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DRNMY Chapter 17

Childhood friend

Chapter 17… Childhood friend


The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be very angry. Even Lu Jingze, who was sitting on the side, heard the angry voice of that person.


Ji Cheng moved the phone slightly away from his ears, with a hint of helplessness on his face but a little joy. The moment he heard the sound, he knew that the person must be his childhood friend, Luo Shaofeng.


“I will borrow your car to go out in the evening and pick up a friend.” Ji Cheng shook the phone that had been hung up, and said to Lu Jingze who was sitting next to him.


“Who is that person?” The string in Lu Jingze’s heart tightened instantly. Judging from the tone of the two people talking on the phone, they must be very familiar friends. However, in the information Lu Jingze found, Ji Cheng had only one close friend, Wang Ye.


“A friend who grew up with me, but he went abroad after he became an adult. I haven’t contacted him for a long time, but I didn’t expect him to come back suddenly at this time.” Ji Cheng smiled, thinking that Luo Shaofeng remained the same.


“It should be because he saw the hot search and thought about about coming here!” Lu Jingze guessed.


Now, both of them are still in the top #1 position of the hot search list. Judging from the phone call just now, it is very likely that he rushed over after seeing the hot search.


“Perhaps!” Ji Cheng quickly solved the mutton soup in front of him, and got up to go out.


“Wait for me, I’ll go with you.” It was already dark outside, and Lu Jingze was worried that Ji Cheng ran out alone. It was a small thing to run into the paparazzi. If something else really happened, Lu Jingze would regret it too late.


Ji Cheng nodded, went into the room and took the jackets of the two of them. When Lu Jingze finished packing, the two went out together.


On the way to the airport, Luo Shaofeng continued to bomb Ji Cheng with text messages. All the harassment content, without exception, accused Ji Cheng of treating him as just a normal friend and not telling him anything. The rest is fine, and now he hasn’t even discussed with him in advance about such important matters as his relationship with Lu Jingze.


The voice from Luo Shaofeng carried through his usual loud voice, and Lu Jingze, inadvertently, still heard the conversation between the two. He couldn’t help but curled up his mouth. Seeing that Ji Cheng has such a good relationship and have such a friend who cares about him, Lu Jingze feels relieved a lot.


It was already 9:30 in the evening when they arrived at the airport. The two of them followed Luo Shaofeng’s directions and looked around for a while and finally saw him at the airport side door.


“Didn’t I tell you to come here within ten minutes? Why are you so slow, don’t you want to see me!” Luo Shaofeng slapped Ji Cheng’s arm and couldn’t help but rub it afterwards. When he rubbed the place he had beaten, he held Ji Cheng with his arm but still did not forget to say with contempt.


“Ancestor, I came here very quickly! Evening traffic jam is so bad here, don’t you know!” Ji Cheng complained, “And you do not know to inform ahead of time that you are coming , only told me after arriving at the airport, in the end who is not a friend!”


Seeing the two of them were about to talk endlessly here, Lu Jingze hurriedly interjected, “Let’s go home first, there are a lot of people here. You can talk more when we get home!”


Lu Jingze’s words successfully interrupted the quarrel between the two. Luo Shaofeng stood beside Ji Cheng, looking up and down at the person in front of him.


“Wait a second, there is another person who just bought water and will be back soon.” Luo Shaofeng retracted his gaze and said with a smile.


“One more person? Who else did you bring back?” While talking, Ji Cheng saw a strange man walking towards the three of them with two bottles of water in his hands.


“Let me introduce, this is my Alpha——Fang Yao.” Luo Shaofeng put his arm around Fang Yao and proudly introduced Ji Cheng to both of them, “This is Ji Cheng, The one I told you about, my childhood friend ”


“Hello.” Ji Cheng stretched out his hand and looked at the strange but familiar man.


He saw that the man was slender, with a hint of coldness in his deep eyes, his thin lips slightly raised, and his smile exuded a fascinating breath.


