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DRNMY Chapter 18


Chapter 18… Orphanage


Luo Shaofeng and Fang Yao followed Ji Cheng, bypassing the paparazzi who was eating supper at the barbecue stall, and successfully sneaked into the hotel opposite the community.


“Ji Cheng, are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing?” As soon as he entered the door of the room, Luo Shaofeng pushed Ji Cheng directly to the wall next to him and grabbed him by the collar. “Isn’t it enough to find someone in the upper class?”


Ji Cheng stretched out his hand to pull his collar out, and said after taking a breath, “I know, he’s not that kind of person, and I didn’t plan to stay with him for a long time” At this point, Ji Cheng’s eyes flashed with sadness.


Luo Shaofeng calmed down after hearing what he said.


When the two sat on the bed, Luo Shaofeng said worriedly, “You have to be careful here alone. The Lu family is the head of the upper class. Even if you don’t plan to spend a lifetime with Lu Jingze, people will not let you go.”


“I know, I left Wang Ye just a few days ago, and I have to rely on him for this period of time,” Ji Cheng said.


“Wang Ye is not a good thing either! You should have killed him a long time ago.” Luo Shaofeng reminded Ji Cheng a long time ago that Wang Ye might not be as beautiful as he thought. But at that time, Ji Cheng was still Wang Ye’s stubborn fan. Basically, he did what Wang Ye said, and didn’t take Luo Shaofeng’s words seriously.


Ji Cheng recalled the time back then and couldn’t help but smile.


“Okay, let’s talk about you guys! When were you together?” Ji Cheng blinked, his eyes filled with cunning light.


“It’s almost a year.” Fang Yao stood aside and replied with a smile, “Something happened to the two of us before, so don’t blame Shao Feng for not telling you before.”


Ji Cheng nodded irresponsibly. , And then asked, “What did you come back for this time? Surely it wouldn’t be a special trip to see me!”


Luo Shaofeng was silent.


Indeed, they did not come back this time purely for Ji Cheng.


“There are some things I can’t tell you yet, and you’ll know when the time comes.” Luo Shaofeng concealed a part of it . Although Ji Cheng was curious, he didn’t ask about it.




Luo Shaofeng and Ji Cheng only stayed for two days, and they said that there were other things left.


Ji Cheng stayed at home for two more days, and the next night he received a call from the crew to inform him to go to work tomorrow. Ji Cheng only reacted at this time, unknowingly it was already October.


Before going to the crew, Wen Ruchun took Ji Cheng to the company in advance to sign two contracts, one for the company and the other for Xing Cangrui.


“Tomorrow, I’m going back to the crew to film.” Ji Cheng said to Lu Jingze, who was sitting next door, holding the food.


“I heard it. You shoot well, I will go to the crew to watch you when I have time.” Lu Jingze has also been busy recently. It maybe due to the Golden Week of November. Many movies are selected for release during this time, especially Guangming Daily Media. The company premiered two films during the Golden Week of November.




Not knowing if it’s Ji Cheng’s illusion, Lu Jingze seems to be busy with things in the past two days. Although he will come back for dinner, the two of them don’t communicate much. Most of the time they just ask and answer one by one. When Ji Cheng didn’t speak, Lu Jingze buried his head in the phone.


Maybe the time is almost there! Ji Cheng thought, the two have been bound like this for almost a month, and there is no actual progress in themselves. No matter how great the enthusiasm is, it will be wiped out one day.


Ji Cheng finished the meal quietly, took the initiative to wash the dishes, and got an apologetic smile from Lu Jingze.


“Sorry, the company hasn’t finished some things. You have worked hard these two days.” Lu Jingze helped to bring the dishes into the kitchen.


“It’s okay. Go ahead, I have packed my things, and I have nothing to do at night.” Ji Cheng smiled and took the dinner plate that Lu Jingze accepted.


Lu Jingze still wanted to say something, but looking at Ji Cheng’s back, he swallowed the words back.


After Ji Cheng washed the dishes and returned to the living room, he saw that the door of Lu Jingze’s room was closed tightly. The person inside seemed to be on the phone with someone, and Lu Jingze’s voice could be faintly heard.


Ji Cheng had never been interested in these things, so he scanned the living room, turned off the lights and went back to his room.




Early the next morning, Ji Cheng dragged his suitcase to the living room. He had already told Bi Xiaoling before and asked her to drive over today.


A plate of breakfast was placed on the restaurant table, and a note was pressed under the plate.


“I am going to the company beforehand, and the breakfast on the table is ready, hope that the filming will go well!——Ze”


Ji Cheng nibbled on the bread and exclaimed in his heart. It’s said that Lu Jingze was abroad since he was a child, but he didn’t expect that he could write so beautifully in Chinese. At least he was much better than himself.


Ji Cheng’s thoughts were still wandering, but a phone call from Bi Xiaoling snapped him back.


“Brother Cheng, I’m already downstairs! How can I go upstairs to get things for you?” After a few days, Bi Xiaoling’s voice is still so lively.


“I’ll get down right away, and you will wait in the car.” It’s just a few days away. Bi Xiaoling seems to have endless words for Ji Cheng, topics like, who has been with whom from the Internet, and which movie has been released recently. It’s super beautiful…


Ji Cheng just listened quietly, and he didn’t know why, but today he can’t feel refreshed.


