was natural.

He struggled for a while, and finally found an implicit phrase: [Little Master, he probably wants to be with you.]

Bai Chen: [Be with?]

The system thought for a while, the little master will know about this sooner or later. Even if Qi Xiao doesn’t move now, it doesn’t mean that he will be a monk in the future. It doesn’t hurt if the little master knows more.

So the system used energy to connect to the network, and found some literal explanations and some videos for Bai Chen to learn.

Bai Chen looked at the information passed by the system, his face gradually stained pink.

He turned his head to look at Qi Xiao’s sharp and handsome side profile, his heart suddenly beating quickly.

System: [Little Master, you are shy.]

Bai Chen stroked his hot cheek with one hand, his eyes were misty because of the shyness: [So this is shy?]

The system affirmed: [Yes, little master.]

Bai Chen lay on Qi Xiao’s shoulder, looking at Qi Xiao’s side profile, thinking about the information the system had just passed to him.

He thought shyly, in fact, he also wants to be together with Qi Xiao.

Because according to the data, that is what the most intimate people in the world will do.

He wants to be the closest person in the world to Qi Xiao.

Bai Chen suddenly pushed Qi Xiao’s shoulders with both hands, and sat up straight.

Qi Xiao, who was trying to turn off the flame, was taken aback, “Baby? What’s the matter?”

“I want to be with you too.” Bai Chen seriously expressed his thoughts and desires to Qi Xiao.

Qi Xiao was stunned for a long while before he realized what Bai Chen meant. He took a deep breath, and realized with some despair that the flame in his heart could not be extinguished.
The sound of water splashing in the bathroom flowed. After a while, the sound of the water stopped and Qi Xiao walked out of the bathroom holding Bai Chen, who was wrapped in a bath towel.

Bai Chen’s face was red, and he lay weakly on Qi Xiao’s shoulders, letting Qi Xiao help him wipe off the drops of water on his body and put clothes on for him.

After Qi Xiao restrained Bai Chen, the two only helped each other in the bathroom. The first time for him and his baby shouldn’t be so hasty.

Bai Chen sat cross-legged on the bed neatly, with a happy smile on his face.

“I want to put it on for you too.” Bai Chen moved his eyes and saw Qi Xiao put aside a black suit with the same style as his too. His eyes brightened, he reached out and grabbed the black suit. The white and tender fingers are like a piece of perfectly carved white jade against the black suit, beautiful and charming.

He stared eagerly at Qi Xiao who was wearing a shirt. The white shirt swayed and revealed the bronze skin on Qi Xiao’s waist. With wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, Bai Chen couldn’t help but think of the intense and comfortable interaction.

Qi Xiao’s action of putting on his shirt stopped, his eyes a little helpless.

His little baby really seduces him all the time, making him sweet and worried.

Bai Chen looked at Qi Xiao eagerly.

Qi Xiao sighed helplessly in his heart, walked to Bai Chen and stretch out his hands.

This is his baby, no matter what kind of request, he must meet.

The two of them had been in the room for a long time. Waiting for a while, elder Ji asked Ji Wenxuan to call them, and the two of them came out of the room slowly.

Ji Wenxuan looked at Bai Chen’s clear alluring eyes, and then at his cousin’s black face with dissatisfaction, how could he not know what they were doing in the room.

He boldly raised his elbow and bumped Qi Xiao’s arm, and gave Qi Xiao a wretched smile.

Qi Xiao glanced at Ji Wenxuan faintly, which perfectly silenced Ji Wenxuan. With his arm around Bai Chen, he took him and quickly walked to Elder Ji’s room.

Ji Wenxuan looked disappointedly at Bai Chen, who was walking normally, and then laughed excitedly. According to the development of this situation, sooner or later his cousin will have to say goodbye to his teenage years1.

Elder Ji, dressed in a red Tang suit, lay on the rocking chair with his eyes closed and rested, while the mahogany walking cane leaned aside.

Hearing the movement, he opened his eyes leisurely and looked at the three young men who walked in.

“Grandpa.” Ji Wenxuan yelled with a grin, and walked briskly to Grandpa Ji’s side.

Elder Ji didn’t care about Ji Wenxuan, his somewhat muddy eyes looked at Bai Chen with a bright gleam and scorching gaze.

“Grandpa.” Qi Xiao called out calmly, grabbing Bai Chen’s shoulder, “This is Yuanyuan.”

As he said that, Qi Xiao looked at Bai Chen, and whispered: “Call Grandpa.”

Bai Chen called out obediently. Under the instructions of the system, he took out the red brocade box he carried and handed it to Mr. Ji: “May grandpa’s blessing be as deep as the eastern sea, and as long as the southern mountain.”

Elder Ji’s first impression of Bai Chen was very good, he looked like an obedient child. In addition, Bai Chen is the first person to attract Qi Xiao’s attention. Even if he is a boy, Elder Ji is not a pedantic person. For his grandson’s lover, he will also love the house and its crow2.

He smiled kindly at Bai Chen, got up from the rocking chair, walked toward Bai Chen, “Good child.”

Ji Wenxuan supported the old man by the side, and said with a smile: “Grandpa, look at what my cousin gave you?”

