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DWTFT Chapter 9

Is as sweet as he thought

Chapter 9 … Is as sweet as he thought

Seeing the gentle smile on Lu Chengze’s face, Song Huai froze.

He didn’t care much about Lu Chengze’s thoughts, but couldn’t control his gaze and kept looking at Lu Mian.

But the man standing not far away was indifferent, his handsome face was just as cold as ever.

Song Huai felt a little sad.

Lu Mian didn’t care about him at all.

Song Huai was in a bad mood and didn’t want to have anything to do with Lu Chengze. Gu Yang and Lu Mian were both here at this moment, so he simply clarified the words to Lu Chengze.

“I said, I won’t pester you anymore.” When Song Huai said this, his tone still fell uncontrollably.

Lu Chengze smiled softly in his heart. He didn’t believe it.

Song Huai had made this determination before, and continued to run back the next day to be his heel dog.

The scene became a little embarrassing.

Song Huai did not expect that his second meeting with Lu Mian was like this. He hung his head and was a little nervous. With his hands clasped together, his ears could possibly drip blood.

Lu Chengze stretched out his hand and wanted to touch Song Huai’s head like before.

Song Huai was unwilling to let him touch it, and took a step back, already wanting to bite someone in his heart.

Lu Chengze’s hand froze in the air like this, and a stern expression of impatience flashed in his eyes, but his mouth was soft: “Dudu, are you unhappy?”

Song Huai especially wanted to roll his eyes at Lu Chengze, but he didn’t want to expose his nature in front of Lu Mian: “No. I just figured it out all of a sudden.”

Lu Chengze looked meaningfully, obviously not believing it.

Gu Yang’s fist was itchy by that look of him.

Just when the atmosphere was stalemate, Lu Mian, who had not spoken behind him, said: “A’ze, it’s time to go.”

His voice couldn’t be said to be very loud, but it was serious and tickling his ears.

Song Huai suddenly raised his head to look at him. For a moment, he actually felt that Lu Mian was helping him.

But looking at Lu Mian’s expression, he was afraid that he would be too wishful .

When the two groups separated, Gu Yang’s fists were hard.

“You shouldn’t stop me at that time! The face of surname Lu is too disgusting.”

Song Huai agreed.

How could he feel that Lu Chengze was gentle before? That look, ordinary but confident.

“Baby, you just performed well, so you should be tougher.” Gu Yang changed his mind. Song Huai had no bottom line before. Today, the iron tree blossoms and God opens his eyes. “Forget it. Very good, try harder next time. Hey, who is standing behind Lu Chengze today, looks a bit familiar, just can’t remember where I saw it.”

Song Huai muffled: “It’s Lu Mian.”

Speaking of Lu Mian, Song Huai’s prudent heart began to feel sad again.

Gu Yang was sluggish for two seconds, and immediately got up: “That’s Lu Mian? I heard it right, Admiral of the Empire!” Gu Yang said incoherently excitedly.

He was excited for a while, and suddenly thought: “Wait, how did you know that it was Lu Mian ? Have you seen it?” When it came to this, Song Huai suddenly squatted. Fortunately, his mind was lively and his head turned fast. “I also went to the Lu family banquet last time, and I also saw Lu Mian’s photos and videos on TV just now.”

“That’s it.” Gu Yang was convinced, “It’s really evil if you ask me to say it. Obviously all the Lu family came out of the same nest, but why is there such a big gap between Lu Chengze and  Admiral Lu? You see how low-key handsome the admiral is. You didn’t notice just now, but the eyes of the little girls around were straight to him.”

Gu Yang blew Lu Mian again, making Song Huai happy, with a triumphant expression on him. But when he heard many people were watching Lu Mian, he was a little unhappy again.

Song Huai thought bitterly: After he got engaged, he had to find something to cover Lu Mian’s face so that everyone would know that he had a husband .

The two soon separated after eating lunch together.

Song Huai sent someone to take the things home. He didn’t worry about going back, but went to another place.


The other side.

Lu Mian and Lu Chengze received an order from their father today to do something together.

After Lu Chengze came out of the shop after taking things out, Lu Mian said : “You go back first, I have something to deal with.”

Lu Chengze didn’t dare to ask what was the matter, and watched Lu Mian leave.

Lu Mian used the communicator to send a text message to the secretary. In order to allow Lu Mian to integrate into the current social life as soon as possible, the imperial emperor gave him the secretary who was in charge of Lu Mian’s daily life.

Lu Mian had been living in the army before. After the war, he went to Puzhaoxing for training. At this time, he was walking in the crowd, and he was somewhat uncomfortable.

