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DRNMY Chapter 10

Entering the shooting crew

Chapter 10… Entering the  Shooting Crew


Since the conversation between the two of them that day, the relationship between the two has become a bit strange. Although they stayed under the same roof, they felt that something was different.


These days, Ji Cheng still stayed at home to read the script, and went out several times in the middle, all to buy some food and to go for a run before dawn. When Lu Jingze came back in the evening, he could see a table of dishes. The two seemed to have made an agreement . They no longer talk about changing the company. After the meal is finished, Ji Cheng will return to his room. Lock himself up.


It didn’t take long for Ji Cheng to join the crew. The day before joining the group, Lu Jingze was still joking with Ji Cheng at the dinner table. He might not be able to eat the dishes Ji Cheng cooked in the future.


“Brother Cheng, isn’t it just joining the crew? It seems that the latest setting is also in City A. Why do you have to move so many things?” Bi Xiaoling dragged a box and watched Ji Cheng still carrying two in his hand in doubt. These were all that Ji Cheng asked her to move out of the villa. Did he decide to take these to the crew at that time?


“After joining the group, I will stay in the hotel, its closer, so I don’t have to be so tired .” If it is usual, if it is filming in City A, he will choose to go home for many nights, but this time is different, except for the high demand of the director. Ji Cheng decided to study the script carefully, and more importantly, he still didn’t want to go back to that house for the time being.


“En, this time it’s a film of the criminal director. When the filming is over, you will be completely red! When anyone still says on Weibo that you rely on your face to eat, I will use this drama to smash his face!” Bi Xiaoling said triumphantly, she always felt that Ji Cheng was super handsome under the camera, and she couldn’t see the usual appearance at all.


Ji Cheng smiled, and followed Bi Xiaoling to carry his luggage into the nanny car, “Let’s go, go to the crew.”




When Ji Cheng arrived at the crew to report, the other actors were not there yet.


“So early!” Xing Cangrui was observing the scene layout and lens position with the photographer. He saw Ji Cheng come over and nodded, beckoning to the assistant, “You take Ji Cheng and the others to the hotel first, and the shooting starts at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. ”


Ji Cheng bowed to Xing Cangrui and left with Bi Xiao Ling and the assistant.


“Ah, Brother Cheng!” A Beta waved to Ji Cheng from a distance. Ji Cheng squinted his eyes, but didn’t recognize who the other party was.


“Hello, Brother Cheng, I also belong to Brother Shan. My name is Lan Chuan!” Lan Chuan reached out to Ji Cheng, with two small dimples on his smiling face, ” Brother Cheng please  take care of me in the future!” He looked at the cute little boy in front of him.  Ji Cheng responded to the boy with a smile, “Don’t say that, learn from each other and make progress!”


Bi Xiaoling, who was next to him, didn’t have a talk with Lan Chuan, and watched the two coldly and indifferently.


“Then I’ll leave first.” Ji Cheng said goodbye to Lan Chuan, and nodded at his unforgettable eyes.


After leaving the set, Bi Xiaoling could not sit still.


“Brother Cheng, you still shook hands with him!” Bi Xiaoling was surprised, “Do you know who he is!”


Ji Cheng was a little confused, shook his head, “What’s the matter, isn’t it an artist from the same company? Shaking hands is normal.”


“No, he used to troll you online!” Bi Xiaoling was indignant, Ji Cheng didn’t read Weibo , but Bi Xiaoling is a senior fan circle sister. “Before, he always spread rumors that you were robbing them of resources. Most of the resources in the hands of Brother Shan were given to you, and the ones they chose were the ones left out after you finished picking .”


Ji Cheng raised his eyebrows, “Yes. It’s true.” Under Shan Cong’s staff, there is only Ji Cheng, a well-known actor, and the others are just a few small things that can’t make it to the stage. This time, Lan Chuan did not play the main role, and 80% of it was helped by the people behind him.


But who that person is, Ji Cheng is not interested. For him, it has always been, if people do not offend him, he does not offend them. For a small character like Lan Chuan, Ji Cheng would not take him seriously.


“And I think he gave that Weibo a thumbs up before, it’s those of you and Mr. Lu, this time I don’t know if he will come up with something else.” Bi Xiaoling pouted.


“Let’s talk about it then, you can’t arrest him as a criminal suspect if he doesn’t do anything.” Ji Cheng comforted Bi Xiaoling.


After a while, the two of them with the assistant got the key to the room.


Bi Xiaoling lives next door to Ji Cheng, and according to the hotel attendant, Lan Chuan lived just opposite the two of them .


In this way, Ji Cheng’s crew life begins today.




In the afternoon, he shot an indoor scene. It was mainly the scene where the male lead Wang Nianqing played by Ji Cheng and the fourth male Wang Yicai played by Lan Chuan met at the Wang’s house. At this time, Wang Nianqing has already had a certain experience and became The treasurer of the Nianqing caravan on the Silk Route. Wang Yicai was originally from Wang Nianqing’s hometown. At first, the two went to a shop in the city to work as co-workers. Once they went to deliver goods to a family in the suburbs and collect the bills. They did not expect to encounter military conscription on the way, and Wang Yicai found out early, he hid directly behind the haystack, but when Wang Nianqing found out, it was too late to escape. In this way, Wang Nianqing was pulled into the army, and Wang Yicai escaped. It’s been fifteen years since they met again this time.


It was only fifteen years later that Wang Yicai successfully took over the store that year. However, because of problems with the goods provided, the goods that Wang Yicai’s store should have shipped out the day before yesterday have not yet set off. It was precisely because of this incident that Wang Nianqing personally came to Wang Yicai’s residence to discuss this matter with him.


