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DNRMY Chapter 13

Is it you ?

Chapter 13… Is It You?

The Weibo that Ji Cheng just sent was reposted again soon.

The story of @Toyota and tomato: Haven’t seen you for many days? ? ? Haven’t you seen it just now? @Ji Cheng : I haven’t seen you for many days, does anyone miss me? I’m making a good movie! [Nine-picture grid]

@Ji Cheng is not a good man  : The one just now is not my Cheng Cheng! Did you see it! “long time no see”! Fenghua Entertainment to die, okay! ! Do you abuse the artist Weibo to discredit him like this? @Feng Hua Entertainment Wang Ye @Shan Cong //@Ji Cheng : I haven’t seen you for many days, does anyone miss me? I’m making a good movie! [Nine-grid picture ]

@uuuuuuu: There are so many dramas! It’s been a long time since you turned your head after posting your Weibo? Who do you see? @Ji Cheng : I haven’t seen you for many days, does anyone miss me? I’m making a good movie! [Nine-grid picture ]

@-I am the most handsome and dissatisfied with the explosion-:  Cub, mom loves you! Fenghua Entertainment go to death, okay! Please don’t log into the artist’s Weibo randomly! @Feng Hua Entertainment Wang Ye@Shan Cong //@Ji Cheng : I haven’t seen you for many days, does anyone miss me? I’m making a good movie! [Nine-grid picture]

@Fenghua went bankrupt today: jc likes ljz  so much? Even mobile phones are different. Do you have to say that it was a Weibo from my cub? [Comment picture] What about the face! Feeling like ID…//@Ji Cheng : I haven’t seen you for many days, does anyone miss me? I’m making a good movie! [Nine-grid picture ]

Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze returned to Ji Cheng’s dressing room together. The staff outside all saw Lu Jingze rushing into the studio and asking people all the way to find Ji Cheng’s whereabouts. Everyone is smart. In this situation, it is obvious that the relationship between the two people is inseparable from what is said on the Internet.

Xing Cangrui also got the news, and did not care about the set-up, and went directly to Ji Cheng’s dressing room.

“That’s how you came here? Aren’t you afraid of being photographed?” Xing Cangrui has a headache. How did he provoke this ancestor? After all, the actors were always prone to black news . This kind of thing happened, to the protagonist of the drama. He still can’t afford it.

“Huh!” Lu Jingze glared at Xing Cangrui, “Look at this photo, and you see who you hired to join the crew. You dare to take this kind of photo or upload it to the Internet?”

Xing Cangrui frowned, and took the phone that Lu Jingze handed over. Seeing the picture above, he felt even more headache. He couldn’t help muttering in a low voice, “Hey, he is brave enough.” Maybe even Lan Chuan didn’t realize it. Then, when he secretly photographed Ji Cheng’s mobile phone, the screen of Ji Cheng’s mobile phone reflected light, which just happened to capture half of his outline.

People on the Internet may not recognize them, but they were recognized by Ji Cheng and Xing Cangrui at a glance. Ji Cheng remembered that Lanchuan had just sent him a text message saying that the company asked him to go back for something. It seemed even more of an excuse, and the purpose was to spread the photo.


Lan Chuan, who was staying in the hotel room at this time, was also shivering.

Here he just finished communicating with Shan Cong, and this picture was posted on the Internet. Is it because the phone is being monitored? Lan Chuan couldn’t help but shudder, and what worries him even more is the agreement he made with Shan Cong before.

Lanchuan has been following the trend of Weibo on the Internet all afternoon. He did not dare to open his own weibo account , but kept peeking at the screen with a fake account . Seeing that the number of reposts on that Weibo is getting bigger and bigger, and the comments are getting more and more, until it finally reached the top of hot search list.

Looking at the comment on that Weibo, suddenly a comment caught his attention.