“Hello.” Fang Yao stretched out his hand to take Ji Cheng’s hand, but was suddenly “intercepted” midway.


“Hello, I’m Ji Cheng’s Alpha!” Lu Jingze grabbed Fang Yao’s hand before grabbing Ji Cheng, and the other hand was directly on Ji Cheng’s waist, encircling him in his arms.


Perhaps because of possessiveness, Lu Jingze couldn’t help being hostile when he first saw the Alpha.


For Lu Jingze behavior, Fang Yao had become accustomed to, he did not change the smile on his face, holding the hand of Lu Jingze, “Hello, I’m Fang Yao.”


“Well your greetings are enough, let’s go back to change, I’m hungry!” Luo Shaofeng took the lead to break the deadlock, stepping forward and directly pulling Ji Cheng away, and walked to the other side of the car.


Ji Cheng looked back at the two people who were out of sync with some worry, but couldn’t help being a little surprised.


Originally, he thought that Lu Jingze’s height of 187cm was already high enough, but he did not expect Fang Yao to be a few centimeters taller than Lu Jingze. If it weren’t for the face that really looked like a yellow race, Ji Cheng would have some doubts whether he was a mixed race.


After feeling Ji Cheng’s gaze, Lu Jingze realized that the person walking beside him was actually half a head taller than him, and his unhappy heart was even more uncomfortable now.


“I heard that you are Lu Junfeng’s son?” Fang Yao asked casually, walking beside Lu Jingze leisurely.


“What are you asking for?” Lu Jingze’s nerves tightened instantly, and his eyes were full of hostility looking at Fang Yao.


Unexpectedly, Fang Yao just smiled, seeing Lu Jingze’s eyes with a hint of contempt, “I really don’t understand, Ji Cheng is willing to be with you, and his heart is big enough.”


Fang Yao’s inexplicable words startled Lu Jingze. Seeing that the other person was speeding up and reluctant to say more, he almost couldn’t hold back his face to ask clearly, but at last, he was a little more thoughtful, planning to find someone to check this matter out later.


“Let’s go and buy some more cooked food later, you’ve called us out just as the food is being prepared at home. You can continue to eat it when you go back and warm it up, but the quantity may be a bit low.” As soon as he got on the bus, Ji Cheng discussed with Lu Jingze.


Lu Jingze responded and started the car without speaking.


Ji Cheng couldn’t help but glance at Lu Jingze who was sitting in the cab. Although the other party did not speak, he found that Lu Jingze seemed a little different from just now. He didn’t know what he and Fang Yao said just now.


Along the way, Lu Jingze didn’t say a word except for the necessary ah-ah reply. Ji Cheng looked at him with some worry, but it was difficult to ask questions in front of his friends.


The car drove back to Lu Jingze’s apartment.


“Fuck! You two are still living together!” Luo Shaofeng cried out in surprise when he entered the room and looked at the obvious double decoration in the room.


Ji Cheng, who was focused on Lu Jingze, didn’t notice. At this time, Luo Shaofeng’s eyes looked a little wrong at him.


At the dinner table, Luo Shaofeng and Ji Cheng have been talking about the things that happened after he left. From starting the company with Wang Ye to signing the resignation procedures a few days ago, Luo Shaofeng has been amazed by Ji Cheng’s various experiences over the years. On the other side of the dining table, the two Alphas could only quietly listen to them and had no chance to interrupt, but they were not as calm as they seemed on the surface.


Lu Jingze lowered his head to eat, and from time to time he took out his mobile phone to reply to messages. Although he didn’t say a word, he could always feel that a hot gaze stayed on him.


“Is there a hotel near here? We will take Ji Cheng out for one night in the evening so that the two of them will chat and not disturb you .” Suddenly, Fang Yao said to Lu Jingze.


“There must be a hotel, but Ji Cheng can’t live there.” Lu Jingze smiled and refused the other party’s request.