The two of them had been negotiating with subordinates before, and the two had not actually met each other. In addition, Wang Yicai had changed his name to Wang Jingbo at this time, and Wang Nianqing did not expect that this person was Wang Yicai of that year. This meeting reminded Wang Nianqing of the past of the two. After being forcibly enlisted into the army, he had not been able to return home for five years. When Wang Nianqing came back, his mother had passed away for two years. All these crimes were placed on Wang Yicai’s body. In addition, the goods were not shipped on time this time, which made Wang Nianqing dissatisfied with Wang Yicai.


There are only two people in this scene, Ji Cheng and Lan Chuan. Both of them were dressed in middle-aged costumes. Although Lan Chuan has a baby-faced face, after the skin is covered with makeup , there is really something different .


The servant took Wang Nianqing to the lobby, and after half a cup of tea, Wang Jingbo walked out from behind. Before Wang Jingbo came out, Wang Nianqing had already figured out the wording that the two had discussed. He planned to stop buying the goods from Wang Jingbo’s shop and asked the other party to make up the payment for this batch of goods at 80% of the money. . But when Wang Jingbo himself walked out from behind the curtain, Wang Nianqing was stunned in the chair, unable to move.


Wang Nianqing was originally sitting on a chair, sipping tea elegantly, and he had a certainty in his heart, he kept beating on the armrest of the chair. He even had two plans to deal with Wang Jingbo.


Before he came, someone had told him that Wang Jingbo was a villain. Such incidents were not limited to Wang Nianqing’s shop, but Wang Nianqing was the most seriously damaged this time.


Before Lan Chuan came out, Ji Cheng’s movements were elegant and confident. He showed Wang Nianqing’s heart that would surely make Wang Jingbo obedient at this time, and there was a trace of disdain in his eyes. After all, he was already a famous caravan on the Silk Route at this time, and many shops on both ends of the Silk Route were waiting to do business with him.


Lan Chuan opened the curtain and walked out from behind.




Lan Chuan only showed half of his body before being called to a halt by Xing Cangrui.


“Lan Chuan, you are a shopkeeper,  you can’t hesitate, you understand ? And you have to have his confidence, because it has not been a day or two for you to do such a bad thing. To be honest, your expressions and movements must have the aura of the shopkeeper.” Xing Cangrui hadn’t spoken yet, and the interns standing by Xing Cangrui had already explained it to Lan Chuan first.


Lan Chuan is indeed someone who came with funds, because Lan Chuan’s role is an unimportant role, so Xing Cangrui agreed. It’s just that he didn’t expect that this actor would make a mistake at the beginning.


“One more time, you will come out later, sit in your seat and see Ji Cheng, and then hesitate for two to three seconds before talking.” Xing Cangrui had a headache, although he was not the kind of superstitious person who asked the first scene of the film to be passed in one shot, but calling cut at the beginning is really ruining the atmosphere.


Ji Cheng glanced at Lan Chuan over there, the two pairs of eyes met, and Ji Cheng smiled at him.


The scene is called to restart. Ji Cheng was still tasting tea at his position. This time Lan Chuan came in from behind strengthening his confidence. Ji Cheng, who was drinking the tea, did not look up, but when he raised his head, he glanced at him with a light in his eyes.


And this look was caught by Xing Cangrui, and he motioned to the photographer to give a picture from that angle.


“Brother Wang, I’m sorry, I’m rude, I’ve kept you waiting!” Wang Jingbo said this without any sincerity, and it was a perfunctory meaning.


Wang Nianqing just hooked the corner of his mouth, put the tea cup aside, and almost followed Wang Jingbo’s words . It was just that when he stood up and turned his head to see the person sitting in the upper position, the fan he was holding in his hand instantly fell to the ground.


Wang Jingbo’s eyes were also surprised, and the raised hand trembled, “Nian, Nianqing ?” Wang Nianqing also stood up, his eyes changed from surprise to anger. Without saying a word, he rushed to Wang Jingbo and punched him directly.


“Cut! This one is over.” Xing Cangrui nodded to the two of them, and ran to the camera to watch the one that was just shot. “I’ll make up another shot later. It’s Ji Cheng looking at Lanchuan, just this one. I didn’t capture it.”


Ji Cheng himself added this look. According to his speculation based on the plot of the script, Wang Nianqing was in a self-expanding stage at this time. He established his own caravan and has already walked on this road. After a few trips, he had a good financial income, so for those who need to rely on his caravans for food, they are not particularly worthy of his attention . So after waiting for Wang Jingbo for a long time to see that person, his identity made him want to greet each other, but he looked down on him in his heart.


After filming this one, after finishing the shot according to Xing Cangrui’s request, Ji Cheng nodded towards Lanchuan, turned and walked to Bi Xiaoling’s side. Bi Xiaoling stood by and fanned him, waving to the make-up artist to make up.


“Brother Cheng is so handsome, you didn’t see it just now, the criminal director’s eyes were bright!” Bi Xiaoling reported to Ji Cheng excitedly. In her eyes, Ji Cheng is her male god, who looks good and has good acting skills. Personality is also good! perfect!


When Ji Cheng heard the rainbow fart 1 rainbow fart: exaggerated praise. released by Bi Xiaoling, he couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s OK, you wake up, I have never seen an assistant who is such a idiot .” On the other side, Lan Chuan was not so happy anymore. Like the public, he felt that Ji Cheng hadn’t been doing well in the past few years, and his acting skills generally had few other talents. It fits well with the third-line actors described on the Internet. Because of this, he feels that he is better than Ji Cheng. Almost ten years younger, no matter what, he should be the company’s key training object, rather than piling up good resources on Ji Cheng.


However, after the sudden confrontation just now, he felt Ji Cheng’s ability up close.


“It doesn’t seem to be as easy to deal with as imagined!” Lan Chuan thought in his heart.




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    rainbow fart: exaggerated praise.
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