@Not as good as learning: No one noticed that there is a personal shadow on the phone? It should be the owner of this Weibo trumpet! @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@People of Chaoyang District: Wow the microscope girl! Does anyone come here to pick it up! This kind of picture can be taken and transmitted, and it is also drunk! //@ better to learn: no one found out, is there a shadow on the phone? It should be the owner of this Weibo trumpet! @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@Please call me cute: there is really someone! So familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere…@People of Chaoyang District: Wow, microscope girl! Does anyone come here to pick it up! This kind of picture can be taken out, and it is also drunk! //@ better to learn: no one found out, is there a shadow on the phone? It should be the owner of this Weibo trumpet! @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

Looking at the comments, Lan Chuan’s heart was raised to his throat again.

He knows that he is not a famous actor, his Weibo fans are less than one million, and very few people can recognize him online. Despite this, Lanchuan couldn’t help being nervous.

Lan Chuan shook his hands and made a call to Shan Cong, but he didn’t know if the other party didn’t bring his mobile phone, so he didn’t answer it.

The comments on Weibo are getting higher and higher, and Lanchuan scrolls through each one for fear of missing something.

But, what can he do if he sees it?

In panic, Lan Chuan was the first to receive Xing Cangrui’s call.

“Xing, Director Xing .” Lan Chuan’s voice trembled a little, could it be that they were aware of this!

“You will come to my room later, and I will tell you about tomorrow’s scene.” Xing Cangrui’s voice on the phone was different and gentle, and it didn’t seem to be affected by this incident.

“Okay, I’ll be over there right away.” Lan Chuan didn’t doubt him, and hurriedly took the script and went out.


“Okay, when he comes here, you can ask what you want. He doesn’t seem to be someone who can do this kind of thing. He panicked to death when he received my call.” Xing Cangrui analyzed.

“Well, it shouldn’t be him.” Ji Cheng sat on the sofa and thought, 80% of which was a good thing Shan Cong did. Up to now, Fenghua has not taken any measures, and no one has even contacted him proactively, saying that it has nothing to do with Shan Cong and Ji Cheng does not believe it.

Lan Chuan is just a young actor who has just debuted. Although he is under Shan Cong, he is still far from Ji Cheng. Even if he could bring down a Ji Cheng, there would be other Zhao Cheng and Qian Cheng above him…


“Come!” Xing Cangrui ‘s door was knocked.

“Director Xing !” Lan Chuan was a little scared of Xing Cangrui, and looked at him with a little wince.

“Go in first!” Xing Cangrui nodded, then turned around and locked the door with his backhand.

Lan Chuan held the note book in his hand, and when he walked into the living room, he saw Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze sitting on the sofa. His legs softened, and he quickly turned his head to run outside.

“What are you afraid of? Didn’t you still ask Ji Cheng to give you counseling this afternoon? Why would you not dare to have two more people?” Xing Cangrui grabbed the person, hanging his arm on Lanchuan’s shoulder, and stubbornly hooking him to sit down across from the sofa.

Lan Chuan was trembling. Although he was a Beta, the two Alphas in this room made him a little hard to breathe.

Ji Cheng also felt a slight discomfort, and frowned slightly.

“Collect your pheromone, it smells like rotten oranges in the room.” Lu Jingze didn’t let off every expression of Ji Cheng, seeing him frown and immediately gave Xing Cangrui a kick.

“Tsk, shameless.” Xing Cangrui cursed in a low voice, but still honestly controlled the pheromone.

“Let’s talk, who did you give the photo to.” Ji Cheng stared at Lan Chuan coldly. Although he already had the answer in his heart, still when  he heard the name “Shan Cong” from Lan Chuan’s mouth, he couldn’t help but feel chilled.

“No one else?” Lu Jingze said.

“No, the photo is in the phone, I will delete it immediately!” Lan Chuan quickly turned on the phone to find the picture, and deleted it in front of Ji Cheng.

“You can still delete it now!” Xing Cangrui was also angry. He thought it was just a matter of fighting for resources among artists, but who would have thought that the black hand behind it was the artist’s own agent!