There are a lot of people in the shopping malls on weekends, and many people consciously or unconsciously rubbed against Lu Mian, wanting to take the opportunity to leave a contact information. They were all avoided by Lu Mian’s agility, and when they met his frosty face, they were so scared that they didn’t dare to talk.

The secretary quickly returned the message, saying that a car had been sent to pick him up. But now the traffic is congested and it takes about 20 minutes.

When Lu Mian was walking outside the mall, he suddenly saw Song Huai and the boy next to him sitting in a hot pot restaurant eating hot pot.

The hot pot restaurant business on the weekend seems to be quite prosperous. The child sits by the window, his mouth is stuffed with the hot pot, but he still smiles and continues to stuff things into his mouth. He talked and laughed with the other, dancing and showing gestures from time to time, leaning forward and backward on the sofa laughing. It looks very lively.

Lu Mian was attracted to his eyes unconsciously. He stood there all the time, watching Song Huai eat and drink, then slumped on the sofa, touched his round belly, and hiccuped contentedly.

It wasn’t until the person got up from the sofa and the communicator on his wrist rang that Lu Mian came back to his senses.

Allen:  Admiral, where are you? We have arrived.

Lu Mian raised his head from the communicator. The window position was empty, and only the waiter was cleaning the desk. Lu Mian’s gaze searched around, but no one was seen. He put away the communicator and walked outside the mall.


Allen: “Admiral, we have checked the location. The SL-0917 radio has been discontinued twenty years ago, and the original production company has closed down six years ago. There is no such radio on the market. It is difficult to find the matching parts for repairs, so I can only try my luck at the old goods market in Area C.”

Lu Mian nodded.

He had known this beforehand.

The purpose of Lu Mian coming out today was actually to repair the radio. The radio that he brought back from the battlefield was already very old, and the sound was often intermittent. Before, the boy’s natural singing voice was recorded by its own recording system, but this radio did not use any high-end information technology, so there were certain technical obstacles to re-engraving.

Lu Mian wanted to keep the sound and found a lot of technical experts, but because re-engraving had a certain risk, Lu Mian was not willing to take the risk, so repairing the radio was the best way.

Lu Mian got off the car at the old goods market at Area C, sent the secretary back first, and walked into the huge old goods market with the radio in his arms.

The old goods market in Area C is very famous in the entire Starfield. There are many varieties here, and many antiques that have been eliminated by the times can be found here. There are also many people who have also been eliminated by the times, still living here conscientiously.

The old goods market is divided into east and west areas. The east area is full of orderly storefronts. Lu Mian searched for various household appliances, but did not find matching parts. He went to the West End again. Compared with the neat and uniform eastern district, the western district is messy. There is no fixed shop here. Most people spread a blanket and sit on the floor as a stall.

Out of habit, Lu Mian wore military uniforms today. Imperial soldiers received good treatment, so it is quite unusual to see soldiers here.

Lu Mian was holding an old radio that was obviously inconsistent with his identity, and asked all the stalls that fit the machine parts one by one.

“Young man, you areholding a SL-0917, right?”

Lu Mian was stopped when he passed a stall. Lu Mian looked down and found that he was an old man selling groceries. His stall had old watches, fake flowers, and porcelain.

Lu Mian nodded: “Yes.”

“So what are you doing with such an old thing? Young people now have this communicator in their hand, the newest one.”

Lu Mian said without hesitation: “There are very important things in it.” The old man looked at him and stretched out his hand: “Let me see.”

Lu Mian thought for a while, and handed out the radio in his arms.

The old man looked at the appearance of the machine carefully, then shook it again. Lu Mian frowned upon seeing how he’s handling the radio. Then he urged and asked: “Can you repair it?” The old man smiled: “Fortunately, you met me. I used to be a skilled worker in this company. After the company closed down, I was laid off. I had a pile of useless things at home. I occasionally come here to sit when I have time. Give this to me. I still have matching parts at home. Let’s do it. You come to get it next week.”

Lu Mian heard it, his eyes flickered, he solemnly bowed: “Thank you.” The old man was flattered: “You are too polite.”

Out of courtesy, Lu Mian stood for a while. Listening to the old man talking about something.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard an excited, loud and energetic voice behind him : “Grandpa Hou!” The old man saw Song Huai running behind him, and said with a smile: “You are here!”

Song Huai rushed to him , his face flushed.

He originally came to see Grandpa Hou, but he didn’t expect to meet Lu Mian here.

He panicked all of a sudden, and hurriedly came to a brakes, his small running steps were immediately replaced by graceful steps.

