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DRNMY Chapter 21


Chapter 21… Proposal

When Lu Jingze hurried to the hospital, Ji Cheng was still in the operating room.

“What happened!?” Lu Jingze grabbed Xing Cangrui by the collar and shouted.

Lu Jingze’s eyes were red, staring at Xing Cangrui as if he was about to swallow him into his stomach.

“The glass on the second floor of the studio suddenly shattered. At that time, Ji Cheng was lying directly underneath and preparing for the next shot. He didn’t have time to dodge, so…” Xing Cangrui was full of guilt, and he lowered his head, not daring to look directly into Lu Jingze’s eyes.

“It’s okay, Jingze.  Just now the doctor came out and said he is fine. Because he was lying on his stomach, he consciously hid again. So, the glass did not hit his head directly, but some of the glass shards stuck to the skin and needed time to clean up. That’s it.” Wen Ruchun, who had already heard the news, patted Lu Jingze on the shoulder and gradually calmed him down.

Lu Jingze took a deep breath and sat on a bench at the door of the operating room leaning against the wall.

His heart was full of self-blame. If it weren’t for his temporary departure, he would definitely be next to Ji Cheng. If he was on the scene, it would definitely be impossible for that piece of glass to touch Ji Cheng in the slightest.

At this time, Lu Jingze desperately needed a cathartic outlet. 1 cathartic outlet : an outlet to relieve emotions such as pity, anger, helplessness, etc. He received too much information in a day. The news about the Lu family and Ji Cheng and the shocking news made him breathless.

His head seemed to be disturbed by someone with a stick, and his thoughts were in a mess, and Ji Cheng’s figure appeared in his mind from time to time, lingering.

“Bang!” The door of the operating room was pushed open from inside. Lu Jingze, who was sitting on the bench decadently, stood up and rushed to the doctor.

“Doctor, how is Ji Cheng?” Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng, who was lying quietly on the hospital bed, his heart hurting as if he had been severely tightened with a rope.

Blame him for not taking good care of Ji Cheng.

“The patient is fine. The glass shards on his body have been cleaned up, but he has to sleep on his stomach for a few days, and he can only turn around after the wound on his shoulder is healed.” The doctor took off his mask and talked to Lu Jingze and said, “Don’t let him eat some of the food that will aggravate wounds, and try not to touch the soy sauce that will leave scars. He was lucky. If hi head was raised a little more during the accident, it may not be so easy to handle!”

Hearing the doctor’s words , the heart that Lu Jingze had originally dangling finally fell back.

“When can I go in and accompany him?” Lu Jingze’s voice was a little hoarse, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“He will be under observation tonight. You can transfer him to the general ward tomorrow.” The doctor looked at Lu Jingze up and down, and said kindly, “You are his Alpha. He should want to see you when he wakes up. Go home tonight and wash up well, he will wake up tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Lu Jingze nodded, and followed the nurse to watch Ji Cheng entering the ICU.

“I’ll guard tonight, you go back and have a rest first.” Wen Ruchun had never seen Lu Jingze look like this before, worried, he couldn’t help but persuade.

“No, I’ll just go to the toilet to wash my face later.” At this moment, Lu Jingze just wanted to stay beside Ji Cheng, for fear that he would change place again.

Seeing that he couldn’t persuade him, Wen Ruchun shook his head helplessly, and could only leave with Xing Cangrui first.

Through the glass, Lu Jingze watched the nurse settled Ji Cheng well before turning around and entering the washroom .

The cold water slapped on Lu Jingze’s face. In the mirror, his eyes were red, his wet hair clings to the top of his head indiscriminately, and the beard on his chin began to rise, his eyes looking at the Lu Jingze who was totally different from the usual.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Lu Jingze suddenly raised the corners of his mouth and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hahaha…” Lu Jingze raised his head, a tear slowly slipped from the corner of his eyes.


Ji Cheng was awakened by the wound on his shoulder.

“Hiss…” Recalling the scene before he fainted in his mind, Ji Cheng laid down on the bed and couldn’t help taking a breath.

“How do you feel when you wake up?” Soon, the doctor opened the door and walked to Ji Cheng’s side and asked.

“It hurts.” Ji Cheng’s tears couldn’t help filling his eyes. After the effect of anesthetic ran out, he only felt that there was no place on his body that belonged to him. There were wounds everywhere and not single place was comfortable.

“There are a lot of wounds on your body, so don’t move during these two days. Is there any discomfort in your head? For example, dizziness?” The doctor asked.

“It’s okay, but it’s a bit uncomfortable on my chest.” Ji Cheng answered the doctor’s question, always feeling that there was a hot gaze looking at him from outside, but whenever he looked sideways, the door was empty.

“Don’t move, and observe for a long time. If you don’t feel sick in the afternoon, you’ll change to a general ward.” The doctor signed the medical record and placed it in the basket in front of Ji Cheng’s bed.

The pain in his body was not relieved halfway, and Ji Cheng, who was explicitly forbidden by the doctor to move, tried to change his position in bed.

“How good it would be if Lu Jingze was here at this time, he can help me turn over!” Ji Cheng couldn’t help but mutter, but was taken aback by his own thoughts.

Lu Jingze, who had just secretly asked the doctor about the situation outside the door, had just returned from the door of the ward and when he went to the window, he saw Ji Cheng messing around in the room dishonestly.