“Before I came here, I told our public relations department that they have asked them to buy the navy to bring public opinion to the photoshopped picture, but the Weibo forwarding speed is too fast, which may not be useful.” Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng, his eyes filled with distress , “Don’t read Weibo for now , just take a break in these two days.” Now Ji Cheng’s Weibo has been exploded, and the names of Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze are still hanging on the top of the Weibo hot search list. Everyone seems to say I am waiting to see if the two companies have any official reply.

Lu Jingze’s phone was about to be blown up, and he just turned off the phone as if he didn’t care.

“Actually, it’s not impossible. The big deal is that you two will stand up and make it public. Anyway, you really sent the text message, and the responsibility lies with you.” Xing Cangrui watched from the side and gave them an idea.

Quietly giving a thumbs up to his best friend, Lu Jingze turned his gaze to Ji Cheng next to him, and asked him for advice, “Cheng Cheng, what do you think?”

“Huh? What?” Ji Cheng was completely immersed in his own world. Did not hear the dialogue between the two.

After listening to Lu Jingze’s advice, he lowered his head and said, “Let’s talk about it later.”

Ji Cheng’s heart was in a mess, but it was not all because of the mess on the Internet. What really chilled him was that in Fenghua Entertainment ,there hasn’t been any movement so far. There was no explanation or statement, as if they had already given up, and they didn’t even call.

Looking down at his mobile phone, Ji Cheng wanted to laugh.

He remembered where he had the courage to have dinner with Du Qiyan that night. After splashing red wine on the other side’s face, he also said that he had Wang Ye behind him as a bastard. It seemed that he was hitting himself in the face.

“Ding Dong!”

Ji Cheng’s cell phone suddenly lit up, and he recognized the caller’s number at a glance. It was the landline of Wang Ye’s office.

“Director Xing , borrow the balcony.”

“Whatever!” Xing Cangrui shrugged and winked at Lu Jingze who was still sitting.

Lu Jingze shook his head, his eyes followed Ji Cheng, a little worried.

“Hello?” Ji Cheng walked to the balcony and closed the door, then pressed to answer.

“Ji Cheng? I’m Shan Cong.” Shan Cong was sitting in Wang Ye’s chair. The other party was having a meeting in the conference room. He was the only one in the entire office. “Are you okay now?”

“Oh, thanks to you. , It’s pretty good.” Ji Cheng hooked the corner of his mouth.

“Tsk, in fact, horses have stumbled and people have stumbled. Moreover, the speed of online updates is so fast now. When that time comes, you only need to delete Weibo, and you will stay away from the public for six months and a year. When you come back to the entertainment industry, everyone has long forgotten. At that time, you just need to control your mouth. With your Ji Cheng’s strength, it would be a matter of minutes if you want to become popular in the entertainment industry again!” Shan Cong said triumphantly, his tail is about to rise to the sky.

“Your wishful thinking is very good, ah, you said that if I told Wang Ye to retire and marry him, and no longer enter the entertainment circle and stay at home, do you think he would agree?” Ji Cheng sneered. Shan Cong’s thoughts were clear to him long ago, and the way to deal with him was also precise.

“You!” Shan Cong only wanted to remove Ji Cheng from Wang Ye’s side, but he didn’t expect Ji Cheng to be so shameless. He took the initiative to seduce Wang Ye, “Hmph, do you think Wang Ye would love you? He doesn’t know how to follow me. How many times have I said that, if he knew that the person in that alley was you, he wouldn’t get close even if you were killed!”

Shan Cong’s words made Ji Cheng’s heart beat. Reason tells him that this is just one side of Shan Cong, but his intuition makes him believe that everything Shan Cong said.

“Xiao Cong, who are you talking to?” Wang Ye’s voice suddenly came from the other end of the phone. Ji Cheng’s heart twitched. When he thought that Shan Cong was about to hang up, he realized that the other party  just put the phone aside and didn’t hang up.

“No, I was talking to a friend!” Shan Cong deliberately leaned the phone on the table, his mouth slightly raised.


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