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DRNMY Chapter 11

Actually does not want to help newcomers

Chapter 11… Actually does not want to help newcomers


In the next scene, Lan Chuan’s performance fully reflects the strength of his eighteenth-line actor. Although Ji Cheng also had the intention to support him a little while he was in the act, Xing Cangrui is Xing Cangrui after all. As a director who is extremely strict with filming, he can see every little action of Ji Cheng very clearly.


“Cut! This one, please pause, Ji Cheng, come here.” Seeing Ji Cheng, Xing Cangrui wanted to teach him a good lesson , but when he thought of Lu Jingze’s insatiable advice before joining the crew, he couldn’t embarrass his little lover. When the words reached his mouth, he swallowed half of it again. “You go take a rest and wait until you can do your own part. Leave the rest alone.” He glanced at Ji Cheng, then glanced back at Lan Chuan who was standing still.


Xing Cangrui did not say a word, but Ji Cheng understood what he was meaning to say, Knowing that he had been meddling unnecessarily in the matter, he looked apologetically at Cangrui: “I’m sorry, Director Cangrui, I’ve overstepped my bounds.”


Ji Cheng’s attitude and transparency have deepened his impression in Xing Cangrui’s heart. He nodded, turned his head and said to Lan Chuan who was still standing at the same place, “Go and practice these paragraphs more. When you feel ok, we can shoot again.”


In Xing Cangrui’s crew, such things often happen. If an actor is unfamiliar with the script, or if he is in an incorrect state, he will be treated like this. Wait until you are alone to figure out this paragraph thoroughly, then come back and continue shooting. Studying the script was originally something that every actor should do in advance in private. There is no reason why one person will influence everyone to repeat it together when filming.


The people in his team had long been accustomed to such things, and saw the assistant coming over with the script in a familiar manner, asking Xing Cangrui for the next scene that needed to be arranged.


But this situation is the first time for Lan Chuan in history. The online drama crews he used to go to, everyone will look at Fenghua Entertainment’s face, and Lan Chuan always embraced everything, never will he be ignored, not to mention that he will be accused on the spot like this.


Lan Chuan was extremely upset, and what made him even more angry was that at this time Ji Cheng would just stand on the sidelines and didn’t mean to speak for him at all. Obviously, both of them are from the same company and the same agent , how could he be regarded as his senior, and he didn’t even move at this time. Lan Chuan looked at Ji Cheng, be coming more uncomfortable, staring at him like he was about to kill.


At this time, Xing Cangrui’s assistant had already begun to explain Ji Cheng the precautions for the next scene. When Lan Chuan was practicing alone, they would take the latter scenes first, and the next scene would be Ji Cheng and the second male lead.


“No problem, I’ll get acquainted with the lines, and I can start right away.” It is Ji Cheng’s modest words to say that he needs to be familiar with the lines again. He has memorized all the lines in this script once, and now it’s just refreshing memory again.


He was watching the lines intently, but he didn’t notice the vicious gaze behind him.




“Brother Cheng has worked hard!” The day of filming was finally over. In the end, the scene with Lan Chuan passed Xing Cangrui’s vision and completed today’s task within the specified time.


“You have worked hard too.” Ji Cheng smiled at Lan Chuan.


“By the way, Brother Cheng, my acting skills are really terrible. There are still a few scenes with me the day after tomorrow. I want to ask you for help! I read the criminal director’s arrangement. You have no arrangements here tomorrow afternoon. Can you please trouble to help me Brother Cheng and guide me by the way?” Lan Chuan  said, the more he said, the more depressed he was , “I will always hinder the crew in this way, and then I may be pulled out by the criminal director to practice alone!”


Ji Cheng frowned. He did not have any arrangements tomorrow afternoon, but he didn’t think he had the obligation to teach Lan Chuan. “Actually, you…” As if afraid of Ji Cheng’s rejection, Lan Chuan opened his mouth when he saw this and immediately added, “Besides, I am also a member of Feng Hua.The staff will then say that our actors are not up to standard.This is not good for Feng hua !!”


Because of this statement , Ji Cheng felt embarrassed even if he wanted to refuse, and nodded helplessly, “But let me tell you first, I can only act against you. The main job is to comprehend it by yourself. Tomorrow at three o’clock in the afternoon, I will wait for you in the dressing room.”


Although Lan Chuan is a Beta who is more like Omega , Ji Cheng feels that he still has to keep a little distance from him and set the location to his own dressing room. When the time comes, the staff will be there, and no one will say anything as long as the door is kept open. .


“Okay, Brother Cheng has worked hard!” Lan Chuan responded happily, and when Ji Cheng turned and left, the smile on his face disappeared instantly, replaced by a face of disdain.




At noon the next day, Ji Cheng did not return to the hotel after filming his own scene. After lunch, he went straight back to his dressing room and lay on the sofa with his eyes closed.


In a daze, Ji Cheng seemed to hear someone knocking on the door.


“Mr. Ji?”


“Coming !”