He walked up to Lu Mian, clasped his little hand, and landed on one foot. He couldn’t stand well, and he almost stumbled: “What a coincidence.”

Lu Mian’s eyes fell on his red lips because of the spicy hot pot. Song Huai’s lips are very beautiful, just like his whole person, exquisite and small. Because of the spicy hot pot, it is slightly swollen, like a ripe cherry, it just looks full and juicy.

Lu Mian slowly looked away and nodded faintly: “Yeah.”

As soon as Song Huai saw Lu Mian, he was a little bit mad and reluctant to think about anything else .

It was Grandpa Hou who called him, and Song Huai suddenly remembered why he came.

He took out a music box from his schoolbag: “Thank you. Grandpa, help me fix it.”

This music box was Song Huai’s birthday gift when he was three years old. After being with him for many years, it broke some time ago, so he wanted to find Grandpa Hou to fix it.

Song Huai also tended to follow Lu Mian. He was originally afraid that he would not be able to keep up with Lu Mian’s long legs like he did in the garden last time, but today, Lu Mian seems to have deliberately slowed down. The speed just happened to be able to keep up with Song Huai.

Song Huai felt so beautiful in his heart.

Could it be that this is the fate in the legend, just separated in the mall, he can actually meet Lu Mian here?

At the same time, Song Huai was a little nervous.

He found that his broken mouth and thick skin failed as soon as he saw Lu Mian. Every time he wanted to speak up, but when he saw Lu Mian’s face stepping on his G-spot, it was like his body and brain had been electrically charged, tingling. He can’t say a word.

Song Huai finally mustered up his courage and asked, “Admiral, you are here to fix things today?” As soon as he asked, he wanted to slap himself .

That’s stupid! It’s so stupid! What can the man who came to see Grandpa Hou do? Is it possible to buy a few plastic fake flowers to decorate the new house? ! !

Thinking of the new house, Song Huai blushed again.

Last time, he heard what his parents said. After they got engaged, they would start living together. When he reached the age of 18 and reached the legal marriage age, he could go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a formal certificate. At that time he will be the admiral’s wife.

He heard that the new house for marriage has been prepared and he can live in this month. Alone in a beautiful new house, what else can happen besides the great harmony of love! Well, although they haven’t love each other yet. But it does not prevent them from creating love. When he passes the estrus period, there is a high chance that he will be able to conceive. He can become pregnant and have children, can form a happy family of three.

“I came here to fix things.” Lu Mian’s metallic sound quality interrupted Song Huai’s illusion that even his granddaughter’s name had been planned.

The man is cold , and one can’t see his emotions at ordinary times, but he can sense the expression of impatience at the moment.

He even seriously answered questions that he didn’t think much of.

Song Huai’s heart began to leap a little bit.

Song Huai asked shyly: “Why don’t you ask me why I’m here?” After the question, he began to feel suffocated for himself again.

Lu Mian glanced at him. The boy was holding the small schoolbag, looking at him with nervousness and expectation.

In the army, Lu Mian never answered some stupid questions from his subordinates. Not only did he not answer, he also punished the opponent physically.

He pondered for a moment.

He opened his mouth and said, “You like that music box very much.”

Song Huai nodded excitedly. Lu Mian took the initiative to stir up the topic, and Song Huai could not finish talking.

“It was given to me by my grandfather on my third birthday. I like it super invincibly! When I was a kid, my parents were not around. I didn’t dare to sleep alone. It was with me. The first song I would sing when I was a kid was the music box. I really like singing because of this. I have been participating in singing competitions since I was four years old, and I have won many awards. Next time you go to my house, I will take you to see if my trophy is good.”

As Song Huai talked, there was light in his eyes and they were so shiny that Lu Mian couldn’t move his eyes away. The corners of Song Huai’s lips smiled, and two small dimples appeared. He couldn’t hide his excitement and joy, as if he wanted to share all his likes with those around him.

Facing the sudden invitation, Lu Mian turned his face sideways.

After that, Song Huai realized that he had said what was in his heart.

He really likes Lu Mian (face). The opponent is more than a decade older than him, has a high status, and is so good. He also wanted Lu Mian to see his excellent side, even if it was not worth talking about in front of Lu Mian.

Being watched by Lu Mian, Song Huai was in a mess again.

He clenched his hands and asked carefully: “Um…I…may I invite you to my house?”

Lu Mian pondered for a moment, and said, “According to etiquette, I should visit your parents.”

Follow the etiquette. Song Huai pouted secretly.

