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DRNMY Chapter 15

Don't worry

Chapter 15… Don’t worry?


Ji Cheng felt that the atmosphere at the dinner table was a bit embarrassing at this time.


Sitting beside Xing Cangrui, opposite Lu Jingze, was the famous entertainment ace agent, Wen Ruchun.


Lu Jingze brought them to a farmhouse located in the suburbs. It is also because it is too remote, so no matter whether it is day or night, there are not many people coming. This is also the place where Lu Jingze and his friends often meet.


At this moment, Lu Jingze and Wen Ruchun seemed to be calm on the surface, but they seemed to have already drawn their swords on their backs.


“Xiao Ji, eat more. Don’t care about them. These two cousins have grown up like this since they were young. You will get used to it after seeing them a few times.” Xing Cangrui is already accustomed to the current situation, and he can’t wait to start eating the meat in hot pot.


Ji Cheng glanced at Wen Ruchun, then at Lu Jingze next to him and decided that it would be better to be quiet as a chicken.


“Lu Jingze, do you know what you are doing?” Ji Cheng just picked up a piece of beef and prepared to put it in his mouth when Wen Ruchun spoke.


“Not only knowing, but also very clear.” Lu Jingze glanced at Ji Cheng, his eyes filled with tenderness, “I have decided, it must be him.”


Wen Ruchun frowned and glanced at Ji Cheng next to him, then said: “You can think about it. The people in the upper circle of City A know about Ji Mincai. As the largest group company in City A, you must take your partner to the upper circle. You, think about it.”


Ji Mincai’s and Ji Cheng’s affairs had a wide impact at the time, but they were not made public in the end because too many members of the upper class were involved. At that time, the Internet media was not as developed as it is today, and disappeared in time after being mentioned in the corner of the newspaper.


However, ordinary people have no impression of this, which does not mean that other people in the upper class who were involved at that time would forget this matter.


As early as when Ji Cheng was in estrus in front of him for the second time, Lu Jingze had sent someone to check his information. Lu Jingze also heard a little about the events back then, but it was a pity that others were studying abroad at that time and didn’t know what happened and didn’t feel the seriousness of the events at that time.


Wen Ruchun was also worried about this, so he reminded Lu Jingze repeatedly so as not to regret it in the future.


“The mouth grows on someone else and it can’t be blocked.” Lu Jingze hooked the corner of his mouth with disdain in his eyes. “But as long as you are strong enough, they don’t dare to say it.”


Ji Cheng was taken aback and forbore. He can’t help but look at Lu Jingze sitting next to him again.


He originally thought that Lu Jingze was just a little interested in him. After he got a deeper understanding, Lu Jingze would stay away. Unexpectedly, the other party knew what was wrong with him and not only didn’t have any dislikes, he could even say such a thing.


Similarly, Wen Ruchun was also taken aback for a moment, looking at Lu Jingze’s somewhat complicated gaze.


“It’s good if you understand it yourself.”


Wen Ruchun did not persuade any more, but picked up the chopsticks and began to attack the plate that had been filled by Xing Cangrui.


Seeing Xing Cangrui’s incomparable doggedness for Wen Ruchun, he was picking up vegetables and making sauce. Lu Jingze looked at his empty bowl and looked at Ji Cheng next to him with a sad expression on his face.


“What, I just want to add sauce, what kind of flavor do you want?” Unable to withstand Lu Jingze’s “pitiful” eyes, Ji Cheng quickly stood up and smiled mischievously at Lu Jingze.


“Just like yours!” Lu Jingze squinted his eyes and ignored Xing Cangrui and Wen Ruchun’s eyes.


“I want to sign Ji Cheng under you. Then if you can, arrange and follow He Ting for a few shows.” Lu Jingze snatched the freshly blanched beef from Xing Cangrui’s hand and put it directly into Ji Cheng’s bowl. “Train him well and maybe he can be the next Oster actor.”


Wen Ruchun raised his head and gave Lu Jingze a blank look, “You will arrange it.”


“I don’t know if he can become the Oster actor, but his attitude in filming made me think about He Ting back then.” Xing Cangrui said to the side, “Now the acting skills are a little bit young, but after the filming of this movie, you can try to win the award.”


Wen Ruchun was a little surprised. There are really few people whom he knew that Xing Cangrui can boast so much about.


When Ji Cheng returned to his position with sauce, Wen Ruchun was the first to speak.


“How long is your contract with Fenghua?”


“By the end of October, there is one month left.” Ji Cheng said after calculating the time, “There is still an endorsement and a few promotions on hand, but they are not big brands. “


“Two dramas are going to be announced at the end of the year. I talked about a movie before but it fell apart and the other one is by directed by the criminal director.” Although Ji Cheng has an assistant agent, he is accustomed to handling his own affairs. For these tasks, he is much clearer than Shan Cong.


“These are the resources that Fenghua can get you?” Wen Ruchun couldn’t help being speechless, “But it’s a lot easier to deal with this way.”


Ji Cheng smiled and said nothing.


The next day, everyone still had their own work to be done and the four-person dining table soon disbanded. Before leaving, Wen Ruchun did not forget to explain to Ji Cheng that he would go to Fenghua at nine o’clock tomorrow morning to discuss the contract.


Xing Cangrui took Wen Ruchun home and Ji Cheng also returned to his apartment with Lu Jingze.


As soon as he entered, Ji Cheng was pressed against the door by Lu Jingze.


Lu Jingze was a few centimetres higher than Ji Cheng, so he raised his eyes to meet Lu Jingze’s deep eyes.


At this time, Lu Jingze completely lost his usual joking appearance, staring at Ji Cheng with a complicated expression.


“What’s the matter?” Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze looked at each other, their eyes were calm.