Ji Cheng was still a little confused, but he didn’t forget to look at his appearance in the mirror before opening the door, arranged his hair and walked over to open the door, “What’s wrong?” Standing outside the door was Xing Cangrui’s assistant, Xiao Wei. Seeing Ji Cheng he smiled and said, “That is, Director Xing just took a looked at the morning shots and wanted to make up a few shots. He just happened to see you here. Since you didn’t go back, he said that he’ll make up the shots after shooting the current scene , and let you prepare it .”


“Okay, I’ll go and prepare it.” Ji Cheng said and put his mobile phone on the dressing table and left the dressing room, ready to wash his face.


At noon, he had already taken off his makeup, and he was not so clear after napping for a while, so he simply went to the bathroom to make himself sober.


But he didn’t expect that just after he left the dressing room , Lan Chuan also came to the door of his dressing room .


“Brother Cheng?” Lan Chuan knocked on the door of the dressing room , but didn’t get a response from inside. It was already 3:20, and according to Ji Cheng’s character, he should have arrived by this time.


He twisted the door handle and found that the door was not locked. After hesitating, Lan Chuan opened the door quietly and poked his head in.


Sure enough, Ji Cheng was not in the room.


Lan Chuan breathed a sigh of relief, opened the door and walked in, “What? I thought he would have been waiting for me here!” He sat on the dressing table casually, his legs swayed involuntarily, and kept kicking the chair next to him. .


“Ding Dong!”


Suddenly a voice rang beside Lan Chuan.


Lan Chuan was taken aback and jumped directly off the table. When he recovered, he realized that the sound was coming from the mobile phone next to him.


What comes in is a short message, and the content of the short message pops up directly on the screen.


Lan Chuan looked around carefully and made sure that there was no one around, then leaned forward to take a peek at the content of the text message.


“Cheng Cheng, I heard that you have no shooting in the afternoon. Let’s have dinner together in the evening!”


“What happened last time was my fault . I was too anxious and cared about you more than required . I think I need to explain it to you, otherwise you’ll keep being lukewarm and cold to me.” The sender of the text is “Lu Jingze.” Looking at the ambiguous conversation, Lan Chuan couldn’t help taking a breath.


What did he find! It turned out that Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze really have a leg, and now, as the president, Lu Jingze is still begging Ji Cheng in such a low manner . Oh my God, what kind of vixen Ji Cheng is, he even stuns Lu Jingze’s soul!


As if inquiring about a confidential document, Lan Chuan was excited . He quietly ran to the door and took a look, but didn’t find anyone else’s shadow, he immediately closed the open door, returned to the dressing table, took a few photos of the phone directly.


Now there is a good show to watch!


When Ji Cheng came back, he had already been put on makeup and hairstyle by the makeup artist. He just went out to the toilet. He didn’t expect to meet the makeup artist who had just finished his job when he came out. He didn’t let Ji Cheng run around at the moment, and took him straight into the makeup room next to him.


After putting on makeup, Ji Cheng touched his pocket subconsciously, trying to find his mobile phone and tell Lan Chuan that he might be late in the afternoon, but when he touched himself all over, he didn’t find his mobile phone. .


After thinking for a long time, he finally remembered that when he was in a daze, he left the phone in his dressing room .


Back to the dressing room, the door that was originally closed was still closed, and there was no one in there . Ji Cheng frowned. Could it be that Lan Chuan came over and found no one, so he went back again?


He picked up the phone he had put on the table, unlocked it, and saw a text message sent to him by Lan Chuan, saying that in the afternoon there was a sudden incident in the company that asked him to go back, and he can’t come in the afternoon .


Ji Cheng didn’t think too much, and closed the dialog box after replying “OK”.


And just when he wanted to read the two messages Lu Jingze sent him, the director there suddenly called him to prepare. Ji Cheng put his phone in his pocket and walked over to prepare for the filming.


Because there was no plan in the afternoon, Ji Cheng took Bi Xiaoling to buy some daily necessities choosing for a long time , and his own things were directly stuffed into the pant pockets under the costume.




Lan Chuan was holding the phone with the photo, and his hands were shaking a little.


He knew that if this news was released, Ji Cheng’s reputation would be greatly affected, and most likely he would be forced to hide. After all, this was not the first time this incident appeared. With all the signs from before, as long as the navy has a rhythm, Ji Cheng’s acting career is likely to end here.


Lan Chuan couldn’t help feeling a little bit excited , holding the lifeline of his opponent in his hand, it was really a very happy thing.


As long as he thinks that Ji Cheng will fall from Fenghua’s high position, and he will succeed him as the next one, the corners of his mouth can’t help but rise frantically.


“Yo, Lan Chuan, you are so happy today, no shooting this afternoon?” A staff member met Lan Chuan outside the shooting location and greeted him.


“Yeah, I have come out for a stroll!” Lan Chuan said with a smile.


Speaking of it, Lan Chuan’s face value is still very good, even such a slight smile makes the staff a little embarrassed.


After all, this Beta is really good-looking.


Lan Chuan returned to the hotel with these photos.


As soon as he entered the door, he closed the door tightly, closed the windows and curtains, and took a deep breath before he took out the phone and sent the photos to Shan Cong.


Soon there was feedback from the other party. Before Lan Chuan put down his cell phone, Shan Cong called.


“Is this Ji Cheng’s cell phone?”




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