Hearing Lu Jingze’s words, Fang Yao just shrugged and didn’t seem to care.


Holding a fire in his heart, Lu Jingze turned to look at Ji Cheng next to him. The other party seemed to be arguing with Luo Shaofeng over some memories of his childhood, and did not realize that Lu Jingze was wrong.


Dissatisfied with Ji Cheng’s attitude, Lu Jingze deliberately reached out and touched the person next to him.


“What’s the matter?” Sure enough, Lu Jingze’s actions received Ji Cheng’s response. He stopped arguing with Luo Shaofeng, turned his head and asked.


“I accidentally bumped into it, it’s okay.” Lu Jingze smiled, put one hand on Ji Cheng’s shoulder, and then said, “You see it’s quite late now. Shaofeng and the others just got off the plane and the jet lag did not reverse. Help them find a hotel to live in, and there will be time for the next chat tomorrow.”


He glanced at the wall clock on the wall, unknowingly it was 11:30 in the evening.


“It’s really so late!” Luo Shaofeng said in surprise.


“I’ll take you to the hotel later, it’s nearby,” Ji Cheng said.


“Don’t you live with me?” Luo Shaofeng’s face collapsed immediately when he heard Ji Cheng say this. “How long have we not seen each other, don’t you miss me?” Lu Jingze narrowed his eyes and his hands on Ji Cheng’s shoulder couldn’t help tightening.


“He is not suitable for going out.” Lu Jingze said coldly, “There may be reporters lying and wait outside the community, so he can’t leave at this time.”


Ji Cheng also showed embarrassment .


Now, relying on Lu Jingze’s help, his comments on the Internet have been suppressed a lot. The past few days have also been on the cusp of a storm, and if something happens again, it will be really helpless.


“It’s so late now. As long as you don’t drive your car out, those people won’t know that Ji Cheng is sitting inside.” Fang Yao leaned on the chair and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Shao Feng just haven’t seen Ji Cheng for too long. Now, they just want to talk, don’t think too much.”


Ji Cheng looked at Luo Shaofeng’s expectant eyes, thinking of the days when the two were in the orphanage together, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a little soft. Looking back at Lu Jingze who was silent, he stopped talking.


“You pay attention to safety.” Lu Jingze clenched his hand under the dining table and released it. He has known Ji Cheng for so long, and he has never seen him as happy as now. So even if there were 10,000 unwillingness in his heart, Lu Jingze nodded.


Luo Shaofeng and Fang Yao were chatting about something on the sofa outside, while Lu Jingze and Ji Cheng were in the kitchen arranging the tableware .


“Do you know that Fang Yao?” From the first sight of him, Lu Jingze was very upset.


“I don’t know. When Shaofeng left, he went out alone. In the past few years, we have been busy with our own things. We will make a phone call during the holidays, but he never mentioned him to me.” Ji Cheng is also felt little strange. But Luo Shaofeng didn’t mention it, and he didn’t plan to ask directly.


“Let’s take the inhibitor before going over, and if you have anything, call me and I will go to you.” After all, he was still a little worried, and Lu Jingze reminded again.


“Okay, don’t worry.”


“You have to remember to open two rooms and let the other party go to sleep by himself.”


” Yes.” “You have to hold your phone, and you can call whenever you have anything !” “I remember. . ”


” also …… ”


” If you keep saying that I’m going to stay out tomorrow night too! ”


Lu Jingze pursed his lips and blinked at Ji Cheng.


“Don’t worry, I’m going out with them.” Ji Cheng shook his hand, rubbed Lu Jingze’s head, and turned out of the kitchen, “Let’s go, we’ll go straight out the side door, which is closer.”


Lu Jingze stood in front of the window. Watching the three of them walk towards the side door along the small road in the community. With a heavy face, he dialed a number from the phone in his pocket:


“Check Fang Yao’s background.”


The author has something to say:


Lu Jingze: Aggrieved…


Ji Cheng: Rub your head, be good~




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