“Ancestor!” Lu Jingze was anxious, but found that he could not enter the ICU ward at all.

In a hurry, he had to grab a former nurse and said, “Is it time for relatives to visit now? I want to go in and see him!” The nurse glanced at Ji Cheng who was struggling in the room, and then glanced outside with a weird gaze. He then said, “Brother, visit time is from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon. It is two o’clock in the morning, what do you think?”

But the nurse only disliked it. Seeing Lu Jingze’s anxious appearance, he still called someone for help to go in and roll over Ji Cheng.

“Thanks.” Ji Cheng adjusted his posture. Although the wound was still painful, his breathing was finally smoother.

He saw the person standing outside the door just now. Watching Lu Jingze, he felt warm in his heart because of his anxious appearance.

After thanking the nurse, Lu Jingze leaned on the window again and continued to look at Ji Cheng, but when he turned his gaze, he met Ji Cheng’s beautiful smile.

“Go back and rest, I’m fine!” Through the glass, Lu Jingze deciphered Ji Cheng’s mouth movements.

“I’m here to accompany you, not going anywhere.” Lu Jingze breathed a sigh of relief towards the glass, and drew on it.

Looking at the love behind that sentence, the corners of Ji Cheng’s mouth couldn’t stop rising.

Or maybe he was too smug, the wound was accidentally pulled by Ji Cheng, and he couldn’t help but hissed.

Outside the window, Lu Jingze was a little anxious. When he wanted to call the doctor, Ji Cheng in the ward blinked at him and made a sleeping position.

It was almost three o’clock in the morning, and after his nerves relaxed, Lu Jingze also gradually began to feel sleepy.

He nodded towards Ji Cheng, turned around and walked to the bench opposite the ward to sit down, leaned his head against the wall behind, squinted and fell asleep.

Ji Cheng was lying on the bed and could see Lu Jingze’s restless hair. For some reason, it seemed that it was because Lu Jingze was beside him. Ji Cheng closed his eyes and felt extremely relieved.


Early the next morning, Wen Ruchun brought breakfast to the hospital.

Ji Cheng also woke up in the room and smiled at Wen Ruchun through the window.

Lu Jingze went to the washroom to freshen up, and when he came back, he saw Wen Ruchun standing outside the window.

“Morning.” Lu Jingze stroked his wet hair back, revealing a large forehead.

Wen Ruchun handed the breakfast to Lu Jingze and asked, “How is it? What did the doctor say in the morning?”

“The doctor asked to observe him all morning, but Ji Cheng said he was fine and he wanted to transfer to the general ward.” Although Lu Jingze also wanted Ji Cheng to transfer to the general ward so that he could communicate with himself at close range, the most important thing at the moment is Ji Cheng’s body.

“Hey, this kid!” Wen Ruchun looked at Ji Cheng in the ward somewhat helplessly, who was looking at them with an innocent look.

After finally getting through the morning, Ji Cheng couldn’t wait to complete the examination from the doctor, and finally got into the general ward as he wished.

“Seeing that you are so energetic, I am relieved.” Wen Ruchun walked into the ward, looked at Ji Cheng who was still lying on his stomach, and said with a smile, “I have already taught Lao Xing so hard last night. He has been filming for so many years, still making such a low-level mistake.”

“Actually, I don’t care about the criminal director, maybe it’s my recent bad luck !” Ji Cheng joked.

With that said, Ji Cheng recalled that it was really not going well recently. It seems that after that dinner, except for the successful audition, nothing good has happened to him.

While speaking, Lu Jingze walked into the ward from the door with his hands behind his back.

“Morning!” When Ji Cheng watched Lu Jingze enter the door, he raised his head and greeted the other with a smile.

But now, Lu Jingze seems somewhat wrong, the whole person seems a little restrained.

“Morning!” Lu Jingze forced a smirk on his face, and even Wen Ruchun, who was standing by, felt embarrassed for him.

Ji Cheng also noticed the other party’s abnormality, but he smiled and continued to daze on the pillow.

“You go out, I have something to tell Ji Cheng.” Lu Jingze’s voice was full of tension, giving Wen Ruchun a look and urging him to leave quickly.

After receiving the message, Wen Ruchun rolled his eyes to Lu Jingze, turned around and smiled, then said to Ji Cheng, “Xiao Cheng, there are still some things in the company. I will leave first, and I will come to see you in the afternoon!”

Ji Cheng nodded, ” Brother Chun has worked hard!”

As the door closed, Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze were left in the huge ward.

Ji Cheng thinks that Lu Jingze is quite strange today.

It’s not that the two have never stayed in the same room. He doesn’t know what happened yesterday. At this time, there was an embarrassment in the air.

Ji Cheng was still lying in a daze when he heard Lu Jingze cleared his throat.

Turning his gaze to Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng found that the other’s face was glowing abnormally red.

“You don’t have a fever?” Ji Cheng couldn’t help asking.

“No, no!” Lu Jingze swallowed, “I have something to tell you.”

Ji Cheng nodded and watched Lu Jingze kneel by his bed.

“Ji Cheng, are you willing to accept me and let me take care of you for the rest of my life? I swear that I will do my best to protect you throughout my life and prevent you from being harmed! Ji Cheng, marry me, okay?”


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    cathartic outlet : an outlet to relieve emotions such as pity, anger, helplessness, etc.
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