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DRNMY Chapter 14

The Unhanged call

Chapter 14 The Unhanged Call


Wang Ye and Shan Cong’s voices came from the other end of the phone. Ji Cheng subconsciously wanted to hang up, but his hands did not move.


“Well, how did you discuss with the directors just now?” Shan Cong asked. Ji Cheng is an artist under Fenghua, but everyone in the company knows that he is also one of Fenghua’s major shareholders.


“They intend to persuade Ji Cheng to withdraw from the stock, but it should not succeed.” Wang Ye rubbed his swollen head, “What about your side? How is this matter handled?”



“Crisis PR has been up. I plan to find the navy to suppress it first. This incident was spread too quickly and it also involves the Tomorrow Media . Now, it is not good for us to post the draft directly. We have to look at the actions of the other party.” Shan Cong said, “However, before, someone from the Tomorrow media came over and wanted to poach Ji Cheng away. It just happened that this incident came out, so why don’t we just follow the boat?”



Wang Ye naturally knew about it. But if he wanted to let him go directly, he wasn’t very willing. After all, Ji Cheng’s traffic and popularity accounted for 30% of the company’s revenue, and Ji Cheng still holds 20% of the company’s shares in his hands. He is even more of a president than him. It’s a little bit higher.



Seeing Wang Ye not speaking, Shan Cong was a little panicked, and hurriedly said, “Are you still having feeling for him? Why are you hesitating for such a good opportunity? Don’t forget, he is Fenghua’s largest shareholder.



Wang Ye smiled slightly at Shan Cong, and stretched out his hand to pull the person into his arms, “I have my own plan. Sooner or later, the shares in his hand will be mine.” With a confused look, he rubbed the other’s hair and said dotingly, “And I’ve told you many times. How could I have thoughts about him? He’s just a dog who wags his tail when I give him some sweetness. No matter, don’t you know what happened to his family? If I hadn’t seen that he likes to be in the limelight, he wouldn’t have been in trouble.. But you, why are you still worried about this kind of problem?”

Facing Wang Ye’s pampering eyes, Shan Cong felt sweet in his heart. Leaning on Wang Ye’s chest, the pheromone also overflowed a little uncontrollably.



“Tsk, it’s work time now!” Wang Ye said, but his hand slipped into Shan Cong’s clothes first, and his cold hand touched the hot skin, causing Shan Cong’s whole body to shake slightly.



“Doesn’t matter, I want it!” Shan Cong whispered in Wang Ye’s ear, and then gently teased a few words. Sure enough, Shan Cong was thrown onto the sofa in the next second.



The cheeks of Shan Cong were flushed and the eyes were like silk, which made Wang Ye feel itchy in his heart. He didn’t even care that this was an office. He just wanted to teach some lesson to this little fairy.



After receiving Wang Ye’s stormy kiss, his eyes couldn’t help but look at the unhanged phone in front of the desk and his heart was full of pride.

This time, Ji Cheng is defeated.






Ji Cheng hung up the phone silently.

The outside is already dark, the rush hour has passed, and the cars that were blocked on the express ring are gradually passing. At this time, looking at this prosperous city, Ji Cheng was in a daze.



God seemed to make a joke with him while handing him a life-saving straw. After many years, he inadvertently discovered that the straw he had been enshrining in the shrine was actually a sharp arrow that could pierce people’s hearts and spleen.



Ji Cheng was a little desperate.



His first half of his life seemed to be a joke, and in retrospect, everything he had done over the years seemed to contribute to the joke.

The tens of thousands of dollars saved from eating frugally were invested in the entertainment company founded by Wang Ye on a whim. The three months of continuous filming, no more than three hours of sleep a day, and finally all the film remuneration went into the company’s shares… However, what Ji Cheng tried his best to do for the company at that time has now become one of the reasons for the board of directors to approve him.



Thinking back to the past, Ji Cheng couldn’t help laughing. He thought that Wang Ye was a different existence in this world, he didn’t care about his past, he didn’t care about the charges he was forced to carry. Even if he received scorn from thousands of people, he could still move forward hand in hand with him. It’s a pity that all of this is what only Ji Cheng himself thought.

Wang Ye never took his hand from beginning to end.



“If you are not happy, just cry.” Not knowing when, Lu Jingze was already standing behind Ji Cheng.

He had never seen Ji Cheng like this.

In his cognition, Ji Cheng should be optimistic and positive. Even if something big happened, it would be nothing more than laughing it off.


There have been unwillingness and resentments, there have been fragility, but he has never look so desperate.



“There doesn’t seem to be anything to cry about.” Ji Cheng looked back at Lu Jingze and the corner of his mouth twitched. “It just feels that everything is different from what I thought. It’s all because of my own love.”



Looking at Ji Cheng’s smile that was uglier than crying, Lu Jingze’s heart convulsed involuntarily.



Stepping forward and grabbing the railing with both hands, he put the person in his arms, put his chin on Ji Cheng’s shoulder and said, “Where is the love? You like me, and I like you, we are in love. Happy.”



“Puff!” Ji Cheng couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “You really have a big face.” “I remember my family telling me that I should thank everyone who has appeared in my life.” Lu Jingze tilted his head and looked at Ji Cheng, “Maybe he didn’t do anything, maybe he did everything, but his appearance will always have meaning for his existence. If it was he who gave you a new vision and hope in the first place, then what he gives you now is the chance to meet Mr. Right.”



Ji Cheng looked at the bridge not far away, and remembered Lu Jingze’s family motto.



Lu Jingze found that Ji Cheng had no waves on the surface and he was a little worried. Although it is not a good time to confess, he should give some reaction.



