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DRNMY Chapter 12


Chapter 12… Scandals

Hearing Shan Cong’s anxious voice, Lan Chuan’s face was full of pride. Unexpectedly, as an agent, Shan Cong will one day look at his face!

Lan Chuan has already thought about it. He wants to use Ji Cheng’s identity as a bet. As long as Shan Cong agrees to arrange a few male lead scenes for him, then he will not post these photos on the Internet.

“Yes, I accidentally saw it in Brother Cheng’s dressing room today, because I think it’s a big deal, so I want to take a photo and discuss it with Brother Cong!” Shan Cong listened to Lan Chuan’s words on the phone. Can’t help but sneer on his face. He knew very well what this little guy was thinking about what , didn’t he just want to be  the TV drama male lead, and didn’t look at his own bullshit acting skills, he was not embarrassed to bargain with him now with Ji Cheng’s black news.

“So what do you want?” Shan Cong sneered, but he still asked this sentence very cooperatively.

“Brother Cong, you know that I am interested in the male lead of those TV series. Do you think I can do it?” Lan Chuan’s suggestion is obvious. He believes that Shan Cong is a smart person. He can Understand, “This matter can be big or small, I’m afraid that if anyone accidentally sees my phone and finds these photos, they may be sent out!”

“Let’s do it, I will wait for you. After filming “Silk Route “, come directly to my office when the time comes. I still have a few scripts here, so you can take a look at it.” Shan Cong pretended to be helpless in his tone.

“Then I would like to thank Brother Cong first! I will hone myself in this crew, and I will definitely not make it difficult for Brother Cong by then!” Lan Chuan hung up the phone with a smug expression on his face. He was not so naïve, thinking that Shan Cong would really be so easy and act according to his thoughts.

Lanchuan opened his Weibo account, posted the photo online, and set the Weibo to be visible only to him. If Shan Cong forces him to delete the photos from the phone by then, he will still have a backup. The corners of Lan Chuan’s mouth curled up, and he liked his wit.

Shan Cong looked at the two photos on WeChat, silently forwarded them to his private team, and left a comment.

“Ji Cheng’s mobile phone text message photos, should be sent out tonight, remember to bring a wave of popularity , I want Ji Cheng to never get up again this time!”


@Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

After half an hour, this Weibo repost reached 200,000 forwards.

One hour later, the forwarding volume reached 2 million, and it reached the hot search on Weibo.

@Men are big pig’s hoof:? ? ? Is this public? @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@Looks super nice: Oh my God, do all the stars play like this? @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@crazy man: Who will wake me up, this is Ji Cheng’s phone? Cheng Cheng? ? ? so my Weibo name! @  eat a melon silently : Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@ Ji Cheng Cheng The world’s first handsome: Do you have any evidence? My family is the only one in the world called Cheng Cheng? Maybe it’s just a meal, you guys are really bad-minded! @Half a catty eight melons: I think this is the first few times that Ji Cheng has been on the hot search. Tsk tsk, I said how can a person with such poor acting skills be selected into the “Silk Route” crew. Sure enough, there is some shady business ! Really hammered! @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@ Ji Cheng I can chant for a hundred years: Am I chanting a fairy cp? Oh my goodness, can I be happy before dispelling the rumors? @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@Ji Cheng is not a syrup: Dessert! Ji Cheng, you bad man ! Lie to my youth! @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

Shan Cong was sitting in his office, watching the online Weibo comments and reposting rushing upwards, his thoughts in his heart were also very swelling.

In the second hour after the news appeared, the headlines of the major entertainment news immediately sent the latest reports: what happened to the popular niche and the second generation of the rich and powerful! Real evidence !

The report starts with this Weibo, and at the same time, it picks up the news that has been suppressed several times before. The ambiguous video of the co-pilot and the driver’s cab outside the Tomorrow media is compared with the photo of the mysterious man from the back of the hotel, plus today’s ambiguous. SMS, all the evidence tells everyone that Lu Jingze and Ji Cheng have an unusual relationship higher than work.

The wind direction on Weibo has begun to start from being surprised by the relationship between the two people, and has shifted to the casting of the film “Silk Route” that is currently being filmed. According to people familiar with the matter, the reason why Ji Cheng was able to join the group was requested by Lu Jingze. During the audition Lu Jingze was on the scene.

Then someone picked up the audition on the day that Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze were photographed in the same car.

Immediately afterwards, the crew of “Silk Route “ broke the news. Ji Cheng was never punctual in the crew and often bullied newcomers from the same company.

The internet is full of black news about Ji Cheng . Shan Cong watched all this with satisfaction, and leisurely picked up the phone on his desktop and switched to his Weibo account.

@Ji Cheng : Evidence has been collected and rumour-mongering is punishable by imprisonment. @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

Shan Cong turned off his mobile Weibo, refreshed, glanced at the time, and planned to invite Wang Ye to have dinner.

At this time, Ji Cheng’s response instantly exploded the entire Weibo.