Elder Ji pretended to glared at Ji Wenxuan, and took the brocade box in Bai Chen’s hand.

Although he didn’t say anything, he was still looking forward to the gift from his granddaughter-in-law.

Qi Xiao on the side was also curious about what gift Bai Chen gave.

Originally, Qi Xiao wanted to help Bai Chen prepare, but Bai Chen refused. Until now, he didn’t know what gift Bai Chen had prepared for his grandfather.

The brocade box slowly opened, and a string of dark bracelets appeared in front of the few people, accompanied by a mellow and leisurely fragrance.

“Agarwood bracelets!” Ji Wenxuan’s eyes widened. Then he gave a thumbs up to Bai Chen.

His grandfather likes these things the most, and this agarwood bracelet is rich in color with a mellow fragrance, it isn’t ordinary at first glance. Even his grandfather’s collection is not as good as the one sent by Bai Chen..

Elder Ji couldn’t put it down and touched the agarwood bracelet. If he hadn’t remembered to be reserved, he’s afraid he will eagerly wear it on his wrist to show off now.

Bai Chen just smiled. The agarwood bracelets were produced by the system, so naturally it was the best.

Although the system now has insufficient energy and cannot exchange energy for some advanced things, there is still no problem in redeeming things like agarwood without attributes.

Even Qi Xiao was taken aback by Bai Chen.

He chuckled, his baby was beyond his expectation.

This gift was much better than what he had prepared.

It wasn’t until Ji Wenxuan’s father came upstairs to call them, that several people helped him to walk downstairs.

Ji Wenxuan, who was standing on the side, was mercilessly pushed away by the old man, leaving Bai Chen and Qi Xiao to stand beside him.

The banquet was about to begin. Everyone couldn’t help but look towards the top of the stairs. When they saw Bai Chen next to elder Ji, everyone took a cold breath. Even Father Lu and Mother Lu didn’t expect that Bai Chen would get this treatment.

Mother Lu’s eyes flashes, looking at Qi Xiao next to elder Ji, she understands something in her heart.

After a brief speech, elder Ji took Qi Xiao and Bai Chen to the main table. This move shocked everyone, and they started speculating about the relationship between Bai Chen and the Ji’s family.

Even the Zhao family father and son couldn’t help but cast their eyes on father Lu and mother Lu.

But Father Lu didn’t know at all, and Mother Lu knew but didn’t say anything.

After a while, the butler of Ji’s family walked up to Father Lu and Mother Lu and invited them to sit at the main table. Under the eyes of everyone, the two of them couldn’t refuse, maintaining the shock in their heart and leisurely following behind the housekeeper to the main table.

Tang Qing moved, trying to keep up, but Zhao Jun caught him in time.

“What do you want to do?” Zhao Jun warned.

Tang Qing clenched his fists tightly and looked at Bai Chen, eyes full of jealousy and resentment.

He bit his lip and said word by word, “Why is it him!”

“Retract your gaze.” Zhao Jun was a little impatient. “You can’t make trouble here.”

If it wasn’t for Tang Qing, Zhao Jun wouldn’t bother to care about it.

He looked at Tang Qing with impatience and sarcasm. After being a young master Lu for a few days, he really regarded himself as the young master Lu.

Getting more and more confused.

At this birthday banquet, the Lu family was undoubtedly in the limelight. Not only has elder Ji invited them to the main table, even Qi Xiao, the legendary master of the Qi family, was also friendly to the two.

Of course, it was Bai Chen that made everyone more shocked.

They thought it was just a lost ‘adopted son’, but they didn’t know when he had hooked up with the Ji’s family and even let elder Ji treat him like a grandson, even Qi Xiao took great care of him.

Look, the rumor unsmiling black-faced King Yama Qi Xiao is smiling very tenderly toward Bai Chen. He not only talks to Bai Chen from time to time, but also serves Bai Chen personally.

Qi Xiao put the peeled shrimp into Bai Chen’s bowl, took the towel and gently wiped his fingers, then took the tools on the side, and started to smash the hairy crabs on the plate, as if he was dealing with a document worth billions.

Bai Chen ate a few shrimps contentedly, and noticed that Qi Xiao on the side had been taking care of him. He only had a few bites, he reached out and grabbed a shrimp tail and handed the peeled shrimp to the corner of Qi Xiao’s mouth.

Qi Xiao opened his mouth and took it naturally.

Bai Chen’s eyes lit up, as if addicted to feeding, he grabbed a shrimp tail and handed it to Qi Xiao’s mouth again.

Qi Xiao still swallowed it. When Bai Chen intended to feed again for the third time, Qi Xiao helplessly put down the tools in his hand, grabbed Bai Chen’s hand, and put the shrimp into Bai Chen’s mouth, “Hey, you eat first, don’t be hungry. ”

Everyone secretly watched this scene at the main table, and their shocked eyes all fell off, suspecting that they had hallucinations, otherwise how could they have seen such a terrifying scene.

1: virginity

2: the idiom mean to love and accept everything connect with that person


SingleDog101 theater:

Bai Chen & Qi Xiao: *happily throwing dog food*

Everyone: what a terrifying scene! *silently jealous and envy*

SingleDog101: ah! ah! ah! I want some crab! But all I get is dog food!

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