“Brother Cheng, are you unhappy today? Or what happened to you and Mr. Lu?” Bi Xiaoling also felt that Ji Cheng was wrong, and couldn’t help asking cautiously.


“Is it so obvious?” Ji Cheng rubbed his cheeks, “Maybe it’s because I haven’t been sleeping well recently, and my mind has gone astray a little.”


“Then Brother Cheng, go to sleep first. There is still more than half an hour from the crew here. Yesterday, Director Xing informed that there will be an act in the afternoon, so I will drive slowly over.” Bi Xiaoling slowed down and closed the back seat window silently.


Ji Cheng lay on the back seat and closed his eyes.




“Xiao Cheng, Shaofeng, hurry up! Don’t let the guests wait too long!” Dean Hao knocked on the door of Ji Cheng and Luo Shaofeng’s room and urged, “You are almost 7 years old. You, you aren’t going to stay here for the rest of your life!”


Ji Cheng sat on his bed and looked at Luo Shaofeng, who was still trying hard to get dressed. His face was a little disappointed, “Shaofeng, I think I might stay here for a lifetime. . ”


“No, maybe this is a chance for you!” Luo Shao Feng jumped out of bed, tugged his pants, “Come on, do not be so gloomy. Hmm, I might not get to go! If you go out, remember to come back to Look for me!”


“Okay.” As they said, the two walked towards the orphanage conference room holding hands.


There were two couples sitting in the conference room, and Dean Hao looked flattering, while pouring water, he was busy urging people to order fruit.


“Mr. Fang and Mr. Ji, the Omegas in the yard are here now. Which one do you like better? They are very obedient. They only came to us when their parents died early when they were young.” Dean Hao said, still hypocritically wiping away tears.


“What’s the name of this child? It looks very smart!” Bai Rong asked while sitting next to Ji Mincai, pointing to the child nearby.


“Madam has a good vision. This is Xiao Cheng. He has just been seven years old. He has excellent academic performance and is usually very obedient!” Dean Hao pulled Ji Cheng out and said, “Go and talk to Madam. Now!”


Ji Cheng couldn’t believe it, and tremblingly walked to Bai Rong and Ji Mincai, and said, “I am now in the first grade, and I can calculate addition and subtraction within one hundred, as well as simple English words.”


“Not bad. Ah boy, you are very capable!” Ji Mincai squinted at Ji Cheng in front of him, nodded, “Would you like to go home with us?”


Ji Cheng opened his eyes wide, and his eyes were full of surprises.


“Yes, okay?” Ji Cheng looked back at Dean Hao, and Luo Shaofeng who was still standing in the team.


“Of course, this kid is so happy, and everyone is stupid!” Dean Hao touched Ji Cheng’s head and said to both Ji Mincai.


“It’s okay, this child is not afraid, and he gets along well with my wife. I think it’s good.” Ji Mincai smiled and turned to look at Fang Xushan next to him, “Lao Fang, how about you?”


Fang Xushan looked at it and wrinkled his eyebrows, Frowning, “It seems that they are all the same! Why don’t you let Xiao Cheng help me choose!”


Ji Cheng hadn’t recovered from his surprise of being adopted, the next surprise fell from the sky again.


“Should I choose?” Ji Cheng looked at Ji Mincai next to him for help. After getting the other’s approval, he encouraged himself. “Sir, what do you think of Shaofeng?” Luo Shaofeng was happy for Ji Cheng while thinking about whether  it was his turn, he suddenly heard his name in a daze.


“Shaofeng, stand up first!” Before he understood what was going on, Dean Hao yanked Luo Shaofeng out of the team and introduced to Fang Xushan flatly, “This kid is half a year younger than Xiao Cheng, and his brain has a special idea. He’s too naughty, and also skinny!”


“Little boy, it’s better to be naughty!” Fang Xushan waved his hand and looked at Liu Chun next to him, “This kid is not bad, so it’s him.”


Liu Chun has no comments, slightly emotionally.


Seeing that his good friend had also been adopted by kindhearted people, Ji Cheng also smiled.


Luo Shaofeng stood beside Fang Xushan and blinked at Ji Cheng.


After the candidates were selected, the next step was to go through some adoption procedures. These had nothing to do with the two children, Ji Cheng and Luo Shaofeng listened to the Dean’s words and went back to their room to pack their luggage.


As soon as he entered the room, Ji Cheng was immediately embraced by Luo Shaofeng.


“Xiao Cheng, thank you!” Luo Shaofeng came to the orphanage one year later than Ji Cheng. Since then, he has been following Ji Cheng like a little tail. Later, when he grew up, Luo Shaofeng thought of Ji Cheng more like a king who “conquered” the orphanage.


When he heard that Ji Cheng was named, Luo Shaofeng was happy but also a little bit disappointed. Just when he thought of having someone in the orphanage in the future, Ji Cheng recommended him.


“I’ll write to you when I get the chance! I think Uncle Ji is very good at talking, and I will know where you are when I ask!” Ji Cheng took Luo Shaofeng’s hand and said kindly. The two are going back with the adopter this afternoon, and whether they can see each other later depends on fate.


“En, you see that they are so familiar, we will definitely have a chance to meet again!” Luo Shaofeng also nodded, full of confidence in the future of the two.


It’s just that they didn’t expect that after today, when the two met again, they would be on such an occasion.




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