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DRNMY Chapter 24

The incident was revealed

Chapter 24 … The incident was revealed

Ji Cheng discovered that he had not contacted Lu Jingze for almost two months.

In these days when he was out with the crew, the mobile phone signal was not very good. Only when he was in the hotel in the town could he make a good call. Ji Cheng simply left his mobile phone in the hotel. Anyway, he was out with the crew, and he was not afraid of getting lost.

Every night after shooting, Ji Cheng’s first thing to do  is to look at his mobile phone, for fear that someone called him and he didn’t see it.

However, even until the whole shooting was over, he did not receive a call from the other party.

Ji Cheng also sent a few WeChat messages to Lu Jingze, but when he saw that the other party did not reply, he gave up and stopped messaging.

Early that morning, Ji Cheng followed the crew to the shooting location, but he don’t know why, from the moment he got on the bus, he felt that everyone around him looked at him strangely.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Cheng asked Xing Cangrui who was sitting next to him.

Xing Cangrui frowned, looking at Ji Cheng’s eyes, his expression was also a little strange, then he said, “Did you not see the hot search yesterday?”

“Hot search?” Ji Cheng really didn’t notice this, because the shooting has been hard in recent days. When he returned to the hotel, he just fell asleep, and he didn’t have much time to open his phone, “I didn’t read it, I’m on the hot search again?”

“You should check it yourself.” Xing Cangrui didn’t say much, and took out his phone directly. He switched to the hot search list and handed it to Ji Cheng, “You, be mentally prepared.”

Ji Cheng mumbled why their mobile phones received a signal when he didn’t while taking it, then he lowered his head suspiciously, and the whole person was stunned.

Ji Cheng, Changting Orphanage

Ji Cheng, Lu Junfeng

Ji Cheng, Lu Jingyuan

Such hot searches led by Ji Cheng occupy the entire hot search list.

Ji Cheng’s hands couldn’t help but tremble. What are these! Why would they know!

Ji Cheng shivered and opened the first hot search-Ji Cheng, Changting Orphanage

@Entertainment Group 8:#Ji Cheng, Changting Orphanage# Ji Cheng actually belongs to the Changting Orphanage, I am definitely not the last to know about this! According to people familiar with the matter, Changting Orphanage was sued by the Intermediate People’s Court of City A because of violations of regulations. The specific reason is said to be trafficking in children in disguise? Also involved this time was Lu Jingyuan, the vice president of the Lu Group. Ji Cheng and Lu’s family really have so many stories that they have yet to tell. [dog head]

After this comment was out, Ji Cheng’s fans and some Lu’s fans  are arguing with each other.

Ji Cheng felt that his mind was completely stunned, so he stepped back and clicked on a few hot searches below. Without exception, they was talking about the relationship between him and various people in the Lu family. Naturally, his fans are unwilling to believe it, but this does not affect other marketing accounts to use this hype. Some people have even posted screenshots of the legal affairs published by the court on the Internet.

“Well, don’t worry, Lu Jingze will take care of it.” Xing Cangrui looked at Ji Cheng’s pale face and didn’t know how to comfort him, but looking at Ji Cheng’s appearance, the evidence of this matter are true. “Would you like to take a break?”

“It’s okay, I wasted everyone’s time before.” Ji Cheng returned the phone to Xing Cangrui, “Is it the last two scenes today?” “Well, it’s all daytime scenes. If you start soon, you can finish them this afternoon.” Xing Cangrui nodded, “Would you like to contact them?” “After the filming, let me first borrow your mobile phone to call Xiaoling.” Because there are only two scenes left, the filming soon was over. Ji Cheng originally planned to let Bi Xiaoling pack things up in the hotel, then they will leave early tomorrow morning. But now, it seems that the time will be advanced.

“Okay.” Ji Cheng nodded and called Bi Xiaoling.


“Still no answer.” Lu Jingze sat in the office, feeling very irritable.

Wen Ruchun sat aside, and the two of them took turns to call Ji Cheng, but the other party did not answer.

Lu Jingze panicked. It looked like Ji Cheng had already seen hot search, and now he refused to answer his phone calls.

“Is there a way to withdraw the hot search?” Lu Jingze asked while brainstorming.

“It was possible to withdraw long ago. What are you doing lately? Your name is on the court summons!” Wen Ruchun wanted to continue, but seeing Lu Jingze’s current appearance, he finally swallowed back what he wanted to say.

“…I should have told him before.” Lu Jingze regretted it. He handed over the materials to Fang Yao and participated in the whole story. But because he was afraid of Ji Cheng’s rejection, he always thought about it and eventually did not tell him. But he didn’t expect that Ji Cheng would actually know about it in this way in the end.

“You can contact Lao Xing to see what’s going on over there.” Lu Jingze said to Wen Ruchun, “I’ll go home first, if you have something, contact me.”

“Yeah.” Wen Ruchun called Xing Cangrui and watched Lu Jingze leave the office.


It was already 2:30 in the evening when Ji Cheng returned to Lu Jingze’s apartment.

He pushed open the door,  and it was completely dark inside. Turning on the light in the living room, Ji Cheng quietly walked to Lu Jingze’s room, hesitated for a while before opening the door gently.