At this time, Lu Jingze had thousands of questions and wanted to ask Ji Cheng one by one to understand him, but he swallowed it back when the words reached his lips.


“Tomorrow I will go with you, I’m afraid they will bully you.” Lu Jingze whispered.


“Puff.” Ji Cheng was dumbfounded by his series of actions. “There are still a lot of things in the company waiting for you to decide. Ruchun and I can handle this kind of little thing.” “But…” Lu Jingze wanted to say something but was suddenly sealed by a soft thing.


Seeing Ji Cheng who suddenly magnified in front of him, Lu Jingze’s eyes were full of surprise.


“Relax? Go to bed early!” Ji Cheng smiled at Lu Jingze, got out of Lu Jingze and quickly returned to the room.


Lu Jingze still didn’t react, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch his own lips.


Ji Cheng actually kissed me just now? He took the initiative to kiss me!


Therefore, when Ji Cheng met Lu Jingze again the next morning, the first thing he saw was his deep bags under his eyes.


“Are you being a thief all night last night?” Ji Cheng couldn’t help laughing at the deep bags under his eyes.


“No, it was the heart that was stolen last night by a thief.” Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng with some resentment. Ji Cheng’s kiss last night kept him awake all night, lying on the bed tossing and turning. He just couldn’t sleep. He wondered if Ji Cheng really liked him, and wondered if he should rush out now to pull Ji Cheng out and make a confession. Among them, what makes Lu Jingze depressed the most is that he was teased by his own Omega but he didn’t even retaliate back in the end?


Although Lu Jingze went abroad very early, he didn’t learn the least of those open minds. In his concept, as long as an Alpha recognizes an Omega, then he must spend his entire life to protect him and love him.


However, his performance yesterday was obviously not qualified.


While Lu Jingze was still thinking about it, Ji Cheng had finished breakfast and changed his clothes then sat on the sofa.


“You will go back to rest later or else people will laugh to death when you go to the company,” Ji Cheng reminded kindly.


“Hmph, they dare!” Hearing the doorbell ringing, Lu Jingze grabbed a toothbrush and went to open the door.


“Puff, Lu Jingze, do you have a brain hole!” Wen Ruchun opened the door and saw Lu Jingze’s two big eye bags at first glance. He didn’t even want to look at him directly, “What did you do last night? Did you rob the bank!” “No, I’m looking for my heart.” Lu Jingze glanced over at Ji Cheng sitting on the sofa and said greasily, “My heart is still on that person and it doesn’t want to come back.”


Ji Cheng was stared at and he got goose bumps. He regretted the kiss he gave last night.


“I’m ready to go.” Ji Cheng picked up the file bag on the sofa, pulled Wen Ruchun and quickly left the apartment.


“This is the first time I have seen him look like a ghost!” Wen Ruchun patted Ji Cheng on the shoulder, “Yesterday, I discussed with Jing Ze, I’m going to announce the relationship between the two of you with Tomorrow Media this afternoon. We’ll also announce about your contract with our company.” “Okay, I don’t have any comments here.” Ji Cheng nodded.


The two then drove to Fenghua Entertainment.


Wen Ruchun had made an appointment with Shan Cong last night and met in the meeting room at the prescribed time.


There was only Shan Cong in the conference room and both Ji Cheng and Wen Ruchun were a little surprised.


“Sit down, Wang Ye flew to City B at 8 o’clock this morning and he is not in the company today.” It seems that he could see their thoughts, and Shan Cong smiled lightly, “This is Ji Cheng’s contract. The contract stipulates that the contract with Fenghua has almost ended. It ends on October 31st this year and all the tasks at hand must be completed before the contract is terminated.”


Wen Ruchun had asked about the content of this contract yesterday so he was not very surprised.


“Yes, it’s just a few promotion endorsements. This month is enough.” Wen Ruchun looked at the contract and said, “The remunerations for the dramas promoted at the end of the year have been settled half a year ago and we will take over the subsequent promotion work. Are you okay with that?”


“Yes, these are okay.” Shan Cong smiled, “But shouldn’t Tomorrow Media pay for the “Silk Route” first? After all, Ji Cheng was from Fenghua when he joined the group. The follow-up work is also on our side. It stands to reason that the advance payment should arrive in the account within these two days.”


Ji Cheng knew that Shan Cong couldn’t let him go so easily, but he was prepared for this.


“Maybe you don’t know, but because of yesterday’s incident, the criminal director has taken me and Lan Chuan out of the set. To be precise, I have no contact with the “Silk Route” crew now.” Ji Cheng expressed regret. “Sorry, the interview failed in the end and there was no advance payment.”


Shan Cong’s hand holding the pen was trembling. When he talked with Xing Cangrui about the pay of “Silk Route”, the other party gave a price 10% higher than Ji Cheng’s worth at the time and Shan Cong could tell that Ji Cheng cherished this opportunity to perform. He thought that he could make a good deal of Ji Cheng with this opportunity, but he didn’t expect that Ji Cheng would be withdrawn from the crew before the contract was signed.


He had forgotten that “Silk Route” was originally a film invested by Tomorrow Media and Ji Cheng’s improper starring was just a matter of one sentence.


After all the handover was over, Wen Ruchun pushed the long-prepared contract termination agreement to Shan Cong.


Just when Shan Cong was about to sign the agreement at the end, the door of the conference room suddenly opened.


“Who agrees to Ji Cheng’s termination of the contract?”


The author has something to say:


Don’t look at Lu Jingze’s name as the president, but he is still innocent Little girl in his heart!


Ji Cheng: Huh!


Lu Jingze: Ah, ah, ah, ah, don’t come over, don’t tease me! Can’t stand it, my wife is so cute!


Ji Cheng: [Ha Ha.jpg]




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