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DRNMY Chapter 25

The Final Chapter

Chapter 25… the final chapter

“Why are you here?” Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng who appeared in the hotel room, and was stunned, “Aren’t you still filming today?”

Before Ji Cheng could speak, Lu Jingze seemed to be suddenly thinking about something and asked aggrievedly, “I made many calls to you today, why didn’t you answer it?”

“No cellphone.” Ji Cheng stared at Lu Jingze’s eyes, Lu Jingze was caught in this gaze. While staring at his whole body, Ji Cheng continued, “If it weren’t for today’s hot search, until when would you guys hide it from me?” He thought this incident was just a masterpiece by Fang Yao and Luo Shaofeng, but he didn’t expect that he was told, Lu Jingze and them were actually in the same group. Thinking of Lu Jingze neither replying nor calling him a few days ago, Ji Cheng felt angry.

“I’m sorry.” Lu Jingze lowered his head, feeling complicated.

Why doesn’t he want to call Ji Cheng? Too many things happened in those few days. From the failure of proposing to Ji Cheng in the ward, to the discovery of the relationship between Lu Jingyuan and the orphanage, Lu Jingze had no choice but not to face Ji Cheng. In those days, he even fought against Wang Ye because of Ji Cheng’s grievances. Who knew that in the end, the biggest shadow of Ji Cheng was caused by the Lu family alone.

Lu Jingze didn’t blame Ji Cheng for rejecting his marriage proposal. He knew in his heart that if the obstacle between the two could not be cleared, then they would never be able to go on without any complaints.

For Ji Cheng, what happened back then was a huge blow. The truth that Lu Jingze found was that Ji Mincai planned to send Ji Cheng to Lu Junfeng at the time, to find a good position for himself in the Lu Group. Although this matter was frantic and unreasonable, Ji Mincai at that time couldn’t take care of so much. Hearing Fang Xushan’s words, he immediately nodded in agreement.

It was a pity that things went counterproductive. Before Ji Mincai could train Ji Cheng to send him off, his wife discovered the slightest relationship with the Lu family. At that time, Ji Cheng didn’t know the details, and Ji Mincai hadn’t done anything to him yet. In Ji Cheng’s view, in that room, Ji Mincai only gave him a few shots. It wasn’t until Ji Cheng grew up to go for a physical examination. He was told by the doctor that it was a medicine that allowed Omega to take the initiative to estrus under certain circumstances, and was no longer controlled by his estrus period. At the same time, because of the injection of this medicine, Ji Cheng’s glands were also damaged to some extent.

“They should have told you!” Lu Jingze twitched, “Do you remember, we were still discussing that day, Luo Shaofeng would be with the enemy’s son Fang Yao, but we did not expect that we would be with them. It’s not much better than that.”

Ji Cheng didn’t speak, Lu Jingze grabbed his own messy hair, took a deep breath, and said, “I originally wanted to eradicate the impact of this incident from your heart. I don’t want you to keep going on carrying it on your back. This incident is obviously not your fault, but it has been with you for so many years, and has been punishing you, keeping you in the shadows.” Lu Jingze walked to Ji Cheng and knelt down, looking into the other’s eyes, “If one day you can put this thing down completely and spend the next half of your life easily, does it mean that one day, you can accept me completely?”

Before, Lu Jingze could not understand Ji Cheng’s estrangement from him, but now he was full of sadness and distress for Ji Cheng.

Lu Jingze had never thought that he would be crazy like this for an Omega. Ji Cheng also didn’t expect that, the unexpected night brought him more and more unexpected accidents, continuing to affect him in all aspects of his life.

“Tomorrow I will go with you.” Ji Cheng met Lu Jingze’s eyes with determination, “I want to personally solve the problems that have troubled me for so many years.”

Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng’s eyes. He can’t help but bend his eyes, wrapped Ji Cheng’s hand in his palm, and say,

“Okay, we will solve it tomorrow, together.”


Early the next morning, Ji Cheng had washed up and stood in front of the window. As he can see from the hotel, the outside of the court opposite has been surrounded by reporters.

“Are you nervous?” Lu Jingze asked, standing behind him, gently hugging Ji Cheng’s waist.

“It’s okay.” Although he said that, Lu Jingze could clearly see that Ji Cheng’s forehead was already sweating.

Lu Jingze did not expose him, tightened his arms, and circled the person in his arms.


The reporters outside the court were like beasts who have been starved for a few days. Seeing a car coming by, they immediately swarmed up.

“Ji Cheng, are you aware of these behaviors in your orphanage? Are you also one of the victims in the orphanage?”

“Ji Cheng, did your stepfather send you to the Lu family? Did you follow him when you were a child? Is there something to do with the Lu family?” “Mr. Lu, I heard that you participated in the proof this time. Did you start with your own brother for the Lu family’s inheritance?”

“Ji Cheng, Ji Cheng, you were with Lu Jingze before, right? Is it in order to jointly overthrow the Lu family and expose this incident?”

“Mr. Lu, did you know that Ji Cheng approached you for a purpose?”

“The incident of Mr. Lu has greatly affected the Lu Group in recent days. What’s your opinion on the stock market crash?”

Lu Jingze kept Ji Cheng in his arms, stretched out his hand to block the microphone that they had stretched out, and walked directly into the court.

Although Luo Shaofeng and Fang Yao, who followed them, were not so popular, there were still many reporters who wanted to know the progress of the case from them. Fang Yao kept smiling at the camera, and gave ambiguous answers to the reporter’s questions.

“Let’s go, they are waiting.” Luo Shaofeng watched as the two of them had entered the hall and hurriedly followed Fang Yao.

