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DRNMY Chapter 23

Family Meeting

Chapter 23… Family Meeting

  Lu Jingze returned to Lu’s house and found that there were people sitting on the sofa in the living room.

When he saw Lu Jingyuan, Lu Jingze couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. It seems that the old man didn’t specifically find himself back tonight.

“It’s been a long time, Jingze. Auntie happened to be out that day when you came back from abroad, and I didn’t see you. To think you’re quite grown up like this!” Seeing Lu Jingze back, Liao Zhi, who was sitting on the sofa chatting with Lu Jingyuan, stood up, walked to Lu Jingze with a smile, and talk cordially.

“Yeah, Jingze, you have been abroad for more than ten years. And now you are a graduate student and a doctorate. You are really amazing!” Lu Jingyuan also followed his mother Liao Zhi and stood up to greet him.

Lu Jingze glanced at them coldly, only to respond with a nod, then walked directly to the kitchen, leaving the two of them staring at each other.

“Hmph, he really thought he was still the previous prince, just like his mother, it’s not a good thing.” Seeing Lu Jingze’s back, Liao Zhi put the smirk away and said disdainfully.

Lu Jingyuan also hooked up the corners of his mouth and asked, “What did the old man tell us to come over today for?”

“I don’t know, I have seen Lawyer He come to the house several times before, and 80% of it has something to do with that.” Liao Zhi and Lu Jingyuan were right. The look in each other’s eyes is self-evident.


Lu Jingze came to the kitchen and just met with Aunt Liu who was at home.

“Jing…Jingze?” Aunt Liu worked in the Lu family for a long time. When Lu Jingze was young, apart from his mother, he was the closest to Aunt Liu.

Lu Jingze didn’t expect to meet her again, and his expression was full of surprise.

“Aunt Liu hasn’t seen you for a long time!”

Looking at the familiar face, Lu Jingze seemed to have returned to the days when his mother was still there.

Before Lu Jingze could have a good talk with Aunt Liu, Lu Junfeng had already walked down from the study room upstairs.

Seeing Lu Junfeng, Lu Jingze just nodded and called “Father”, but the rest did not say much.

Lu Junfeng glanced at Lu Jingze and said slowly, “Jingze came back last month, how do you feel at the company?”

“It’s okay.” Lu Jingze replied.

“That’s good, I have a few things to tell you.” Lu Junfeng glanced at everyone and said, “I plan to retire next year.”

Everyone’s faces were shocked when he said that.

Lu Junfeng had just passed half a hundred years, and even Liao Zhi did not expect him to retire at this moment.

“Well, isn’t it too early for my father to retire at this time?” Lu Jingyuan frowned and asked.

“Yeah, why do you suddenly want to retire after doing a good job?” Liao Zhi also asked.

“I’m tired and don’t want to worry about it.” Lu Junfeng obviously didn’t want to talk about this topic in detail, and then said, “All of you know this bit of family industry. I have your two sons, but there is only one company, and one person always leads, then the other assists .” Lu Junfeng glanced at his two sons. Their business abilities are all good. Lu Jingyuan has been by his side since graduation. Lu Junfeng knew exactly how capable he was, but this little son still made him puzzled. Originally, Lu Junfeng asked Lu Jingze to return to China, intending to put him in his home company to see his abilities, but he did not expect that when Lu Jingze came back, he would propose to take over the newly acquired Tomorrow Media. This was unexpected by everyone. But Lu Junfeng still agreed.

Lu Jingze’s performance, Lu Junfeng has also heard about it. This time, his idea is to let the two children compete, and finally the one who satisfies him can take over the company.

“Before I retire, Jingze, you will go back to the company to work. For Tomorrow Media, I will help you find someone to watch it. If you have more power afterwards, you can continue to operate that company.” Lu Junfeng said, “Next Monday, you will follow Jingyuan to get acquainted with the company first, and then assign a project to you.” When Lu Junfeng said this, Lu Jingyuan and Liao Zhi were obviously relieved.

Such competition conditions are obviously the most favorable for them.

Lu Jingyuan glanced at Lu Jingze who was about to follow him, and couldn’t help laughing.

“Jingze, you just came back. If you have any questions about your business, learn more with Jingyuan. No matter which of you wins this time, this company will belong to both of you in the end.” Lu Junfeng said earnestly.

“Father, don’t worry, I will take Jing Ze with me.” Lu Jingyuan couldn’t stop the smile on his face. This time, he was bound to win.

Lu Jingze only hooked up the corner of his mouth and replied faintly, without showing any dissatisfaction on his face.

When the matter was finished, Lu Jingyuan was about to  leave, but Lu Junfeng stopped Lu Jingze.

“How are you and that kid Ji Cheng?” Lu Junfeng asked casually, “When do you plan to break up?”

Before Lu Jingze could answer, Lu Junfeng continued, “I don’t object to you playing with these little stars, but when playing with them, it’s better to control yourself.” Hearing that, Lu Jingze’s footsteps stopped, then  he turned his head back and replied, “Thank you for worrying but I want to tell you something. I’m planning to propose to him recently or else I have to wait until my next life.”

“No.” Lu Junfeng obviously did not expect Lu Jingze to have such a plan. “Our Lu family will not accept people like him.”

