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DRNMY Chapter 19


Chapter 19… Expedition 

“Brother Cheng, here!”

Ji Cheng laid in the back seat, with his elbows covering his eyes, “Yes.” He then put on a mask and walked out of the car. Bi Xiaoling next to him watched him, being more haggard than when he had just gotten into the car. .

“Director Xing.” Ji Cheng went directly to the crew, entrusted his luggage to Bi Xiaoling and let her take it back to the hotel.

“Well, you’re so early.” Xing Cangrui was watching the small TV, frowned, as if he was thinking about something, “Tsk, Ji Cheng, come here.”

Ji Cheng dragged the stool and sat down beside Xing Cangrui.

“Here, do you think something is wrong?” Xing Cangrui asked.

Ji Cheng looked at the actors on the small TV. One played the second male character Zhu Xiancai, and the other was Zhu Xiancai’s wife.

Looking at their dresses and the scene setting, what is now being filmed should be a clip where the two are discussing how to push their son to the top and become the next heir to the shopkeeper.

“I think the play here should be led by the woman. The man agrees with the woman’s idea in his heart, but because of his brother, it is difficult to express this idea. So at this time, he and the woman will have a certain degree of conflict.” Ji Cheng analyzed the character of the characters in the scene, and Xing Cangrui stood aside and nodded in satisfaction.

“Go and call them both,” Xing Cangrui said to the assistant.

When Ji Cheng heard Xing Cangrui’s words, he only raised his eyebrows, and after the two actors came over, he repeated what he said just now.

“You’ll get a feel for it later, and we’ll shoot again when you can.” The criminal director, after completing his explanation, turned around to see the next Ji Cheng, “How was your rest over the last two days?”

“It’s not bad, though I’m not used to it now since I just had relax time.” Ji Cheng said and took off his sunglasses.

It was all right before, but when he took off his sunglasses, Xing Cangrui immediately sat up straight.

“That bastard Lu Jingze bullied you?” Xing Cangrui asked in surprise.

At this time, Ji Cheng’s eyes were red, and there were obvious bloodshot eyes. At first glance, you could tell that he didn’t have enough rest.

“No, I haven’t slept well in the past two days. I just took a nap in the car and had a nightmare.” Ji Cheng smiled, “But don’t worry, I will adjust it this afternoon.”

Xing Cangrui still couldn’t help but worry. Since there is no Ji Cheng’s role in the morning,  he just let him go back to the hotel to rest.

“You, take care of it slowly. Most of their drama will not end until the afternoon, so you can come back after lunch in the afternoon.” Xing Cangrui said.

“Okay. If you have an emergency, just call me.” Ji Cheng also knew that his current state is not good, which may affect the shooting at night, so he did not decline. He said goodbye to the staff and went back to the hotel.

Looking at Ji Cheng’s back, Xing Cangrui sent a message to Lu Jingze.


Lu Jingze was sitting at his desk, working on documents, and suddenly he was reminded by a message on his mobile phone.

“Your family Ji Cheng’s state is not right, do you want to come and have a look?”

Lu Jingze frowned, glanced at the time, and replied, “What happened? Is it serious?”

“It’s not a big deal, that’s it. He felt a little depressed, and I thought you dumped him when I saw it!” Xing Cangrui quickly replied.

Lu Jingze frowned and put the phone aside. After hesitating, a new email appeared in the mailbox, which was about Fang Yao.


Ji Cheng returned to the hotel to make up for a good night’s sleep. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon when he woke up.

Looking in the mirror carefully, he felt much better than in the morning. He let Bi Xiaoling help order a takeaway, and after eating, he got up and went to the crew.

The filming of the morning was over, and the actors all went back to the hotel to rest. Only Xing Cangrui was still sitting in front of the TV, discussing how to edit some parts with the editor.

Seeing Ji Cheng coming over, Xing Cangrui took a good look and said with satisfaction, “It’s not bad now, much better than the zombie look in the morning!”

Ji Cheng smiled, “I have worried the director. Then, I will go put on makeup first. What time will it start?”

Xing Cangrui looked at the phone, pondered and said, “It may take two more minutes. After the shooting is over, I will let people go to eat.”

“Alright then, I’ll go prepare first…” Ji Cheng turned around and just wanted to leave, when suddenly he heard a noise coming from behind him, he couldn’t help but look back.

An Audi A8 stopped at the door of the crew, and a man in a black suit soon got out of the car.

“Oh, he is so anxious. I just sent him a message in the morning, and he came here in just a few hours.” Xing Cangrui stood beside Ji Cheng, jokingly, “Mr. Lu, he still has a leisurely look today!” Xing Cangrui waved to Lu Jingze.

Lu Jingze smiled, then his assistant took a few large boxes from the car.

“The first time I visited the crew, I didn’t know what to bring. Today, I heard from someone that the cakes in this shop are not bad, so I ordered some and we will share them together.” Lu Jingze took two boxes from the pile of boxes and walked in front of Ji Cheng and Xing Cangrui, “This is for you, Ji Cheng. I took it with me.”

Xing Cangrui was happy to take the cake before he had lunch, and waved to the two of them, “Just take your time and remember to come back in a couple of hours.” Ji Cheng took Lu Jingze to the lounge, then Ji Cheng opened the box Lu Jingze handed over, and asked, “Why are you here? Aren’t you busy these days?”