After Ji Cheng arrived at the hotel yesterday, he ignored them. Luo Shaofeng knew that Ji Cheng was very angry that they had concealed this matter.

Fang Yao’s good lawyer went through the formalities here early this morning. Seeing them coming, he immediately greeted him, “I’ve asked them, Lu Jingyuan may not participate in this trial, but don’t worry. Now the evidence is solid, for sure. I can give you a satisfactory answer.”

Ji Cheng’s hands were full of sweat, Lu Jingze shook his hand and gave him a reassuring look.

The lawsuit went smoothly. In the face of the hardened evidence, Lu Jingyuan’s lawyer had no way to help Lu Jingyuan get rid of the charges. The only thing he could do was to work hard to deal with it lightly.

Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze sat in the audience. This case was not open to public. The victims and their families were sitting in the seats.

Ji Cheng looked back at some familiar figures, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart.

Seeing Ji Cheng’s concern, Lu Jingze patted his hand on his thigh and said softly, “Don’t worry, I have arranged these resettlement work, and we will compensate them when the judgment is made. Although the damage to them cannot be mitigated, I hope it can at least make up for some.”

“Yeah.” Ji Cheng turned his head back, looking at the affectionate eyes of Lu Jingze, and Luo Shaofeng’s words suddenly appeared in his mind. ‘Lu Jingze treats you sincerely.’

Ji Cheng smiled slightly at Lu Jingze, and took Lu Jingze’s hand back.

“Thank you.”

After discussion by both parties and the jury’s opinion, Lu Jingyuan was finally sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of child trafficking and bribery. The rest of the parties were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from three years to 50 years.

Walking out of the gate of the court, Luo Shaofeng took a deep breath, and the tears in his eyes couldn’t help streaming down.

“It’s okay, everything’s over!” Fang Yao comforted behind him, “Think about what to eat tonight?”

“Hot pot.” Luo Shaofeng couldn’t help but cocked his mouth, “I haven’t eaten hot pot for a long time!”

“Well then, we’ll eat hot pot tonight! ” Fang Yao rubbed Luo Shao Feng’s hair pamperingly, then turned his head to look behind the two men, “With them? ”

Lu Jingze nodded and looked at Ji Cheng standing beside him.

Ji Cheng looked up at the bright sky. Today seemed to be his happiest day after he left the orphanage. All the haze before was swept away by the dazzling sunshine.

Suddenly, Ji Cheng felt that all the pressure on him had disappeared, and he seemed to be able to smile back when he looked at the reporters outside the door.

“Why are you dazing? Let’s go, we will go to eat hot pot with Shao Feng and the others.” Looking at Ji Cheng who was still in a daze, Lu Jingze waved in front of him and said with a smile.

“Well, I feel a little unreal.” Before this, Ji Cheng had never thought that, there would be a day when the secret he had hidden for so many years would be known to everyone, and it finally gave him a satisfactory answer.

“Fool, how can there be so many untruths, it’s man-made, justice will definitely come.” Lu Jingze walked towards the car, holding Ji Cheng’s waist, “You have the energy to think so much, it’s better to imagine what you will order. Be realistic.” Or think of me by the way. Lu Jingze muttered in his heart.

“Okay.” Ji Cheng smiled and walked into the crowd with Lu Jingze.

As if suddenly remembering something, when the reporter handed the microphone to Ji Cheng, he took it over, looked at Lu Jingze with a surprised look, and said with a smile: “By the way, Mr. Lu, I have something to tell you. ”

Looking  at the puzzled look of the Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng smile became deeper.

“The question you asked me last time, I agreed.”

Ji Cheng returned the microphone to the reporters, and got into the car amidst everyone’s dumbfounded eyes.

Lu Jingze was still standing in place. Why did Ji Cheng suddenly say “Yes”…. is it what he thinks?!

Everyone saw Lu Jingze’s face changed from puzzled to surprise to ecstasy, but he didn’t care about the gazes of the people around him, and ran into the car directly.

Ji Cheng, who was still talking to Luo Shaofeng, was shocked by the sudden behemoth. After seeing the person, he frowned and patted Lu Jingze’s face, “Are you crazy! What are you doing!”

Lu Jingze closed the door and asked the driver to drive, then he held Ji Cheng in his arms and didn’t let go, “It’s okay, you continue to chat, I will just hug him.”

Lu Jingze, who was stared by others, didn’t care at all, and he just continue to grab him. Ji Cheng’s body seemed to be close to him. Ji Cheng also didn’t object, and after he couldn’t push him away, he accepted it willingly.


Six months later, at the Oster Awards Gala, Ji Cheng won the title of Best Actor for his movie “Silk Route”.

The host looked at the energetic Ji Cheng, and asked with a smile, “I heard that Ji Cheng was involved in scandals when he was filming this movie, and there are many things that have been revealed in the follow-up. Under the influence of so many external factors, you can still be the best actor. What do you want to say for making such an excellent movie?”

“Actually, the film was so excellent is the credit of the entire crew, because everyone knows that I had a lot of things during that period, so everyone took special care of me, especially director. With his guidance, my acting skills have improved.” Ji Cheng said with a smile. He looked at a certain corner of the stage, and then said, “Of course, I also want to thank my boss, Tomorrow’s media. If it weren’t for their support, I wouldn’t be able to stand here. They gave me a new life.”

Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze’s eyes collided, and both seemed to read the nostalgia in each other’s eyes.

Perhaps their beginning was a mistake, but for the rest of their lives, they will be each other’s best existence.


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