“What are you going to do with this matter?” Ji Cheng asked, “Is it better to post a draft or buy a navy?”



“How about we make it public?” Lu Jingze’s eyes lit up and said along the way, “This time the evidence is too solid. No matter how you post the draft, with the popularity, there is no way to clean it up. It’s better to just follow the boat and respond directly.”



“Okay.” Ji Cheng nodded, “Then take me to see my agent another day. When I was in Fenghua, I also contacted a few endorsements. He can see if it is necessary to sign it, but they are all small endorsements, which are irrelevant.”



Lu Jingze knew that Ji Cheng had already let go. It seems that this incident is really not an ordinary blow to him. He doesn’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for Lu Jingze.



“Well, let Ruchun talk about it. He has done a lot of this kind of thing.” Lu Jingze smiled and looked at Ji Cheng and asked, “Then my dear Mr. Ji Cheng, would you like to have dinner with me?”



Lu Jingze saw the information on Weibo when he was about to get off work and asked the secretary to push back tonight’s dinner and rush to the crew. And Ji Cheng has been filming today. The lunch at noon has already been digested and he is naturally willing to accompany Lu Jingze’s invitation.



The two walked out of the balcony one after another. Xing Cangrui, who was bored and chatting, glanced at the two of them and asked, “Is it clear? Can we go to dinner? Ruchun is waiting for us.”



“Let’s go, there’s something to talk to him about.” Lu Jingze picked up his coat from the hanger and glanced at Lan Chuan, who was shrinking in the corner of the sofa. “You go back too, nothing is wrong with you.”



Lan Chuan couldn’t believe his ears. He thought it was going to be a bloody storm, but he didn’t expect that nothing happened after a night of fear.



“Pack your things. I have already explained to the assistant that you will leave at noon from the hotel room.” Xing Cangrui dragged the person off the sofa.



Lan Chuan nodded like pounding garlic. This time things were very troublesome. Lu Jingze was willing to let him go and he doesn’t know how many lifetimes he has been blessed with.



“When the time comes, remember to accept the court summons and take advantage of these few days to collect the money first.” Lu Jingze showed a friendly smile, and Lan Chuan was full of spirits.



Sure enough, he thought too much.






Since he has decided to confirm this relationship, Lu Jingze did not intend to hide it and followed Ji Cheng directly to the hotel door, turning a blind eye to the row of reporters holding microphones and cameras at the door.



Xing Cangrui, who followed behind, seemed more persuaded. Looking at the two parties in front who were generously holding hands, he only dared to open the phone and talk to Wen Ruchun.



“Lao Lu went to hook Ji Cheng’s hand again, so shameless!”



“My mother! They actually whispered in front of the media and laughed so happily. They are just deliberately torturing the single dog!”



“Chun’er, can I ask for a hug?”



“…Come here.” After talking with Wen Ruchun, Xing Cangrui was quite honest. He smiled and caught up with the two people who had already been surrounded by reporters.



Reporters from major media have been waiting at the entrance of the hotel for a long time. When they saw the hot search party appearing, the crowd surrounded the two people like a flood and all the microphones and cameras stretched out towards them.



“Excuse me, Mr. Ji Cheng, did you always have a relationship with Lu? You have already completed the mark on the Internet. Is this true?”



“Mr. Lu, when did you and Ji Cheng meet? There were reports that they were right. Ji Cheng entered the hotel with a strange man before to book a room. What do you think about this?”



“Mr. Ji, you and Lu already met before or later? Did you reach some kind of agreement?”



“Mr. Ji, will you be more confident than usual with this filming?”



“Director Xing, may I ask when Ji Cheng was chosen as the protagonist in the new play, did you get any advantage from it? Or is it forced by reality? Oppression?”



The reporters asked questions one after another, directly surrounding the trio. It was only a few hundred meters from the hotel’s gate to the place where Lu Jingze parked, but it had already been surrounded by everyone. Even if there were hotel security guards working hard to maintain order nearby, they could not resist the enthusiasm of everyone.



Lu Jingze was squeezed with a headache, but he did not forget to protect Ji Cheng in his arms. After receiving some random microphone, he said, “Thank you all for paying attention to us. We will give you a perfect answer to your questions today!”



He returned the microphone to the reporter and Lu Jingze said in Ji Cheng’s ear, “Just bear with me, it will be fine.” Ji Cheng hasn’t realized what Lu Jingze is referring to. He just feels that a green tea smell is coming, and the aggressive pheromone makes Ji Cheng’s mind instantly confused. Most of the reporters standing next to him were Beta. Influenced by Lu Jingze’s sudden pheromone, the crowd that was still in a crowd gradually spread out.



Taking advantage of this gap, Lu Jingze took Ji Cheng’s hand and quickly passed through the crowd, and got directly into the car.



When Xing Cangrui, who was following the two, came back to his senses, he found that they had already gotten in the car and were waving at him.



This damn dog man!






After a lot of effort, the trio of Lu Jingze drove out of the hotel and after going round and round, they finally stopped downstairs in an unremarkable private house.



“Here!” Lu Jingze took the initiative to get out of the car and opened the door for Ji Cheng.



Ji Cheng has never been here. It was secluded and deep here and there were no lights in the surrounding area. After getting off the car, Ji Cheng only felt that the surrounding area was dark and even the wind blowing was gloomy.



“Lu Jingze, you idiot!”

Just as Ji Cheng was thinking about whether he was tricked out and sold, he felt a dazzling light in front of him. The headlight on the first floor of the small private house suddenly lit up and a figure appeared at the door.



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