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DRNMY Chapter 22

Reaching Cooperation

Chapter 22 … Reaching Cooperation

Ji Cheng was stunned.

Did he just hallucinate? Is the person standing in front of him crazy?

Lu Jingze knelt before Ji Cheng’s bed, his eyes fixed on Ji Cheng, both worried and scared.

He didn’t know why this thought suddenly popped up in his mind. The only thing Lu Jingze knew right now was that he wanted to spend a lifetime to protect the person in front of him. Whether it was because of his love for Ji Cheng in his heart, or he wanted to make up for what Lu family had done to Ji Cheng, it only made Lu Jingze’s inner thoughts firmer.

“Well, get up first.” Ji Cheng was stunned for a long time. After making sure that he was not hearing hallucinations or dreaming, he calmly wanted to pull Lu Jingze up.

But Lu Jingze seemed to be determined and ignored Ji Cheng’s outstretched hand.

“You do not be impulsive, there is nothing we can really say.” Ji Cheng had some headaches when he saw Lu Jingze simply ignored him, but Lu Jingze just had to come up with a killer move, “I’m tired and want to rest now, you first go out.”

It seems that he really doesn’t like me!

Looking at Ji Cheng’s head, Lu Jingze knew that his marriage proposal had failed.

“Then you should rest first, and I will see you tomorrow.” Lu Jingze stood up and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

When he walked to the door of the ward and opened the door, Lu Jingze met Luo Shaofeng and Fang Yao who had just arrived.

“Where is Xiao Cheng? Is he okay!” Luo Shaofeng rushed over from the corridor, grabbing Lu Jingze’s clothes and asked.

“It’s okay, he is already awake, you can go in and see him.” Lu Jingze opened the door, and Luo Shaofeng immediately rushed in.

Lu Jingze patted the dust on his pants and greeted Fang Yao who was following Luo Shaofeng.

“Go for a drink? I’ll invite you.”

Fang Yao raised his eyebrows, glanced at the two people in the ward, then looked back at Lu Jingze up and down, smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

The two chose the coffee shop closest to the hospital.

“Are you traumatized? You want to drink in broad daylight.” Fang Yao quipped.

“Yeah.” Lu Jingze obviously didn’t want to answer this question. “What should I do about the thing you said before?”

Lu Jingze had already made a decision that night at the hospital. Even if it was for Ji Cheng, he had to investigate this matter clearly and restore the truth of the matter.

It seemed that Lu Jingze’s decision had been guessed a long time ago, and Fang Yao was not surprised by this.

“I have prepared most of the things. I just want you to help find these transaction records. I think they should be in Lu Jingyuan’s computer.” Fang Yao sent Lu Jingze a list with the information on project of several companies’ cooperation.

“These involve commercial secrets. I can’t help you if you don’t clearly explain their use.” Lu Jingze frowned. Is it possible that the scope of this matter is wider than he imagined?

Some of the projects that appeared on that list were even those of Lu’s cooperation with foreign companies.

“These, I found in Fang Xushan’s documents. It should be Lu Jingyuan who has this needed and asked Fang Xushan to find it in the orphanage.” Fang Yao replied, “According to the time on this list, I have been running these days. The orphanage just corresponds to the number of adoptions during that time.”

Looking at those lists, Lu Jingze felt very complicated.

“What role did my father play in this matter?” Lu Jingze did not forget. The conversation between Fang Xushan and Lu Jingyuan in the recording that day mentioned his father, Lu Junfeng.

Although for Lu Junfeng, Lu Jingze does not have a good impression. But after all, when his mother was still alive and Lu Jingyuan and the others had not set foot in their life, his relationship with Lu Junfeng still existed.

“From the evidence I have found now, your father didn’t interfere with this matter. Most of them were stuffed to him by the person next to him.” Fang Yao said, “The one who cooperates with the orphanage is Fang Xushan, it is Lu Jingyuan who supports Fang Xushan.” When Fang Yao said this, Lu Jingze was relieved.

“However, there is no evidence to prove that he is related to this matter, but it does not mean that he does not know this matter.” Fang Yao took a sip of coffee and continued.

“I know.” Lu Jingze nodded, “I’m going back recently. If I can find it, I’ll give you a message.”

“Waiting for the good news.” Fang Yao smiled, as if thinking of something, suddenly asked “What happened to you and Ji Cheng today? Are you despised again?”

Lu Jingze was still thinking about how to find evidence, but when Fang Yao said this, he couldn’t help but raised his head and gave him an eyeroll.

“Why you are so annoying!” Thinking of Ji Cheng’s attitude in the ward today, Lu Jingze’s mood became even more irritable.

“Ji Cheng just can’t open his heart knot, and he has no sense of security with you.” Fang Yao analyzed, “Actually, you can’t blame others. Shaofeng and I don’t have a good impression of you. If I guess right, now he is there. Luo Shaofang has begun to accuse you.” Lu Jingze snorted and glanced at Fang Yao, “You guys, you are ashamed to tell me, what is the relationship between you and Fang Xushan, does your family Shaofeng know?”

“Of course. I know!” Fang Yao’s face was a little smug, and it seemed to be showing off, “In that case, I would like to thank the old guy. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to meet Shaofeng!” Lu Jingze was a little bit disgusted. He glanced at Fang Yao and couldn’t help asking, “Then why are you together behind?”