“Busy? I’m so busy that I haven’t noticed that you are in a bad state recently.” Lu Jingze blamed himself a little, “Did Luo Shaofeng tell you something before? It seems that since they came, your state is not quite right.”

“Probably, seeing him made me think of something from before and it was a bit hard.” Ji Cheng said.

Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng and stopped talking.

Seeing that the other party had something to say, Ji Cheng took the initiative to ask, “Did you find something?”

Lu Jingze’s abnormal busyness were all in Ji Cheng’s eyes. It seemed that the appearance of Luo Shaofeng made their relationship change a bit.

Lu Jingze hesitated and said, “I found out that Fang Yao’s father is Fang Xushan, who was formerly the vice president of my father’s company.”

Hearing Fang Xushan’s name, Ji Cheng was stunned.

“You mean, Fang Yao is Fang Xushan’s son, and Fang Xushan is your father’s employee?” Ji Cheng looked at Lu Jingze incredulously, and saw that the other party nodded, then he leaned back on his chair.

“Do you know all those things?” Ji Cheng leaned on his position, his eyes blank, and his tone was a little cold.

“I guessed it, but the details are not clear. My every move is monitored by my father. There are some things that I can’t find out.” When Lu Jingze first saw this complicated relationship, he was also very shocked. He never thought that his father would do such a deed.

“If you want to know, let me tell you what I know.” Ji Cheng looked at the sky and slowly recalled.


Ji Cheng met Luo Shaofeng again at a reception.

At that time, Ji Mincai had given him his surname. At home, whether it was the Ji Mincai couple or the servants below, they treated Ji Cheng very considerately. It has only been half a year since he entered Ji’s house, but Ji Cheng felt that he had fully felt the warmth of home.

That day, Bai Rong went out of town because of something, and Ji Cheng and Ji Mincai were the only people at home. For some reason, Ji Mincai decided to take Ji Cheng to a cocktail party in the upper class.

Ji Cheng was initially a little scared, but when Ji Mincai said that Luo Shaofeng was also there, he immediately agreed.

Since leaving the orphanage, Ji Cheng has also written a lot of letters to Luo Shaofeng, but the other party seems to have broken contact with him and has not responded. Only occasionally from Ji Mincai’s mouth can he learn something about the Fang family.

Ji Cheng was very excited when he had the opportunity to meet Luo Shaofeng this time.

Sure enough, he met Luo Shaofeng at the reception.

It’s just that Luo Shaofeng doesn’t seem to be the person he knows anymore.

“Shaofeng!” Ji Cheng saw Luo Shaofeng next to Fang Xushan from a distance, and couldn’t help but shout.

Luo Shaofeng’s eyes were a little excited when he heard Ji Cheng’s voice. But it was just a look in his eyes, he was still following Fang Xushan, and did not rush over like Ji Cheng had imagined.

Ji Cheng looked at the person, feeling a little sad. He raised his head and asked Ji Mincai, “Can I go and find Shaofeng? I’ll be back soon.”

Ji Mincai touched Ji Cheng’s head and said with a smile, “Then let me go with you.” When he came to Fang Xushan, Ji Cheng said hello to Fang Xushan sweetly: “Hello, Uncle Fang!” Then his gaze moved to Luo Shaofeng next to him, “Shaofeng, long time no see!”

Luo Shaofeng’s eyes lit up obviously, but soon dimmed again, “Long time no see.”

Luo Shaofeng’s voice was a bit hoarse, but Ji Cheng, who was still in the excited stage, did not notice anything wrong.

“Have you had a good half year? I wrote to you again before, but it seems that it haven’t been delivered yet.” Ji Cheng said somewhat disappointed.

“I received it, but I’m usually busy, so I don’t have time to write back to you! I-I had a good time!” Luo Shaofeng twitched the corner of his mouth and answered Ji Cheng’s words.

Ji Cheng obviously felt the distance between the two, and at the same time he found that today’s Luo Shaofeng was a bit wrong.

At this time, the two adults standing next to each other are also having a conversation with each other.

“You started so soon? He is too young!” Ji Mincai glanced at Luo Shaofeng and said leisurely.

“It’s better to start early. When they grow up, the risk is greater, and people like young people, so I started early .” Fang Xushan took two glasses of red wine from the waiter and handed one to Ji Mincai, “So, till when do you plan to keep it like this ?”

“Till he’s eleven or twelve years old. I’m still analyzing the pros and cons. There are people covering you, but I don’t have one.” Ji Mincai took a sip of red wine and said with a smile.

“Then you better be quick, I still hope you can save me by then!” The two touched their glasses and smiled at each other.

“Let’s go, I will take you to recognize more people, and I will have a look after.” Fang Xushan nodded at Ji Mincai, and took Luo Shaofeng around.

Ji Cheng also took Ji Mincai’s hand, and asked inexplicably, “Shao Feng is about to get acquainted with people at such a young age?” Ji Cheng remembers that the TV shows that were about the time wealthy children were about to take over the family business, there will be people acknowledging them at the reception. He didn’t expect while Luo Shaofeng is still so young, Fang Xushan would take him to make acquaintances everywhere.

Ji Mincai just smiled, stroked Ji Cheng’s head, and said, “It’s okay, when you get older, I will show you to them.”


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