But he quickly figured it out again. No matter what, the other party agreed!

His mood became happy again in an instant.

With the first peaceful conversation, Song Huai was a little more courageous. He babbled a lot of things and made a happy little talk.

Lu Mian was listening, and occasionally responded when he needed an answer.

Although his attitude was still cold, Song Huai was already satisfied.

Walking out of the parking area of ​​the antiquities market, the secretary had received news in advance to pick up people.

Lu Mian stopped, Song Huai knew that he was leaving, feeling a little regretful in his heart. He still had a lot to say.

He wanted to say something but stopped, watching Lu Mian’s approach to the car.

Song Huai mustered up courage, he walked a few scattered steps to go in front of Lu Mian. Then he looked up to see the Lu Mian, nervous.  He asked earnestly: ” Last time… I gave you the cake, did you eat it? ”

When Song Huai mentioned this, the corners of Lu Mian’s lips suddenly formed a straight line.

Song Huai originally gave it to Lu Chengze, but Lu Chengze didn’t want it, so he changed thoughts and gave him the cake.

Although Song Huai had a rough nerve at times, he became particularly sharp at this time. He seemed to feel that the person in front of him was not very happy.

He swallowed nervously, and asked cautiously, “Don’t you like it?”

He felt frustrated when he thought that Lu Mian probably didn’t like it . Carefully muttered: “My aunt and I have studied for a long time, I thought you would like it.”

Lu Mian’s heart moved slightly.

“You did it by yourself?”

Song Huai nodded, “Yes, when we first met, I really didn’t know what I wanted to give you. I also thought that you should not lack anything. I wanted to make a little cake myself for you. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that  you don’t like it.”

Lu Mian looked at him with dark eyes.

He lowered his eyelids slightly to hide the slight smile he didn’t even realize.

“I like it very much,” he said. “Only one point.”


“Less sugar.”

Song Huai was stunned. He didn’t expect Lu Mian to say he likes it. He jumped for joy in an instant, and was a little embarrassed: “Is it really sweet?”

“A little bit.”

“That…” Song Huai, who was affirmed, turned into that little wife again, with his hands behind his back and his toes unconsciously drawing a circle on the ground, still afraid to look up at Lu Mian, “I’ll make it for you next time. Okay?”

Lu Mian thought for a while, then nodded.

Song Huai pursed his lips and asked courageously: “Then can I have your contact information? So that I can find you when I deliver the cake.”

Lu Mian took out the communicator and lightly pulled the other person’s wrist.

The WeChat invitation was sent over.

Until Lu Mian’s car completely disappeared, Song Huai was stll holding the communicator, as if the young man was cherishing the spring.

He stood there excitedly and jumped a few times: “Yes! Yes!”

He added Lu Mian ‘s WeChat today. Then, the two of them would get married and gave birth to baby mermaids. They held them for three and seven years. Is it too early to think about holding them for ten years?!


Back at the Lu’s house.

Lu Mian returned to his room. He sat at the desk, sitting still. After a while, he stretched out his hand to open the drawer under the desk.

A small cake with delicate packaging was still intact in the drawer.

Lu Mian took out the cake and unpacked it.

There was a card in the package: I hope you will like it, Mi Chiu~( ^^)

Lu Mian fixed his eyes on the hand-painted smiling face for a few seconds, then put down the card.

The carved flower on the little cake is a round little mermaid, this thing is outrageously round, and Song Huai has to wrote how to see it for Lu Mian.

Because Song Huai was afraid that Lu Mian would not be able to see it, he wrote the words cute mermaid on the cake.

There are so many tricks for children.

Lu Mian rarely eats desserts, and cakes are one of the few.

He took a bite and it was really sweet.

That’s right, he lied to Song Huai, he didn’t actually taste the little cake.

But as he thought, what Song Huai has made is likely to be very sweet.

As expected.

When Lu Mian took a second bite, he realized that something was wrong.

How sweet and sour.

Lu Mian had eaten most of the small cake, and at this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Lu Mian hurriedly put away the desserts on the table.

“Come in.” It seemed to have recovered to the unkind, cold general appearance.

The secretary reported on several tasks. When he was about to go out, Lu Mian stopped him.

He asked: “Is a cake sweet?” The secretary raised his eyebrows. Anyone who had a little contact with Lu Mian knew that he never touched sweets. Today, Lu Mian would actually ask if a cake is sweet for the first time.

The secretary replied: “Yes. But of course, there will be other situations.”

“For example?”

“For example, if the cake is left for a long time, it will become stale and taste sour.”

Lu Mian:…


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