@Facts speak, there are melons and melons: The Lord responded? Does this mean by default? @Ji Cheng : Evidence has been collected and rumour-mongering is punishable by imprisonment. @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@Melon too much gnaw: Oh, this reply is too perfunctory! Really pulled down the whole person ! @Ji Cheng : Evidence has been collected and rumour-mongering is punishable by imprisonment. @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@boomboomboom: I got off, it’s disgusting, you really think too high of yourself ! You are nothing without ljz! @Ji Cheng : Evidence has been collected and rumour-mongering is punishable by imprisonment. @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]

@ouxianliangxis: His real name is disgusting Ji Cheng, what the hell is it now that it is sold with hot search? Let’s break it up! @Ji Cheng : Evidence has been collected and rumour-mongering is punishable by imprisonment. @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [image]

@lulu: #Get out of the entertainment industry# Rubbish, what is it! Have to rub the heat of my house, is my Lu always affordable for your kind of rubbish! Look in the mirror, ugly, force, stuff! @Ji Cheng : Evidence has been collected and rumour-mongering is punishable by imprisonment. @ Eat a melon silently: Guess who this is? ! [Picture]



“Director Xing , I think this shot can be shifted a bit more, just from this angle, it may better reflect the feeling that he was a little nervous when he asked the other party at the time.” Ji Cheng and Xing Cang Rui discussed the direction of the camera position just now, and the two began to communicate with the characters in front of the script.

Through these few days of running-in, Xing Cangrui was still quite satisfied with this person. Although his acting skills are not the best he has ever seen, his attitude towards filming is one of the best. He usually comes to the scene from time to time when there is no play, watching other people’s acting styles, and when he plays against him, it can be better integrated.

“Yes, let’s get another one from another angle! When we’re done!” Xing Cangrui clapped his hands, summoned the personnel of all units to be in place, and moved the camera to another position according to Ji Cheng’s suggestion.

“The shopkeeper!” There was a hint of anxiety in Ji Cheng’s voice, but because of asking people, his voice was deliberately suppressed, and his voice was still a little trembling, “This batch of goods I brought is all top-quality silk. Only the nobles over there can wear it. In this rich place of your country, it can definitely be sold for a big price!”

The actor as the shopkeeper sat in a seat, bowed his head and blew his teacup, “The goods brought by Yi Tangxuan   are ten taels cheaper than yours, and I have personally tested it, and the quality is not worse than yours. I have promised them and will take the goods from them in the future.”

“Yi Tangxuan’s fabrics are cheap. But his quality is far from ours. I can give you two horses to buy some clothes for you and your wife, and I will see you when the time comes!” Ji Cheng said surely, the shopkeeper raised his eyebrows and hesitated for a moment and nodded .

“Okay, let’s try it out.”

“Cut!” Xing Cangrui was sitting in front of the small TV and nodded as he watched the two play against each other, “OK, this one is over! Everyone has a hard time today, let’s finish work!”

“Thank you, director!”

Ji Cheng also took a sigh of relief, and followed the makeup artist to the dressing room to remove makeup.

“Wow, isn’t it, is this really Teacher Ji’s phone?”

“It’s Teacher Ji’s phone, I have seen it! Oh my God, is the content so amazing! I and you…”

“Hello, Teacher Ji!” The first girl who discovered Ji Cheng reacted very quickly. She immediately patted the person next to her, bowed to Ji Cheng at the door, and immediately ran away from the dressing room.

Ji Cheng frowned, not knowing what happened.

“Wow, Ji Cheng really has a leg with Lu Jingze, no wonder!”

“This text message is really too ambiguous!”

“But it’s strange, Ji Cheng’s Weibo was sent by the company. I just looked at him. He has been filming over there, so he doesn’t have time to watch Weibo!”

“Who knows!”

The door of the dressing room was hidden, and people coming and going outside were talking about Ji Cheng, but the matter was not at all  known to him.

Waiting for the makeup artist to help remove the makeup, Ji Cheng picked up his mobile phone.

The first thing he saw was a dozen text messages and twenty phone calls from Lu Jingze. Because of filming, Ji Cheng is used to muting the phone.

He opened the text message and it was all sent by Lu Jingze. “Are you there?” “Where did you go?” “I asked the assistant ,she said that you have nothing to do this afternoon?” “You stay in the crew and don’t move, I’ll go look for you right away.!”

Ji Cheng looked dazed, how could this person suddenly find himself in such anxiousness? Is there really something urgent? But he didn’t receive a message from Shan Cong or Bi Xiaoling on his mobile phone. What is going on?

Just as Ji Cheng wanted to reply to Lu Jingze, “I just finished filming on the set,” Lu Jingze called.

“Where are you?” Lu Jingze’s breathing was a little short, as if he was running.

“Where are you on the set, are you here?” Ji Cheng asked uncertainly.

“Send me a location, I’ll be there soon.” It seemed that Ji Cheng didn’t have a chance to ask why, and he hung up the phone.

Ji Cheng sent Lu Jingze a position, and he continued to brush his phone in the dressing room.

It has been a long time since he went to Weibo. Ji Cheng found a few selfies he had recently taken, clicked on Weibo, and after the stuttering ended, he went directly to the Internet.

@Ji Cheng : I haven’t seen you for many days, does anyone miss me? I’m making a good movie! [Nine grid Picture] After posting his Weibo, Ji Cheng clicked on his message bar easily, only to realize that the @ and comments he received today were unusually large.

“What the hell is this?” Ji Cheng remembered that when he posted the “Silk Route ” makeup photo before, he had never received so many news. What happened today? Could it be that he suddenly became popular?

Clicking on the comment, the screen full of bad comments instantly entered Ji Cheng’s eyes.

“Ji Cheng!” Before Ji Cheng could react to what had happened, he just raised his head and fell into a warm and familiar embrace.


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