Fang Yao and Luo Shaofeng’s situation is similar to that of him and Ji Cheng, and the difficulty factor is higher. If Luo Shaofeng and Fang Yao can succeed, there is no reason for him that he will fail. Lu Jingze thought so.

Fang Yao smiled mysteriously at Lu Jingze and hooked his finger.

Lu Jingze immediately put an ear in his ears, only to hear Fang Yao say in a low voice, “Guess it!”


After “fighting” with Fang Yao that day and leaving from the cafe, Lu Jingze did not return to the hospital, but called to make an appointment.

Changting Mountain is the highest mountain in City A and is located in the western suburbs of the city. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can overlook the entire city.

Lu Jingze was standing on the top of the mountain now, looking at the busy city below. As night fell, street lights everywhere lit up, and the light illuminated the entire sky.

“So early today?” Lu Jingze turned his head and smiled when he heard the footsteps behind him.

“Well, I happened to be in the orphanage when I received the call, and I came up after finishing the work.” The person who came was the orphan Yu Lan who grew up in the Changting Orphanage, Lu Jingyuan’s current girlfriend, and the person Lu Jingze arranged a long time ago to monitor the internal response of Lu Jingyuan Company.

“This is for you. Help me find these in Lu Jingyuan’s computer.” Lu Jingze handed the list to Yu Lan, hesitated for a while, and then asked, “Do you know Ji Cheng and Luo Shaofeng?”

Hearing these two names, Yu Lan’s hand that took the list paused obviously, “I know.”

Yu Lan is a Beta. It stands to reason that people like Lu Jingyuan would never find a Beta girlfriend, but Yu Lan has such a charm and holds Lu Jingyuan in her hands. In their own hands. It is precisely because she is a Beta, she escaped those adoption traps in the orphanage and successfully went to a publicly funded university. Because of her excellent grades, she was recommended by the school to go abroad as an exchange student, that is, she met Lu Jingze in a foreign country.

Yu Lan knew about Ji Cheng and Luo Shaofeng’s affairs, so when Lu Jingze asked, she told Lu Jingze what she knew, and the general situation did not differ much from what Fang Yao said.

“You mean, most of the things in the orphanage are related to Lu Jingyuan?” Yu Lan was surprised, thinking that his friends who had grown up with him would end up like this after leaving the orphanage, and her hatred for Lu Jingyuan deepened by another layer.

“Well, I’ve heard that recording, and it is indeed his voice.” Lu Jingze continued, “I just checked this list at the orphanage, and it is indeed the correct time. If Lu Jingyuan and the other party’s transaction time matches, then this will be a strong evidence.”

Yu Lan nodded and said that she understood, “Lu Jingyuan has a notebook that only he can touch, and he also has some business documents in it. I just happened to have it in these two days. When the time comes, I will take the opportunity to look for it in his villa.”

“Okay, pay attention to safety.”


On the way back, Lu Jingze couldn’t help thinking about Ji Cheng who was still lying in the hospital.

After Lu Jingze left in the afternoon, Luo Shaofeng and the others stayed until the evening before leaving. Not long ago, Fang Yao took a candid picture of Ji Cheng for Lu Jingze and left a message saying that everything is well in the hospital.

Looking at the message, Lu Jingze couldn’t wait to rush to the phone and fight Fang Yao. Looking at the picture on the phone, Lu Jingze resisted the desire to return to the hospital again to take a sneak look. To be honest, Lu Jingze was really uncomfortable with Ji Cheng’s rejection today.

He can understand Ji Cheng’s concerns and know Ji Cheng’s concerns, but he is just not happy. From the beginning to the end, Ji Cheng’s behavior clearly didn’t believe him, didn’t believe that they could go to the end well.

Lu Jingze drove the car and parked in front of the red light, watching the hot news on the phone.

The injury to Ji Cheng’s studio has spread all over the Internet. Before the news was sent, Wen Ruchun had already greeted the public relations department. This time, he wanted to create a dedicated personality for Ji Cheng, and help him get along.

Lu Jingze drove the car to the apartment, thinking that tomorrow he would give Ji Cheng a breakfast. Actually, he wanted to wait for Ji Cheng to communicate with him on his own initiative, and he didn’t know that he would have to wait until a month for his full recovery .

I don’t know if Ji Cheng will be angry tomorrow. Lu Jingze thought, recalling that he was too anxious today. After a night of waiting, Lu Jingze didn’t have the time and energy to think about the right time to do this. At that time, there was only that thought in his mind.

Just as Lu Jingze was thinking about how to make peace with Ji Cheng tomorrow, and by the way, thinking about what to bring for breakfast tomorrow morning, the mobile phone beside him suddenly rang.

The caller’s contact showed Lu Junfeng’s name. Looking at that name, Lu Jingze felt a little complicated.

Slowly picked up the phone, after hesitating for a while, Lu Jingze answered the call, “Dad.”

Lu Junfeng’s voice on the other end of the phone was low, “Why did you answer the phone after so long?”

Lu Jingze was silent and did not answer. The other party didn’t seem to care, and then said. “There is something at home, you come back now.”

The author has something to say:

Lu Jingze: I think you talk a lot of nonsense and you owe a lot of beating!

Fang Yao: Yes, I’m telling the truth!

Lu Jingze: Come here, let’s fight!


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