Liao Zhi was also very surprised, “Ji Cheng? Could it be that year? That…” She looked up at Lu Jingyuan, who was standing by, and got a positive answer from the other party. “Jingze, you don’t be crazy, how could you get together with Ji Cheng!”

Lu Jingze originally didn’t care whether they had any good opinions about Ji Cheng or not, but when he heard that, he was still very upset.

“It’s not your business to accept it or not. It has nothing to do with you.” Lu Jingze glanced at them and left the mansion without looking back.


Originally, he was not in a particularly good mood, but it became even worse after he came out of the Lu Family Mansion.

Lu Jingze drove the car and stopped in front of the hospital unknowingly.

Looking at the hospital sign, Lu Jingze couldn’t help but laughed at himself, and said that he shouldn’t come today, but he couldn’t help but ran to this side unexpectedly.

Now that he was already here, Lu Jingze didn’t bother to be hypocritical, and took the elevator directly upstairs to Ji Cheng’s ward.

“Sir, it’s not time to visit now.” Seeing Lu Jingze approaching, the nurse ran over and said.

“I’m staying here tonight.” Smiling at the nurse, Lu Jingze knocked on Ji Cheng’s door, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.”

Ji Cheng was not asleep, and when he heard the familiar voice, he popped his head out of the blanket.

“Xiao Cheng, I’m back!” Lu Jingze waved to Ji Cheng, and said to the nurse, “Really, do you want to ask?” The young nurse was suspicious, looked at Ji Cheng who nodded, then let him go.

Entering the ward, Lu Jingze closed the door and walked directly to Ji Cheng’s side and sat down on the bed.

“I thought you were already asleep.” Lu Jingze himself felt a little strange. Ji Cheng was like his exclusive antidote. He was originally very upset outside the ward, but seeing Ji Cheng, his discomfort was wiped out.

“I’ll be sleeping soon.” Ji Cheng moved with difficulty, “Why are you back?” When Ji Cheng saw Lu Jingze left today, he felt uncomfortable in his heart. The fragile connection between the two might have broken, he thought, but he didn’t expect Lu Jingze to come back at night.

To be honest, Ji Cheng was very pleased when he saw Lu Jingze open the door of the ward just now.

“I don’t know, I can’t help but come over when I heard someone calling me.” Lu Jingze joked.

“Puff, shameless.” Ji Cheng couldn’t help laughing.

The two people seemed to have made an agreement, and kept silent as if they forgot about that morning.

When Ji Cheng woke up in the morning, Lu Jingze had already left, leaving only the breakfast on the bedside table.

After that, until Ji Cheng was discharged from the hospital, Lu Jingze appeared in the ward on time every night.


Soon, Ji Cheng was discharged from the hospital and returned to the crew. Xing Cangrui  placed grapefruit water and heater in front of him.

“Director Xing, you are a bit too much!” Looking at these things, Ji Cheng was a little helpless.

“No, you’d better step forward. If you have an accident again, I may not be able to live long.” Xing Cangrui folded his hands and bowed to Ji Cheng. He couldn’t help but vomit some grievances, “You don’t know that Lu Jingze’s bastard will be there even after that day. Before, he never minded me, but now when he sees me, he can’t wait to peel me off!”

Ji Cheng smiled, and cooperatively sat near the heater.

During the period when Ji Cheng was away, the crew of “Silk Route” had finished filming all the parts except for his. Now, except for the actors who have scenes with Ji Cheng, the rest are resting at home.

However, everyone had been educated by Xing Cangrui, and the rest of the indoor scenes were quickly settled after two weeks.

“It’s strange, why haven’t I seen Lu Jingze come over to look for you recently?” On the way out, Xing Cangrui couldn’t help but approach Ji Cheng and asked, gossiping, “Did you two quarrel or break up?”

Ji Cheng felt uncomfortable. Xing Cangrui took a look and said jokingly, “Maybe he doesn’t want to see you.”

Except for work, Xing Cangrui didn’t have the appearance of a well-known director at other times.

“Tsk, if it’s not that you really broke up, you should remember to give me gossip, maybe I can bring you a wave of heat!” Xing Cangrui patted his chest, “By the way, I can advertise this movie, right? ”

Ji Cheng looked at him with despise, but his heart really began to care about their situation.

Originally, Ji Cheng wanted to end it quickly without dragging the crew. Basically, there are seventeen or eighteen hours in the filming every day, and he has no time to take care of other things. But today, when Xing Cangrui reminded him, he suddenly came back to his senses. He doesn’t seem to have had any contact with Lu Jingze recently.

He still remembered that Lu Jingze picked him up when he was discharged from the hospital that day. He only said that he would be busy recently, but he didn’t expect that the other would be busy for almost half a month.


President’s Office of Tomorrow Media.

Lu Jingze sat in his seat to deal with documents that had piled up into a mountain. In the past month, he returned to the group headquarters to work according to Lu Junfeng’s words. Only when he was not busy or there were too many things to deal with at the company, will he take the time to run back to Tomorrow’s media.

The reports accumulated for a week gave Lu Jingze a headache. While he was relaxing his cervical spine, he suddenly saw a flash on his mobile phone screen, and a text message was sent from a familiar number,

“The information is ready, and there are new discoveries.”


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