The door was not locked, but there was no one in the room. The quilt was neatly stacked on the head of the bed, and the sheets were neatly laid out. It seemed that no one has come in here to live in the past few days.

Ji Cheng frowned, took out his mobile phone to call Lu Jingze, but he looked at the time and held back.

“Ding!” Suddenly a text message came into the phone, and the sender was Luo Shaofeng, who he had not seen for a long time.

“Xiao Cheng, we are sorry. We did so much without telling you. At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, the Chaoyang District Intermediate People’s Court will open the trial . Xiao Cheng, if you have time, you can come over.”

Looking at the text messages on the phone, he thought of the hot search today. Regarding the content, Ji Cheng called back without saying a word.

“Xiao Cheng? Why haven’t you rested yet!” Luo Shaofeng asked in surprise after receiving Ji Cheng’s call.

“What does the orphanage have to do with the Lu family?” Ji Cheng asked straightforwardly, “You are here this time to investigate the orphanage?”

“Ah, yes.” Luo Shao Feng said quietly, “I had intended to sneak back with Fang Yao, but the day we came, we saw the hot search of you two, afraid that Lu Jingze would be to your disadvantage, we went directly to you.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me at that time? If it wasn’t because of the lawsuit, until when would you still want to hide from me?” Ji Cheng smiled and said, “Where is Lu Jingze? Is he with you?”

“He is still in the company maybe? He might come back home later.” Luo Shaofeng paused, and then said, “Actually, we don’t want to hide from you for too long. After meeting Lu Jingze that day, Fang Yao said that he was different from the others. He could see that Lu Jingze was right. He is sincere.”

Luo Shaofeng’s words silenced Ji Cheng, and after a while, he continued, “Where are you now, I will look for you.”


Lu Jingze is sitting opposite Lu Junfeng, looking at the opposite person with a smile but not a smile.

“Well, what else do you want to tell me?” Lu Jingze asked.

“Do you know what you are doing? Lu Jingyuan is your brother, and the Lu family also has a share of your own . If you make this matter bigger now, it will not benefit him or the Lu family at all.” Lu Junfeng hated iron for not becoming steel, 1 hated iron for not becoming steel : to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement looking at Lu Jingze with a disappointed gaze.

“Do you still think you are not at wrong until now?” Lu Jingze sneered, “What kind nasty things did you do back then, and you still haven’t counted them?”

“It’s all for that Ji Cheng? He is just a cripple Omega, and you want to kill your family company and your brother for him alone, are you crazy!” Lu Junfeng roared, he obviously did not expect that Lu Jingze would do such a thing for Ji Cheng. If he knew this was the case, he would kill this relationship in the cradle!

“Death? No, it was Lu Jingyuan who put the company and himself into it. If it is for the good of the company, you shouldn’t do such an activity from the beginning.” Lu Jingze said without a trace of emotion, “These are all caused by you. Don’t even think of pushing it on me again.”

“Do you think the Lu Group can develop with just a few words of your little bastard? If there were no sacrifices, there would be no Lu Group as it is today.” Lu Junfeng said earnestly.

“I don’t deny that the development of the group requires sacrifice, but you call it sacrifice? No, you are just taking a shortcut. Since you have tasted the sweetness of the shortcut, you must pay for this sweetness.” Lu Jingze’s eyes seemed to have a fire that was about to erupt, “I don’t think that the development of a company depends on sacrificing innocent people like them. You know how happy they were when they were adopted, but the result is so cruel. You show them the sunshine once and put them in the darkness again.”

Lu Junfeng was silent. Of course he knows that this is wrong, but this society believes in the strong eating of the weak, so where is the so called fairness? Excluding his one Lu group, there will definitely be other Wang group, Zhao groups appearing. But despite this, at this moment, he had no position to refute Lu Jingze, all this was indeed caused by his connivance.

If he didn’t nod that day, Lu Jingyuan would not go further and further along this road. If it weren’t for his indulgence, maybe things wouldn’t become what it is now.

“But don’t worry, all the evidence now points to Lu Jingyuan alone. He is behind the scenes, and you just accepted the bribe.” Seeing Lu Junfeng not speaking, Lu Jingze continued.

Lu Junfeng sat on the chair, and seemed to age for a moment.

Seeing what Lu Junfeng looks like now, Lu Jingze didn’t say much, turned and left the study.

After obtaining evidence from Yu Lan, Lu Jingze immediately contacted Fang Yao, and the two partnered to send Yu Lan out of the country, ensuring that the other party would not be found by Lu Jingyuan before it was revealed. Now, Lu Jingyuan should be communicating with a lawyer, on how to wash the charges to a minimum. Lu Jingze thought.

Lu Jingze drove directly back to the hotel where Luo Shaofeng was. In order to travel safely tomorrow, Lu Jingze booked a hotel next to the court in advance. Although it is already three in the morning, tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

Entering the room and plugging in the room card, Lu Jingze was just about to take off his clothes and take a bath, but when he raised his head, and a familiar figure was sitting on his bed.


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    hated iron for not becoming steel : to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement
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